Black moss cupcake

Black moss cupcake
Basic information
Culinary information
FlavorEarthy, charcoal with a matcha-like aftertaste
Historical information
Available inUthodurn, Wildemount
Sold byThe Softer Stone Forge

A black moss cupcake is a dessert sold in Uthodurn, Wildemount. They have a black color and an earthy flavor with a matcha-like aftertaste.

Description[edit | edit source]

Black moss cupcakes have an immediate earthy, charcoal flavor with a subtle matcha-like aftertaste from the cream filling. It has "a hint" of sweetness but is not sweet. The initial taste can be disappointing to those expecting a sweet cupcake. They are black in color, which can be perceived as burned, and are frosted. Caduceus Clay found them "very chewy".[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Black moss cupcakes are sold in Uthodurn by The Softer Stone Forge bakery on the Deliberation Disk. The price for an individual black moss cupcake is unclear, but cupcakes are "not that expensive". Prices for a baker's dozen of mixed flavors was 4 silver[1] and three dozen of black moss cupcakes was 5 silver.[2]

An employee at the bakery was shocked to learn that Jester Lavorre never had one and put four or five into her order. She ate one before leaving the store and declared it as "worth the entire trip". As she offered other members of the Mighty Nein cupcakes, she said that those who didn't choose the black moss ones were "missing out" and forced Fjord to have one against his reservations. Fjord did not like them, but Caduceus did.[1] Jester later offered one to an excited Reani, who also never had one.[3]

After successfully casting Modify Memory on Isharnai using Dust of Deliciousness and a blueberry cupcake from the Softer Stone Forge, Jester promised to send her more and told her about black moss cupcakes.[4] Shortly after, Jester bought three dozen black moss cupcakes[2] and had Tevas deliver one dozen of them to Isharnai.[5] Ishanari confirmed over Sending that she received them and described them as tasty.[6]

Black moss cupcakes were served at Beauregard Lionett and Yasha Nydoorin's dinner date in the Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, as requested of Caleb Widogast by Beau.[7] Essek Thelyss remarked that he heard that the cupcakes in Uthodurn were "quite good", and Jester specified to him black moss cupcakes.[8]

Reference[edit | edit source]

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