Circle of the Vassal & the Veil

Circle of the Vassal & the Veil
Organizational information
TypeCandela Obscura circle
BaseNewfaire, Fairelands, Hale
Total members4
Notable members
RivalsOffice of Unexplained Phenomena

The Circle of the Vassal & the Veil is a circle of Candela Obscura investigators. It is composed of four field agents—new member Auggie James and existing members Arlo Black, Charlotte Eaves, and Howard Margrove—and operates under Lightkeeper Alexandra Elise O'Neill.

History[edit | edit source]

The Circle of the Vassal & the Veil was formed after Donald Kinzel unwittingly threw a magickal object into a fire, causing an explosion of cold energy that killed him and briefly sent Auggie James out of his body. To investigate the phenomena, Alexandra Elise O'Neill recruited Auggie into Candela Obscura and summoned existing members Arlo Black, Charlotte Eaves, and Howard Margrove to establish the circle with herself as their Lightkeeper.[1]

The circle began their investigation at Donald's apartment, though most of the evidence was already taken by the Office of Unexplained Phenomena. The group encountered Donald's confused and trapped spirit, who told them that he purchased the object from Layla Orens, and fled from Donald when he attempted to take their warmth. Using information from Layla, they found the entity that Donald accidentally released, a warrior of Oldfaire, at the Evanoch Foundry. They successfully resealed it, allowing those killed to pass on.[1]

After the case, Auggie was uncertain if he wanted to remain a member of Candela Obscura. Alexandra informed him that he did not need to keep working in the organization and encouraged him to do what he thought best for himself.[1]

About a month later, the circle reconvened to investigate an attack on the room of Onette Ferris, a government official, at the Getaway Grand Hotel. While the Periphery arrived at the scene well before them, they were able to gather eyewitness accounts from Terry Bode and Skiddy, two unhoused men who had been staying in the hotel's storage room. Howard also noticed the creature seemed to shed strips of flesh that could burrow into people. They eventually traced the source of the creature to a necklace Onette's husband, Aaron Ferris, had commissioned, in which there was a set a gem he obtained through the Alizarin Gallery. The creature attacked while they were at the gallery, and they tracked it down into the sewers. They found the body of the creature contained people it had absorbed, including Onette and her lover Wayland Threed. Auggie shot the gem embedded in the creature, and Arlo sealed it within a tunnel in the sewers.[2]

The following week, the circle was called upon to recover Kara Belmon, Onette's assistant, who had fled to an uncle outside the city. They traveled by train to just outside the Scarlet Wood where they found Kara, her face missing, with a note from Dorna. A large spindly creature attacked them, and they fled, managing to defeat it with fire in the woods. The circle then traveled with Kara back to Newfaire, where after checking in with Reggie and determining the creature was called a Collector, they went to the docks to find Brinewash 7, the warehouse Dorna had mentioned in her letter. They tracked her down and found she had been injured by the creature from their previous adventure. During a tense conversation between Dorna, Auggie, and Charlotte, another Collector attacked, and the party then fled as the warehouse burned. The maps Auggie stole from Brinewash 7 led them to the Van Helter Junkyard, where Arlo located an entry to Oldfaire. They found the ritual site that members of the Red Hand had used to summon the Collectors, and fought both one of the creatures and Lycus, who had led this summoning. In the fight, Charlotte was knocked unconscious and Arlo and Auggie's faces stolen, at one point leaving Howard the only member standing. He was able to free Arlo's face at the cost of his own, and Arlo was able to perform a ritual to defeat the creature, which, as it died, was revealed to be her fiance Eddie, transformed from his time beyond the Flare.[3]

Members[edit | edit source]

Circle mechanics[edit | edit source]

Per the rules of Candela Obscura, the circle began with five each of Stitch, Refresh, and Train.

As of the end of "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01): The circle achieved all three of their group Illumination Keys for their first assignments, and each party member achieved at least one of their personal ones. Arlo and Auggie each used one Stitch, Arlo and Charlotte each used one Refresh, and Howard took a Train.[4]

As of the end of "Ravage of Red Lamp" (CO1x02): The circle again achieved all three of their group Illumination Keys, and each party member achieved their personal keys. In the interest of showing the system, they leveled up despite not having fully completed the track.[5] Because this was the second of three assignments, the group also used the remainder of their resources. Each person took a Train. Howard, Charlotte, and Auggie each used a Stitch and a Refresh as well.[6]

One of the group's features is "Trauma Bonding", in which, if one circle member helps another but they fail the roll, both the person helped and the person helping recover their Drive points.[7]

Reference[edit | edit source]

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