Circle of the Crimson Mirror

Circle of the Crimson Mirror
Organizational information
TypeCandela Obscura circle
BaseRed Lamp, Newfaire
Total members4
Notable members

The Circle of the Crimson Mirror is a group of Candela Obscura investigators. It is composed of four field agents—Edgar Lycoris, Grimoria, Leo Amicus, and Malcolm Trills —and operates under Lightkeeper Zora Manning.

History[edit | edit source]

When the circle was initially formed, Decklan Murphy, an experienced Candela Obscura investigator and former history teacher, mentored each of the members. He was eventually reassigned to a new circle, to serve in the same capacity for them.[1] The Circle of the Crimson Mirror's chapter house is at Leo's flat in the Red Lamp district of Newfaire.[2]

Immediately prior to the events of "Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01), the circle was sent on an assignment to retrieve the remains of Atia Griffia, an Oldfairen alchemist under Emperor Calinus, from Red Hand operatives. They traveled to the location of the exchange on the SS Dandridge, a tramp steamer that had been hired by Candela Obscura previously.[3]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

While returning from their assignment, and near the Vastchasm in the Glass Sea, the Circle of the Crimson Mirror experienced a severe storm, during which Malcolm jumped overboard to save two crew members, Edgar operated on another badly injured seaman, and Grimoria, guarding the sealed bones of Griffia, resealed the golden chest in which they were kept after it broke open, though not without taking significant bleed.

The following morning, their Lightkeeper, Zora Manning, contacted them by radio and asked them to go to the Isle of Serenity, about a half day's travel from Newfaire and on their way home from the mission, as Decklan had gone home for a visit but had not been heard from since. The circle agreed, though some had their reservations. They found the Isle of Serenity insular, and some of the residents behaved strangely and repetitively, but they were able to find the Murphy cottage, where Decklan's three sisters, Gráinne, Nora, and Pegeen lived with their mother Margaret. Nora invited them in to wait for Decklan, whom she said was out on a walk, but Margaret repeatedly said Decklan had gone to the fairy houses something wasn't right. As Gráinne was feeding the pigs and Nora was making tea, Pegeen suddenly split open Margaret's head with a poker, killing her, and then attacked Nora. The sisters began to attack the circle. Gráinne ran off after blowing a powder in Malcolm's face. The circle killed Pegeen and Nora; Grimoria found she could not sense their souls. They then went to the fairy house, where Gráinne, hiding in the entrance, attacked them but was killed by Malcolm. Inside they found Decklan, who had a strange growth around his eye. He appeared to have his soul, but had also become a phenomenon. They decided to subdue him and sneak him off the island to the ship so they could bring him to Newfaire to get help.[4]

The circle brought Decklan to the Fourth Pharos, but despite Edgar and Dr. Hector Aguilar's efforts, he fell into a coma after a week. During this time, the rest of the circle remained in the Pharos, Malcolm recovering from his injuries. Zora sent them home, where Grimoria quickly learned from Oliver and Cynthia Fogg, her guardians and employers, that Aroha Tama-Kai intended to sell the bones of an ancient alchemist at a masquerade party and auction later that week. Leo also heard of the same party, to be held at Hayden House, from Felix, a friend and potential romantic interest. Grimoria told the others, who notified Zora, who confirmed that Tama-Kai had only sold them half of Griffia's remains. She gave them a new assignment to infiltrate the party and obtain the other half. They were all able to gain entry: Malcolm as waitstaff, Grimoria in her role as the Foggs' assistant, and Leo and Edgar as ticket holders. After a number of social encounters with family and friends at the party, Leo was able to get access to the remains by using his family name. However, they were interrupted by agents of Pyre killing Red Hand security and absconding with the golden chest containing the other half of the remains. The circle gave chase and followed the thieves to the Sacred Ascension Cemetery, where the Pyre members opened the chest with the intent of cleansing a small, ruined church on its grounds, in which Leo had performed a different ritual for the Dawn Society 23 years prior. They were interrupted by a third party with bleed-fueled energy weapons, but not before Griffia's skull fell from the chest and granted Grimoria visions of Griffia's death. A fight broke out between all three factions, and only the circle survived, though not uninjured. Edgar was able to re-seal the chest while Grimoria was unconscious, and Malcolm carried the chest to a side room and opened a portal to the Fourth Pharos using an item Zora had given them. The circle entered the Pharos with Griffia's remains.[5]

Leo and Grimoria both took several days to recover, during which Edgar tended to them and Malcolm met with his mother, hoping to learn more about the gauntlet Edgar had retrieved as it had been manufactured by his family. She instead asked him to return, and did not provide more information at that time. Edgar and Leo discussed their sisters, both dead or disappeared from unexplained phenomenon. Grimoria stayed with Leo while considering whether to return to Foggs, seeing herself as having no other options. Zora not long after reconvened the circle to inform them of Decklan's passing, and gave them their new assignment, to find Decklan's current circle, the Circle of the Wyrm, who had not reported back from Oldfaire when expected. They met with the one member of the circle not in Oldfaire, Professor Alessandra Gregory, in her chapter house in the Varnish, before descending into Oldfaire via a pit in the basement. There, they traversed The Endless Descent and a difficult cavern system to reach the vault of Calinus, which the Circle of the Wyrm had been excavating. They found the circle had gone deeper than normal into the vault, and all had died, seemingly having killed each other. Alessandra triggered an artifact in the room where the bodies were found, and they all were dropped deep below the vault, Alessandra dying in the process. The Circle of the Crimson Mirror, hearing something coming down behind them, ran into a room full of the white fungus and took shelter in a massive domed building with a fungus-covered oblong shape within. There, they began to hallucinate, and in some cases attacked each other, believing themselves to be attacking the fungal creature of their hallucinations. Ultimately, Grimoria, channeling Atia, and Leo, assisting her, were able to defeat the fungus and survive, but Malcolm and Edgar died of their injuries. Leo and Grimoria were able to return to Newfaire.[6]

Members[edit | edit source]

Circle mechanics[edit | edit source]

Per the rules of Candela Obscura, the circle began with five each of Stitch, Refresh, and Train.[11]

As of the end of "Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01): As their initial assignment to retrieve the remains of Atia Griffia was technically considered complete, the circle members were allowed to use circle resources prior to arriving at the Isle of Serenity. Grimoria and Edgar each used a Stitch.

Prior to the beginning of "The Gilded Graveyard" (CO4x02): All circle members took a Train. Malcolm and Leo each used a Stitch, and Grimoria and Edgar each used a Refresh.[12]

As of the beginning of "Into the Abyss" (CO4x03): After their masquerade assignment and the events at the Sacred Ascension Cemetery, the circle advances and takes the Stamina Training ability. Edgar, Grimoria, and Leo each used a Refresh, Grimoria used a Stitch, and Edgar and Leo each took a Train.[13]

Their circle abilities are:

  • In This Together[14]: When an investigator spends a drive to assist a fellow circle member on a roll, on a failure, both earn back a drive point of their choice.
  • Stamina Training[13]: At the beginning of every assignment, the circle is granted a pool of three gilded dice that can be added to any roll. A rolled dice is expended, and the pool refreshes after every assignment.

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