Chosen of the Spectral Hand

Chosen of the Spectral Hand
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
GoalsDefeat the undead raised by The Timberblight
Total members4
Notable members
  • Gavain
  • Maurice
  • Euphemia
  • Dronk Stonefist
AllegiancesThe Spectral Hand
RivalsThe Re-Slayer's Take
EnemiesThe Timberblight

The chosen of the Spectral Hand,[fn 1] otherwise simply "the chosen ones", are an adventuring party based in Issylra, active at some time between 837 and 843 PD. The party was selected prophesied and trained to wield the Weapons of the Spectral Hand, but were beaten to acquiring them by The Re-Slayer's Take.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

Late to the party[edit | edit source]

Some time between 837 PD and 843 PD,[fn 2] the party traveled at the home of Gurt Stumpstuck, the keeper of the Weapons of the Spectral Hand in order to claim them. However when they arrived, they found that the puzzle they were expecting was already solved. Knocking on Gurt's door, Gavain explained who they were and why they had come. Panicked, Gurt slammed the door on them. Unbeknownst to the party, Gurt had just given the weapons to The Re-Slayer's Take and attuned the weapons to them, believing that they were the chosen ones and had simply arrived early.[1]

A few days later, the party traveled in Josgren's Hollow, having received a distress call. When they arrived however, they found that the spirits had already been defeated and that Potion Con was happily underway. They spoke with the newly elected comptroller, Janet, and asked if a party of four adventurers had previously come to town. Janet denied this and sent them on their way. As they left, Gavain noticed an unfinished statue of The Re-Slayer's Take.[2]

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Gavain, pompous human knight with well groomed mustache. Voiced by Dylan McCollum.
  • Maurice, halfling squire to Gavain, carries a large pack. Voiced by Marty Abbe-Schneider.
  • Euphemia, morose elf mage. Voiced by Lelia Symington.
  • Dronk Stonefist, hot-blooded goliath warrior. Voiced by Gabe Greenspan.

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. The name of this article is unofficial.
  2. The web series is set after the end of the Mighty Nein's adventures and before the formation of Bells Hells.