Chris Willmott

Chris Willmott
Screenshot of Chris Willmott at Talks Machina set from "Talks Machina #121: Clay and Dust" (TM2x72).[art 1]
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Chris Willmott is the current sound producer at Critical Role Productions, working with the company at least since January 2017[1] and taking part in the company's projects including two albums mastered by hime and published by Scanlan Shorthalt Music label: Welcome to Tal'Dorei[2] and Welcome to Wildemount.[3]

Critical Role production[edit | edit source]

Chris Willmott was responsible for manual sound production of Critical Role campaigns, Talks Machina, 4-Sided Dive,[4] Crit Recap Animated, All Work No Play,[5] Between the Sheets[6] and Mini Primetime. As well as, doing additional Sound Design and Music Edits for the Mighty Vibes[7] and the sea shanty promo for Uk'otoa boardgame.[8]

Chris brief made two appearances in "Talks Machina #100: Xhorhas" (TM2x51) and "Talks Machina #121: Clay and Dust" (TM2x72) episodes of Talks Machina.[6] He also made a sound pedal for "The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey" (OSx42) that is able to add an ambient effect on Ashley's voice, reflecting her roleplaying an AI named M.O.T.H.E.R.[9]

In August 2018, Vinnie Singh, the head producer at Critical Role Productions, said that their studio did not have "super-expensive" microphones, the fact that lots of them pointed directly at the cast and Chris has a "great feel" for the show and is manually mixing it the entire time remedied the lack of quality equipment.[10]

Brian Foster said about Chris: "Chris literally sits at the sound board with headphones watching a monitor, with each of his fingers on a fader, adjusting levels in real time without taking his hands off the controls. He does this for any of the shows he mixes for us, and it really is a sight to behold. He doesn't set levels then check out, even for a few minutes. Part of what makes him so valuable is his attentiveness and standard of quality throughout an entire program."[11]

Personal life[edit | edit source]

In July 2019, Chris got engaged to his long-time partner, with whom he had been together for 9 years.[6]

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