Bor'Dor Dog'Son

Bor'Dor Dog'Son
Player character
Official art of Bor'Dor Dog'Son, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorUtkarsh Ambudkar
ClassSorcerer (Divine Soul)
Biographical information
LanguagesCommon, Elvish,[1] Giant[2]
  • Livandra (mother)
  • Unnamed father
  • Jepson (older brother)
ProfessionLeather worker (guise)
AffiliationsRuby Vanguard (member)
Cause of deathKilled by Laudna's Wither and Bloom ("A Haunted Past" (3x63))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
First seen"Somewhere Out There" (3x59)
Last seen"A Haunted Past" (3x63)
StreamCampaign 3 (5 episodes)

Bor'Dor Dog'Son is a half-elf sorcerer. He is played by Utkarsh Ambudkar.

Description[edit | edit source]

Official art of Bor'Dor Dog'Son, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

Bor'Dor is a very thin 6'4" young half-elf man with long unkempt dark hair, and bronze skin with green and gold tints. He rarely holds himself to his full height. When Laudna, Orym, and Ashton first met him, he was wearing a green wool cloak, and pants that were made from a potato sack. His eyes are very large.[3] His eyes give off impression of innocence.[4]

When Bor'Dor dropped his disguise, he appeared similar, but the gold was flaked and cracked, there was gray in his skin, and his eyes showed a deep sense of sadness and loss.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bor'Dor seemed initially terrified of combat, and spent much of the fight with the shambling mounds lying on the ground or vomiting from fear.[5] During the battle at the temple, however, he seems less fearful and gets two successful kills while only vomiting once. Outside of combat he has moments of cunning and trickery, such as when he promised Proleff a favor as payment with the thought of leaving before the favor is called upon.[6] When asked by Team Issylra his opinion on gods of Exandria, Bor'Dor expressed that he believed in the goodness of people,[7] but his actual opinion was that gods are corrupted and must be destroyed.[8]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Bor'Dor grew up on the Menagerie Coast with his mother, Livandra, who was a follower of the Wildmother and his mentor, and his father, who wasn't touched by innate magical abilities. They lived in Port Damali hiding under the guise of leatherworkers. "Years" before 843 PD, a group of rich kids initiated a fight with him, and he couldn't control his powers, almost killing one of them on accident. Livandra took the blame for this incident, handed Bor'Dor her Dagger of Venom, and told him to flee the city. His father and older brother Jepson tried to fight against this punishment and were killed. The last thing he saw before he ran was her setting off a Vitriolic Sphere on herself and the incoming guards. Bor'Dor reached the Cyrios Mountains, where he stole and panhandled to survive, and eventually became connected with the Ruby Vanguard.[9]

Bor'Dor was at the Tishtan site during the Apogee Solstice, and witnessed Bells Hells' attempt to foil the Ruby Vanguard's plan to release Predathos from Ruidus.[10] Bor'Dor was teleported to the Demithore Valley at the start of the apogee solstice,[11] where he murdered a farmer, burned his body, and took his clothes and his cart, burning his own clothes.[12]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Bor'Dor built a small fire and settled in with a reindeer, which he named Ratchet.[13] Laudna, Orym, Ashton, and Deni$e noticed the fire, and after Laudna sent Pâté to scout, Orym approached. Bor'Dor immediately shot at him with a crossbow but missed,[14] but then cast Lightning Bolt at Deni$e, who had crept up behind him.[15] Orym de-escalated the situation and Bor'Dor apologized and healed Deni$e before telling the party a false story that he was a shepherd with little experience with the world. He told them that he grew up in the Dwendalian Empire, within the Cyrios Mountains near Pride's Call.[16] His mother either left or died when he was quite young,[17] and he lived with his younger brother Jesper.[18] Bor'Dor claimed that in the three weeks leading up to the apogee solstice his brother Jesper had been seriously ill with a fever. On the apogee solstice he was thrown to Issylra and suddenly received magical powers.[19]

Shortly after Prism found the group, they were attacked by shambling mounds and a corpse flower. Bor'Dor vomited, soiled himself, and spent much of the fight lying on the ground, but did successfully cast Ray of Frost and Lightning Bolt again, though the latter was not effective against the monsters.[20] After the fight, the party decided to rest for the night and figure out where they were in the morning. Bor'Dor took the first watch with Prism, and the two discussed her feelings about the gods, her bird, Mother, and Bor'Dor's own mother.[21] He told her that he wanted to do better in combat next time, and Prism offered to help clean him up if things went badly again.[22]

During the trek to Hearthdell, Bor'dor became uneasy at the sight of the disused gallows and unmarked graves nearby and worried about the possibility of zombies rising after dark. With the concern of staying out after dark, the party decided to walk around the gallows at a distance of 200 feet rather than a quarter mile to ensure they didn't take too long to reach the town.[23] He became more comfortable among the townsfolk, seeing that they were simple rural villagers like the people he had grown up around,[7] and approached a local named Hender to explain the party's situation. While Hender was initially reluctant to discuss the strange happenings in the town during the solstice while a guard was nearby, he pointed them to Proleff and Elder Abaddina for more information in exchange for some of Bor'dor's jerky.[24] In Proleff's shop, Bor'dor commented on the beauty of the village and the strange lack of neighborly conversation among its residents, prompting the shopkeep to talk about the unease the villagers felt with the eyes of the temple bastions on them.[25] Just before leaving the shop, he also asked about the gallows and unmarked graves and purchased a "very heavy laxative" with the promise of a future favor for payment.[26]

While talking with Abaddina, Bor'dor asked her what the party could do to help her.[27] After a discussion about the clash between the faiths of the Prime Deities and The Loam and the Leaf, she asked the group to help free the village from the Sunrise Sanctuary and Bor'dor quickly agreed.[28] In the town meeting prior to the attack on the temple, he clarified with Abaddina that the goal was to get the missionaries and their forces to leave and devised a plan to distract the temple guards by plying them with beer and tobacco so that the rest of the villagers could sneak closer.[29][30] He and Orym carried out the distraction together by posing as potential converts, and he laced the beer served to the guards with the laxative during the conversation.[31]

When the fight at the temple broke out, Bor'dor first attempted to convince the guard near him to join the side of the villagers; failing that, he shot the guard with his crossbow while the guard ran away.[32] Once the doors to the sanctuary were torn open, he rallied the townspeople to storm the front entrance.[33] Inside, he used Lightning Bolt against a Judicator and the Dawnborn Angel, took a large amount of damage from the angel's Fireball, and killed two combatants: Flameguide Kiro by stabbing her in the back and collecting her blood (vomiting while doing so) for Prism to use as a spell component,[34] and the angel by upcasting Inflict Wounds.[35] After the battle ended, Bor'dor asked Proleff if his actions there settled the favor he owed, to which Proleff agreed.[36]

The angel's death weighed on Bor'dor throughout the night, so after the party returned to Abaddina's home to rest, he joined Orym outside to talk. He shared the sadness he felt when the angel died and his confusion at why things happened the way they did, and questioned what the party's ultimate goals were in dealing with the threat of Predathos and Ludinus Da'leth. Orym shared his uncertainty and responded that his goal was to be reunited with the rest of Bell's Hells and try to prevent more people he cares about from dying. The two then complemented each other on their work in distracting the guards before the fight.[37] The following morning, Bor'dor realized he didn't have any items with him that belonged to his brother to use for the Scry.[38] He instead gave his dagger to attempt to Scry on his home, but the location shown wasn't familiar.[39]

The party traveled through the Serratus Wilderness to reach Hevestro, a former teacher of Abaddina's who could transport them home. En route, Prism and Laudna coached Bor'Dor in spellcasting, and when Ashton offered their Pipe of Remembrance to him, it showed his most heroic moment to be feeling as though he belonged.[40] However, after another Scry attempt from Prism did not show Bor'Dor's brother, giving a vision of an empty house that belonged to the murdered farmer,[12] Deni$e became suspicious and stole an item from him.[41] Upon reaching Irriam Canyon, Bor'Dor took a piece of crystal and found that it seemed to refract magic.[42]

Following the fight with Evithorir, in which the party freed Hevestro, Bor'Dor helped Hevestro bury his fallen allies.[43] Deni$e confronted him not long after, and Bor'Dor revealed the truth of his past to the party before casting Vitriolic Sphere into the crystal, injuring several members of Team Issylra and knocking Prism unconscious.[44] In the ensuing fight, Bor'Dor attempted to escape, but was Counterspelled by Laudna.[45] Laudna killed him with Wither and Bloom.[46] Deni$e buried him with his mother's dagger and with a sketch portrait of his family.[47]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Half-elf abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Darkvision
  • Fey Ancestry
  • Skill Versatility

Feats[edit | edit source]

Sorcerer abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Sorcerous Origin: Divine Soul
    • Divine Magic
    • Favored by the Gods
    • Empowered Healing
  • Font of Magic
    • Sorcery Points: 9
    • Flexible Casting
  • Metamagic

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Survival [58]

Sorcerer spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Fire Bolt Cantrip [59]
Ray of Frost Cantrip [60]
Cure Wounds 1st Divine magic [61]
Inflict Wounds 1st Divine magic [62]
Calm Emotions 2nd Divine magic [63]
Enhance Ability 2nd [64]
Lightning Bolt 3rd [65]
Polymorph 4th [66]
Vitriolic Sphere 4th [44]
Mass Cure Wounds 5th Divine magic [67]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Right from the start, after Bor'Dor joined Team Issylra, his player, Utkarsh Ambudkar, planned to betray the party, mostly to use Vitriolic Sphere on them. However, after Bor'Dor had a couple of vulnerable moments with them, he could've shared his true past and turn to the righteous path, especially in the aftermath of the fight in the Sunrise Sanctuary.[68] Bor'Dor got close with the party to gain their trust and ease his betrayal.[69]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • (after suddenly shooting a Lightning Bolt at Deni$e) "Oh my god, how did I do that?"[70]
  • "I believe in the faith. I believe in the goodness in people, and these people look good to me."[71]
  • "My life is very small. I wake up, I work, I go to sleep. My beliefs have been black and white. These people told us to go into a church and fight something that I can't fathom. In the moment where I felt victory, I didn't see divinity or radiance, or whatever the fuck you call it. I just felt sadness and compassion. Did you see the way it looked? Why did we have to do that?"[72]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bor'dor does not know how to read.[73][74]
  • The animation on his stat card features what look like autumn leaves blowing through a fog.[75]

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