Chey Tanii Mcheza

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Chey Tanii Mcheza
Player character
Basic information
ActorKhary Payton
RoleWeird (Monster)
Biographical information
Also known asChey Tanii
AffiliationsCircle of the Silver Screen
First seen"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)

Chey Tanii Mcheza, who goes by Chey Tanii professionally, is an actor in Newfaire and a member of the Circle of the Silver Screen. He is played by Khary Payton.

Description[edit | edit source]

Chey is very tall.[1] In his monster form, one of his arms becomes extremely long and the nails upon it grow to unusual length.[2] He is both an actor and an inventor, and is protective of his co-star Evelyn White.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before "Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)[edit | edit source]

Chey came to Newfaire during an exhibition and rented a room on Barker Hill, which turned out to be owned by Daryl Barker, a serial killer. When Daryl came to murder him, Chey noticed a swirling, monstrous entity on the ceiling and let it into him, permitting him to kill Daryl instead.[4] He referred to this entity as his "mother".[5] He later met Jackie Renoux and the two first collaborated on a camera that could capture an element of someone's soul while filming, before being shut down by the OUP.[6] Jackie then encouraged him to become a character actor.[7]

"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59)[edit | edit source]

Following a screening of their film, Mr. Terrible, the Circle of the Silver Screen was called upon to investigate a phenomenon on Barker Hill, where a film by their rival studio, Meridian, showed what appeared to be the murder of the lead actress, Idella Montaigne, by the lead actor August Glance; and the death of the lead actor by some unseen creature. Chey noticed a shadow upon August's leg, and that the bleed was so intense it affected the grain of the film. Upon arriving onsite, Chey flashed back to his time in the house on Barker Hill. He was able to sense a presence within the house, but did not believe it to be the one that had transformed him, and incurred more bleed doing so. When he tasted the blood on the floor to see if it was fake, he took on bleed and involuntarily transformed into his monstrous appearance. He realized that the film was much gorier than Barker's murders, and led the others into the basement, where he did not sense any threats. There, they found three bodies, all of Idella.

Upon finding an Idella clone in a crate, Chey set her free, and distracted her from Evelyn, whom she attacked after Evelyn punched her. Idella attempted to strangle him, but Lester Shaw killed her. Jackie then removed the gag and immediately was overtaken by bleed when the creature passed through her, and Chey was unable to stop it with the electricity from her camera. When she came to, she and Chey discussed how Meridian seemed to have stolen their camera technology. Chey intimidated Lester when he realized Lester had passed along some of their information to EONS, but ultimately bound his wounds instead. The group then followed the trail to Briarbank College, where Professor Douglas Schultz openly admitted to creating the device that could duplicate Idella, and attempted to sell both him and Evelyn on it. They took the professor to Idella's mansion, where Chey immediately sensed his "mother", and when Evelyn initially offered to go into the device, Chey pushed her out and allowed himself to become the vessel. This briefly killed him, during which he had a vision of Daryl Barker, but after telling him to shut up, he awakened, as Schultz said he would, in a well in Groundswell. He was in his monster form when he did so.

Character information[edit | edit source]

Weird abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Let Them In: When Chey takes a Bleed mark, Khary may ask the GM a question about the phenomenon that harmed Chey.[8]
  • When using his monstrous arm, Chey adds one die to all his Strike rolls. If his Nerve resistance is at 2, the die he adds is gilded.[9]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Strike (Gilded) 3 [9]
Sway 1 [10]
Read 3 [11]
Sense (Gilded) 2 [12]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Khary said during the session zero for the one-shot that an inspiration for Chey was the H. H. Holmes murders during the Chicago World's Fair.[13]

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