Circle of the Silver Screen

Circle of the Silver Screen
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TypeCandela Obscura circle
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The Circle of the Silver Screen is a group of Candela Obscura investigators. It is composed of four field agents—Chey Tanii, Evelyn White, Jackie Renoux, and Lester Shaw —and operates under Lightkeeper Greta DeClaire.

History[edit | edit source]

Prior to "Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)[edit | edit source]

Jackie and Chey were brought into Candela Obscura together, after the OUP confiscated a camera they had been working on that could capture an element of someone's soul.[1]

"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)[edit | edit source]

After a screening of their own film, Mr. Terible, in which Chey and Evelyn starred, Jackie directed, and Lester served as a consultant, the Circle of the Silver Screen was given an assignment to investigate phenomenon surrounding The House on Barker Hill, a film made by Meridian, a rival studio. It starred Idella Montaigne, Evelyn's rival, and was based on the murders of Daryl Barker, who attempted to kill Chey and whom Chey killed instead in the incident that first granted him his powers.

Upon arriving at the house, which was the same one in which Chey had killed Daryl, they found the entire crew killed, the house awash in blood, and several strange occurrences including a presence that only appeared through the camera, a person pushed into a wall, and someone fused to a chair after watching an earlier take of the film. Jackie noticed the cameras used were similar to the one that had been confiscated. The circle noticed that the blood pattern seemed to indicate there was already blood before they began a take. Chey led them into the basement, where they found three identical bodies of Idella, all gagged, with their throats slit. They then heard a thump from inside a crate, and opened it to find another, living copy of Idella, bound and gagged. When she failed to answer Evelyn's questions, Chey cut her bonds. She immediately attacked him. When Evelyn attempted to intervene, she turned on her, before Chey successfully distracted her. Lester was then able to shoot her dead. Jackie removed the gag and immediately took enough bleed to fall unconscious. The others noticed the entity that escaped from the Idella copy seemed to fear electricity, and it fled when Evelyn stuck a dagger into an electrical socket.

After Jackie came to, she and Chey explained their previous work with the camera, and it came to light that Lester had been involved in the investigation from the other side. After a tense conversation, Chey bound Lester's wounds and the group followed a lead from the crates: Professor Douglas Schultz of Briarbank College. With some help from a contact of Lester's, they found the professor, who openly admitted to creating the bathtub-like device that permitted Idella to duplicate herself, which involved drowning oneself to create a vessel and waking up in Groundswell. He attempted to sell it to Evelyn and Chey for their use. When his phone rang, Jackie intercepted it and heard Idella on the other line, scared, asking for help, and interspersed with static. The Circle took Professor Schultz with them to Idella's mansion in The Eaves and found the door open and the place clearly ransacked. When Professor Schultz approached the bathroom where the device was kept, the creature, which Chey recognized as the one that had granted him his powers, immediately tore him in half. Lester immediately looked for electronic devices to use as a weapon as Evelyn got in the tub to make herself a vessel for the creature. Chey picked her up and took her place, and the party electrocuted the monster when it became trapped in Chey's body. Meanwhile, Chey was briefly reunited with the spirit of Daryl Barker, whom he told off, before waking up as Schultz had described in a well in Groundswell.

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