Broken Roads

"Broken Roads"
Campaign 3 episode
"Broken Roads" (3x92) thumbnail featuring Liam O'Brien.
Episode no.Episode 92
AirdateApril 18, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time4:26:26
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"Broken Roads" (3x92) is the 92nd episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Rattled and reeling, Bells Hells prepare to leave Ruidus and return to Exandria, where tensions are escalating and pressure is building…

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Pre-show[edit | edit source]

Sam's not here, but check out Marisha's...interesting hot dog costume.

Part I[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells, Liliana, and Evoroa reach the surface of Ruidus and realize they are just outside the city of Kreviris, on the other side of the mountain range that encircles part of the city. Liliana appears to have been crying, and she tells them that they need to leave but that she cannot join them, as the Ruby Vanguard or the Kreviris Imperium will know if she does, and that she is more helpful on the inside. Imogen asks her about her mention of being the vessel, and Liliana explains that Ruidusborn are Predathos's way to break its prison; that it is very angry at having been sealed and that it will need a vessel when it emerges to fully enter the world. Otohan had been another potential vessel; Liliana is not the only one, and the Weave Mind is working on creating more among the existent Ruidusborn. As the party asks more about Predathos, Liliana tells them she believes it is not interested in mortals, only in the gods, though Laudna points out that this doesn't mean it won't harm mortals in its attempt to reach the gods, and Ashton and Orym both point out that while Liliana's goal may be to help Imogen, the Vanguard has shown that it will attack her own daughter if it believes she is working against them.

Chetney reminds the group that they do need to get off Ruidus as soon as possible, and Liliana asks them what they will do. Imogen tells her they will use the Bloody Bridge; Fearne almost mentions the portal to Ria'Doin and Imogen prevents her from doing so. Liliana also reveals that Ludinus is not currently on the moon but rather in Exandria, and when the party asks where he might be, Evoroa tells them that the devices she was working on came from a place called Aeor and that Ludinus had mentioned Cerberus Assembly defectors and that the pieces came from the Factorum Malleus. However, those efforts in Aeor were being stymied by something, about which Evoroa knew very little. Liliana tells the party that Ludinus was the first to reach the Weave Mind, about 300 years prior; and that she believes he is simply following his fate, but also that if she stops him, the temples will kill those of the Vanguard. She asks Imogen if she wants her to stay or come with them, and Imogen leaves the choice up to Liliana, who is relieved when she can stay. However, she does offer to help them escape, and Teleports them and Evoroa to the base of the Bloody Bridge on Ruidus. The party takes it, and they land on the Malleus Key in the Tishtan excavation site.

It is night there, and Bells Hells find themselves among the encampment of Vanguard forces. Fearne uses Disguise Self to appear as a Reilora, and Imogen tries to pass as her mother. The rest of the group attempts to appear as soldiers themselves, but two mystics patrolling the camp notice them and are suspicious. Laudna is able to deter them by casting Phantasmal Force and showing them an illusion of Liliana telling them to stand down. Fearne casts Pass without Trace and the party continues, avoiding the notice of a Warder. As they exit, they notice the Vanguard's trophies from religious forces, featuring armor and symbols from a number of the deities, and Orym takes a cloak with the symbol of the Changebringer. Imogen casts Sending to Keyleth and tells her they're back and in the Tishtan site, and Keyleth tells them to make their way to the western encampment. Fearne and Ashton's forms fade at this point, and they become exhausted, and the group's pace slows.

They start to talk once they are out of the Vanguard camp about FCG's death. Imogen first brings it up, at which point Laudna says he didn't had to and Ashton points out they'd always suspected it would happen, to which she agrees. Orym points out that FCG's sacrifice likely saved the rest of them, and Imogen agrees, but Laudna does not. Chetney tells the others they need to make sure their actions count just as much, though Ashton notes that he can still be angry. Imogen then worries about whether she made the right choices about Liliana; when Ashton reassures her she says she thinks Liliana might have come, but she didn't trust her. Laudna notes that Liliana now has a chance to prove herself, and Ashton says she has to leave of her own account for it to stick. Imogen thinks Liliana is more loyal to Predathos than to Ludinus, and Imogen notes that she thinks it's even stronger; that Ruidusborn are in a way designed by Predathos. Laudna says she finds this relatable; that all of them have been designed or controlled by others and that she feels sorry that Liliana, unlike Bells Hells, has never had the opportunity to see beyond that. Ashton, however, thinks the harm Liliana has done is difficult to forgive.

Orym asks Chetney to bring out Otohan's weapons, and picks up the Summit Blade and tells the others that this sword felled Derrig and Will and that the Vanguard is not in the right, and walks away. Laudna tells Imogen she loves her before telling the entire party that she loves them and that they should say it more; Chetney reflects on how FCG was unique and then brings up Liliana's mention of Aeor. Imogen asks Evoroa about Aeor, and Evoroa says the instruments and weaponry from Aeor is being used to dig through Ruidian glass, but efforts in Aeor had been slowed as of late by something called the Dominox, about which she knows very little. After giving Evoroa some rations, which she eats ravenously, Chetney begins to inspect the Summit Blade, but Ashton notes Orym will get final say on what the party does before lying down. Evoroa soon helps him up, and Laudna asks if they're okay. After Ashton expresses doubt, she rephrases it to whether they will be okay, at which they ask if anyone will be before elaborating that this feels like something of an inflection point, but first, they need to rest and ideally, break something.

Imogen approaches Orym. Orym tells her he knows this is difficult for her, and she tells him not to apologize, as it's just as hard for him. He admits that he sees things through a particular perspective, but that he cannot help it; it's not about revenge, but rather, honoring his family members' memory and intentions. Imogen tells him she believes they'd be proud of him, and that he's surpassed any obligations. Orym says he'll miss FCG, and Imogen agrees she feels the same. She also tells Orym that perhaps for a time it may have felt they had different goals, but that should no longer be a concern. Orym tells her he understands that this is about family, and Imogen agrees, but "choice were made."[1] She hopes that at the very least, Liliana will provide them with intel. Orym tells her he needs another moment, but he will catch up. He then takes out his Sending stone and contacts Dorian, tearfully telling him that they are back on Exandria, and that he is near Bassuras and asks if Dorian can come there, as he's struggling and misses him.

Matt then asks the group to leave the table, and once they have, he leaves the DM's chair, at which point Aabria sits down.

Part II[edit | edit source]

We catch up with the Crown Keepers and Cyrus Wyvernwind, who were among the few survivors of the events in Kymal. From there they fled the Nameless Ones by staying close to but not on the Wildwood Byway and laying low. Despite this, they still learned of the rumors surrounding the apogee solstice and Ruidus, and that various spells, including Sending and resurrection magics were not working, but not long after Dorian received a message from Orym asking him to find the Tempest. In this time, Opal, still connected to Lolth via the Circlet of Barbed Vision, has been waking up exhausted for the past few weeks, with no recollection of her dreams. Ted has also been similarly exhausted within her. Morrighan has since become a paladin of The Raven Queen, Dariax has been learning bardic skills from Dorian, and Fy'ra Rai has been haunted by seeing her sister in Kymal.

Opal suddenly stops as Lolth tells her she is needed, and that she must cut her ties to the rest of the party. Opal grows in size and begins to levitate, surrounded by both spiderwebs and a number of dark gems. She is also connected via Telepathic Bond to the others, and so while Lolth controls much of her, she mentally communicates to the party that this is not her doing before she attacks Fy'ra, the person she fears the most, by Hexing her and casting Eldritch Blast. Morrighan casts Haste and uses her Vow of Enmity and attacks Opal, but Ted takes the damage and asks Morrighan why her instinct is to harm. Morrighan also steps on one of the gems and realizes as she does these gems contain key memories from Opal's life. Dorian flies up with his Winged Boots and tries to grapple Opal, who dodges out of the way, and inspires Fy'ra. Fy'ra believes the only way to truly stop this is to remove the crown, but realizes that the Wildmother declines to interfere with the Spider Queen, and instead uses her whip.

A number of spiders suddenly appear, one of which crushes one of the gems representing Opal's memories as Lolth threatens the party, saying they cannot free Opal without killing her. Opal, meanwhile, remembers suddenly that her mother had told her and Ted when they were very young that they were Aevilux, people who split their souls using a Luxon beacon and later joined together; and so Opal and Ted are in fact halves of the same soul. However, as the gem is crushed, Opal immediately forgets this. Ted attacks Morrighan, and Dariax Blesses the party before inspiring Dorian. Opal casts Darkness. Morrighan, unable to see, tries to hop away, and heals Fy'ra. She also gathers some of the gems, and she and Opal talk and compliment each other via their telepathic bond; Morrighan realizes this is saving some of Opal's personality and encourages the others to also take gems if they can. Dorian tries to Dispel the Darkness but is unable to do so. Fy'ra uses her turn to pick up a number of the gems and remembers a recent time on the road together with Opal when they talked about their struggles with Fy'ra Kai and with Ted and about Opal's transformation. Fy'ra gives Opal half of the tiger's eye gem she has. Opal then casts Eldritch Blast on Dariax, and uses her Baleful Scion ability. Ted slashes at Dorian, after which Dariax casts Dimension Door, grabbing Dorian's arm, and picks up several gems. Opal and Dariax remember a memory from a few days ago in which Dariax awoke in the middle of the night and saw Opal standing, awake, without her usual disguise over her corrupted face. Dariax asks if she needs anything, and Opal asks if he ever feels disconnected from himself. Dariax tells her that he doesn't, but he's sorry that she is going through that and that she has them. As Dariax goes to sleep by her and comfort her, Dorian, outside the dream, notices the gems Dariax has become dull, and black ichor seeps across them. The memory becomes corrupted; Opal steps away from Dariax and refuses his hug, and says she has to go soon. When Dariax tells her they'll go with her, she tells him to let her go, and slowly it becomes clear that this isn't Opal speaking anymore. In the vision, Opal becomes something monstrous, and Lolth tells her she is trying to make the party leave, and that she will kill them if they don't go voluntarily. Opal tells them in earnest to leave at which point the memory ends.

The spiders attack, destroying several memories and injuring Cyrus. However, Lolth begins to panic and escalate. Ted dives into Opal's body, and Dariax sees Opal begin to transform into a drider, reflecting his fear of her becoming something beyond their reach or capacity to save. Dorian meanwhile sees his fear of everyone in the party corrupted, much like Fearne's forlarren self. In reality, Opal's form does change; she gains two more sets of arms and she becomes taller.

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Gifted Half a broken tiger eye stone Fy'ra Opal

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first episode of Critical Role to have a guest GM.
  • This episode and the next have the most player characters, at eleven, surpassing "Reunited" (3x64). Unlike that episode however, not all are at the table at the same time.
  • Aabria mentions that she is talking GM to GM when she is talking to Anjali. Anjali recently played as game master for the first time for Lego's Dungeons & Dragons Game Night.[2]

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