Chronurgy Magic

Chronurgy Magic
Official art of a Chronurgy Wizard, by Anna Veltkamp from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 1]
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Chronurgy Magic is a dunamantic school of wizardry that is studied in the Kryn Dynasty. This subclass was created by Matthew Mercer.

Description[edit | edit source]

Chronurgy wizards focus on time manipulation and the exploitation of potential possibilities.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Essek Thelyss has both chronurgy and graviturgy wizard abilities, and used the Arcane Abeyance ability to store Lightning Bolt in a mote which he gave to Veth.[2]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Chronal Shift[edit | edit source]

At 2nd level, as a reaction, a Chronurgy Magic wizard can force a reroll of an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw made by a creature they can see within 30 feet. This is done after knowing the result of the initial roll, and the target must use the result of the second roll. This can be done twice per long rest.[1]

Temporal Awareness[edit | edit source]

Also at 2nd level, Chronurgists may add their Intelligence modifier to initiative rolls.[1]

Momentary Stasis[edit | edit source]

At 6th level, as an action, a Chronurgy Magic wizard may force a Large or smaller creature within 60 feet and line of sight to make a Constitution save. On a failure, the creature is incapacitated and their speed is zero until the end of the wizard's next turn or until the creature takes damage. This can be done a number of times equal to the wizard's intelligence modifier per long rest.[1]

Arcane Abeyance[edit | edit source]

At 10th level, a Chronurgy Magic wizard can condense the magic of a spell they cast using a spell slot no higher than 4th level into a tiny mote. The mote is gray and has 1 HP and an AC of 15, and is immune to psychic and poison damage. It lasts for an hour or until destroyed. If the bead is not used within an hour, or if it is destroyed, the spell is lost. Within that hour, however, a creature holding the bead can invoke the spell within. The spell uses the original caster's spell attack bonus and save DC, but otherwise treats the person who released the spell from the bead as the caster. This can be done once per rest (short or long).[3]

Convergent Future[edit | edit source]

At 14th level, Chronurgy Magic wizards can, as a reaction, ignore a d20 die roll (ability check, save, or attack) from a creature within 60 feet and within sight range and instead decide if the number is either the minimum required to succeed, or one less than that. However, upon doing this, the wizard gains one level of exhaustion, which can only be removed by taking a long rest.[4]

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