Caleb Widogast

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Caleb Widogast
Player character
Basic information
ActorLiam O'Brien
RaceHuman (Zemnian)
ClassWizard (School of Transmutation)
Biographical information
Also known as
LanguagesCommon, Zemnian,[5] Sylvan,[5] Celestial[5]
ProfessionProfessor of Transmutation at the Soltryce Academy
StatusAlive (resurrected)
Cause of deathPierced through the chest and stomach by Lucien's clawed wings
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
  • Chaotic Good[7]
  • True Neutral (formerly)[8]
  • Lawful Evil (formerly)[8][9]
17 / 15[a]
walk 30 ft.
Stats reference[10][11][12][13][14][15]
First seen
Last seenStream:
"Doorways to Darker Depths" (3x86)
ComicsThe Mighty Nein Origins: Caleb Widogast

I don't know how my brothers and sisters could stomach wearing that mantle of loyalty, knowing that it was woven so thoroughly from sin, and I am very sorry for you.

— Caleb, to a volstrucker.[16]

Caleb Widogast, born Bren Aldric Ermendrud, is a human wizard and a member of the adventuring party known as the Mighty Nein. He is played by Liam O'Brien.

Description[edit | edit source]

Caleb has blue eyes, a cleft chin, and reddish-brown hair.[17] He has a series of scars on both of his forearms where crystals were embedded into his skin by Trent Ikithon; when he met the Mighty Nein he wore bandages on his arms and hands in order to conceal these scars until "Xhorhas" (2x51).[18] Caleb has a soft Zemnian accent, which Liam O'Brien represents with a German accent.[19] He often wears a long coat that hides two holstered books (one a spellbook and the other a book of letters to his parents[20]), one on either side.[21] He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall.[22]

When Caleb first appeared on Critical Role, he was filthy, unshaven, and had messy hair. He had slept in his filthy travel clothes, including a long coat.[17] After meeting the adventurers that would later become the Mighty Nein, Caleb visited an expensive bathhouse in Trostenwald, but he did not clean his clothes nor wash from the neck upward.[23] After arriving in Zadash, Enchanter Pumat Sol cleaned Caleb with magic consistent with the spell Prestidigitation and it marked the first time the Mighty Nein witnessed a clean Caleb, which upset Nott.[24] Caleb smeared mud on his face when Jester demeaned the amount of money his parents made.[25]

Caleb has shifted towards being clean-shaven, tasking Yasha with aiding him in shaving in "Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21) and switching to a razor when she cut him in "Wood and Steel" (2x58). He purchased new, stylish clothes in "Agreements" (2x61), throwing away his old tattered ones.[26]

After reading from Lucien's cursed tome,[27] Caleb had a dream from the Somnovem and became marked with a red eye tattoo on his right shoulder, similar to Lucien's tattoos. After a second dream from the Somnovem[28], a second red eye tattoo appeared in the center of his shoulder blades on his back. The third eye appeared on the palm of his left hand,[29] and the fourth over his heart.[30] Upon Lucien's final defeat, the red eyes vanished, and his body was restored to its pre-Pattern state.

In 843 PD, Caleb's brown hair had "a bit of a gray touch on the sides". For the infiltration of Tishtan site, Caleb wore a duster coat with a high collar, a long scarf of deep purple, and gloves.[31]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Caleb is reserved, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself or his companion Nott.[32] He showed little interest in the secrets of people besides Nott, hoping to avoid answering questions about himself.[33] Caleb's generally dour and isolated manner morphs into an open and jubilant mood upon purchasing new books.[34] He does not consider himself to be remotely brave.[35]

Caleb possesses a deep self-loathing due to the circumstances of his parents' death. He believed that he was fully responsible despite being magically beguiled and the reassurances of both Nott and Beauregard that he was not to blame; he neither wanted nor accepted their consolations. He originally appeared to want revenge against Trent Ikithon; however, his present goal seems to be to prevent any more children being recruited and trained as he was. Additionally, Caleb sought ways to change the past, developing his magical skills.[36]

As a young boy Caleb was focused, persuasive, driven, and eloquent, though later in life he used his charismatic personality more to deceive people.[37]

Caleb is methodical, sometimes to a fault. He has painstakingly counted objects on multiple occasions, once using the length of counting to cheat a merchant [38] and even counting crossbow bolts as he removed them from his chest.[39]

At the beginning of the story, Caleb had very "sticky fingers" when it came to magical objects and would try to take anything magical if he thought he could get away with it. He pursued magical knowledge and artifacts even if it meant risking his life.[40]

Caleb has evolved from being withdrawn, untrusting, and on at least one occasion considering leaving the party,[41] to the person who of them all perhaps cares most about keeping them together. His motivations were at first selfish, centered around what they could do for him (and Nott).[42] Gradually, however, he began thinking of the Nein as his new family.[43][44][45] His focus was frequently on allowing the others in the group to be with their own families as much as possible, and he took the time to understand each of their desires and memories. On Rumblecusp, he created a dome filled with memories for each party member,[46] and when he built Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, he provided individualized rooms for each party member based around their interests and their pasts.[47]

Caleb is bisexual.[48] Liam has confirmed that Caleb was in love with Jester Lavorre,[49], that he had a prior relationship with Astrid[50] and Eadwulf[6], and that he is attracted to Essek Thelyss.[51] He forms a post-campaign relationship with Essek in "Fond Farewells" (2x141).

Caleb claims to not have a favorite color.[52] Despite this, many of his spells and his forms while Polymorphed take on an orange and amber color.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

Caleb Widogast was born as Bren Aldric Ermendrud, raised in a small town named Blumenthal near Rexxentrum[53] in the Zemni Fields.[54] His father Leofric was a member of the Righteous Brand.[55] His mother and father were incredibly poor, to the point that he once said they hadn't made fifty gold in their entire lives, though this may have been an exaggeration.[56] Caleb has some fond memories of his mother; the smell that makes Caleb the happiest is that of his mother's apple tarts.[57]

Showing promising prospects in the arcane, Bren was accepted to and started to attend the Soltryce Academy at 15 (around 817 PD), he later stated that for the first time he felt as though he belonged in the Academy, dreaming of becoming a teacher there.[58] Caleb was trained as an evocation wizard.[59] A little over a year of diligent studying, Bren was noticed by and came under the tutelage of Trent Ikithon. He singled out him and two other students, also raised in Bren's hometown (Eadwulf Grieve and Astrid Becke), to enhance their arcane power, undergo torturous operations, embedding crystals of refined residuum into the skin of their arms.[60][61] They were also trained to interrogate and execute dissidents to the empire as Volstrucker.[62] At some point during this time, Bren fell in love with his fellow students, both Astrid and Eadwulf, and had a polyamorous relationship with them.[6][61]

When Bren was around 17, Trent modified the students memories, leading them to believe that their parents were a part of revolution and had betrayed the empire. Before graduation, their final test was to temper their loyalty. The trinity of students, under a certain expectation from Trent, went to their homes to punish the traitors and witness each massacre together, which started with Eadwulf's house, then Astrid's, and Bren's. Together they had a dinner with Astrid's family and poisoned them. For Bren's family, they pulled a horse cart, blocked the front door, and set the building a flame, which broke "something" inside of Bren when he heard his parents' screams. Bren spent the next eleven years in the Vergesson Sanatorium until a fellow patient touched him, removing both his madness and his altered memories. After that, he killed one of the guards, took a necklace to hide from Ikithon, and escaped. He started going by multiple aliases and hid from Trent for the next five years.[63][61] During this time, Bren discovered that people did not pay attention to poor, dirty wanderers and maintained a disheveled appearance to escape notice. While he still has hopes not to let his parents down,[64] Bren considers murdering them to be an unforgivable act.[65]

Approximately five years after his escape from the asylum, Nott and Bren met in a small, poorly guarded jail,[66] where he introduced himself to Nott as "Caleb Widogast".[61] Caleb came up with their escape plan, using Frumpkin to bring a piece of wire into their cell for Nott to pick the lock. Caleb proceeded to set the jail on fire and scream for help. The guards promptly fled, and Caleb and Nott walked out of the jail together, staying together out of convenience at first, but then remained together for five or six months.[67][68] They survived by petty theft, trickery, and con schemes, living from hand to mouth as wandering hobos.[citation needed]

Bren used a number of false names before sticking with "Caleb Widogast":[69] Trevor Albrecht, Collin Kramer, Eren Andermeier, Phillip Sommer, and Max Degenhardt.[61]

Pre-Stream[edit | edit source]

The day before they met the rest of the Mighty Nein, Nott and Caleb were attacked by a pack of gnolls hiding in grass,[70][71] and Caleb was knocked unconscious. Nott fed him the health potion Caleb carried on his belt, saving his life.[72] Nott blamed herself for their inability to stay in any place for long without getting into trouble. It was Caleb's idea to stay in Trostenwald to find new companions "to tag along with".[73]

Arc 1: Come Together[edit | edit source]

Trostenwald and Zadash[edit | edit source]

In Trostenwald's The Nestled Nook Inn, Caleb's general lack of hygiene attracted the attention of Jester Lavorre, and Caleb accidentally revealed Nott's goblin nature in a social misunderstanding. When it came out that Caleb was a wizard, Jester asked him if he was planning on attending the Soltryce Academy. Caleb avoided discussing his past, instead wishing Fjord luck on getting admitted to the Academy. Caleb and Nott eventually decided to spend the day with Jester, Beauregard, and Fjord before heading to the carnival that night.[74]

When Jester's group and Mollymauk Tealeaf were caught by the guards and put under house arrest for the duration of the investigation into the events of the carnival, Caleb was thus free to move around the town. He eventually discovered a story about devil toads in the book Fiends of Folklore, and identified Kylre as one of them. Identifying him as the cause of the carnival ruckus, the group tracked Kylre to nearby Crookedstone Island and killed him.[75] Caleb, to protect the others, attempted to take sole responsibility for Kylre's death, but circumstances forced the truth to come out instead. He used Fiends of Folklore and Kylre's death to persuade Lawmaster Norda that the husk attacks were not the fault of his burgeoning group. She let them off without penalty.[76] Before leaving Trostenwald, Caleb went to a bathhouse with Nott, where he sadly contemplated a burnt spellbook he had purchased in town. On the way out of town, he and Fjord recognized a kindred adult nature that the other members of the group lacked.[76]

After finishing off the gnoll priest with a Fire Bolt in the Rill's Mouth Mines, Caleb dissociated, dropping stunned to his knees in the first of his post-traumatic stress episodes to be witnessed by the rest of the party.[77] After the fight, Mollymauk came over and slapped him to rouse him, kissed him on the forehead, and stated that there would be "time for that later."[78] The party became concerned for Caleb's wellbeing, and after spending the evening drinking, Caleb summoned and cuddled with Frumpkin. The following morning, after a bit of workshopping, Caleb came up with the name "the Mighty Nein" for the party. When the party was attacked by bandits, Caleb was knocked unconscious, but not before incinerating the group's leader. Though Jester healed him, Caleb passed out from blood loss, shouting "take them out!" upon awakening.[79]

At the Invulnerable Vagrant in Zadash, Pumat Sol Prestidigitated the dirt off of Caleb. Caleb bought high quality paper and ink from the establishment.[79] While still in Zadash Caleb asked Nott to help him copy spells into his spellbook, and she agreed to help. Caleb let her copy the glyphs, only showing her where they went and guiding her hand on the tougher symbols.[80] When Jester attempted to get the Nein more public renown, Caleb disguised himself as Fjord, doing a poor impression of him, to collect Jester. Caleb thought gaining publicity should be discussed amongst the whole group, and he himself wanted to keep a low profile. Later, Beau showed Caleb to the Zadash's Valley Archive of the Cobalt Soul.[80]

When Jester and Caleb attempted to enter the Tri-Spire, an affluent district of Zadash, the guards turned Caleb away after seeing the state of his clothes. He sent Frumpkin to follow after Jester, but the guard kicks the cat, killing him. When Jester returned, the two had an argument about whether 50 gold pieces counted as a lot of money and whether they should they bribe the guards. Angrily, Caleb took some mud out of his pockets and slapped it on his face.[80] While the Mighty Nein were looking for the phase spider in the sewers of Zadash, Caleb repeatedly used Fire Bolt to clear spider webs blocking their path. Jester and Caleb reconciled after their fight the previous episode, and she apologized to him for her ignorance.[81] The same day, Caleb, Beau, and Jester went to a bakery in the Tri-Spires and then stopped by Chastity's Nook, a shop specializing in smutty literature. Caleb asked the shop owner if she had any historical romances. She offered him a banned book, The Courting of the Crick, which Jester surreptitiously bought as a gift for him. When the gang picked up their baked goods, Caleb demonstrated a trick he learned while he was living on the streets: by ripping off the ends of the hot bread and sticking his hands inside, he could use the loaf as a muffler. Later that evening, Caleb attended a meeting of the Knights of Requital along with Beau and Fjord.[82]

Caleb, Fjord, Molly, and Nott attempted a heist at the Guided Hand Infirmary. They decided to disguise themselves as sick people to get in, create a distraction, find Ren Sutan's office and go through the papers there. For his part in the deception, Caleb disguised himself as a half-orc woman and carried Nott in like her baby. Molly and Fjord went in first, making a large ruckus, but Caleb and Nott were accosted by Ren. Frumpkin attacked Ren, clawing him, and Ren ran into his office. Mayhem ensued as the group tried to get out safely. Caleb and Nott were eventually thrown out, but they manage to escape getting captured by the Crownsguard.[83] Caleb participated in both the Sutan and Prucine heists that night. In Prucine's home, Caleb attempted to take a spell case, but Fjord saw him and held the falchion to his throat, threatening to kill both him and Nott, who had come to Caleb's defense. Caleb left the case, but Nott managed to steal it for him without Fjord noticing. When the party was discovered by the High Richter, Ulog entrusted the note his wife to Caleb before charging at Prucine with a magical bead and detonating a fireball that killed them both and knocked out Caleb. Fjord used a potion to wake Caleb up, and the party quickly fled from the smoldering house. As the Mighty Nein made for the sewers, there was an implosion at the top of the Zauber Spire, distracting the Crownsguard. One of the mages who killed a Kryn infiltrator was Caleb's old teacher, Master Trent Ikithon. [83]

After the Mighty Nein's fight with Thuron in Zadash's sewers, Caleb tried to Identify the dodecahedron-shaped object they looted from him. However, he was unwilling to cross the ominous threshold of further understanding and did not fully identify it. After the group released Thuron, Caleb was instrumental in regaining possession of the beacon, using a disguise and Friends to take it from a guard. That night, as he slept in a cellar under the Leaky Tap and guarded the beacon, Caleb had a strange dream about possible future Calebs.[84]

In the party's downtime after the heists, the Nein interrogated Molly about his amnesia under a Zone of Truth, but Caleb avoided asking any questions.[85] In the Siff Duthar's abandoned research facility Caleb used Maximilion's Earthen Grasp to immobilize the gelatinous cube. Later, Caleb discovered the partially-burnt journal of Siff Duthar.[86] Beau discovered a half-burned spellbook in Siff Duthar's laboratory, which she gave to Caleb. Upon reuniting with the Gentleman, Caleb hid the spellbook from him. Whether the Gentleman saw this as a betrayal on Caleb's part is unclear.[87]

Father and mother... I hope I do not let you down.

— Caleb, attuning to the Luxon beacon for the first time[88]

When Caleb fully identified the beacon and embraced its power, he asked the Luxon, if "it" (time travel) was achievable. He then said to his parents that he hoped he wouldn't let them down. When Jester addressed Nott as Caleb's mother shortly afterwards, this greatly confused Caleb.[87]

At the Harvest Close Festival, Caleb and Nott found an archery range, and posing as father and daughter, tried it out. Caleb failed embarrassingly, but Nott hit the bullseye on all three targets. Beau asked Caleb why he was interested in the Cobalt Soul. He told her he wanted entry to the library, and she showed him her Cobalt Soul belt, saying she could get him in.While competing in the Victory Pit, Caleb recognized Trent Ikithon in the audience. Caleb put his hood up, hoping to avoid being recognized.[89]

Shortly after the Victory Pit tournament, Caleb asked Beau if she could get him into the Cobalt Soul library in Zadash, and she agreed under the condition he tell her why he is afraid of fire. Later that evening, he called Beau and Nott to his room and told them the story of how he murdered his mother and father. He was in the Soltryce Academy with Astrid and Eadwulf when they were selected by Trent Ikithon for special training to become Volstrucker. Immediately before graduation, they returned home to Blumenthal, where they each overheard their parents planning treason against the Dwendalian Empire. When they returned to school, they were told what was expected of them and returned to Blumenthal where Astrid and Eadwulf murdered their parents, but when Caleb set his parents' house on fire and heard their screams, he broke, and spent the next eleven years, mad, in the Vergesson Sanatorium. A fellow patient "laid hands" on him and took the clouds away, and he realized that the memories of his parents planning treason were false, implanted by Trent. He escaped and has spent the five years since on the run, protected from location by Empire authorities by his Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location.[90]

Beau asked if he wanted to take down Trent, and Caleb said yes, among other things. He wanted to be able to bend reality to his will. Beau left, agreeing to take him to the library the next day but trying to convince him of the value of teamwork. Nott immediately hugged him, saying over and over that it wasn't his fault and that she would be at his side until he could forgive himself.[91] The next day, Caleb and Beau visited the library. Caleb was able to learn more about the potential powers of transmutation, altering reality, and how to manipulate time. He also read up on the history and eight current members of the Cerberus Assembly.[91]

The Gentleman's bargain[edit | edit source]

On their way to Berleben, the party fought ogres and goblins. Caleb and Nott executed "Modern Literature" tactic—Nott fired a bolt at the book under Caleb's armpit and he played dead. Jester, not in on the loop, thought Nott really had killed Caleb and became very distressed. Later that night, Caleb told Nott that if she ever wanted to talk about her past, she could always come to him.[92]

The next day, the Nein defeated a couple of giant alligators and saved a small humanoid-bird creature. Caleb recognized the creature (Kiri) was a kenku and gave Frumpkin Kiri to comfort her. That evening, Caleb told Nott once again that she could talk to him, if she wanted. She replied that she just wanted him to be okay, and if that meant killing Trent Ikithon, she was fine taking care of that first. She felt he could get revenge, or even redemption, and do good to counteract the bad he'd done in his past.[93]

Caleb was alarmed when Nott introduced herself as "Bren" to Calianna, before realizing that the choice of pseudonym was pure coincidence.[94] Caleb and Beau disagreed about the best course of action when they found the bowl Calianna was searching for. Caleb thought they should interrogate Cali under some sort of guarantee that she would tell the truth, while Beau thought Caleb was being both rude and paranoid. Cali broke up the argument by positing that Caleb could simply use Suggestion to make her tell the truth. Caleb walked away, and Yasha destroyed the bowl with Magician's Judge.[94]

Taking a break in the Gentleman's safe house, Caleb asked Yasha for advice on getting along with a group. She suggested good hygiene as a start. Caleb said he missed being clean-shaven. She offered to shave him with her greatsword, and he accepted. In the fight with the merrow the next day, Caleb was knocked unconscious by the shallow priest and failed a death save. Jester brought him back to consciousness.[95] Later the same day Beau approached Caleb and apologized for the previous night. He awkwardly gave her a hug, saying, "I don't know what I'm doing. Just go with it." With coaching from Fjord, Beau hugged him back, equally awkwardly, and asked if they were friends. He agreed.[95]

When Caleb killed the venom troll, he suffered a PTSD attack. Beau walked with him until it passed.[96]

Back in Berleben, Caleb asked Nott and Kiri to help him find a good stone, hopefully one with a ring around it, and after about ten minutes they did. Nott gave Caleb a Scroll of Invisibility and shared a bit about her old life with him.[96]

Caleb was one of the Mighty Nein members to take part in Hupperdook's the Hour of Honor drinking competition. Afterwards, Jester asked Caleb to waltz with her. After a few minutes of waltzing, Caleb drunkenly said to Jester, "You were always a better dancer than me, Astrid. You were always so good." He realized his mistake, apologized, and started to stumble away, but Jester reminded him that she promised to not let him sleep in the gutter. She then walked him upstairs and tucked him into bed.[97]

Arc 2: The Bad Guys[edit | edit source]

Caleb, Beau, Molly, and Nott woke up to find that Fjord, Jester, and Yasha had been kidnapped by the Iron Shepherds. Caleb changed Frumpkin into a hawk so that he could better search for signs of them but found nothing. Caleb took Jester's haversack while she was missing.[98]

(about Molly):  "He's like a walking rainbow. What is this? Why are you with him? It makes no sense. He's a circus performer. He's not going to help you."
(about Beau):  "This one you told everything to, to try to get into a library. You learned nothing. On your gamble, you failed."
(about Fjord, Jester, and Yasha):  "These three that have been stolen: yeah, they're nice. Two of them. One's weird. One of them tried to kill you. The other one, she's adorable, but--"
(about Nott):  "What do you expect to do with her? How is she going to help you do what you want to do? She can watch your back--[...] She's as much a liability as anything else."

— Caleb thinks out loud about the Mighty Nein while alone with Frumpkin[99]

The second night on the road, Caleb took a watch alone with Frumpkin. He wondered out loud why he was still with the Mighty Nein. Caleb told himself it was time for him to go, but sat the rest of his watch, waited for everyone to wake up, and did not tell anyone what he had been thinking.[100]

Caleb cast Suggestion on Keg to make her tell them the names of all the Iron Shepherds and admit she used to work with them.[101] The group decided to set up an ambush for them the next day. In the middle of the ambush Mollymauk was killed by Lorenzo.[98] The remaining party members decided it was best to bury Molly. Caleb dug a grave with his cat's paw, removed Molly's coat, and wrapped him in his tapestry. He wrote a note and placed it in the folds of Molly's clothes, then hammered a branch into the ground above the grave like a post, and hung Molly's coat from it. As part of the group's eulogy to Molly, Caleb said, "shine bright, circus man."[102]

Caleb, preparing for the assault of the Sour Nest, sent Frumpkin in owl form to scout the exterior. He then changed Frumpkin into a spider to explore the inside.[103] Caleb read from the Scroll of Invisibility and led the way through the Sour Nest. After the long, testing battle against the Iron Shepherds, Caleb got the How do you want to do this? on Lorenzo with a Fire Bolt to the head and succeeded on the resulting wisdom save. The party then rescued Jester, Fjord, and Yasha.[104]

After the successful assault on the Sour Nest Caleb cast Leomund's Tiny Hut for the first time. Caleb told the party that they could sleep safely inside the bubble and no one would be kidnapped again. On the way out of Shadycreek, Beau confided in Caleb about her rocky past with the Cobalt Soul.[105]

Back in Zadash, Caleb bought three spell scrolls (Feather Fall, Expeditious Retreat, and Catapult) from the Invulnerable Vagrant and transcribed them into his spellbook. He also empowered his lucky rock as a Transmuter's Stone.[106]

The next day, Caleb and Beau visited the Cobalt Soul archive, where he did research on mages in history that had been able to bend time and reality. He found that members of the Soltryce Academy in Rexxentrum were conducting new arcane experiments funneling time and reality into a novel magical energy that could seemingly adjust such properties with ease. It was being referred to as "Dunamis."[107]

On the Nien's way to Nicodranas Caleb killed an ettin with Fireball, triggering a PTSD episode, and Beau carried him back to the cart so he could recover.[108] Arriving at Lucidian Ocean shore in Nicordanas, Caleb got to experience the ocean for the first time, saying that it reminded him of his personal experiences with the beacon.[109]

Caleb assisted in intimidating Algar Dyomin into leaving Nicodranas. Later that night, the Mighty Nein went to the Restless Wharf, in hopes of spying on and perhaps interrogating Marius LePual. They instead commandeered a ship, kidnapped Marius, and killed most of the crew. During their escape, Caleb set the ship and part of the dock on fire.[110] Caleb suggested renaming their stolen ship (The Mist) as the "Shit" or the "Shittake," because "mist" in Zemnian means "shit".[111] He told Beau he did not feel guilty for the theft or killing the previous crew because the Mighty Nein did not attack first. However, he told Nott in private that he did not feel good about what just happened and was unsure about the direction the group was going.[112] He suggested that they take it upon themselves to cheer the party up. In an attempt to raise group morale, Caleb faked a heart attack, and when he 'recovered', Nott loudly proclaimed that he had been saved by the power of friendship.[113]

While the ship, renamed as the Mistake, has been heading toward the Inkclaw reef, Caleb cast Find Familiar to change Frumpkin into a tiny owl and loaned him to Beau for a week as thanks for not telling anyone about his past. When the Mistake began sinking due to a puncture in the hull, Caleb cast Leomund's Tiny Hut to seal the breach.[113]

Meeting Captain Avantika, Caleb introduced himself as "Phillip", his pirate alias.[114] While Fjord and Avantika talked privately in her quarters, Caleb spied on their conversation through Frumpkin the tiny owl. He was suspicious of Fjord's brief lapse into a British accent.[115] Avantika, Jamedi Cosko and the Mighty Nein went into the jungle on the island of Urukayxl. While he thought Avantika was sleeping, Caleb sent Frumpkin to sit on her dagger and tried to cast Identify on it through Frumpkin. Avantika stabbed Frumpkin with the dagger, destroying him. While finishing his watch, Caleb resummoned Frumpkin.[116]

While exploring the temple interior, the party discovered inscriptions on the walls that couldn't be deciphered, even with Comprehend Languages. In order to read the inscriptions, Caleb ate a psychedelic fruit. In the battle with the hydra, Caleb successfully Slowed it, limiting the creature to one head attack per round, rather than multiple.[117] Caleb, attempting to warn Fjord about unknown abjuration magic in the chamber, delayed him in his race for the Cloven Crystal against Avantika. When the temple flooded, Caleb and Nott saved the party from falling after being shot out the top of the temple by a geyser by both casting Feather Fall. While being chased by yuan-ti, Caleb and Nott slowed them down by executing a combo moved called "Fluffernutter". Nott threw a keg of black powder then Caleb caused an explosion by casting Scorching Ray on it.[118]

Back on the Squalleater, Caleb questioned Fjord about his intentions. Fjord agreed with the rest of the party that they should try to get away from Avantika as soon as possible, but Caleb doubted she would let them leave easily because she needed Fjord and his orb. He went further, saying that if Fjord became interested in releasing Uk'otoa, Caleb would not support him. Fjord insisted again that he did not want to free the leviathan.[119] When the Mighty Nein joined the crew of the Squalleater, Caleb took on the role of apprentice navigator.[120] During their journey to Darktow, Caleb gave Caduceus the Periapt of Wound Closure that had formerly belonged to Mollymauk Tealeaf, stating that it would do Caduceus much more good than it would himself. Caduceus asked Caleb if he believed in fate, saying that he believed Caleb was being shaped by the world into "something important," and that he wants to ensure that he helped Caleb get to that point.[121] Fjord asked Caleb to have a private conversation, over the course of which Caleb remarked that he learned a lot from his father about courage, that traveling with the group had emboldened him, and that he was enjoying the group's company and their adventures. Fjord asked Caleb to keep an eye on Avantika, and Caleb warned Fjord that he believed Avantika would try to kill him.[121]

Upon arriving at Darktow Isle, Caleb (along with the other members of the Mighty Nein) was automatically initiated into the ranks of the Revelry.[122] In conversation at the Bloated Cup, Caleb and Jester agreed they were uncomfortable being at sea and sailing with Avantika. The two discussed Jester's feelings for Fjord, and Jester asked Caleb if he has ever liked someone who turned out to be a different person than he thought they were. She reminded Caleb he accidentally called her "Astrid" while drunk, and Caleb confirmed Astrid had been his girlfriend but did not tell Jester anything else about her. When Jester made a comment about how the Nein were basically murders, Caleb responded that he didn't think they were all murderers, implying that he considered himself one.Caleb assisted in the party's breaking and entering of Avantika's quarters by acting as part of a Message relay. Caleb decided to forego sleep to create a cypher for reading Avantika's journal.[123] When Vera discovered that the journal was in the party's possession, Caleb initiated combat by casting Wall of Fire.[124]

During the fight with Avantika, Caleb attempted to flee but was knocked unconscious. After being revived by Fjord, Caleb turned and cast Fireball on the Squalleater, cremating most of the crew. Along with the rest of the Mighty Nein, Caleb was expelled from the Revelry after Avantika's execution.[125]

Whenever Caleb summoned Frumpkin to explore underwater, he summoned him as an octopus form wrap around his head and saw through his familiar's vision. During the battle with Dashilla, Caleb was immediately knocked unconscious by her Death Glare. After defeating the sea fury, Fjord became curious about a magical pedestal in her lair. Caleb seemed hesitant and suspicious of Fjord's intentions. Caleb asked for an unspecified favor in return if he helps figure out this pedestal. Fjord agreed.[126] Caleb and Fjord dropped large amounts of their blood onto the pedestal. Fjord realized it would take more blood than they were able to give and decided they should leave.[127]

Caleb was initially suspicious of Twiggy. He cast Suggestion on her, compelling her to show him all her magic items. The spell was successful, but he felt guilty afterward. Caleb let Twiggy play with Frumpkin (again in cat form) and told her she could be an honorary member of the Mighty Nein.[128] Caleb figured out to how open the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks and accidentally transported the party into Halas's manor. When Fjord got pulled into the stained glass window in the library, Caleb searched for a way to help him rather than explore or take books.[129] Nott, however, began unlocking several books which she took, and Caleb stayed with her while urging that they needed to join the others who had already passed through the window to join Fjord.[130]

Through Frumpkin, Caleb witnessed Fjord speaking in his true accent before unlocking the second seal of Uk'otoa in the underwater temple beneath Gravid Archipelago.[131]

Arc 3: The Bright Queen's Favor[edit | edit source]

While purchasing paper and ink in Nicodranas, Caleb was goaded into performing an impromptu verse of slam poetry by Jester and Nott.[132]

When the party arrived in Felderwin, Nott's former home, Caleb was terrified to see Vess DeRogna and Ludinus Da'leth there and hid in the bottom of the party's cart to avoid being seen.[132] In the burned ruins of the Brenatto Apothecary the party found partially burned notes referencing dunamancy and the experiments of the Cerberus Assembly to begin to harness it. Nott realized that if it was not the Kryn Dynasty that might have her husband, it might be "[Caleb's] people," and became angry when he tried to keep her quiet about it because only Nott and Beau, at that point, knew his history. Seeing his oldest friend turn on him, and the potential crumbling of the wall of secrecy he had maintained, Caleb vomited in the middle of the floor.[133] Recognizing Caleb's distress, Caduceus calmed and reassured him.[132]

Caleb was stunned when Nott found Luc at Old Edith's and referred to him as her son.[132] After Nott shared her history of being transformed into a goblin and hiding from her family, she asked Caleb to share his own story, saying that they might need his knowledge to help find her missing husband. In obvious terror, Caleb told everyone a partial version. He admitted for the first time that his real name was Bren Aldric Ermendrud. He shared that he had been trained by the Cerberus Assembly, that he went "a little crazy", and that he ran away, but did not mention that he had been maneuvered into killing his parents. His greatest concern was that if the party were to be seen with him, Trent Ikithon could use them to reach Caleb. He also revealed for the first time that he had been experimented on by having crystals placed into his arms, leaving the scars which he had kept hidden with bandages since the party met him. He seemed surprised that the party still saw him as their friend, and admitted that he liked them, too.[134]

While traversing the worm-tunnel beneath the Ashkeeper Peaks, Caleb began announcing the time every hour, to Nott's annoyance. When the party was surrounded by a group of kobolds, Caleb tried to explain the situation. The apparent leader invited him to step forward, but when Caleb did so, a rope wrapped his ankles and hoisted him dangling upside-down three or four feet off the ground. Caleb summoned Frumpkin, with four globules of light floating around him, saying he was the "Fey King" who would curse them for decades. After further negotiation, Caleb was released.[135]

Caleb removed and put away the bandages on his arms, saying that there was no longer anything to hide.[18] Jester and Caleb took a watch together and Jester told Caleb that she didn't really think he smelled bad anymore. Caleb told Jester it was okay if she wanted to keep the running joke going.[136]

The following day, the Nein met a party of Dwendalian scouts, who were immediately ambushed by Kryn warriors. One member of the Kryn party was a mage with the ability to cast various gravitational spells. The Nein joined the fray, and Caleb cast Wall of Fire, and the mage attempted to Counterspell, but Caleb successfully counter-counterspelled.[136]

In Asarius Caleb bonded with his moorbounder, Jannik, and went with Beau and Jester to meet with a disguised Dairon.[137] While investigating the cavern beneath the well in Asarius, Caleb was charmed by the succubus. Apparently alone, Nott told Caleb that she had a confession: a while back, she wrote a letter to Astrid. Caleb seemed taken aback, but told her they would discuss it later, and called to the others to join them. As the party entered, Caleb heard the voice of the succubus in the back of his head say, "Light them up, pretty." He immediately cast a Fireball on the entranceway where the party was standing, seriously wounding them. The party reluctantly attacked Caleb, realizing he'd been charmed, and he casts a Wall of Fire to defend himself. Yasha was eventually able to break the charm by wounding Caleb.[138]

Over the course of the fight, The minotaur-armenite knock Caleb unconscious, but Caduceus brought him back with Healing Word. A charmed Yasha hit him again, knocking him unconscious and with a second strike, at two failed death saving throws. Nott fed him a healing potion, bringing him back. The minotaur immediately lightning attacked him, knocking him out a third time. Jester cast Cure Wounds on Caleb, bringing him back up, but the minotaur's lightning lance put him out for the fourth time in the encounter.[138]

Caleb was uncomfortable with the prospect of seeing Empress Kryn. When the group was outed as the people who attacked the Kryn skirmishers near the Ashkeeper Peaks, Caleb convinced the guards to allow him access to the bag of holding keeping the beacon. He explained he was indeed from the empire but no friend of the empire and gave the beacon to Leylas Kryn, who began crying and said that he and the Nein had brought her dynasty hope.[139] Caleb asked the Bright Queen what it would take to end the war, and she answered that she wanted retribution. Caleb, Beau, and Caduceus all urged her to consider acting only against those responsible for actions taken against the Dynasty, and not the common people of the Empire.[140]

Thereafter, the Mighty Nein met Shadowhand Essek Thelyss who led them to the prison where Yeza was being held. The rest of the party looked meaningfully at Caleb, when Essek mentioned that time was one of his specialties.[140] Caleb proposed to the group that they try to stop the war by "cutting the cancer" out of his homeland. Caleb asked Beau to trust him, saying that his desire to kill Trent Ikithon was in line with the things that Beau and Dairon want. She asked him to start trusting himself. They shared an awkward hug.[140]

When Caleb and Beau met with Professor Tuss Waccoh in the Marble Tomes Conservatory, she questioned them about their motives, as Empire kids visiting the Kryn Dynasty, but nevertheless gave the Mighty Nein a job clearing an infestation of giants from Deepriver Mine. Back at the Dim's Inn, Caleb once again asked Yasha to shave his beard for him.[141] Before taking a night rest on their way to Braan, Nott talked to Caleb about her insecurities connected with her reunion with Yeza, asking if she's a bad person for continuing adventuring and doubting if she wanted to go back to being a housewife. Caleb reassured her that she was working toward something good by helping to make the Empire safe again for her family; he didn't judge her, but she was the one who had to find the answers to her questions herself.[142] Caleb accidentally killed a goblin that was hiding within the Braan. Later, Caleb Polymorphed an undead giant into a giant snapping turtle, which promptly attacked Fjord.[143]

Caleb assisted in the humiliation of Foreman Bodo by casting Seeming on the party, turning them all into Bodo or his mistress. Back in Rosohna, Caleb asked Yasha to order him a set of Kryn-style clothing, including a purple coat.[144]

While claiming rooms in the Xhorhaus, Caleb chose the only bedroom on the ground floor of the home. His room was adjacent to a study, to which he added an alchemical lab for the Brenattos. During his downtime, he copied the spell Teleportation Circle into his spellbook.[145] Caleb asked Nott and Jester about the letter they sent to Astrid. Since they used the name "Lavorre", Caleb is worried for Jester's mother. Caleb also talked to Beau, and urged her to let Dairon know what was going on.[145]

Later in the week, Essek visited the Xhorhaus. After some polite conversation, Caleb asked after ways to learn dunamancy. Essek asked him to demonstrate his magical prowess, and Caleb cast Cat's Ire. Despite a low persuasion roll, Essek then decided to begin teaching him the basics of dunamancy, offering to let him transcribe two spells from his spellbook, Gift of Alacrity and Fortune's Favor.[145] Shortly before the Overcrow Apothecary mission Caleb cornered Fjord in his room, telling him that he knew Fjord had been using a fake accent. Fjord asked Caleb to give him time to tell him about his past, and Caleb agreed.[145]

After a full day of riding through the Barbed Fields, Caleb noticed that Beau, badly-injured, was struggling, but she insisted that she was fine. He told the party that he needed to stop for the night, and Beau commented that he made vulnerability look easy.[146] Reaching a massive tree in the middle of the fields, Caleb Polymorphed into a giant eagle to explore the Arbor Exemplar tree.[147]

In the King's Cage the Nein grappled with giant spiders, and Caleb was webbed and pulled in by the mother spider. In retaliation, he Polymorphed himself into a giant spider.[148] At the end of the day, Caleb and Beau took a watch together, and Caleb brought up the afterlife, saying he assumed that where he was going is not great. Beau said she was pretty busy worrying about this life, but she would probably be joining him there in not-great. Caleb said that he missed the relationship he and Nott shared before they found her husband.[149]

In the battle with the Laughing Hand, Caleb Polymorphed into a giant ape. After carrying Caduceus to safety, Caleb dropped the spell and cast Wall of Fire between Fjord and the possessed Yasha.[150]

Arc 4: Swords and Angels[edit | edit source]

While meeting with the Bright Queen, Caleb requested further training in dunamancy from Essek Thelyss, but the Queen did not trust them enough yet. He then asked to interview the captured Scourger, to which she agreed. In the Dungeon of Penance, Caleb spoke to the Scourger in Zemnian, however she was resigned and uncooperative. Finally, he asked, "Do you know Bren Aldric Ermendrud?" to which she replied, "very well... Is he you?" The Scourger finally turned to look at him; she was not Astrid, but she smiled and said, "I've heard things about you, Bren. Welcome back." Caleb was shaken by this encounter. Afterwards, Caleb asked Essek to delay the Scourger's execution until the Mighty Nein returned from the North.[151]

At the beach in Nicodranas, Nott pulled Caleb aside and they talked about whether she should stay with her family. Nott confesses that the reason she was initially interested in hanging out with Caleb was that she knew he had amazing magical abilities. Now, she loved him, but then, she was hoping he'd become powerful enough to kill her and change her body in the same way as was done to her previously. Caleb told Nott that he didn't want to kill her, but he thought that in time, he could restore her. He didn't know how long the road would be, and it was her choice whether to take the time she had now to be with her boy, or continue adventuring in hopes of an answer in the future.[152]

When Fjord confessed to the party that he had broken his pact with Uk'otoa and was now powerless, Caleb gave Fjord his Glove of Blasting. The rest of the party followed suit and gave Fjord several of their magic items.[153]

In the fight with the remorhazes, Caleb Polymorphed the badly injured Jester into a wooly mammoth. He used Cat's Ire to keep Fjord from being dragged underground by the adult remorhaz. Caleb was miraculously not injured at all in this fight.[154]

In Uthodurn, Caleb asked Jester to use Sending to contact Essek, asking him to try to keep the captured Scourger alive until he could question her.[154] Caleb and Nott were briefly banned from the Cobalt Soul archive in Uthodurn after running "Modern Literature" to steal a page from one of the books there. After resolving the issue, Caleb copied the teleportation circle for the archive into his spellbook. Caleb reluctantly showed the page he had stolen to Essek, who successfully dispelled it.[155]

The group (except Caleb) played beer pong for the Dispel magic grenade, and Reani won, but didn't want it and Fjord ended up with it. As the group was leaving, Caleb hung back and took a throw, scoring highest of all, but nobody saw it except Frumpkin. Reani, Jester, and Caleb turned into bats to scout the Tumblecarve family residence, but Jester and Caleb became distracted away by the promise of bread.[156] During the heist, Caleb initially remained outside with Fjord. After struggling to coordinate with each other while invisible, the pair moved close enough to the house for Nott to message them to come in. Caleb Polymorphed into a bat and joined the rest of the party inside the Tumblecarve house. He was able to identify and dispel a trap in a "bad armoire". Using Caleb's Dispel Magic and Nott's lockpicking, the Mighty Nein successfully retrieved the ring they were sent to find and a book. They then successfully escaped the mansion.[156] Caleb later gave Fjord the book (Manual of Gainful Exercise) he recovered from the Tumblecarve residence.[156]

After the trip to Uthodurn to reforge Dwueth'var, Caleb suggested returning to Rosohna so that he could interrogate the Scourger held in the Dungeon of Penance. Essek Thelyss escorted them there, and Caleb, Jester, and Caduceus entered the heavily guarded cell where the Scourger was chained. Caleb told her he was indeed Bren Aldric Ermendrud. She was still defiant, and when he asked her if it would make a difference to learn that some of her victims were blameless, responded that there are things bigger than innocence. She was sure Trent Ikithon would find Caleb, and confirmed Astrid and Eadwulf were still alive. Suddenly, she broke one of her chains and stabbed Caleb deeply with a pointed piece of metal before being overpowered by the guards, and Essek magically killed her at Caleb's signal.[157] That afternoon, Essek taught Caleb the dunamancy spells Immovable Object and Resonant Echo. Caleb told Essek they were friends now, and Essek responded, "I like that." Afterwards, Jester told Caleb she was there for him if he wanted to talk and paid for the paper necessary to transcribe Caleb's new spells. In the evening, in order to provide Jester visual information for potential Scry targets, Caleb used Seeming to make himself and other party members look like Trent Ikithon, Astrid, Eadwulf, Vess DeRogna, and Jenna Iresor (another Assembly member).[157]

Clashes with Obann and bonding with Essek[edit | edit source]

Weeks later Caleb visited the Cobalt Soul library in Zadash and researched the manipulation of time, learning that one of the top archmages of one of the floating cities during the Calamity had performed a ritual in which he hoped to go back and change the past, but was never seen again. Caleb also looked into the Traveler.[158]

Essek agreed to teleport the party to the Lotusden Greenwood, although there was a miscommunication about their precise destination. Caleb helped convince Essek to teleport them the second time by apologizing and placing a hand on Essek's forearm. Essek seemed to be irritated, but agreed to teleport them again.[159] During the fight with Obann by the wraithroot tree, Caleb began drawing a teleportation circle, but was forced to abandon it when it became clear that the battle would be over before he could finish it.[159]

Back in Nicodranas, the Mighty Nein entered the Happy Fun Ball in search of Yussa. When fighting the froghemoth, Caleb debuted a spell of his own creation—Widogast's Web of Fire.[160] While fleeing from the mage hunter golem, Caleb jumped on Fjord's back and attempted to cast Fly on them both, however the golem caught them in an antimagic field. The Golem severely injured both of them and affixed a metallic collar around Caleb's neck that silenced him, preventing him from casting any spell with a verbal component. They leaped onto a giant gear and rode it until they were able to be rescued by Jester.[161] Caleb and the rest of the Nein found blueprints in the Golem Workshop for making a golem servant. The party created it using materials found in the workshop, and Caleb bonded to it to become its master. He dubbed it William or Little Willi for short.[161] Caleb investigated Halas's laboratory for any magical items that could help them escape. While searching, he discovered some incomplete equations for a permanent transformation spell and Halas's old spellbook.[162]

During their downtime in Nicordranas, Caleb, Fjord, and Caduceus went out for fish and chips, and talked about destiny and fate; their obligation to try to stop Tharizdun even if it meant their deaths; their growing attachment to the group; and sense of duty to try to rescue Yasha from Obann.[163]

Still pursuing Obann, the party stopped by the Pillow Trove to pick up the letter from Astrid. Jester used the echo stone to record herself asking for the letter, and Caleb uses Disguise Self to look like her, miming along to her recording to successfully retrieve the letter.[164] Then, learning that Obann was in Rexxentrum, the Mighty Nein teleported there and were caught in the midst of a Kryn assault on the city. Caleb and Nott flew out on a brief reconnaissance mission, but had to return quickly after they were accosted by a Righteous Brand soldier.[164] Upon arriving at the Chantry of the Dawn, Caleb offered to create a diversion for the party and moved around to the back of the building. Forty seconds later, a massive cat's claw slams through the center stained glass window and into the cathedral interior, initiating combat. Caleb used his giant cat's claw to ride through the shattered window into the cathedral and casts a massive Fireball into the center of the cultists, killing four outright (and succeeding on his resulting wisdom save). He then immediately fell off of Cat's Ire. After scuffling with a few cultists, Caleb got the How do you want to do this? on the Laughing Hand with Widogast's Web of Fire.[165] During the fight with Obann the Punished, Caleb used Polymorph to transform into a giant ape. He was affectionate with Beau after Obann was finally defeated for good.[166]

The Nein met with King Dwendal as a part of the Imperial investigation into the events in the chantry. Trent Ikithon was in attendance during the meeting. After the meeting ended, Trent approached the party, who stepped defensively in front of Caleb, and addressed him as "Bren".[166] While still in Rexxentrum the Mighty Nein met with Ludinus Da'leth in order to negotiate terms for peace talks with the Dynasty. They then teleported to the Vergesson Sanitorium—the asylum Caleb spent several years in—to investigate the beacon the Empire was experimenting with. There, the party met with Trent Ikithon and Eadwulf, one of Caleb's ex-partners. Caleb and Eadwulf agreed that it was good to see one another again.[167]

Caleb asked Fjord and Nott to accompany him on a walk to the Soltryce Academy of Rexxentrum. Nott asked him what he imagined he might have become if Ikithon hadn't gotten his hands on him, and Caleb answers that he would probably have remained at the Academy as a teacher.[168] Caleb cast another original creation of his for the first time— Widogast's Vault of Amber. Then, using the address given by the letter received by Nott and Jester in response to their letter seeking information about Astrid, Caleb was able to find her home. He asked her what had happened after he broke, since he has no memories after his home burned. She explained that he started lashing out violently at her and others as well, showing him the burn scars on her neck. He was taken to the Vergesson Sanatorium in hopes that he would get better, as he apparently now had. Astrid stated that she was impressed and proud of his recent activities. She was genuinely mournful for his pain, but with an underlying hardness. She also implied that she hoped to take Trent's position on the assembly someday. Caleb told Astrid that he still cared for her- or at least, for his memory of her. She touched Caleb several times during their conversation and told him she would like to see him again. At the end of their conversation, Caleb thought about staying, but left to return to the party.[168] Before leaving the capital, part of the Nein participated in fightings. The Nein, watching Yasha's brawl, were concerned with her mental health in the fighting pit, but Caleb told her at the end, "I get it."[168]

When the party arrived back in Rosohna, Caleb used Seeming to play a prank on Fjord. The Nein met with Essek, who told them that the thief who stole the beacons was Adeen Tasithar. They then held an audience with the Bright Queen about the upcoming peace talks. Later, Nott pulled Caleb aside to tell him that she'd noticed something off about Essek.[169] Essek joined the party for dinner at the Xhorhaus, and he and Caleb bonded over their shared passion for the arcane. Caleb gave Essek the vial of distilled dunamis that the party found in the Brenatto Apothecary basement. Later, Caleb and Beau walked Essek home. Before bed, Caleb reassured Jester, telling her that while he was a transmutation wizard, she was the one who changed people.[170]

The next day, with help from Essek and Nott, Caleb was able to complete the Transmogrification spell found in Halas's laboratory. Overjoyed, he pulled both of them into a huge hug. Before Caleb attempted the spell, Nott told the party she loved them and gave Caleb a kiss. In the middle of casting the Transmogrification, however, Nott and Caleb heard a loud cackling and realized that the curse placed on Nott prevented her from being turned back into a halfling.[170]

Arc 5: Family Ties[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Nein traveled to Kamordah looking for Isharnai and hoping they could persuade her to break Veth's curse. Along the way, Caleb and Yasha discussed their difficulty sleeping due to their past traumas. Yasha shared that the party's forgiveness was harder to deal with than anger would be and she didn't know how to handle it. Caleb suggested that all they could do is try to leave something better in the world. Yasha asked, "Do you love her?" and Caleb eventually told her, "It's too late."[171]

In the Menagerie, Caleb got the HDYWTDT? on the gorgon, burning it with Widogast's Web of Fire, despite the gorgon's successful saving throw against the spell via the legendary resistance. Caleb later used Teleportation Circle to take the Nein and the newly-restored Clay family to Uthodurn.[172]

Before setting sail for the peace talks, the Mighty Nein decided to speak with the Cerberus Assembly delegates. While on the Wind of Aeons, the party was introduced to the apparently nervous Lord Desran Thain. Sensing that something was up, Caleb sent Frumpkin in the form of a monkey to spy on a private conversation between Lord Thain and Ludinus Da'leth. After the Martinet cast a form of Dispel Magic, the illusory form of Lord Thain faded revealing a panicked-looking Essek. When revealing what had transpired to the rest of the party, Caleb said that Essek had seemed conflicted, and that perhaps sense could be talked to him.[173]

That afternoon, Caleb performed the Transmogrification ritual on Nott. As she said farewell and individually thanked each of the Nein, she told Caleb again that she loved him, and he replied, "I... love you too, Veth the Brave." The following evening, the Nein attended a fancy party, to which Caleb wore a black cloak with red lining. The Nein eventually forced Essek to come with them to the Balleater, and he admitted he was the traitor who had given two Luxon beacons to the Empire. Caleb saw the close parallels between his own situation and Essek's, and urged him to seize this one opportunity to change and save himself. When Essek insisted that it was too late for redemption, Caleb kissed him on the forehead and told him that although they may both be damned, they could "choose to do something and leave it better than it was before."[173] After Essek left, the party discussed what to do about him. Caleb suggested continuing to facilitate the peace negotiations and then afterwards, surgically removing the problem after the fact, saying he wanted the murderers removed from power in his country because he was tired of children being thrown on the pyre. Caduceus suggested that Caleb did not want to punish the people who made him, he wanted to make sure that no one else suffered similarly, but Caleb responded, "I don't know, Caduceus."[174]

Later, Caleb tinkered with the magic-silencing collar from the Happy Fun Ball and learned that the power source it required could likely only be acquired from the ruins of the Age of Arcanum city of Aeor in Eiselcross. While sailing to the peace negotiations, Caleb revealed to Fjord that he valued his new-found family with the Mighty Nein because he had killed his own for those in power in the Empire. Fjord told him he was a good friend, and although he had done terrible things, he still saw a good man. Later, the party was attacked by minions of Uk'otoa. Caleb saved Fjord's life by Counterspelling the deep scion's attempt to Dimension Door away with Fjord's body.[174] During his revivification, Caleb held Fjord's head in his lap. After Caduceus purged the final cloven crystal from Fjord's body, Caleb sealed the orb in his Vault of Amber. The following day, Caleb cast Fly on himself and Beau, and the pair visited Ludinus Da'leth and Vess DeRogna on the Wind of Aeons. They agreed to discuss working for DeRogna after the peace talks were concluded, and ensured that there was nothing suspicious about the beacon being returned to the Dynasty.[175]

When Veth and Beau reiterated that they should punish Essek for his wrongdoings, Caleb was deeply disturbed by their vehemence and remained alone on the deck after the rest of the party had gone to bed. When the peace talks finally concluded, Beau and Caleb shared a hug in celebration of the end of the war.[175] The Nein headed following the successful peace treaties. On their way to the Rumblecusp the Nein was chased by a dragon turtle, and Caleb hit it with the Disintegrate and Fireball spells. He then successfully Polymorphed it into a sea slug, and the party sailed away from it.[176]

To appease Vokodo, Caleb offered his Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, which, importantly, concealed him from Trent.[177] Caleb used Programmed Illusion to create a slideshow of all the adventures the Mighty Nein had had together in an attempt to prevent Vokodo's mind altering powers from affecting them. The party was deeply moved by this gesture. Caleb also told Veth how impressed he was at her creating a brand new spell. Later, Caleb and Jester searched the inlet by Heaven's Falls, and Caleb found two pearls.[178] Caleb, using Cat's Ire, dragged Caduceus from Vokodo and back to the rest of the party.[179]

In the morning of the fight against Vokodo, Caleb woke up forgetting why they were on the island. He stood taller and seemed in a good mood, which alerted the group to what had happened. Jester immediately cast Greater Restoration on him, restoring his memories, and bringing back his slump and usual demeanor. He commented afterwards, in a voice suggesting he was not sure about it, that it was "better this way."[180] In an attempt to lure Vokodo out of his lair, Caleb set fire to several ships of his armada. When the morkoth didn't show, the party decided to fight him in his lair anyway. When Vokodo attempted to cast Chain Lightning, Caleb was able to successfully Counterspell it. In an incredibly risky move, considering Vokodo's ability to reflect spell damage back onto the party, Caleb cast Disintegrate. Luckily, Vokodo failed his reflection with a natural one, giving Caleb the HDYWTDT?. In the aftermath of Vokodo's defeat, Caleb and Yasha shared a moment. He told her that she should "let herself a little happiness," and they embraced.[180]

Before the Traveler Con, Caleb had a conversation with Veth, Yasha, and Beauregard about what their next move was. Caleb mentioned that he wanted to go back to the Empire since he was convinced that the peace negotiations did not end the problems within their homeland, although he was not sure exactly how to proceed to root them out. He proposed taking Vess DeRogna's job offer to explore Eiselcross.[181]

In Rexxentrum, Caleb led the party to the Soltryce Academy, pointing out his old dorm room and a tower with obviously darker memories attached. Fjord noted that despite what happened to him, Caleb still had a reverence for the institution, and Caleb agreed. He took the group to a dance hall he, Astrid, and Eadwulf used to visit, and danced with Beau and Fjord in turn.[182] Later, the Nein met with Vess DeRogna in her tower, and Caleb offered the Nein's collaboration in her Aeorian project. After the meeting, Caleb received a letter from Trent Ikithon asking for him and the rest of the Mighty Nein to join him, Astrid, and Eadwulf for dinner at Trent's estate.[183] Caleb escorted the party to an inn to discuss his past relationship with Trent Ikithon and what had happened to his parents. Jester and Caduceus suggested bringing his parents back from the dead, but Caleb was unsure of whether their remains were still in the ground or taken away by the Scourgers. Caleb's main goal was, as it had been since the beginning of the campaign, to atone for his past. While the form that would take had evolved, he knew he wanted to put a stop to the Empire's recruitment and brutalization of its children. Caleb decided to accept Ikithon's invitation to dinner in order to see if Astrid and Eadwulf were redeemable people and what Ikithon's intentions were for inviting them.[184] While at the dinner, Ikithon revealed that he wanted Caleb to eventually take his place as an Assembly member. He also revealed that he mentally broke Caleb because he thought it would help him grow into a powerful wizard like his parents wanted. Ikithon presented to Caleb the crest of the Archeart, the same crest worn by the woman who restored his memories before he left the Vergesson Sanatorium, which Caleb took to mean that Ikithon had orchestrated this from the very start.[184] After dinner, the party were left alone with Astrid and Eadwulf, who Caleb invited to come along with them. Astrid asked Caleb if he meant what he said inside, that he means to stop Trent, and Caleb said he did. Astrid replied, "race you to the top."[184]

When the Nien was finishing up their business in Rexxentrum, Caleb cast his Nascent Nein-Sided Tower for the first time, and gave the party a tour of the inside. The tower featured customized chambers for each party member, along with a common library, dining area, multi-purpose chamber, and foyer full of stained glass depictions of each school of magic. Passage to floors above the last of the bedchambers was sealed off, though Caleb later passed through when he was alone by muttering "gone but not forgotten" in Zemnian. The floor contained nine closed doors, and behind the sixth is what was presumably a re-creation of the stone room where the residuum crystals were implanted into Bren, Astrid, and Eadwulf. Caleb fell asleep in this chamber.[185]

While voyaging to Eiselcross, the party were attacked by more minions of Uk'otoa. During the battle, a deep scion managed to dispel Caleb's Vault of Amber, causing all the contents (including the cloven crystal) to spill out onto the deck.[186]

Arc 6: Weird Magic[edit | edit source]

During the fight with Avantika, Caleb polymorphed into a T-Rex. Later, he gave his Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location to Fjord.[187]

At Balenpost, Caleb and Beau built a snowman together and started a snowball fight. Caleb then used Telekinesis to hurl Beau and Jester into a snowdrift. After discovered DeRogna's dead body, Caleb placed her in his Vault of Amber. [187]

While trekking across Eiselcross, Caleb was distracted by a mysterious necrotic gem lodged in a pillar, and used several high-level spell slots in an unsuccessful attempt to remove it. The following night, Caleb read Der Katsenprinz aloud to Jester, translating it from Zemnian.[188] Caleb, before bedding for a night, visited the fourth room on the private eighth floor of his Tower, which appeared to be a dorm room with a disheveled bed. He asked the empty room, "What are we going to do about our home? Can I trust you? Should I trust you? We could make it better, if you want to."[189]

Caleb spent several spells to retrieve a threshold crest from the A2 ruins, with Yasha's assistance. While taking a watch that night, Caleb noticed that Jester and Fjord were now in a relationship.[190] The following night, while on watch together, Caleb told Veth that he felt guilty for talking her into coming to Eiselcross, but Veth reassured him she wanted him to talk her into it. To get a moment alone from the Tombtakers, Caleb cast his Tower, and the party discussed what to do with the threshold crest they had excavated. Caleb attempted to keep Lucien from entering the Tower, and was angered when Lucien dispelled it. He confronted Lucien about the Nein being held captive, and persuaded him to let Beau and himself read from Lucien's book.[191] The book detailed the author's exploration of Aeorian ruins and investigation into the missing Cognouza ward, before spiraling into nonsense scribbles and drawings of fractals. That evening, Caleb showed the top two floors of his Tower to the rest of the Mighty Nein. He allowed them to see a few rooms on the eighth floor, including a reproduction of Caleb's childhood home and one of the Nestled Nook Inn in Trostenwald, where the party first met. Veth asked Caleb if he wanted to go back in time to undo the burning of his home, and he responded, "of course." The ninth floor of the tower depicted an infinity of stars, resembling Caleb's dream after attuning to the Luxon beacon for the first time.[192] When the party fell asleep that night, Caleb and Beau shared a dream of a massive glowing red eye that peered into them, while the sound of thousands of voices and screams, saying, "Welcome" echoed in their minds. They awoke simultaneously, and discovered that they had both gained a red eye on their person, Caleb's appearing on his right shoulder.[192]

When Gelidon began to escape with Beau, Caleb used Cat's Ire to rescue her from the dragon. That evening, Caleb put up his Tower, before the party realized that the Tombtakers had absconded with their bag of holding. Caleb, along with Jester and Yasha polymorphed into owls and caught up to the Tombtakers, carrying the rest of the Nein. Lucien used his antimagic ability to dispel Caleb's Polymorph, sending him and Caduceus tumbling into the snow just feet from the Tombtakers and within an antimagic cone. Over the course of the fight, the Nein realized that they needed to flee, and Yasha used her wings to carry Caleb out of danger. To help her escape, Caleb Polymorphed Beau into a wooly mammoth. As the party fled, Cree tried to cast Slow, but was Counterspelled by Fjord, who was counter-Counterspelled by Otis, who was counter-counter-Counterspelled by Caleb. The party managed to successfully leave combat with the Tombtakers, although they were still being pursued. [193]

After a long chase after the Tombtakers, Caleb Polymorphed himself into a giant eagle and ferried the party to a perch among the mountains, where they took a much-needed long rest. The following morning, Caleb attempted to Teleport the Tombtakers' threshold crest to the Rexxentrum Cobalt Soul. The crest was instead teleported somewhere within the Pearlbow Wilderness.[194] Later that day, the Mighty Nein reunited with Essek at a Dynasty outpost near the main Aeor crash site. Essek told the party that he feared he was being hunted by Cerberus Assembly assassins. Essek had difficulty making eye contact with Caleb, until he indicated that he thought it might be possible to build upon Aeorian experiments with dunamancy to travel back in time and undo past mistakes. When the party left Essek's chambers, Caleb caught a quick moment alone with him, where he reminded him to breathe, and told him that, "it takes time."[194]

When passing through Nicodranas, Caleb spoke to Halas, who told him a little about Zemniaz and Aeor. Caleb was able to resist when Halas attempted to possess him, and verified that it was really him to the group by saying "Eldritch Blast" in a poor imitation of Fjord's old accent. That night, the Somnovem once again communicated with Beau and Caleb in their dreams.[195] Caleb and Beau awakened with another red eye each. Later, Caleb and the party met Astrid at the beer hall. She quietly told Caleb that Ludinus Da'leth had asked that they be tracked by the Volstrucker while in Eiselcross and that he knew the Nein were in town and that Vess DeRogna was dead. Caleb asked her for more Amulets of Proof against Detection and Location to fight the dangerous thing arising in the north, and Astrid agreed to help. Later, Jester asked Caleb if he loved Astrid. He replied that he cared for her, but it had been a very long time. Veth urged Caleb to kill Trent Ikithon, but Caleb answered that there were things much bigger than Trent right now and they needed to take care of them first. He then cast Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, lovingly customized for Beau and Yasha's date.[196]

In Rexxentrum Caleb met Astrid, who told him she had discovered that the bulk of the Volstrucker amulets were kept in a small vault on the grounds of the Vergesson Sanatorium. She warned that Ikithon was more likely to be there at night, and that it would be best to get in and out quickly and quietly. She provided several floor plan drawings showing wards and traps near the vault.[197] After Teleporting to the Sanatorium, Caleb, Veth, and Jester as "Team Firestorm" entered, brutally killing the guards and finding the Amulets and some residuum shards in a vault beyond a torture chamber. Jester cast Word of Recall to make their escape, but it failed. They saw Ikithon looking down at them from the top of the stairs, having Counterspelled their attempt to leave. [197] Caleb immediately attempted to attack, but Trent was unfazed. However, Caleb was able to Counterspell Trent's attempted Counterspell of Jester's second Word of Recall, and Team Firestorm escaped to Nicodranas. Trent continued to contact Caleb telepathically, telling him he wanted only to talk to him, which Caleb rejected. Astrid and Eadwulf came to the Lavish Chateau in disguise to warn the party that the Mighty Nein and their families were being pursued by Trent. They escaped to Tidepeak Tower only to learn Yussa was in an unwakeable trance. As the pursuing Volstrucker and Trent broke in below, Caleb cast Plane Shift which Astrid, arriving right as the spell was being cast, chose not to Counterspell.[198] While taking refuge in the Elemental Plane of Fire, the Nein were engaged in battle by a fire elemental tasked with guarding Planerider Ryn's Sanctum. After the battle, Caleb was able to make the Collar of Silence he took from the mage hunter golem functional with Jester's help. Marion reminded Caleb that bad people try to make good people believe they are at fault for being victimized, and to focus on the good things he does. Caleb did not attempt to debate her, but instead listened and tried to accept Marion's wisdom.[199]

Trent Ikithon continued to contact Caleb with sendings. While in the Blooming Grove, Caleb told Frumpkin he planned to free him if they survived the coming battle, and changed him into a white cat.[200] Now equipped with the amulets and protected against Trent's divination, the party teleported back to Eiselcross where they reunited with Essek Thelyss, and suggested that they ally with Trent Ikithon for the coming battle against Lucien. Caleb failed to persuade him and Essek refused, saying that he could not join them if Trent did, and the party decided to ally with him rather than Trent. Caleb told Essek that the Nein trusted him more than Trent, which moved Essek. Caleb gave the Collar of Silence to Beau so that she could use it against Trent if they encountered him.[201]

During the fight with the frost salamanders, Caleb Polymorphed into a giant ape. Once the monsters were killed, "Capeleb" picked up Essek and waved him in front of the clerics, attempting to get them to heal him. When the party proceeded through the tunnel, Caleb carried Essek on his back. Later that evening, Caleb cast his tower and gave Essek a tour, leading him up to the ninth floor. They discussed their goals and the possibility of atonement. Caleb said that while he wasn't sure he could ever truly atone, the more good he did, the more easily he could carry the weight of his sins.[202] After descending into the ruins of Aeor in pursuit of Lucien and the Tombtakers, Caleb and Beau both received additional red eyes. Caleb was enraptured by an Aeorian records room, filled with notes and blank paper, and decided to spend ten minutes casting his Vault of Amber. Yasha and Essek stayed behind with him while the rest of the party descended, and Essek told Caleb that he was concerned about the increasing eye markings on him and Beau. Essek was also worried that Caleb is being distracted by what's around him, and asked which was more important, Trent Ikithon's pursuit of Caleb or the party's pursuit of the Tombtakers. Caleb answered that if they don't stop the Somnovem they can't take care of the problems in the Dwendalian Empire.[203]

Later on, the Mighty Nein came across the Rejuvenation Chamber, within which Essek and Caleb sensed dunamis energy. Essek inspected the purple gem on the cylinder marked "Terminal RE 02" and called Caleb over, pointing out that within it appeared elements of space and drifting possibilities, like a smaller, weaker Luxon beacon. Essek then used magic to destroy the damaged cylinder, releasing the diamond-shaped dark purple gem, which he gave to Caleb.[203] The party then continued to descend deeper into the ruis, encountering a canoloth and an Aeorian nullifier on their way. Fjord and Caleb cast Fly on themselves to descend into the Aeorian crater below, shepherding the rest of the Nein who were under the effect of Veth's Feather Fall. Caleb "showboated" as he Flew past Essek, prompting the latter to also cast Fly and showboat along with him.[203]

Caleb and Beau discovered the eyes were giving them additional abilities, including darkvision and mild telepathy. The party found the "Temporal Dock Project" in the Genesis Ward, learning that the Aeorians were learning to travel backwards within their own timelines. Jester sharply asked Essek and Caleb whether they intended to use the T-Dock to travel back in time and change the past, and Essek responded that he would like to return to the chamber with Caleb and "exchange theories". Jester asked Caleb if that meant that Essek was "coming onto" him, to which Caleb telepathically replied, "It's complicated."[204] While fighting the water elemental at the Immensus Gate, Caleb was Polymorphed into a sheep by Aeorian wild magic.[204]

The party pursued Lucien and Cree to Cognouza. Caleb met and talked with Timorei and Ira, two of the Somnovem.[205] Caleb and Jester removed the threshold crest that Cree had placed within Cognouza, and Caduceus sent it into the Elemental Plane of Fire] Caleb acquired a fourth red eye while connecting with the hive mind of the Somnovem. When Essek successfully attempted to utilize the crystal from the Rejuvenation Chamber to get a long rest for the party, Caleb assisted him.[206] Caleb used a combination of his Scroll of Protection from Aberrations and the Mind Blank spell to remain safe from Lucien in his Neo-Somnovem form. His attacks forced Lucien to burn through legendary resistances, and when Essek was charmed, Caleb dispelled the effect.[207]

During the battle with Lucien in the Aether Crux, Caleb primarily used attacks manifested from his imagination, and attempted several times to reach out to Mollymauk. After Essek pulled Caleb free from the tower collapsed on top of him, Caleb took a moment to press their foreheads together. Caleb was killed by Lucien during the party's battle against him as the Cognouza Incarnate, but Jester was able to Revivify him. Caleb then sacrificed his Transmuter's Stone to cast Raise Dead on Lucien, and when it failed, Caduceus' Divine Intervention allowed it a second chance which succeeded, restoring Lucien's body to life. Before the party Plane Shifted back to the Blooming Grove, Caleb gave Veth and Essek a hug.[208]

Back at the Blooming Grove, Caleb freed Frumpkin, who wandered away. Trent Ikithon appeared with Astrid and Eadwulf, and after a battle during which Astrid joined the party in fighting Trent, he was defeated when Beau placed the Collar of Silence around his neck and Astrid activated it. They took him to Rexxentrum in shackles and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Martinet Da'leth offered Caleb the ensuing vacancy on the Cerberus Assembly, but Caleb declined and later learned Astrid had accepted it.[209]

After Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

As revealed in "Fond Farewells" (2x141), Caleb continued to work with the Cobalt Soul to deal with the Cerberus Assembly. As of six months after the Mighty Nein parted ways, he was working closely with Beau on this.[210] He was also a guest lecturer at the Soltryce Academy, and Astrid and Beau were encouraging him to take a full-time position, though he was not yet sure.[211] Caleb tutored privately those students who were not admitted to the academy, but whom he felt were talented;[212] and was regularly visited by Essek,[213] with whom he had begun a romantic relationship.[214] After the Mighty Nein resealed Uk'otoa, he took the position at the Academy,[215] and began inviting the Mighty Nein for regular monthly getaways.[216]

He eventually returned with Essek to the Temporal Dock chamber in the Genesis Ward, where he mentally reviewed the plan he had had to go into the past, disguised as his younger self, and convince his parents to leave with him for Tal'Dorei, leaving two bodies from his Vault of Amber behind. He had planned to create a Programmed Illusion of his parents screaming, and watch invisibly as his younger self set the house on fire. He would then escort his parents to Tal'Dorei with enough gems to start a life there, and in about twenty years he would join them. Essek offered to help him do it, but Caleb Disintegrated everything in the room.[217] Shortly after returning from Eiselcross, Caleb visited his parents Una and Leofric's grave in Blumenthal for the first time. He revealed that his second holstered book was a series of letters written to them, and Teleported it into the earth between them.[218]

Caleb and Essek were in a romantic relationship "for a while," though Caleb eventually wanted to separate due to their difference in aging. They remained lifelong friends thereafter.[219]

Caleb and Beau's ongoing pursuit of Ludinus Da'leth and other members of the Assembly continued, and eventually led them to ally with Planerider Ryn and members of the Grim Verity.[220]

Campaign 3 and "The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54)[edit | edit source]

Caleb, along with Beau, encountered Bells Hells at the Tishtan excavation site shortly before the apogee solstice.[221] After they determined that they had goals in common, the two of them told Bells Hells about their involvement: they had been part of the team sent to destroy the Shadowfell Malleus Key, and had damaged it, but not beyond repair, and much of their team did not survive.[222] They then infiltrated the Tishtan site with Ryn, and remained hidden after Ryn was petrified. After discussing their plans, Caleb gave a sending stone to Chetney Pock O'Pea and headed towards the Key.[223]

As Bells Hells went to sabotage the key's power sources, they heard several detonations, which caused Otohan, who had been heading towards them, to instead run towards those explosions, which turned out to be Caleb and Beau's means of destroying the anti-magic pulse devices.[224] Shortly after, everyone at the site was telepathically called to the base of the key, where Caleb had been captured by a mage hunter golem, a Collar of Silence placed around his neck.[225] Beau had also been captured and restrained.[226] Ludinus kept them nearby as he made his speech to the assembled. Imogen was able to command the golem to release Caleb, but FCG was not able to dispel the collar.[227][228]

Caleb and Beau were teleported to Incanter's Rest following the ritual during the solstice. Caleb found that the collar had been disenchanted and was therefore easily able to remove it, but realized that this implied Trent's collar may have also been disenchanted.[229] He and Beau teleported first to the Blooming Grove to pick up Caduceus and Yasha, then to Nicodranas for the rest of the Mighty Nein. After Luc jumped through the teleportation to the Rexxentrum Archive, Caleb was furious,[230] but the Mighty Nein ultimately permitted him to join them.

While investigating a break-in at the Rexxentrum Archive vault, the party quickly found that Trent was the culprit, and after the Magic Mouth spells threatened Essek, Caleb asserted it would be best to deal with Trent for once and all.[231] After making preparations and taking a long rest at the Cobalt Soul, the party Teleported to Blumenthal, where Trent had said he would be.[232] There they found a magical recreation of Caleb's childhood home, with undead made to look like his parents. After Jester Turned Undead, a battle with Trent began.[233] Once cornered, Trent bound himself to Omentis mid-battle and began to devastate the town of Blumenthal.[234] Beau ultimately teed up the final blow for Caleb, who then cast Demiplane to seal the combination of Trent and Omentis inside it,[235] before celebrating.

Several weeks later, while resting in Ria'Doin after Bells Hells' first day scouting Ruidus, Orym attempted to use the Sending stone Caleb had given to the party, which had failed several times during the solstice. However, this time he was able to reach Caleb.[236] While Imogen's limited remaining spell slots meant she could not contact Caleb more than once, she and Orym did tell Caleb about the portal, and Caleb had Jester contact Imogen afterwards.[237]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Leofric and Una Ermendrud[edit | edit source]

Una and Leofric were Caleb's parents. Leofric was a soldier in the Empire forces,[238] and both Una and Leofric believed strongly in the Empire.[239]

Caleb had a happy childhood in the farming community of Blumenthal, and was selected to attend the Soltryce Academy. When Trent Ikithon gave his students the final task of killing their parents who were supposedly traitors to the Dwendalian Empire, Caleb "broke" when he heard his parents screaming inside their flaming house.

Caleb believes that killing his parents was an irredeemably evil act, and his goal when he met the Mighty Nein was to change time to erase the event. He has since realized that the more patriotic thing to do, and a better way to honor his parents, would be to make sure that the corruption of children by the Empire is stopped.[240]

After helping Beauregard expose the corruption of the Cerberus Assembly, Caleb visited his parent's gravesite and took out the second book from his coat. This book contained letters that he had written to them while traveling with the Mighty Nein. Caleb then cast Teleport to move the book between his parent's bodies.[218]

Frumpkin[edit | edit source]

Caleb is fond of Frumpkin. Outside of times when he uses Frumpkin to advance his goals, Caleb treats Frumpkin like a domestic cat, frequently showing him physical affection[241] and getting emotional support from him in stressful or sad moments.[242] Caleb seems to know that Frumpkin prefers to be in cat form, but is willing to change him to other forms when necessary.[243] Frumpkin is named after Liam's childhood cat of the same name.[244]

Though Frumpkin has died on multiple occasions, this does not seem to bother Caleb or Frumpkin. Caleb has stated that Frumpkin has a good sense of humor about it.[245] He has let Nott eat Frumpkin twice.[246] Even though Frumpkin's deaths are temporary, Caleb takes it personally when someone other than Nott kills him.[247]

Caleb decided to release Frumpkin after coming to terms with his past and his possible chance of death at the hands of Lucien.[248]

Veth Brenatto[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Veth are best friends[249] and love each other unconditionally, often referring to themselves as part of a family. They met when they were both going through very difficult times, and have supported each other throughout their journeys, helping each other overcome many obstacles. The two have been overly protective of each other since before they met the Mighty Nein.

Caleb cares a lot about Veth. He has taught her many magic tricks, and when she started creating her own spells, he was very impressed and proud of her. He tirelessly helped Veth find a way to be a halfling again, and was the one who finally transformed her back into her true self. He has also supported her and helped come up with solutions when Veth shared her doubts about staying with the Mighty Nein versus living with her husband and son. Veth has a lot of love for Caleb, often checking up on him and looking for ways to make him happy. Veth once described Caleb as being like a son to her.[250] Later, she said she had been attracted to him when they first met, but no longer feels that way about him.[251] Veth has told Caleb that he was the "second love of her life", to which Caleb responded, "I love you too, Veth the Brave."[252]

Beauregard Lionett[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Beauregard are very good friends. Although their relationship had a rocky start, they quickly came to rely on each other and eventually grew very close. The two are also the dedicated researchers of the group and will team up when trying to solve a problem.

Being the only two Empire-born human citizens in the Mighty Nein, Caleb and Beau have a rather unique friendship among the group, and have a lot in common. Although Beau is much more expressive and confrontational, they share a similar awkwardness in social situations. They were both raised in the Dwendalian Empire, but think it is a flawed nation and want to actively make things better for the people of the Empire, especially if it means dismantling the current power structure. They also share a sharp analytical mind and vast general knowledge, especially when it comes to history.

Beau was one of the first people to hear about Caleb's past, and never shared his secret until he was ready to do so himself. Caleb has shown trust in Beauregard numerous times by choosing to hang onto her shoulder while his senses were transferred into his companion, Frumpkin. Beauregard has called Caleb her best friend, and Beauregard is probably the person Caleb trusts most after Veth.

Jester Lavorre[edit | edit source]

Jester and Caleb are very good friends. Their relationship has evolved significantly since the beginning of the campaign. It had a rocky start, as Jester came from a sheltered, lavish upbringing and Caleb has a very troubled past and came from a poor household, which means their world views are very different. Initially, their interactions mostly involved teasing from Jester. However, it has since evolved into a deep mutual respect. Caleb developed a crush on Jester, which has heavily influenced his goals and view of the world, and at his prompting, Jester has often confided in him.[253][254][255]

Caleb has been "a little in love" with Jester since their waltz in "The Hour of Honor" (2x24), although he regards his feelings as "useless" and "a problem" and feels that either Beau or Fjord would be better for her.[49] Caleb appreciates Jester's positive attitude and playfulness that remind him of the life he could have had, if things had gone differently for him, and during the time before he revealed his past to her enjoyed the fact that she saw him as he could or should have been.[256]

Fjord[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Fjord are friends. Upon joining forces, Fjord and Caleb quickly developed a collaborative working relationship.[257] As an aspiring magic-user himself, Fjord complimented Caleb on his spells[258] and sought his advice on arcane matters.[259] Caleb admired Fjord's mind and his ability to get things done. Their relationship became more strained when the Mighty Nein infiltrated the High Richter's house in Zadash and during the Mighty Nein's time at sea. Caleb became suspicious of Fjord and his motives and noticed that his accent sometimes changed. However, Caleb seemed to sympathize with Fjord's conflicted feelings finding out that his mentor Vandran turned out to be a different man than Fjord thought he was.

At the Diver's Grave, Fjord was curious about the purpose and power of Dashilla's altar, and urged Caleb to explore it. Caleb offered to do so in return for unspecified favor at some point in the future, and they both cut themselves and used their blood to activate the altar, stopping just before completing the ritual. Liam O'Brien later confirmed on Talks Machina that Caleb was manipulating Fjord in this scene, and that he hated himself for doing so.[260]

Caleb respected Fjord's desire to tell him about his past at his own pace. After Fjord lost his powers by throwing the falchion into the lava of Kravaraad,[261] Caleb stepped forward, gave him his Glove of Blasting, and asked the group for other magic items to help him out. He also mentioned to Fjord that his sense of diplomacy had nothing to do with any magical gifts, but rather his persuasive nature. After being gifted Melora's boon, Fjord asked Caleb if he wanted the Glove of Blasting back. Caleb told Fjord that he could keep it.[262]

On the ship sailing to the peace negotiations, Fjord apologized to Caleb for holding the sword to his throat during the heist in the High-Richter's home in Zadash, admitting that it came out of his desire to control the situation. Caleb told him that Fjord had been justified in his actions, revealing that he had killed his parents for the Cerberus Assembly. Although he believed he himself was ruined, he wanted to do something to make up for it. Fjord said he knew that Caleb had done terrible things, but he saw a good man and a good friend, and that the party would look to Caleb for cues on how to deal with the Assembly.[263]

Yasha Nydoorin[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Yasha are friends. Caleb likes Yasha due to their similar personalities and mutual dislike of, and uncomfortableness with, close contact.[264] After asking her for advice regarding social situations, Yasha listed off a few things that she believed would make people like Caleb more (which he wrote down) and shaved his face with her sword after Caleb mentioned that he missed being cleanly shaven. Caleb asked if this made them friends, and Yasha said that it did.

Caleb and Yasha have similar tragic backgrounds, feeling responsible for the death of a loved one. They bonded over their feelings of guilt and grief. On Rumblecusp, Caleb told Yasha that she deserved happiness and that he was glad to be friends with her. Yasha then gave him a big hug.[265]

Mollymauk Tealeaf[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Molly were friends. When Caleb dissociated after burning a man to death in a gnoll lair, Mollymauk doused the flames, slapped Caleb in the face and encouraged him to deal with those feelings later. Molly then asked if he was alright, and kissed Caleb on the forehead.[78] When the party later pressed Caleb on his dissociation and he pointed out that it was a traumatizing experience, Molly suggested using alcohol to numb the pain.[266]

Caleb was present for Molly's death and funeral, eulogizing him by saying "shine bright, circus man." In Cognouza, Caleb was the one who attempted to bring Molly back to life by sacrificing his transmuter's stone.

Caduceus Clay[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Caduceus are friends. Upon meeting Caduceus, Caleb whispered multiple times to Beau that he "like(s) this man." He appreciates Caduceus' calm demeanor. After Clay nearly drowned multiple times, Caleb gave him Mollymauk's Periapt of Wound Closure.[267] Caduceus is also one of the few members of the Mighty Nein that did not mind Caleb's smell, and thought he smelled "fantastic."[268] While the two have very different takes on the concept of destiny, they nonetheless get along and support each other.

Essek Thelyss[edit | edit source]

Caleb and Essek are lifelong friends, and are romantic partners after the end of the campaign.[269][270][271] Their friendship began after the Mighty Nein were assigned to Essek's stewardship, and Essek agreed to tutor a curious Caleb in dunamancy.[272] A connection soon sparked between them thanks to their shared passion for magic.[273][274]

Their relationship became complicated after the revelation that Essek had given the beacons to the Cerberus Assembly.[275] However, Caleb saw deep similarities between their mistakes, and encouraged Essek to make amends for his crimes.[276] When they reunited at Vurmas Outpost, Essek showed new regret for his actions, and couldn't make eye contact with Caleb at all.[277][278]

The two wizards rebuilt their bond during their time in Aeor, discussing their past sins and working together.[279][280] Some months after Lucien and Trent were defeated, they returned to the Temporal Dock in Aeor. Essek said he didn't want to change a thing about his past, since his mistakes had led him to be here with Caleb. Caleb destroyed the T-Dock, and the two later began a romantic relationship. While they eventually separated due to the differences in elven and human aging, they remained close friends for the rest of Caleb's life.[281]

Astrid and Eadwulf[edit | edit source]

Astrid, Eadwulf, and Bren were all from the small farming community of Blumenthal in the Zemni Fields of the Dwendalian Empire, although they didn't know each other before being selected to attend the Soltryce Academy in Rexxentrum. There, they were close friends, and at some point Bren entered into a serious romantic relationship with Astrid and Eadwulf when they all were in their late teens.[282] The three were selected to undergo Trent Ikithon's Volstrucker training together and were used in his human experimentation of embedding refined residuum crystals into their skin. All three of them were also trained to interrogate and execute dissidents to the Empire.[62] While Bren went insane after murdering his parents, Astrid and Eadwulf passed Trent's final test and became successful Scourgers.

Caleb saw Eadwulf at the Vergesson Sanatorium when the Mighty Nein were checking on the Luxon beacon held there. Caleb greeted him as they were leaving, saying it was good to see him again. Eadwulf returned the greeting, saying that Bren/Caleb looked good, but remaining impassive.[283]

I will... never forget what we were. And, even now, all these years later, I can't shake it, I still care a great deal... about you. At least, the girl I knew.

— Caleb to Astrid.[284]

While in Rexxentrum, Caleb went privately to see Astrid at her home. She welcomed him, was seemingly honest in her responses to his questions, and invited him to stay longer. When he left, she told him he was welcome back any time and she would like to see more of him.[285] When the Mighty Nein returned to Rexxentrum after Traveler Con, Caleb and the group received an invitation from Trent Ikithon to have dinner with him, Astrid, and Eadwulf at Trent's home in The Candles. The dinner was tense, culminating in Trent's revealing that he believed Bren had the potential to replace him as a member of the Cerberus Assembly. Eadwulf and Astrid told Caleb that if that happened, they would follow him and do as he commanded. Caleb brought up his prior conversation with Astrid where he had the impression that she was being groomed for Trent's seat, and she nervously shut down the inquiry. After the dinner when Eadwulf and Astrid walked the party outside to the gate, Astrid asked Caleb if he meant what he said inside, that he meant to stop Trent, and Caleb confirmed. Her response: "Race you to the top".

Astrid and Eadwulf were present in the Mighty Nein's battle against Trent, eventually turning on their abuser and helping Caleb defeat him. They later collaborated with Caleb and Beau in sharing their story with the Cobalt Soul.

Luc Brenatto[edit | edit source]

Luc is the son of Caleb's best friend, Veth, and Caleb has made multiple efforts to comfort and connect with Luc. In one instance, Caleb invited Luc to help him work on his teleportation sigil.[286] Later, Caleb told Luc that he had potential and, in the future, if Luc wanted to learn magic, he should come see Caleb.[287]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

At the start of the campaign, Caleb had unspecified plans for when he became powerful enough to "bend reality" to his will, which have evolved as the campaign has progressed. One of the first indications of his goals was his hope that he would not let his parents down.[288] While spending downtime in the Archive of the Cobalt Soul in Zadash, Caleb researched methods of controlling time.[289] He also objected vociferously when Beau mentioned this, since he had never mentioned it to her.[290] Gradually, it was revealed that his long term goal when he met the Mighty Nein had been to change time to erase his murder of his parents. He has since realized that the more patriotic thing to do, and a better way to honor his parents, would be to make sure that the corruption of children by the Empire is stopped.[240] In "Fond Farewells" (2x141), Caleb destroyed the T-dock chamber in Aeor, removing the possibility of time travel for himself and future adventurers.[291]

Caleb hoped to kill specific members of the Cerberus Assembly, including Trent Ikithon, out of both a desire for revenge and a hope to end the recruitment and corruption of children in the service of the Dwendalian Empire.[292] However, after they encountered Ikithon in their audience before King Dwendal, he stated that although he had imagined choking the life from Ikithon, he now thought they needed to work with him.[293] Caleb accepted Ikithon's invitation to dinner with the Mighty Nein, Ikithon, Astrid, and Eadwulf present, and Ikithon insinuated that Caleb's mental healing and escape from the Vergesson Sanatorium had been orchestrated by Ikithon to strengthen Caleb's potential as an eventual Cerberus Assembly member,[294] even if that meant he would attempt to kill Ikithon.[295] After an abrupt battle between Trent, Astrid, Eadwulf, and the members of the Mighty Nein, Trent Ikithon was subdued and brought before a court to expose his corruptive involvement in the Cerberus Assembly.[296]

At Caleb's urging, in "Frigid Propositions" (2x109) the Mighty Nein met with Vess DeRogna in her residence and accepted her job offer to explore Eiselcross.[297]

As a boy, Bren dreamed of being a teacher at the Soltryce Academy.[58] In Caleb's epilogue, he fulfilled this dream.[298]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Paper and ink[edit | edit source]

  • 500 gp-worth of high quality ink[348] (used to transcribe spells into his spell book)[349]
  • 200 gp-worth of high quality parchment and ink (unused)[350]
  • 1250 gp-worth of high quality parchment and ink[351][352][353][354][355](used to transcribe spells into his spell book)[356]

Copied spells and consumed spell scrolls[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Variant human abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Bonus Skill
  • Feat: Keen Mind[369]

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Keen Mind[369]
  • Skilled (Perception, Intimidation, Persuasion)[370]
  • War Caster[371]

From the Eyes of Nine[edit | edit source]

During the Nein's involvement with the Tombtakers, Caleb was exposed to the "Pattern" of the Somnovem through the fractals in Lucien's journal. Over time, he ended up with unnatural boons bestowed by the red eyes. These abilities disappeared with the eyes after Lucien's final defeat.

  • First eye: Mild telepathy with others bearing eyes (120 feet)[372]
  • Second eye: Darkvision[373]
  • Third eye: Ability to see through illusions[374]
  • Fourth eye: Ability to see into the ethereal plane - unused
  • Fifth eye: Ability to scry into the "eye" of another - unused

Wizard abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Spellcasting (Intelligence-based ability)
  • Ritual Casting
  • Arcane Recovery[375] (9 slot levels)
  • Arcane Tradition: School of Transmutation
    • Transmutation Savant
    • Minor Alchemy[376])
    • Transmuter's Stone[377]
    • Shapechanger[378]
    • Master Transmuter[379]
  • Spell Mastery (Fortune's Favor[380])
  • Signature Spell

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Arcana Background (Haunted One) [381][382]
Deception Human [383]
History Wizard [384]
Insight Wizard [381]
Intimidation Feat (Skilled) [370]
Investigation Background (Haunted One) [381][382]
Perception Feat (Skilled) [370]
Persuasion Feat (Skilled) [370]

Spells[edit | edit source]

As a 20th-level wizard, Caleb knows five cantrips, and his spellbook contains at least 44 spells. He can prepare up to 25 of these spells per day.

Caleb has copied at least twenty-four additional spells into his spellbook.[385] During his time with the Mighty Nein, Caleb gathered several spellbooks, including the book bought in the Burnished Bibelots,[386] Siff Duthar's tome,[387] Halas's spellbook that contains Magic Jar, Trap the Soul,[388] and Clone.[389] Caleb has cast or is known to have copied the following spells into his spellbook:

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Caleb's Produce Flame Cantrip [390]
Control Flames Cantrip [391]
Dancing Lights Cantrip [392]
Fire Bolt Cantrip [393]
Friends Cantrip [394]
Message Cantrip [395]
Alarm 1st [396]
Burning Hands 1st [397]
Catapult 1st Scroll[398] [399]
Chromatic Orb 1st [400]
Comprehend Languages 1st [401]
Detect Magic 1st [402]
Disguise Self 1st [403]
Expeditious Retreat 1st Scroll[398] [404]
Feather Fall 1st Scroll[398] [405]
Find Familiar 1st Named Frumpkin [406]
Gift of Alacrity 1st Taught by Essek Thelyss[407] [408][409]
Identify 1st [410]
Mage Armor 1st Siff Duthar's spellbook[411] [412]
Magic Missile 1st Siff Dufar's spellbook [413]
Shield 1st Scroll[414] [415]
Sleep 1st Siff Dufar's spellbook [416]
Unseen Servant 1st Spellbook from Burnished Bibelots;[417] Named "Schmidt" [418]
Witch Bolt 1st [419]
Arcane Lock 2nd Spellbook from Burnished Bibelots[417] [420]
Blur 2nd [421]
Enlarge/Reduce 2nd [422]
Flaming Sphere 2nd [423]
Fortune's Favor 2nd Taught by Essek[407] [424][409]
Hold Person 2nd Scroll[425] [426]
Invisibility 2nd [427]
Immovable Object 2nd Taught by Essek [428]
Knock 2nd [429]
Levitate 2nd [430]
Maximilian's Earthen Grasp 2nd Takes the form of a cat's paw [431]
Melf's Acid Arrow 2nd [432]
Mirror Image 2nd [433]
Scorching Ray 2nd [434]
Suggestion 2nd [435]
Counterspell 3rd [436]
Dispel Magic 3rd [437]
Fear 3rd [438]
Fireball 3rd [439]
Fly 3rd [440]
Haste 3rd [441]
Leomund's Tiny Hut 3rd [442]
Major Image 3rd [430]
Protection from Energy 3rd [443]
Slow 3rd [444]
Tongues 3rd [445]
Vampiric Touch 3rd [446]
Banishment 4th "Other book"[447] [448]
Fabricate 4th [449]
Gravity Sinkhole 4th [450]
Greater Invisibility 4th [430]
Polymorph 4th [451]
Resonant Echo 4th Taught by Essek [452]
Wall of Fire 4th [124]
Widogast's Vault of Amber 4th [453][454]
Widogast's Web of Fire 4th [455][456]
Cat's Ire 5th Reflavored Bigby's Hand; takes the form of an orange cat's claw [457]
Seeming 5th [458]
Telekinesis 5th [459]
Teleportation Circle 5th [460]
Wall of Force 5th [461]
Disintegrate 6th [462]
Globe of Invulnerability 6th [463]
Gravity Fissure 6th [464]
Magic Jar 6th Halas's spellbook [465]
Programmed Illusion 6th [466]
Widogast's Transmogrification 6th Halas's notes modified by Caleb [467][468][469]
Simulacrum 7th via Wish [470]
Teleport 7th [471]
Widogast's Nascent Nine-Sided Tower 7th Functions identically to Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion [472]
Demiplane 8th [473]
Mind Blank 8th [474]
Shapechange 9th [475]
Wish 9th [476]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • When creating his character for Campaign 2 Liam wanted for the character' challenges "to be more intellectually and emotionally driven. To create a character who was his own worst enemy, who was his own big bad."[477]
  • When Ariana Orner created the first art piece of Caleb, Liam sent the following notes on Caleb's appearance: reddish brown hair, blue eyes, unshaven, nose with character (touch of Schmendrick the Magician), worn and ragged clothes.[478]
  • Frumpkin is named after Liam's childhood cat of the same name.[244]
  • When Liam speaks the Zemnian language as Caleb, he actually speaks German. Because of this, Matt uses a German accent for Zemnian characters.

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "It's on the table though, so on the table it will stay." (Caleb telling Nott when not to steal)[479]
  • "Leave me alone, I'm reading." (Caleb telling Jester not to bother him while he reads his new book)[480]
  • "I'm a dirty hobo and I reek of yesterday's garbage." (Caleb describing himself.)[481]
  • "I'm either a clown or a toad-killer. Let's see what it is."[482]
  • "Well, my social anxiety is getting the best of me; I'm taking a walk. Goodbye."[483]
  • "I am going to tell you the story of how I murdered my mother and father."[484]
  • "Anybody can make lights. Anybody could send a message through a wire. I want to bend reality to my will."[485]
  • "You were always a better dancer than me, Astrid." (Drunkenly told to Jester during their waltz)[486]
  • "Shine bright, circus man." (Caleb's last words to Molly)[487]
  • "Brave, dead... it's semantics, really." (Caleb taking the lead on the infiltration of Sour Nest)[488]
  • "They. Are. Going. To. Die." (Caleb upon Frumpkin being killed in the Sour Nest)[489]
  • "You shouldn't have killed my cat." (Caleb's words when he killed Lorenzo in the Sour Nest)[490]
  • (to Nott, discussing hijacking The Mist) "I know that did that it didn't go very well, but this is our new family, right? So we want the family to stick together." [491]
  • Twiggy: (after Caleb succeeds on the saving throw against Tasha's Hideous Laughter) "Funny, right?"
    Caleb: "Yeah I'm not a happy guy."[492]
  • "My name was... Bren Aldric Ermendrud."[493]
  • (to the Bright Queen) "I am of the Empire. But I am no friend to the Empire."[494]
  • "Yes, I was trained to be a terrible person. Yes, I was a student of the Cerberus Assembly. Yes, I murdered those most dear to me, yes. And yes I want to see specific people dead. And if that lines up with something that can save where you and I are from, where Veth and Yeza are from, where our friends live...then all is one!"[495]
  • (to the captive Scourger) "I don't know how my brothers and sisters could stomach wearing a mantle of loyalty, knowing that it was woven so throughly from sin. And I am very sorry for you."[496]
  • (during Essek's interrogation) "I know what a fool I have been for years. And I am looking at him as if I am looking in a mirror."[497]
  • (to Essek) "You were not born with venom in your veins. You learned it."[498]
  • (to Essek) "Maybe you and I are both damned. But we can choose to do something, and leave it better than it was before."[499]
  • "A long time ago you asked me about myself and I just never answered. I value this family, Fjord, because I killed my own, for these people that we are going to deal with."[500]
  • "Yasha, let yourself a little happiness."[501]
  • "Astrid and Eadwulf were willing to do anything that... Ikithon asked of them. And their final test was to kill their own flesh and blood. And they did so. And I am like them. W--was... Am. Am like them."
    Beau: "Was."[502]
  • (after admitting he killed his parents to the full party) "I suppose I enjoyed being seen as I should have been. Or could have been. [ ... ] Whatever we're doing here, I have come home in the hopes of atoning. And that idea has evolved quite a bit over time, and I'm not sure what the exact answer is. But I mean to atone."[256]
  • (to Ikithon) "I often feel like a failure and a success within the same hour."[503]
  • "Ja, I want [Trent] dead. He ruined my life. He look my life away from me. And I fucking helped! But I'm not going to risk all of you right now."[504]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word Caleb uses to complete the Widogast's Vault of Amber spell is "Una", his mother's name.[505]
  • Caleb came up with the adventuring party's name the Mighty Nein, when Watchmaster Bryce Feelid needed the group's name for paperwork.[506]
  • Caleb's intelligence is one of the highest for any player character, tied with Percy, Lyra, and Lillith.
  • As of "Fond Farewells" (2x141), Caleb knows Teleportation Circles in Asarius, Rosohna, Nicodranas (Yussa's Tidepeak Tower), Uthodurn, Zadash, Rexxentrum, Port Damali, and Emon (Allura's Ivory Tower).
  • In the fourth episode of Narrative Telephone (Widogast's Web of Words), Liam told a gothic tale of three children who became cursed by a "Waldhexe" (forest witch). The first child was cursed by having part of his brain removed so that his thoughts were no longer his own, the second had an eye removed so she could no longer see true, and the third's heart was removed so he never knew love again, metaphorically representing Eadwulf, Astrid, and Caleb himself, respectively.[507]
  • During the early campaign, a common fan theory speculated Caleb was a werewolf because of the meaning of his name and because he was introduced in "Curious Beginnings" (2x01) exhausted, ragged, and dirty. After the campaign ended, Liam teasingly acknowledged the theory on Twitter, joking that Caleb was a werewolf and reiterating an hour later that he was not.[508]

Name etymologies[edit | edit source]

  • The name Caleb is Hebrew for "dog" ("kelev") and "whole-hearted" ("collev").
  • The name Widogast is an Old German name composed of the elements "witu" ("wood") and "gast" ("stranger, guest").[509]
    • From Old and Middle, gast (also spelled ghast due to associations with ghost) means "to frighten", or "soul", "spirit", or "breath."
    • From a Proto-Indo-European origin, it can also mean "anger, agitation."
    • From Old French, it can mean "destruction" or "destroyed; ravaged; decimated", and is an alternate form of wast, which the word waste is related to or originates from.
  • The name Bren Aldric Ermendrud has a few different roots in German.
    • The name Bren comes from the German verb brennen meaning "burn"
    • Aldric comes from a Germanic name, derived from the elements ald "old" and ric "ruler, power"
    • Ermendrud is Germanic as well, derived from the elements ermen "whole, universal" and thrud "strength"

Concept art[edit | edit source]

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  1. With and without Allura's Staff of Power


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