Circle of Silver Flame

Circle of Silver Flame
Organizational information
TypeCandela Obscura circle
BaseNewfaire, Fairelands, Hale
Total members4
Notable members

The Circle of Silver Flame is a circle of Candela Obscura investigators. It is composed of four field agents—Allison Suarez, Duncan Walters, Farrah Morales, and Joshua Fisher. Their chapter house is in Silverslip.

History[edit | edit source]

While investigating an irregularity in the subway tunnels, Allison Suarez protected Nathaniel Trapp from a monster, but was herself transformed. Her son and husband were told she was dead.[1] After her husband, Antonio was killed by a spectral creature that could take on the faces of others and which flayed him, the Circle of Needle and Thread investigated his death.[2]

Not long after, Joshua Fisher was similarly killed by flaying, by a creature that had taken on the appearance of his husband.[3] The Circle of Needle and Thread was informed of this by Draven Kingsley, but they realized, during the initial briefing, that the creature was pretending to be Draven,[4] and found a nearly-dead Draven in the cabinet. The creature escaped.[5] The Circle of Needle and Thread realized that the monster was hunting members of the Circle of Silver Flame, and went to their chapter house to warn them, after mercy-killing Draven and burning down their own chapter house upon realizing it had been raided and compromised.[6]

They found the Circle of Silver Flame's chapter house similarly compromised, and the entry to the Fourth Pharos open but corrupted.[7] Marion Collodi was able to seal the rift,[8] and the others in the circle found the addresses of the two other members. Beatrix Monroe went to speak with Farrah, and Sean Finnerty went to Duncan.[9]

Aunt Bee found Farrah in her home, nervous and wearing a Periphery badge. The two spoke to each other with suspicion.[10] Sean found Duncan alone in his home with a gun. Duncan threatened Sean initially, and said he was on his own and asked for Sean's gun. When Sean gave it to him, Duncan, using similar language as that which the creature masquerading as Draven had used, shot him as he exited.[11] Sean was able to dodge much of the damage and hit the creature with a piece of wood, but was shot again and fell unconscious.[12] Meanwhile, Nathaniel found a letter from Lightkeeper Dolores Finch recounting that two others, Michaela and Arnie, had perished fighting off the creatures and that the Fourth Pharos was compromised and asking that whomever found this letter warned the others.[13]

Bee was able to convince Farrah, who had not been compromised, to leave. The two were attacked but were able to fight off the multiple creatures and were met by Nathaniel, who had taken a carriage to Farrah's home.[14] Jean and Marion, who had gone after Sean following Marion's premonition that he was in trouble, found either Duncan or else creatures in his shape and the shape of his family members, transformed into a blood-drinking creatures, and killed them.[1] The entire Circle of Needle and Thread, as well as Farrah, traveled towards Westwreck to an entry Duncan knew of to the Fourth Pharos. However, Farrah was killed by a landmine set off by Violet Boucher en route.[15]

In the Fourth Pharos, the Circle of Needle and Thread found Allison alive and being held, though badly transformed by bleed. Her condition was temporarily alleviated by a small dose of adjuvant.[16]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Allison is listed as a notable Candela figure in the core rulebook, and her entry briefly describes her isolation in Fourth Pharos. This character is named "Robin Suarez" in the quickstart guide; the only other change to the character's entry is a change of pronouns from they/them for Robin to she/her for Allison.[17][18] During session zero for the second chapter of the Candela Obscura actual play series, Travis Willingham had Robin specifically in mind as the investigator who saved Nathaniel.[19]

"Farrah Morales" and "Duncan Walters" are listed as names under the additional inspiration for gamemaster resources in the core rulebook for the Candela Obscura game.[20]

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