Chetney Pock O'Pea

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Chetney Pock O'Pea
Player character
Basic information
ActorTravis Willingham
RaceForest Gnome (Werewolf)
Biographical information
Also known as
AgeAround 400 (Campaign 3; 843 PD)[2][3]
LanguagesCommon, Gnomish[presumed]
FamilyAlabaster, Pepper, Sugarplum, Hermey, and Chad (older siblings)
  • Bells Hells (adventuring party)
  • Oltgar (former employer)
  • Rexxentrum Toy Authority union (former member)
StatusAlive (resurrected)
Cause of deathStabbed by Otohan Thull ("True Heroism" (3x91))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
Level13 (Blood Hunter 12 / Rogue 1)
18 / 19[a]
16 [b]
walk 40 ft.
Stats reference[4] See also his level page.
First seen"Behind the Curtain" (3x07)
Last seen"Downfall: Part One" (3x99)
StreamCampaign 3 (88 episodes)

I'm not going to lie. I've spent hundreds of years really not being much of a threat to anyone. And it's okay. I don't mind being overlooked, but this is an incredible gift. I don't view it as a curse. I know some might, but I view it as an opportunity to make change, to help or to...affect other areas, you know?

— Chetney, to Annaline, regarding his lycanthropy.[5]

Chetney Pock O'Pea (/ˈtʃɛtni ˈpɒkəˌpiː/) is a gnome werewolf, blood hunter/rogue multiclass, and member of Bells Hells. He is played by Travis Willingham.

Before joining Bells Hells, Chetney has worked as a toy woodmaker in Oltgar's Chest of Uthodurn, but at one point he got into a violent argument with his colleague and had to flee the city. Chetney eventually came to the Savalirwood where he was bitten by a werewolf and where he encountered a branch of the Claret Orders who showed him the ways to control his newly obtained curse, using the rites of the Taming and embracing the teachings of the Order of the Lycan. Seeking to gain even better control of his new abilities, He set off to Marquet in search of Gurge Kisgregg and the Gorgynei.

Chetney is stubborn and pugnacious, but has a soft side. He loves making toys for children and people who meet him on his journey, while recognizing only wood as a suitable material for his crafts and superior to metal.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chetney is an elderly gnome. He stands about 3 foot 4 inches and has well-muscled arms. On his right arm is a tattoo of a crown and the letters "RTA", which he claims stands for "Recognize The Alpha"[6], but actually stands for "Rexxentrum Toy Authority".[7] Tufts of silvery-grey hair sprout from and over his ears from under a beanie (knitted by Deanna Leimert)[8] with ear straps pulled down tight on his head. He wears a leather chest harness, pointy-toed boots, and woodworking tools around his waist.[9] In his 100s, Chetney was suntanned and jacked, excluding leg muscles. Travis joked that he was 6'8" as well.[10]

In his werewolf form, Chetney becomes taller, and his silvery-grey hair grows from his entire body. The transformation takes place quickly and results in his bones breaking and realigning and claws ripping through his existing fingernails.[11] His voice is much deeper and gruffer as a werewolf.

During his visit in Uthodurn, Chetney bought himself a new outfit in the Catlyn's Clothier. A tracksuit made out of purple, blue, and green velvety fabric with stretching capabilities and durability to withstand a lycanthrope transformation[12] and incorporated a removable hood. He also bought a sweat headband and wristbands.[13]

While on board the Crimson Abyss, Chetney got a tattoo of a flaming bell on his butt cheek.[14]

Before heading to Aeor, Chetney (along with the rest of BH) ordered new clothes at the Emerald Curtain in Zadash. He got a fur lined leather suit and fingerless gloves. Chetney bought a chain mail with a piece of FCG's armor embedded as a right pauldron. He got a blue bandana tied tight with "RTA" sawn into it right above his right ear. Chetney also turned the harness into a bandolier and bought a leather strap for his Harp of Valor.[15]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chetney loves woodworking, especially furniture making and toymaking. He works almost exclusively in wood and scorns the use of metal in craftsmanship; it may have been over this or a similar issue that he left his job in Uthodurn working for Oltgar. His skills as a woodcarver lend him skill in breaking and entering.[16] Chetney is afraid people have a gradually diminishing interest in wooden toys, losing interest in his toys, which sooner or later, as Chetney see it, shatter his lifelong passion.[17]

Chetney has shown himself willing to volunteer for risky situations within his skillset[18][19] but hesitant to rush into danger that seems beyond his capability.[20] He is quick to retort, stubborn-willed, and foul-mouthed but perceptive and capable under pressure.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life in Tal'Dorei[edit | edit source]

Chetney was born in the Dividing Plains of Tal'Dorei around the early 400s PD[21][22] and grew up in the Bramblewood Forest outside of Westruun. He was the youngest of six siblings; his older siblings were named Alabaster, Pepper, Sugarplum, Hermey, and Chad,[23] and his family was not particularly close.[24] He left home in the 500s when he was young during the Scattered War (he estimates around the Battle of the Umbra Hills)[25] to learn woodworking and toymaking. During the Icelost Years, which immediately followed the war, his family fled home to escape Errevon. When he returned home, "a long time" after he initially left, he found they did not leave means to find them, only their toys; he had intended to visit earlier than he did. He was so angry at them for leaving him behind that he did not look for them, but it also instilled a fear that any family will look for reasons to abandon him. During the Icelost Years, he also developed a fear of dragons, possibly inspired by Errevon's lieutenant Skysunder. He has no interest in reconnecting with his family, and by 843 PD, he had not thought about his parents in at least a couple of centuries and believed they and his siblings were dead.[24][23]

He has traveled widely throughout Exandria, though he had not visited the Shattered Teeth nor Issylra before Campaign 3, which began in 843 PD.[24][26] At some point while living in Wildemount, Chetney was a founding member of the Rexxentrum Toy Authority union but left the business because his clientele were engaged in a legally dubious business and Chetney may have had a falling out with them.[27][28]

Move to Uthodurn[edit | edit source]

At some point, around his 200s or 300s, Chetney Pock O'Pea moved to Uthodurn[29] to work as a wood craftsman. He made furniture there for a while but mostly found success as a toymaker, becoming particularly good at rocking horses.[30] Around that time he met Deanna, and had a brief fling while on vacation at a beach town in the Menagerie Coast.[31][32] that ended sooner than Deanna wanted.[33]

Chetney was taught toymaking by for Oltgar Dradegon,[34][35] and he worked for Oltgar at the Oltgar's Chest shop in the city's Deliberation Disk.[36] Chetney got along well with Oltgar for quite some time, ultimately becoming second in authority at the shop,[37][38] and he devoted his time to making masterful wooden toys. Eventually, some years before 843 PD,[39] wooden toys fell out of fashion. Drixlitch Ovana suggested to Oltgar that kids were more fond of things made out of metal and asked for share of the store's ownership in exchange for help in business.[40] This drove a wedge between Oltgar and Chetney, who felt that Oltgar's consideration of the deal "betrayed the very craft".[41][35] It escalated until Chetney stabbed Oltgar through the hand and Drix in the knee,[42] then was chased out of Uthodurn by the Glassblades and hid in the Savalirwood.[43][44][45]

After Uthodurn[edit | edit source]

After Chetney initially fled into the northern Savalirwood to escape the Glassblades,[44][45] he lived for some time hunting and trapping in the wilderness.[46][47] By mid-843 PD, many years later,[39] he had spent almost a month total living in the Savalirwood itself.[48] He largely kept to the edges of the forest.[49]

In mid 843 PD, a couple months before "Heart-to-Heartmoor" (3x17) (set in Sydenstar 843 PD),[50][51] he snared an injured human werewolf in wolf form while trying to trap food. He killed the werewolf, but the werewolf bit him and Chetney contracted lycanthropy. Chetney was found shortly after by members of the Claret Orders, whom he believed were hunting the werewolf.[52][43] The Claret Orders gave him an opportunity to try to control his lycanthropy, with the intent to kill him if he could not.[43][53][52][51] He took the Hunter's Bane to become a blood hunter and was given basic training in hemocraft, in which he was found to be naturally adept.[54]

He left the group, saying that "it didn't go well", and he was given a warning and ultimatum before he left that if he spread his lycanthropy, began to hurt others, or was too careless, they would find and kill him.[52][55] At some point, he met a group of lycanthropes in the northern Savalirwood, including a woman named Rudina, though it is unclear whether they were the same group as the Claret Order blood hunters.[52] Someone in the Savalirwood directed him to find aid for his lycanthropy with Gurge Kisgregg in Jrusar, Marquet.[56][57][fn 2] Chetney set off on his journey to Marquet, traveling through the Wuyun Gorge to the Menagerie Coast, then through the Shearing Channel to Tal'Dorei.[58]

Chetney successfully found Gurge, who shortly grew tired of him and hoped to redirect Chetney to the Gorgynei instead. Gurge entered Jrusar to look for Ajit Dayal, who knew of the Gorgynei's location, and was kidnapped upon entering Jrusar, leaving Chetney without allies.[59]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Chetney witnessed the yet-to-be-named Bells Hells fighting with a spitting mimic outside the Dreamscape Theater. When the party approached him, he asked them for help in finding Gurge.[60] During the fight with Ira Wendagoth in "Chasing Nightmares" (3x11), Chetney transformed into a werewolf and revealed his true intention for finding Gurge, due to them both being cursed with lycanthropy and eager to control their powers.[11] Gurge directed Chetney to Ajit Dayal for more information, as he had since parted ways with the Gorgynei, the group of lycanthropes Chetney was hoping to find.[61]

At the Chandei Quorum ball, Chetney was tasked in watching Cyrus Wyvernwind. In doing so, he discovered that Emoth Kade could command shade creepers and transform herself.[62]

While in Heartmoor Hamlet, Chetney encountered Zadro Ichlen, a fellow artisan who had worked with his former boss, Oltgar, but while she also greatly disliked Oltgar, Chetney and Zadro did not get along.[63] He also, during the heist of the Twilight Mirror Museum, briefly lost control of himself while gravely injured in werewolf form, and wounded Orym.[64]

Once back in Jrusar, Chetney met Ajit, who told him that the Gorgynei had left the Oderan Wilds some time ago and were now in the Gloomed Jungles near Aeshanadoor.[65] That night, prior to leaving the city again, this time for Bassuras, Chetney broke into the shop of Tuyen Otwana, who had overcharged him significantly for a chisel, and injured and intimidated her into setting fairer prices.[66]

In Bassuras, Chetney realized that Dusk may not be who she said she was, and suspected her of being a bounty hunter looking for the Calloways.[67]

As the party traveled to Yios on the Silver Sun, Chetney lost control of his lycanthropy during a Ruidus flare and attacked Orym and Fearne before regaining control.[68] To prevent further incidents, he asked Khalil Benes for manacles, in which he slept for the next few days.[69]

During a heavy rainstorm, the skyship landed in the Gloomed Jungles to wait it out, and Chetney took the opportunity to try to contact the Gorgynei.[70] With the help of the rest of Bells Hells, he was able to do so, and after a brief conversation, the Gorgynei permitted the party to return with them to their hidden village of Barinak.[71]. There, he discussed his concerns with Annaline, the leader of the group.[72] She told him that since he had already taken the Hunter's Bane, further training would likely take weeks;[73] when he said he did not have that kind of time, she left to consider other options. She returned shortly after and told him that while she was unsure if he was ready, the Gorgynei would bring him to Zha'Vrollo, the temple of Sahyaadon, to meet with the spirit and undergo her trials.[74]

En route to Zha'Vrollo, Annaline took Chetney aside and questioned him regarding his blood hunter abilities and his feelings regarding his lycanthropy. She was satisfied with his assertion that he wished to use his powers for good, and did not see them as a curse.[75] In return, she told him about the history of the Gorgynei,[76] and about her own past. As she trained him in glyph work, Annaline told him that if he ever encounter Dorao, the elf weretiger who turned her, he should kill him.[77]

At the temple, Chetney meditated to Sahyaadon and his intentions were searched by the spirit.[78] He accepted the trial, and became a massive, bestial wolf and attacked Bells Hells.[79] The party fended him off and attempted to get through to him, and were ultimately successful.[80] Afterwards, Bells Hells and the Gorgynei all ran naked through the jungle.[81]

As Bells Hells prepared for the apogee solstice, Chetney was the one to propose flying the Silver Sun into the Malleus Key.[82] During the attack, he leaped onto Ludinus Da'leth but was thwarted by Ludinus's shield.[83] When the key was activated, Chetney, along with FCG, Imogen, and Fearne, was teleported to the Crystalsands Tundra in Wildemount. Chetney recognized it immediately.[84]

The "Team Wildemount" party not long after ran into two new companions, one of whom was Deanna, Chetney's ex, who had been dead for nearly 200 years before being resurrected about four years prior. She was initially angry at Chetney,[85] but the two had a serious heart-to-heart the following day, and embraced.[86] However, the magic of the apogee solstice made Chetney's lycanthropy harder to control, and he ran off to avoid harming the party.[87] FRIDA followed him after realizing he was a werewolf, and tried to reach him, but Chetney attacked and bit them before coming to himself and running away again.[88] He returned in the morning and apologized to Deanna.[89] The party reached Uthodurn that day. Chetney, while invisible, explored both the Vellum Steeple library,[90] and the Grandcast Citadel, where he carved his name into the back of the wooden throne and stole several gems while the rest of the party walked Umudara out of the city.[91]

The following day, the group went to Oltgar's store, now named D&O Toy Emporium. Chetney initially hid from Oltgar, but joined the party when they agreed to rid the shop of creatures that had escaped due to failing enchantments. Imogen's Detect Thoughts revealed Oltgar was unhappy working with Drixlitch, and papers within the shop showed that Drix had been manipulating Oltgar, incurring debts, and forging documents. Chetney confronted Oltgar and apologized for stabbing him, then told him what Drixlitch had been doing. Oltgar admitted he missed woodworking and, at Chetney's threat, promised to sell the store and leave Uthodurn.[92]

Chetney's past knowledge of the Savalirwood came in handy while Team Wildemount traveled to Molaesmyr. He also spoke with FRIDA regarding the bite he'd given them after FRIDA told him about it.[93] In Molaesmyr, he was able to locate Ludinus's notes in Gildhollow Tower, but accidentally disturbed the Hatemonger living on top of the tower.[94] He and the rest of the party fought it off and escaped into the Savalirwood. That night, he, Fearne, and Deanna had a threesome.[95]

When the party reunited in Jrusar, Chetney, Fearne, and Orym went to the temple of the Raven Queen, but he was first lured, attacked, and nearly captured by a bounty hunter hired by Tuyen Otwana.[96] After being freed by Fearne and Little Mister, Chetney, along with the other two, arrived at the temple and had a vision of the Champion of Ravens, trapped and screaming.[97] Not long after, having been sent to the Grey Valley in search of an antidote for Keyleth, Bells Hells defeated the demons who had overtaken the Iridon Bastion, and Chetney picked up the sword of Extovass, their leader. It spoke to him.[98] It claimed to be the soul of an ancient king, but FCG ultimately determined through Legend Lore that it was Graz'tchar and the sentience was that of a demon prince. However, they did still give it to Chetney.[99] It began to tell him to assassinate Keyleth,[100] but he resisted, and the sword was not long after given to Urlu Novos in exchange for passage to Kalutha after the party went to the Shattered Teeth.[101]

Following Ashton's failed attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan, Chetney first followed Fearne and helped her talk through her feelings. He also managed to take away the Quintessence Array from her to prevent her from destroying it.[102] That evening, he confronted Ashton and told them they should leave if they could not control themself.[103] However, he welcomed Ashton the following morning and sparred with him.[104] Not long after, while the party was in the Feywild, Chetney made a deal with Morri; he discussed becoming young again, or immortal, but ultimately asked to become the most famous toymaker ever.[105] In exchange, he was granted a boon that allowed him to create masterpiece toys that could enthrall people.[106]

Chetney's abilities, notably Grim Psychometry and his possession of the Monocle of True Essence, gave him particular insight into life on Ruidus during Bells Hells' scouting mission. He was able to learn more about the Quintessence Array and Ludinus's use thereof,[107] and determine that Willmaster Edmuda's rings were magical.[108] He was also able to connect with Asha and Kelito, two children in Kreviris, and gave them their first toy, a small carved horse that Asha named "Borse".[109] After the party joined the Volition, Chetney was intrigued by Vezoden Amerai, but ultimately went with Imogen, Laudna, and Orym to infiltrate the Arx Creonium and find Evoroa.[110]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ashton[edit | edit source]

Chetney's handcrafted carved wooden toy for Ashton was an articulated posable hand.[111]

Dorian Storm[edit | edit source]

Chetney took a great dislike to Dorian when he met him.[112] However, the two warmed up quickly, and Dorian directly called him a friend and a member of the party when patrolling the Moon Tower. When Dorian left Bells Hells to return to Tal'Dorei, Chetney's parting gift to him was a hand-carved wooden toy skyship.[113]

Fearne Calloway[edit | edit source]

Chetney immediately liked Fearne. When the Bells Hells returned to Jrusar after defeating the Shade Mother, he rented an extra room at the Soot and Swill and invited Fearne to join him if she felt "the call of the wolf."[114] She instructed him to howl for her at 3:00am exactly, and did get up to wait at 2:59am, but Chetney slept through it.

Fresh Cut Grass[edit | edit source]

Chetney immediately liked Fresh Cut Grass. FCG confided to Chetney about "Shithead," the bird that they believe is pursuing them and wants them "dead or worse." Chetney swore to protect them, and after this, Chetney was now considered a "trusted companion" of Fresh Cut Grass. [115]

Laudna[edit | edit source]

Chetney was consistently alarmed by Laudna (though he was hesitantly delighted by Pâté). Chetney's gift to Laudna was a house for Pâté and Sashimi, carved from wood from the tree in Etan's Square, which Laudna accepted with tears of joy.[116]

Orym[edit | edit source]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Carved items[edit | edit source]

The following items were crafted by Chetney during the campaign and are represented by a real object presented by Travis at the table, in the order they were presented:

  • skyship engraved with "S.S. Brontë", given to Dorian, requested[150]
  • articulated hand, given to Ashton[151]
  • moon-shaped dish, intended for Orym, discarded by Chetney, passed to Imogen[152]
  • box engraved with three moons, given to Orym[152]
  • dollhouse, given to Laudna for Pâté and Sashimi to live in[153]
  • wolf figurine, given to Fearne[154]
  • doll, requested by Laudna to be Pâté's girlfriend, discarded by Chetney when she received Sashimi, given to Fearne and named Caviar[155]
  • three dolls representing Fearne, Ollie, and Birdie with textile clothing and real hair, given to Fearne[156]
  • feelings wheel, painted with paints from Imahara Joe, given to Fresh Cut Grass[157]
  • wind-up horse with wooden mechanisms, named Flora after Imogen's favorite horse growing up, given to Imogen[158]
  • figure of FRIDA, given to FRIDA[159]
  • conch shell, reproduction of ones he and Deanna drank from in the Menagerie Coast[160]

The following are additional items that were crafted by Chetney or mentioned to have been started:

He additionally engraved the phrase "To Mama Birdie and Papa Ollie" into a music box from A Taste of Tal'Dorei at Fearne's request; it was given to Birdie and Oleander Calloway.[179][180]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Gnome abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Darkvision
  • Gnome Cunning[181]
  • Subrace: Forest gnome
    • Natural Illusionist: Minor Illusion cantrip[182]
    • Speak with Small Beasts[183]

Feats and other mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Shadow Touched (Intelligence)[184]
  • Savage Spirit: Granted after his trial at Zha'Vrollo.[188] When Chetney is his werewolf form and his hit points are below a certain number, he can choose to go into a blood frenzy. It can harm his allies, as well as his enemies.[189]
  • Because of Chetney's advanced age, by "An Exit Most Fraught" (3x48) (possibly earlier) Travis began rolling a d100 with each long rest to see if Chetney had died in the middle of the night.[190][191] If he rolls a 100 ("00 and 0" on the dice), he will die.[192] As of "Kindling the Spirits" (3x73), Travis got close to 100 on a few occasions, rolling "1", "2", and "99".[193]
  • Masterpiece
  • Fey Touched (Wisdom)
    • Unknown 1st Level
    • Misty Step (1/day)[194]

Blood hunter abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Hunter's Bane (Hemocraft Die: d8)
  • Blood Maledict (3 known; 2/rest)
    • Blood Curse of the Marked[195]
    • Blood Curse of Bloated Agony[196]
    • Blood Curse of Binding[197]
  • Fighting Style: Dueling[fn 3]
  • Crimson Rite
  • Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Lycan
    • Heightened Senses[200]
    • Hybrid Transformation[201] (Chetney becomes Medium while transformed)[202]
      • Feral Might (+2)
      • Resilient Hide
      • Predatory Strikes[203]
      • Bloodlust[204]
      • Improved Predatory Strikes
    • Stalker's Prowess
      • Improved Predatory Strikes
    • Advanced Transformation
      • Lycan Regeneration
  • Extra Attack
  • Brand of Castigation[205]
  • Grim Psychometry[206]
  • Dark Augmentation

Rogue abilities[edit | edit source]

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Athletics Blood Hunter [207][208]
Deception Criminal background [209]
Insight (expertise) Blood Hunter, expertise from rogue multiclass [210][211]
Investigation Blood Hunter [212]
Sleight of Hand Rogue [213]
Stealth (expertise) Criminal background,[214] expertise from rogue multiclass [215]
Alchemist's Supplies Blood Hunter [216]
Thieves' Tools Criminal background [217]

Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Minor Illusion Cantrip Natural Illusionist [218]
Inflict Wounds 1st Shadow Touched feat [187]
Invisibility 2nd Shadow Touched feat [185]
Misty Step 2nd Fey Touched feat [194]

Trial of Sahyaadon abilities[edit | edit source]

In "Call of the Wild" (3x41), during the trial of Sahyaadon at Zha'Vrollo, Chetney transformed into a larger, more powerful werewolf than his standard Hybrid Transformation and a red smoke trickled out of his chest. He still had access to blood hunter abilities that were not replaced by these stats, such as Rite of the Flame[219] and blood curses.[220] The statblock was titled "Chetney Unleashed".[221]

  • Hit Points: typical 58 plus additional 60 (total 118)[222]
  • Armor Class: 20 to 22 (increased from 19 in Hybrid Transformation)[223]
  • Gained an additional 20 feet of movement for 45 feet total[224]
  • Legendary Resistance: 3 total[225]
  • Multiattack: He makes three claw attacks.[226]
  • Bestial Regeneration: He can regain a die roll of hit points at the beginning of his turn.[227]
  • Legendary Action: 3 per round.[228] He eventually lost one permanently after a successful appeal to his senses.[229] He retained his legendary actions when he was forced down into standard werewolf form.[230]
    • Claw: He makes one claw attack.[230]
    • Dash: He moves up to his movement speed.[231]
    • Howl of the Hunter (costs 2 actions): All creatures within 30 feet must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for one minute. Frightened creatures can make another Wisdom saving throw at the end of their turns.[232]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Chetney was conceived as a "true, legit" take on the character Chutney Chocolatecane, a Christmas elf Travis played in "The Night Before Critmas" (OSx27) and in Narrative Telephone's "Chutney's Christmas Vacation"; Campaign 3 and the Critical Role special do not share continuity, and the gnome Chetney is distinct from the Christmas elf Chutney.[233]

Chetney bears similar facial scars to his Christmas elf counterpart, and his knit cap alludes to Chutney's Christmas hat; similarly, both are armed with a weaponized wood chisel.[234] As Chutney is a toymaking elf from the North Pole who rues the replacement of wooden toys with plastic ones, so Chetney is a toymaker from the snowbound northern city of Uthodurn who opposes the use of metal instead of wood in craftsmanship.[235][236] Both Chutney and Chetney committed an act of violence against their former employer (Santa Claus and Oltgar respectively).[237] Snowflakes are also depicted in the animation on Chetney's stat card, a further nod to his inspiration,[238] and Chetney, a blood hunter, was initially stated to be a rogue like Chutney.[239]

Travis wanted Chetney to join the party a little later in the story, so Chetney was not introduced until toward the end of "Behind the Curtain" (3x07).[240] Instead, Travis played Bertrand Bell (a returning character) until "The Trail and the Toll" (3x03) and was absent from the table until Chetney's introduction.[241]

Travis has a long-established fascination with werewolves[242] and was expected to play as one for the second campaign, also choosing the Order of Lycan. However, the expectations alone and desire to play a spell caster, lead Travis to halt on this idea.[243] His first appearance on-stream as a werewolf was in Gamespot one-shot streamed on 22 Mar 2016.[244] Knowing about Travis' desire to play more games as a werewolf, Liam took this as a part of his inspiration to create "Liam's One-Shot: The Song of the Lorelei" (OSx23).[245]

Travis said that he didn't prepare any backup characters in case Chetney dies.[193]

Campaign's illustrator, Hannah Friederichs, pointed out that some details in his hat made it technically impossible to knit as shown in his portrait because some coloring suggested that the stitches were upside down and thus on the wrong side. As a result, she aimed to make the next knit item in a portrait, a shawl worn by Deanna Leimert, physically possible to create.[246]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Chetney: (on meeting the party) "You're awfully nice. I mean, I could be fucking armed to the teeth. You don't know me."
    Laudna: "Are you armed to the teeth?"
    Chetney: "Yes."[247]
  • Chetney: (explaining his woodworking past) "I started with furniture and there wasn't much of a market for that where I was. I wanted to make something that people loved, so I switched to toys. I'm particularly good at making rocking horses."[248]
  • Chetney: "Woodworking is something I've had a passion for decades, maybe longer. I learned from some of the best." [...] "The wood speaks to you. You just have to be ready to listen."[249]
  • Dorian: (to Chetney) "You have a friend, right? Like a group of friends?"
    Chetney: "I do now."[250]
  • Chetney: (after admitting his lycanthropy to the party) "I won't lie. There are some things that I haven't told you yet, but I'm trusting you more, and I have selfish desires. There are people that need to die, and things that need to be righted, but that's down the road."[251]
  • Chetney: Recognize the alpha.[252][6]
  • Chetney: There was a time years ago where I would've just sat by my lonesome and hated you from afar, but there's a different side of me now, and he wants (snarling) to hunt.[253]
  • Chetney:Yeah. Life can be long. It can be short, but boy, it can really be long sometimes.[254]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The animation on both his gnome and his werewolf stat cards is of falling snow.[238]
  • Chetney is one of two members of Bells Hells with darkvision. Because Laudna acquired it magically through her sorcerer subclass, he is the only one who has darkvision naturally.
  • Chetney claims the RTA tattooed on his right shoulder stands for "Recognize the Alpha"; Matt emphasized in-universe that the concept of wolves having an alpha is based on outdated and disproven research popularized in The Wolf by L. David Mech, who has since disavowed the book's premise.[255] It was later revealed that the RTA actually stands for "Rexxentrum Toy Authority", a union Chetney was once in, and various other members of the union also have the same tattoo.[7]

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Bells Hells Playlist: Chetney Pock O'Pea (March 18, 2022)

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Explanatory footnotes:

  1. Apparently from the initials: Chetney Pock O'Pea
  2. Chetney claimed he was directed by a craftman's guild;[56] however, Chetney was lying about seeking Gurge out for professional woodworking reasons, so this is certainly a lie as well.
  3. It cannot be Archery or Two-Weapon Fighting as he uses neither a ranged weapon nor two-weapon fighting. He does not have a two-handed weapon and doesn't re-roll 2s ("In Too Deep" (3x14) at 3:00:38). This leaves Dueling as the only remaining option.


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