Charlotte Eaves

Charlotte Eaves
Player character
Official art of Charlotte Eaves, by Lisa Fricke.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorAnjali Bhimani
RoleFace (Magician)
Biographical information
Also known asCharlie
Age31 (Candela Obscura: Chapter 1; 1907)
ProfessionProprietor of the Sight Unseen
First seen"The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01)
Last seen"The Collectors" (CO1x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Charlotte Eaves is the proprietor of the Sight Unseen in the Red Lamp district of Newfaire and a member of the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil. She is played by Anjali Bhimani.

Description[edit | edit source]

Following "Ravage of Red Lamp" (CO1x02), she lost full use of her right hand and a lock of her hair grayed.[1][2][3] She is 31.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Charlotte is socially astute and generous, offering a cot in the back office to Auggie when he needs one.[5] She is flirtatious, often using it as a distraction technique.[6] She has a tough and unflappable facade, which she uses to hide her insecurities. Toward her third assignment, "Charlotte’s hard shell crack a bit as she starts to recognize that she can be tough without hardening her heart".[7]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Eaves was raised in a poor family living in a small house in a field. They were often at odds because she saw them as not as clever as she was and she resented their contentment with the discarded "scraps" they could find and lack of ambition for better.[8]

In her teens, she met Gertrude. She saw Gertrude as an embodiment of "everything she thought a grand human should be" and kind and generous, and she felt closer to her than to her family.[8] Gertrude dabbled in magick and offered to take Charlotte as an apprentice, but her parents, who distrusted Gertrude and suspected ulterior motives, did not allow her to her spend time with Gertrude.[4]

When Charlotte was sixteen (in 1892), she ran away from home in a fit of anger.She later returned to argue with her parents. As she approached the house, a magickal tear opened in the sky and a wind pulled on the house and Charlotte. She clung to a tree, but the house and her family inside were crumpled "like a house made of papier mâché sucked through a straw" and vanished into the tear. The tear then disappeared without trace. Charlotte was uncertain if she had caused the event or where her parents went. She went to Gertrude's house and told her that her parents abandoned her. Gertrude took her in, and Charlotte pushed the memory down and tried to forget it. Eventually, after years, she found Gertrude with a device that featured a crack similar to the one in the sky; Charlotte recalled the memory and told Gertrude, who introduced Charlotte to Candela Obscura because she survived that experience without losing her mind.[4][9]

Charlotte joined Candela Obscura at 21 (in 1897) once Gertrude felt she ready,[10][4] and she is the longest-serving investigator within the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil.[7] She visited the Fourth Pharos twice before "Strange Bedfellows" (1x03).[11]

At some point, she became the owner of the Sight Unseen, a club and scarlet speakeasy in Newfaire.[12]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Charlotte was summoned to the Blue Derby Diner for Candela Obscura business, and joined the others.[13] She initially pretended not to recognize Auggie for fear they would not be permitted to be in the same circle.[14] During the investigation, Charlotte flirted with the officer who was watching Donald Kinzel's apartment so the others could go in.[15] She used her charm on Layla as well, and convinced her to provide the party with more information.[16]

In the Evanoch Foundry, Charlotte expressed her worry about Auggie, and when he lured the spirit out, she lit her scarf on fire to try to draw it away.[17] She then joined Arlo in the blood ritual to re-seal the spirit.[18] After reporting back to Lightkeeper O'Neill, she returned to the Sight Unseen and sent someone to care for Auggie,[19] then took a few days off and visited Gertrude to recharge.[20]

About a month later, Charlotte was assigned a second mission, along with the rest of the circle, to investigate an attack at the Getaway Grand Hotel on Onette Ferris, a government official.[21] She was able to carve away the burrowing strip of flesh from Howard's hand after he touched it.[22] Later, after leaving the hotel, a member of the Office of Unexplained Phenomena tailed the party.[23] Charlotte attempted to prevent him from getting on the streetcar using flash powder, but this led the officer to follow her specifically.[24] She managed to lose him by going to a church of the Ascendancy and convincing the priest she was being followed by a stranger, though she did have to give a generous donation to do so.[25]

Charlotte was able to convince Dorna at the Alizarin Gallery that she was interested in artifacts from Oldfaire.[26] Although the creature attacked before Dorna could formally show her, Charlotte, with help from Auggie, raided Dorna's office and found two black gloves and a briefcase of five obsidian nails.[27] She was able to throw these nails at the creature and damage it, allowing Howard time to recover from his shock before the circle descended into the sewers.[28] In the sewers, Charlotte attempted to throw the last two nails into the creature's mouth, but it grabbed her and threw her against the wall, knocking her unconscious.[29] The rest of the circle were able to bring her back to the Gilded Rainbow safe house, where she regained consciousness and received medical attention, but she lost full use of her right hand.[1] Charlotte, demoralized, went back to Gertrude and spoke more candidly about her experiences. Gertrude offered her some advice, and Charlotte spent several days studying at her house.[30] She was found there by Auggie when the circle was reconvened to follow up on the case a week later, and told him the story of how she first came to Candela.[31]

Outside of the city while trying to recover Kara Belmon, Charlotte was able, with Arlo's help, to decipher the letter Dorna had sent her.[32] She was injured by the Collector when she attacked with her ghost blade, but managed to break free.[33] Upon returning to Newfaire, Charlotte brought the party to Deagan, an associate she had at the docks, who was able to direct them to Brinewash 7.[34] There, after Auggie was discovered, Charlotte distracted Dorna long enough to allow escape, though she was again injured by a Collector.[35] She was knocked unconscious in the final fight in Oldfaire, but not before shooting at Lycus, and she came to after the danger passed.[36]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Bleed containment vial[37]
  • Hidden jackknife[38]
  • Gloves with red stitching (taken from Dorna's office)[39]

Former items[edit | edit source]

  • Obsidian nails (taken from Dorna's office; used up in attacking a creature bound to a shard of Gredarn, a demon of hunger)[27]

Face abilities[edit | edit source]

Charlotte is known to have taken the following abilities. She has taken the following abilities from the Face role:

  • I Know A Guy: Once per assignment, Charlotte has a temporary contact.[40]
  • Cool Under Pressure: In high risk situations, Charlotte can use a Drive point from Cunning rather than from the pool the roll normally uses.[41]

Because the circle has the Interdisciplinary ability, each member may choose one ability outside of their role or specialty in character advancement. Charlotte has an ability from the Occultist specialty:

  • Ghostblade:[42] She attuned to her jackknife as a ritual knife and takes one Body mark to coat it with blood.[43] This makes it particularly effective against phenomena.[44]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original After Body scar After second Body scar
Move At least 1 0 (-1) 0 [45][46]
Control 2 2 2 [47]
Sway (Gilded) 2 2 2 [48]
Read 1 1 1 [49]
Hide 1 1 1 [50]
Survey (Gilded) 2 3 (+1) 3 [51][45]
Focus 1 1 0 [52][53]
Sense At least 1 [53]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

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