Circle of Tide & Bone

Circle of Tide & Bone
Organizational information
TypeCandela Obscura circle
BaseThe Sidle, Newfaire
Total members5
Notable members

The Circle of Tide & Bone is a group of Candela Obscura investigators. It is composed of five field agents—Cordelia Glask, Cosmo Grimm, Elsie Roberts, Oscar Grimm, and Rajan Savarimuthu—and operates under Lightkeeper Nokari.

History[edit | edit source]

Many members of the circle were already acquainted prior to its forming. Notably, Oscar is Cosmo's father (posing as his grandson due to his immortality);[1] Elsie and Cosmo had worked together in smaller circles in a primarily consulting role and Elsie lived with him;[2] Oscar had worked in security at Madam Glask's casino;[3] and Elsie and Rajan had previously been in a romantic relationship.[4]

Candela Obscura Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

The Circle of Tide & Bone was first formed in spring of 1919[5] upon the request of Silva Sarkis, an OUP member who had been sent to Grayslate Sanatorium due to high bleed exposure and who had escaped and sought out the organization.[6] They infiltrated the Sanatorium that night. Cosmo, Madam Glask, and Elsie created a distraction that permitted Elsie to sneak into Director Greenvale's office and which pulled guards away from the grounds, where Rajan and Oscar were investigating. Elsie found a letter written in Ancient Fairen, and Rajan and Oscar found a deep hole hidden by a small copse of trees. After detecting significant bleed Rajan was hesitant to enter without the entire circle present, due to his past experiences with The Great Maw, which he relayed to Oscar. After Oscar reunited with the rest of the group, Elsie lost control of her beast abilities due to stress and attacked Oscar, killing him. Oscar returned to life with a price, as had been taken for his previous six deaths; the memories of his son, Cosmo, as a child. Madam Glask became extremely concerned about Elsie's presence, but after some discussion, the circle continued to the hole and descended. There, they found The Great Maw, The Serious Man (whom Oscar believed was responsible for his immortality), and an enthralled patient all digging and throwing themselves against an Oldfairen stone wall. Cosmo attacked The Maw, taking significant damage himself. Elsie voluntarily transformed into her beast form and, after Rajan bound The Maw with a binding chant, killed her before transforming back. Rajan also unleashed the locusts within himself to attack The Serious Man, though he held off from killing him at Oscar and Cosmo's request. After Elsie stabilized Rajan and Cosmo, the circle escaped, Oscar bringing the nearly dead Serious Man.[7]

The circle discussed Oscar's past and undying state after they had had a chance to recover, as well as learned of Madam Glask's bargain with the gods of the sea. They were interrupted by Lightkeeper Nokari calling them back to The Antiquarian and giving them an hour to talk with The Serious Man, now identified as Toren Gevni, before he would be taken to the Fourth Pharos. In the course of their questioning, they learned Gevni was Unabridged and hoped to recreate the empire of Oldfaire in the model of Iomene the Everlasting. Once he learned Gevni could not make him mortal, Oscar attacked him with a length of chain, which Gevni used to break his own neck. The Circle then went through his personal effects: a solid gold doorknob with runic carvings, a syringe-like Bleed container, and a dagger similar to the one Cosmo possessed. Nokari was initially taken aback but provided a cover story for the circle before giving them their new assignment: to investigate drowning deaths of several Periphery members in Groundswell, in which a curfew had been instituted due to riots over the contaminated water supply. The circle went after curfew, using Oscar, in disguise as a Periphery officer, as bait. He was soon approached by a girl in her early teens, who began coughing and who saw through his disguise. A creature of seawater emerged from her, but Cosmo and Elsie intervened, Cosmo addressing the creature, who introduced itself as Arterax. Madam Glask also joined them and told the girl she too had made deals with the gods of the sea. After a tense discussion, the girl introduced herself as Mina and explained her brother had been killed for disturbing the peace, and Arterax told the circle it was Mina's protector. Mina agreed to return with the circle and stay with them, though Cosmo intuited her trust was tempered by her knowledge that Arterax could kill anyone who attempted to hurt her. Cosmo also figured out that the doorknob from Gevni's belongings could be put against a wall and turned to reveal a study. He found a desk with a blank page embedded into it, and when he dropped his blood onto the page, it returned information about the Grimm family collected by Gevni upon realizing Oscar was undying.[8]

Because the Circle neither eliminated, neutralized, nor turned Mina over to the organization, the council of Lightkeepers chastised Nokari for this, as well as pointed out that the Circle of Tide & Bone contained multiple phenomena allowed to move about freely. Nokari used their powers as a medium to warn Rajan, who woke up Cosmo and Elsie. After some quick conversation and planning they headed to the Glass Cat. Meanwhile, at the Glass Cat, Cordelia's lessons to Mina were first interrupted by Oscar, and then by the arrival of six Candela agents, who set the building on fire. Madam Glask pressed her panic button. Her girls and Mina fled while she and Oscar entered a fight with the two agents inside the building. In the fray, Madam Glask's wrist was broken, and Oscar killed one of the agents. Elsie, while driving the car with Rajan and Cosmo, lost control of the Beast when she saw the casino on fire. The car flipped with Rajan and Cosmo inside. Elsie, in beast form, attempted to attack Cosmo, but Rajan used his swarm to shield him. Elsie then fell unconscious. Oscar ran out of the front of the casino shortly after and revived the three of them. Meanwhile, Madam Glask ran out the back of the Casino, where Mina had summoned Arterax, who killed the other four agents. As she hid, Cordelia heard a voice calling her downward. The circle reunited by Madam Glask's getaway cars, and drove to Groundswell. The protests had become a riot, but they were able to reach the well using more fire as a distraction, and all went down the well. There, Rajan detected the entity that was calling to them, and led the group westward. Eventually, they reached a cavern surrounded by black spikes and multiple warning messages, which some of the group recognized as the Anatithenai. Madam Glask approached it and fell unconscious from the immense bleed. Elsie attempted to go after her but began to falter, at which point Oscar stepped forward and communicated with the entity, now known to be Iomene, who took in the bleed. Cosmo joined him, and communed with Iomene, who told him how to negate the wards on the building so that the Circle could enter safely. They did so, and passed through the tomb until they reached five gold-paneled doors engraved with the events of Iomene's life. When they opened the door, they each found themselves alone with Iomene. Each had a conversation with her: Rajan gave his life so that his sister, Aadtika, could be freed. Oscar was granted his memories back, and agreed to join Iomene, who like him was not Unabridged but rather undying due to magickal rituals. Cordelia gave her life to ensure Mina's safety and freedom. Elsie promised to right her past wrongs and to dedicate herself to trying to cure cullet, and was granted a book with the rituals for the Unabridged to use or to give to Candela as she saw fit. Cosmo, with the knowledge that Oscar would not be alone, chose to die. A few years later, Elsie had found a treatment so that people could live with cullet, though not a cure, and Mina worked as her lab assistant.[9]

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