Circle of the Wyrm

Circle of the Wyrm
Organizational information
TypeCandela Obscura circle
Base111 Waverly Street, Newfaire[1]
DisbandedAutumn 1907 (all members deceased)
Total members6
Notable members

The Circle of the Wyrm is a circle of Candela Obscura investigators. It is comprised of six field agents—Alessandra Gregory, Alonzo Whitlock, Decklan Murphy, Hilda Greenwald, Maryanne DeWitt, and Nestor Ronquillo. Their chapter house is a brownstone in the Varnish.

History[edit | edit source]

The Circle of the Wyrm was likely formed some time after the Circle of the Crimson Mirror, in that Decklan was transferred from the former to mentor the latter.[2] Their ongoing assignment was to excavate an ancient Oldfairen vault of Calinus.[3] After Decklan fell into a coma, Zora Manning told the Circle of the Crimson Mirror she was hoping to hear from the Circle of the Wyrm to get more information, as they had been onsite for about two weeks.[4] After they did not return, and after Decklan's death, she tasked the Circle of the Crimson Mirror with finding them and sent them to the chapter house, where one member, Professor Gregory, met them.[1] After they broke the news of Decklan's passing, Alessandra took them down into the basement, which contained a pit leading to Oldfaire.[5] She led them through the city and down The Endless Descent to a shortcut to the site, until they reached a slot canyon within the caverns and she noticed one of the stakes holding the guide rope had been torn up.[6] When they reached the vault, Leo Amicus noticed footprints leading deeper in and the Circle of the Crimson Mirror followed them to a massive circular room where they found the other four members of the Circle of the Wyrm, all dead, seemingly killed by each other.[7] Alessandra then triggered an artifact in the room that caused the floor to drop out, and was killed in the descent.[8]

Reference[edit | edit source]

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