Bittersweet Reunions

"Bittersweet Reunions"
Campaign 3 episode
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Episode no.Episode 93
AirdateMay 2, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time4:05:19
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"Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93) is the 93rd episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. The Crown Keepers endure a battle for their lives and the very heart of their team, with dire consequences for every move...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Pre-show[edit | edit source]

Welcome back to the Nordverse reboot!

Part I[edit | edit source]

Opal, now transformed, tries to negotiate with the Spider Queen regarding the conditions of her role as champion. The Spider Queen shows her a vision of Predathos, and tells her the gods fear it. She tells Opal that if she kills two of the Crown Keepers, she will let the others go free without issue. Morrighan then takes her turn, attacking several of the spiders, and reaches out to her deity, the Raven Queen, who also tells her about the threat of Predathos. She explains that this is a threat to all the gods, and when Morrighan asks for more concrete guidance, tells her to leave and become her champion in the upcoming fight rather than fall to Opal and the Spider Queen. She also points out that Opal put on the Circlet of Barbed Vision willingly, and this was her choice.

Dorian tries to kill the spiders near Cyrus by casting Chromatic Orb, but Cyrus is also injured in the attack. Dorian uses his Winged Boots to fly to his brother. Fy'ra Rai offers her own service to the Wildmother in the hopes of freeing Opal, but the Wildmother too tells her that the gods are not interfering with each other's plans in the interest of stopping a threat facing them all and does not provide the terms of this promise. Fy'ra casts Fireball towards Opal, who is still hidden by Darkness, but it is Counterspelled by Opal. Fy'ra tells the Wildmother that she accepts, despite not knowing the terms, and this dispels the Darkness.

Opal casts Mass Suggestion in the hopes of saving everyone by forcing them to leave her and find Orym instead. Dorian and Dariax both are affected by the spell. Ted then attacks Morrighan, injuring her badly and poisoning her. Opal casts Banishing Smite, intended for Morrighan, but is unable to hit her. Dariax casts Mass Cure Wounds on everyone fighting Opal that he can see, then walks away. One of the spiders then attacks Cyrus, knocking him unconscious, and others begin to destroy the gems of Opal's memories and personality, taking away the memory of her birth name and of who Ted is to her. Opal tries to bargain with the Spider Queen again but is rebuffed, and another, massive spider is summoned and attacks Cyrus, killing him. Morrighan retaliates and attacks one of the other spiders near Cyrus. She then leaves as the Raven Queen had suggested, accompanied by Cyrus's soul, bringing him to the afterlife. Dorian, forced to leave by the Mass Suggestion, casts Geas on the massive spider, telling it to kill its mother. He then flies away towards Dariax.

Opal, via Telepathic Bond, tells Fy'ra to try to damage her as much as possible before fleeing, but Fy'ra refuses and says she will either remove the circlet, or accompany Opal. She grabs the crown and finds that she could, if she wanted, pull it free from Opal's head; but she also realizes this would kill Opal. She decides against it and asks Opal what she wants. Opal tells her to leave, but the two realize that, as the Wildmother and the Spider Queen are both currently united against Predathos, they could remain together for now. The Spider Queen tries to get Fy'ra to leave, pointing out she needs to find Fy'ra Kai, but Fy'ra and Opal stand together and refuse, and eventually, the Spider Queen agrees to let them travel together.

Dariax sees Cyrus's body as he leaves but cannot approach it due to the Mass Suggestion, and notices Dorian doing the same. The two travel towards Zephrah, and as they talk, Dorian admits to Dariax he wants vengeance for what happened to Cyrus. The two talk about music and their plans, and in a tavern on their journey, Dorian encourages Dariax, who has said that he wishes to support the people fighting even if he might not be one of them himself, to play for the people there. He gives Dariax Cyrus's cup for coins, and as Dariax plays, casts Invisibility on himself and leaves for Zephrah alone, eventually reaching his destination.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Dorian arrives in Zephrah, and Keyleth acknowledges him despite him being invisible. He drops the spell and when she asks him why he is here, he tells her that he's lost his group and is unsure what his next move is, but would like to continue the mission. Dorian asks if someone from the Air Ashari could retrieve Cyrus's body, and she says she will. She also tells him that he can stay in Zephrah; while she will be away as are many of the village's warriors, he will be welcomed and can speak to those remaining. Dorian asks her about armorers. When Keyleth asks on that, he tells her he's unsure of his exact next step, but he has motivation and would like to see Orym and Fearne. She tells him they are currently busy on a very important mission, but he can stay within her home and rest for now and join them when they return; she believes Orym is alive as she'd realize if something had happened. Dorian begins to relax and is shown to his chambers before Keyleth tells him she has a meeting.

As he rests, he can hear Keyleth have a conversation, and while he cannot make out the words, her tone is serious. He is then interrupted by Orym's message via Sending stone telling him they are at the Tishtan site and that he really wants to see him. Dorian tells him he'll be there. Keyleth then knocks on his door and tells him she must leave on business; he asks her what business, and she asks him what he knows about the apogee solstice and the Ruby Vanguard. She explains that the Hellcatch Valley is the center of the goings on, and that everyone on Exandria who can is gathering there to fight the threat from Ruidus, including Orym and the rest of Bells Hells. Dorian tells her he wants to go, and she brings him with her. He sees the tethered moon and Bloody Bridge for the first time as they arrive in the western encampment. The gates of the encampment open, and he recognizes most of Bells Hells, but does not notice FCG, and sees an unfamiliar figure as well.

Bells Hells arrives, and notice Dorian and Keyleth. Orym runs before leaping to Dorian and hugging him; Fearne joins as do the others, though Chetney is briefly suspicious of the scenario before Dorian convinces him. Keyleth expresses her relief that they've returned safely, and Bells Hells tell her and Dorian that FCG died to save them. Meanwhile, Dorian and Keyleth, as well as many of the soldiers notice Evoroa. After providing a brief rundown of any immediate concerns, Bells Hells introduce her and Gona, and Evoroa tells Keyleth and Dorian she has knowledge from working under Ludinus at the order of the Kreviris Imperium. The party also asks Keyleth if she has sent people to Ria'Doin to investigate the portal, and she tells them she has and that some of her Ashari colleagues from Terrah will likely be involved in making it a more viable option. Keyleth then tells them she has to leave to coordinate some of those gathered, and after telling Orym she believed he could do this, she encourages Bells Hells and Dorian rest.

Dorian then catches up with Bells Hells and tells them that Cyrus died and that Opal and Morrighan became champions of their gods. They update him on the fight with Otohan, and Orym tells him this was the woman who led the attack on Zephrah that killed Will and Derrig. Laudna gives Dorian the Ruidian glass dancer sculpture as a gift. The party gives Dorian a rundown on their side of the goings-on, mentioning Liliana's relationship to Imogen and showing him some of the other things they took from the moon. Chetney warns Dorian the party is likely going in to more danger. Fearne asks Dorian what he plans to do regarding Cyrus's death and he tells her that he's asked the Ashari to retrieve him, and the conversation grows serious as Dorian says what he sees seems "irredeemable." When he calls it a failure, Laudna says it is an opportunity, and when she mentions redemption, Dorian says he'd prefer revenge, which she agrees with. Orym asks after Fy'ra and Dariax, and Dorian tells him Dariax is okay, and Fy'ra has gone with Opal. Laudna then mentions Deni$e, and she, Orym, and Ashton update Dorian. Chetney mentions Deanna and that he died again. They continue to tell Dorian of their adventures before deciding they should do this over drinks.

Ashton goes to find a bottle of liquor, which is not difficult given the encampment is aware of their contributions, and before drinking goes to find Evoroa and apologizes for being short with her earlier and treating her like a trade for FCG. Evoroa accepts their apology. Ashton then returns with a number of bottles of drink and Bells Hells update Dorian on Ashton and Fearne's absorption of elements of Rau'shan and Ka'Mort. Dorian wonders if they are all alright, to which Bells Hells tells him they definitely aren't, and everyone toasts to that, to FCG, and to Cyrus.

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Inventory[edit | edit source]

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Gifted Moon-Touched Sword Dorian Dariax
Gifted New clothing and armor, supplies Dorian
Gifted Little ruidian glass sculpture of a Reilora dancer Laudna Dorian
Expended Three bottles of wine, a bottle of a brackish brown liquid Party

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode and the previous have the most player characters, at eleven, surpassing "Reunited" (3x64). Unlike that episode however, not all are at the table at the same time.

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