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Chris Lockey
Official art of Chris Lockey's portrait on the Critrole website., by Megzilla87.[art 1]
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Chris Lockey is the former social and content producer at Critical Role Productions[1] working with the company at least since June 2017[2] and until January 2023.[3] He did much of their in-house photography, and has also worked as a writer, producer, editor, director, and RPG designer on a freelance basis for such companies as Kobold Press.[4] Chris co-created with Taliesin Jaffe the concept for Candela Obscura TTRPG.

Lockey was a contributing writer to the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount sourcebook (2020) who created much of the lore for Blightshore region and provided ideas for other distant regions of Wildemount, the regions that were less prominent in Campaign 2 set on this continent. His most prominent influences were gothic horror, dark fantasy, and post-apocalyptic fiction works he has enjoyed since childhood.[4][5]

Chris has not appeared as a player on the channel, but he hosted episode 17, Dragonborn (Quick Build) and 35, Sorcerer (Quick Build), of Handbooker Helper.

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