Circle of Needle & Thread

Circle of Needle & Thread
Organizational information
TypeCandela Obscura circle
BaseHallowhabor, Newfaire
Total members5
Notable members

The Circle of Needle & Thread is a group of Candela Obscura investigators. It is composed of five field agents—Beatrix Monroe, Jinnah Basar, Marion Collodi, Nathaniel Trapp, and Sean Finnerty—and operates under Lightkeeper Draven Kingsley.

History[edit | edit source]

Most of the members met one another prior to their formation as a circle or their entry into Candela Obscura: Beatrix Monroe knew Marion Collodi when he was an adolescent[1] and promised Sean Finnerty's mother to look after him,[2] and Marion and Sean served under Nathaniel Trapp during the Last Great War.[3]

A few to a couple months before "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01), Nathaniel was attacked by a creature in a subway station. He was rescued by investigator Allison Suarez, though the encounter left her transformed and unwell. Nathaniel was instructed to seek answers to any questions with Candela, and he became an investigator. The Circle of Needle & Thread was formed with Draven Kingsley as their Lightkeeper at some point afterward.[4]

Their chapter house is located in Hallowharbor, Newfaire.[5] The building is sparse and plain, but it has been improved. At Marion's insistence, a half-circle window of stained glass depicting a burgundy starry night petunia.[6]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

On Summer 13, 1907,[7] the Circle of Needle & Thread was sent to prevent the Exoteric Order of New Sciences (EONS) from having a magickal device, identified afterward as a vial containing an immature androphage. Though they were eventually successful, Jinnah "Jean" Basar was asked by Violet Boucher to prove her loyalty to EONS over Candela, resulting in Jean leaving EONS and in the apparent death of Avery Choi, another liaison between the organizations and a close confidante of Jean's.[8]

Upon their return to the chapter house, Draven immediately but regretfully sent them another assignment immediately: investigate the murder of Allison's husband the previous night. It was speculated that a creature sought revenge against those related to the incident that introduced Nathaniel to Candela. The circle traced the creature to a subway station recently opened by Nathaniel's family, who built and operate the metro in Newfaire. They discovered that the trains cars were outfitted with mirrored panels as a defensive measure against the creature and found a sealed-off Candela lighthouse had fallen into the tunnels during excavation and stopped functioning. As a creature tried to exit through a tear in the Flare, Jean successfully closed the tear and repaired the astrolabe, bringing the lighthouse back to function.[8]

Not long after, the Circle was called together again to investigate another death of one of Allison's Circle, Joshua Fisher, at the hands of the same creature. The creature had taken on the form of Draven Kingsley, and attempted to kill Nathaniel during the briefing. It was stopped by Sean and Marion, and it told them that Candela Obscura agents had killed its sister before escaping out the window. Jean found the real Draven near death, overtaken with bleed in a cabinet, and Sean found the archives had been raided. Draven told the circle where the chapter house for Allison's circle, the Circle of Silver Flame was, and the names of the two surviving members. Auntie Bee eased his suffering, and the circle decided to burn down the chapter house with him in it given that it had been compromised. They found the Circle of Silver Flame's chapter house to have also been raided, and the portal to the Fourth Pharos within it corrupted. Marion was able to take in the rift and seal it, and the circle found the addresses of Farrah Morales and Duncan Walters, the two surviving members. Bee went to speak to Farrah in The Varnish, and Sean went to The Steel to find Duncan as Nathaniel, Jean, and Marion stayed at the chapter house. The creature had already reached Duncan, and shot Sean as he was leaving. Sean landed a final attack before falling unconscious after being shot a second time.[9] He was patched up by the monster, who told him it wanted the same thing as he did, revenge, and Sean let the creature into him, incurring severe bleed.[10]

Meanwhile, after reading the notes of Lightkeeper Dolores Finch of the Circle of Silver Flame and after Marion's premonition of Sean being in danger, Marion and Jean went to find Sean while Nathaniel went to find Bee. Bee was able to convince Farrah to leave with her, and the two of them fought off attacks from the creatures. They were joined by Nathaniel, and all three went to meet up with Jean and Marion. Jean and Marion found Duncan and his family transfomred into monstrous creatures and killed them, then looked through Duncan's papers and found a map of Westwreck leading to a secret entrance of the Fourth Pharos. Sean, meanwhile, came to and found himself before five people who had wronged him, either by being involved in the commitment of his mother or the deaths of his brothers. After getting a signature rescinding the diagnosis from the physician who initially diagnosed his mother, he killed all five in increasingly brutal ways, after which the creature turned on the light and showed him that his mother had been watching. After taking a deal with the creature, he met up with the others at Duncan's home. There they found a number of dirigible-powered motorcycles, which they planned to take to Westwreck, but were interrupted by the appearance of EONS coming to collect payment. After grabbing an old colleague of Jean's they escaped with EONS in pursuit through Westwreck, throwing the magickal chickens as bait for the sandworms found there. Violet Boucher attempted to kill Jean, but instead hit a landmine, killing herself and Farrah and badly injuring Jean. The circle rested briefly in a cenote before traveling through a water-filled tunnel to the Fourth Pharos.[11]

In the Fourth Pharos, they searched for the vault and found Allison Suarez, but were quickly attacked, after which an explosion Sean had set unseen went off and stopped the astrolabe, allowing the creatures to tear a rift. Jean realized Sean's betrayal and the two shot at each other and missed. Marion, meanwhile, confronted The Mother, a massive shapeshifter whom he realized had taken his soul in childhood, and reached through and took his soul for his adult self instead, leaving her without a vessel. As Jean tried to close the rift and Nathaniel fought off the creatures coming through it, Bee and Sean attacked each other after Sean told Bee that his mother was at Marion's. Bee's attack killed Sean whereas Sean's knocked her unconscious. Jean meanwhile nearly died of bleed attempting to close the rift, but was saved by Marion pushing his soul into her instead, leaving him dead.[11]

Members[edit | edit source]

Circle mechanics[edit | edit source]

Because the circle played for three sessions (and therefore only had two opportunities to use Circle resources as opposed to the usual four), the circle began with three each of Stitch, Refresh, and Train as opposed to the six each they would have received using the game's written mechanics.[17]

As of the end of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01): Jean used a Refresh and Beatrix used a Stitch.[18] Sean initially states he uses a Stitch, but instead spends time organizing the archives at the chapter house between assignments and does not actually take it.[19]

The circle advances between episodes due to the shorter session amount[20] and takes the Interdisciplinary circle ability.[21]

As of the end of "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02): Although they are not at the end of an assignment, all circle members except Sean (as he is not in a "relative state of ease") are allowed to use one resource each. Beatrix took a Train, Jean and Nathaniel each used a Stitch, and Marion used a Refresh.[22]

A Bleed containment vial is gifted to the circle and is added as part of the circle's gear, meaning that each investigator has access to the vial before needing to select it from their individual gear list.[23] The circle obtains an additional hand mirror,[24] which is later used by Auntie Bee, and shattered.[25] The circle also obtain a ward, which will soak one bleed mark.[26]

Their circle abilities are:

  • Stamina Training: Grants them a pool of three gilded dice that an investigator can add to any roll; a rolled die is expended, and the pool refreshes at the beginning of each assignment.[27][28]
  • Interdisciplinary: Each character may choose an ability from a role or specialty that is not their own at advancement.[21]

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