Bleed is the "corruptive force left behind by powerful magick", and can contaminate both living and inanimate objects. People who interact with something saturated by bleed become affected by it. Experiencing too much exposure to bleed can be lethal, or can cause the person in question to become permanently corrupted or otherwise controlled by supernatural phenomena.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

As a force, bleed was responsible for the fall of Oldfaire, after their society attempted to harness magick but were unprepared to handle the effects.[1][3] Some believe that Iomene was able to mitigate these effects by absorbing bleed, as the fall of Oldfaire occurred only after she was deposed.[4]

Antidotes and treatments[edit | edit source]

By 1907, the Exoteric Order of New Sciences had developed an experimental antidote to the effects of bleed, known as Adjuvant.[5] The Office of Unexplained Phenomena, meanwhile, had developed the Sathe Device, a type of bleed detector.[6] Pyre uses the Fountains of Lustration to cleanse themselves of bleed.[7] By 1919, Candela Obscura had developed their own bleed antidote, the Timely Iris.[8]

Related items[edit | edit source]

Arlo Black owns a bleed detector,[9] as well as a personal ward against bleed.[10] Objects with bleed can be placed in containment vials, of which Charlotte Eaves has one.[11]

These and similar devices are common among other Candela agents as well:

Bleed detectors and wards can take on a number of different inconspicuous appearances, such as fluorescent tube,[14] jawbone,[15] monocle,[16] or a lighter and snuffbox.[17] Malcolm Trills' prosthetic hand includes within it a detector and a containment vial.[18]

The Circle of Needle & Thread found golden artifacts that permitted the wearer to take additional bleed in exchange for gilding an additional die.[21]

The Circle of Tide & Bone found an syringe among Toren Gevni's belongings that could be injected into someone and automatically soak the next bleed they took, combining aspects of a ward and a containment vial.[22]

There is a type of invisible ink mixed up with bleed. A bleed detector can reveal writing made with such ink.[23]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

As a game mechanic in Candela Obscura, Bleed is one of the three tracks of potential Marks one can take, along with Body (physical harm) and Brain (psychological stress).[24]

Various abilities permit one to either gain insight from taking bleed (eg, "Let Them In" from the Weird role),[25] to choose to take bleed to extend one's existing abilities (eg, "Forbidden Ritual" from the Occultist role),[26] or to resist taking bleed in a situation in which one normally might (eg, "Dissection" from the Doctor role).[27]

References[edit | edit source]