Colm McGuinness

Colm McGuinness
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Full nameColm R. McGuinness
Critical Role Productions work
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ResidenceDublin, Ireland
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Colm McGuinness is an Irish composer. For Critical Role, he wrote the music playing during the episode breaks in Campaign 2 and Campaign 3 ("Welcome to Wildemount" and "Welcome to Marquet", respectively).[1][2] He also provided the battle music and "How do you want to do this?" victory cue used in "Long May He Reign" (2x140), as well as an accompanying intro and outro.[3]

Colm McGuinness also composed episode openings for the Exandria Unlimited series, the socially distanced version of Talks Machina,[4][5] and Candela Obscura. He also played violin on the first version of the song "Your Turn To Roll"[6] and composed two compositions for the Welcome to Tal'Dorei album[7] and six compositions for Welcome to Wildemount, which includes his "Welcome to Wildemount" theme and his "Long May He Reign" (2x140) compositions.[8] He created the theme music for Queen by Midnight board game.[9]

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