Candela Obscura (organization)

Candela Obscura (organization)
Organizational information
TypeSecret society
GoalsProtect humanity from supernatural dangers
EstablishedPrior to the destruction of Oldfaire[1]
Notable members

Candela Obscura is a secret society in the Fairelands dedicated to the protection of humanity against magickal forces.

History[edit | edit source]

Candela Obscura was founded by scholars who realized that bleed was likely to destroy the city of Oldfaire. While much knowledge was lost in the fall of that city, they were able to preserve some knowledge in their chapter houses and protect people from supernatural incursions seeping from the Flare. They continue this mission to the present day. Lightkeepers, senior members of the organization, provide assignments to circles of investigators tasked to look into specific phenomena, artifacts infused wtih magick. The organization sends contained phenomena to the Fourth Pharos vault, a lighthouse stronghold within the Flare.[1] Candela builds their lighthouses on thinnings in the Flare, and uses magickal astrolabes to keep back any threats that may try to cross in their world.[2]

Circle of the Vassel & the Veil[edit | edit source]

In 1907, the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil was assigned by Lightkeeper Alexandra Elise O'Neill to investigate an event to which Auggie James was witness, in which a spirit of Oldfaire was released from charcoal being burned for fuel and sought warmth, freezing its victims. The group was able to track the spirit to the Evanoch Foundry and contain it, and brought it back to Alexandra.[3] About a month later they took on an assignment to track down a creature that had attacked two lovers at the Getaway Grand Hotel and eventually tracked it to the Alizarin Gallery before chasing it into the sewers and containing it. They learned it was tied to an artifact obtained by the Red Hand.[4] A week later, they traveled outside of the city to find Kara Belmon, who had been involved with the Red Hand and had been a witness in the previous investigation. They found her at her uncle's house, alive but with her face missing. The circle realized the creature responsible was known as a Collector, and were able to follow it and the Red Hand's trail down to the ruins of Oldfaire, where, upon killing it, they learned it had once been Arlo Black's fiance Eddie.[5]

Circle of Needle & Thread[edit | edit source]

Also in 1907, in the summer, the Circle of Needle & Thread, immediately after retrieving a device from EONS, were sent to investigate the death of Antonio Suarez, husband of Allison Suarez, a former investigator. They ultimately traced the creature that killed Antonio to the newest subway station in the city, and found an ancient, broken lighthouse with a stilled astrolabe, with creatures emerging from the rift. Jinnah Basar was able to seal it and repair the astrolabe.[6] These creatures, however, continued to stalk both Allison's circle, the Circle of Silver Flame, as well as the Circle of Needle and Thread; they killed both the Circle of Silver Flame's Joshua Fisher, and the Lightkeeper of the Circle of Needle and Thread, Draven Kingsley. Nathaniel Trapp ended up burning the chapter house after it had been ransacked and compromised. They then went to the chapter house for the Circle of Silver Flame in Silverslip and found the portal to the Fourth Pharos compromised. Marion Collodi sealed the rift. Beatrix Monroe and Sean Finnerty went to find the two remaining living members of the Circle of Silver Flame, Farrah Morales and Duncan Walters. Duncan had also become compromised, and the shapeshifter who had taken on his appearance attacked Sean. Marion had a premonition of the attack.[7]

Nathaniel was able to find information from the Circle of Silver Flame's lightkeeper warning that the Fourth Pharos was compromised. Beatrix and Farrah were able to escape the creatures that came to stalk Farrah and reunite with the others of the Circle of Needle and Thread. Meanwhile, the creature struck a deal with Sean, giving him a number of people upon whom he wished revenge in exchange for him bringing Marion to the Fourth Pharos. Pursued by EONS, the Circle and Farrah fled towards Westwreck, where Duncan, prior to being attacked, knew of a secret entrance to the Fourth Pharos. They reached it, though Farrah perished in a landmine explosion. Inside, they found the compromised entrance to Silverslip before continuing on to the vault. Inside, they found Allison, being kept due to the immense amount of bleed she had taken, but were then attacked by the shapeshifting creatures, the "Mother" of whom tore a massive rift into the Fourth Pharos. Sean was revealed to have betrayed the party, and the Mother attempted to use Marion as a vessel, but he prevented her from doing so. Beatrix was able to kill Sean, and Marion gave his life so that Jean could survive sealing the rift.[8]

Circle of Tide & Bone[edit | edit source]

In 1919, the Circle of Tide & Bone was created to investigate a nun of the Ascendancy suspected of being tied to patient disappearances at Grayslate Sanatorium. The circle discovered, after several revelations regarding Elsie Roberts' and Oscar Grimm's supernatural abilities, a pit dug into the grounds of the asylum that led to Oldfaire. There they found the nun was a creature of famine, called The Great Maw, in disguise. Rajan Savarimuthu, familiar with the creature from his past, bound her magically, and Elsie killed her. Her ally, The Serious Man, was gravely wounded and captured by the party.[9]

The Serious Man, identified as Toren Gevni, was stabilized and bound magically by others in Candela Obscura, including the circle's Lightkeeper, Nokari. The circle's interrogation of Gevni revealed that he was Unabridged, that the effects his errant ritual had had on Oscar were unexpected, and that he hoped to create an empire modeled after Iomene's rule of Oldfaire. After determining Gevni could not remove his undying state, Oscar began to strangle him, and Gevni willingly broke his own neck on Oscar's chain to avoid being taken to the Fourth Pharos. Nokari provided a cover story for the circle and permitted them to take Gevni's magickal personal effects. They then investigated several drowning deaths of Periphery agents in Groundswell and found that the cause was Arterax, a seawater creature bound as a protector to Mina, a girl who had made a deal with the gods of the sea following her brother's death in the protests relating to the historic well in Calinus Market. They brought Mina back to The Antiquarian. Cosmo was able to use Gevni's gold doorknob to access his study, where he found that Gevni had gathered information on him and Oscar.[10]

At a council of Lightkeepers not long after, Nokari's judgment regarding the Circle of Tide & Bone was brought into question, specifically because the circle both contained several phenomena and did not neutralize nor turn over Mina. They reached out to Rajan to warn them, and Rajan, Elsie, and Cosmo fled towards the Glass Cat. However, the Glass Cat was set on fire by six Candela agents. Mina and most of Madam Glask's staff escaped, and Madam Glask and Oscar fought the two agents inside the casino, with Oscar killing one and Madam Glask distracting the other. Arterax killed four of the other agents with assistance from Madam Glask's power. As the circle and Mina fled, the final agent attempted to shoot Mina, but Oscar took the bullet. The Circle then continued to Groundswell, and, leaving Mina aboveground, went down the well in Calinus Market. They traveled through Oldfaire, eventually reaching the Anatithenai. Rajan and Cordelia traded their lives to Iomene in exchange for the happiness of others. Cosmo chose to pass on, knowing that Oscar would be staying as a companion to Iomene, who also could not die. Elsie was granted a book with the rituals for becoming Unabridged, and told that she could use it as she saw fit, and that Candela would no longer bother her. She chose not to perform the rituals in the book.[11]

Circle of the Crimson Mirror[edit | edit source]

On their way home from a successful mission to retrieve the bleed-filled bones of Calinus's alchemist, Atia Griffia, from the Red Hand, Lightkeeper Zora Manning asked the Circle of the Crimson Mirror if they could go to the Isle of Serenity to check on Decklan Murphy, a former member of their circle and current investigator. He had not been heard from after going there to visit family. The circle, having recently survived a vicious storm near the Vastchasm, agreed. They found some of the inhabitants of the island strange, but were able to locate the Murphy home, though Decklan was not there. His sisters said he was out for a walk, but his mother seemed agitated and concerned about his whereabouts and told the circle he had gone to the fairy houses, ancient stone huts. Pegeen Murphy abruptly attacked and killed her mother with a fire poker and a fight broke out, in which the circle killed Pegeen and Nora, though Malcolm and Edgar both sustained injuries as well. They then went out to the fairy house, where the third sister, Gráinne, was waiting. Malcolm shot her, and the circle found Decklan, who had a strange growth on his eye and was radiating bleed, and appeared to have become a phenomenon. They took him back to the ship to bring him to Newfaire.[12]

Known members[edit | edit source]

Player Character Circles[edit | edit source]

Other Circles[edit | edit source]

Lightkeepers[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Edmund Hornsby, messenger[23]
  • Eloise: Retired member of Candela Obscura who subsequently started working in Cosmo Grimm's bookstore.[24]
  • Reggie, proprietor of the Gilded Rainbow bookstore, a safehouse[25]
  • Naomi Malik: Conservator of the Fourth Pharos[1]
  • Robin Suarez: Investigator recovering from intense bleed exposure, currently housed at the Fourth Pharos[1]
  • Xander Ikari: Art dealer with knowledge of the illicit magickal artifacts trade.[1]

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