Bells Hells

Bells Hells
Organizational information
Also known as
  • Bell's Hellions[1]
  • The Hells[2]
TypeAdventuring party
Established843 PD
Total members9 (2 deceased)
Notable members

We're here to raise hell in the name of Bell!

— Laudna[3]

Bells Hells[4] is an adventuring party that met and joined together while they were all in Jrusar, Marquet in the summer of 843 PD. They are the protagonists of the Third Campaign of Critical Role. Their primary goal has been to unravel the mysteries and conspiracies surrounding the moon Ruidus, which culminated in a partially-failed attempt to stop the Ruby Vanguard from activating the Malleus Key at the Tishtan excavation site on the Apogee Solstice. Since then, they've been working to stop Ludinus Da'leth and his Ruby Vanguard from completing their plan to release Predathos, the god-eating entity that has been sealed within Ruidus for millennia.

Founding[edit | edit source]

Three small groups came together near the Spire by Fire Inn in Jrusar when a magical disturbance nearby created several animated objects that threatened to attack innocents in the street. One group, Ashton Greymoore and Fresh Cut Grass, had been at the Inn looking for employment; another pair, Imogen Temult and Laudna, had been shopping after inquiring about how to enroll in a prestigious university in the city; and Dorian Storm, Fearne Calloway, and Orym had been sent to Jrusar on a search mission to locate Oshad Breshio. As they spontaneously coordinated to fight the animated objects, Bertrand Bell arrived and was impressed by the seven individuals' effectiveness as a combined team. Bertrand, who knew Lord Ariks Eshteross was looking for talent, promised to make introductions to high-placed people in the city to help the seven with their various goals, and took them to see Eshteross.[5]

Adventures[edit | edit source]

Arc 1: Destiny's Call[edit | edit source]

At the request of Lord Eshteross, the party investigated the Prudaj Textiles warehouse, looking to stop ongoing thefts. They found a ledger with evidence that the warehouse manager, Danas, was covering up the loss in warehouse stock. Tracking Danas, the party arrived at the Weary Way Tavern just in time to witness her murder at the hands of her partner in crime, a pale dwarf known as Dugger, who overpowered the group with the aid of a number of shade creepers and made his escape. That evening, while taking a late-night stroll, Bertrand Bell was cornered by that same individual, who swiftly took his life. Seeing Bertrand in a recurrent nightmare of hers, Imogen raised the alarm, and Bertrand's body was found soon after. Going back to the tavern room where they fought the dwarf, the party found a hidden hole under the desk that seemed to be as deep as the spire itself. With information from the Hubatt Corsairs, the group found out where Dugger lived. The dwarf exhibited strange abilities, like a viscous physical form, but the party was able to kill him and avenge the death of Bertrand.

Official art of Chetney Pock O'Pea, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

As they looked for clues related to Oshad Breshio, the group also investigated disappearances at the Dreamscape Theater and disposed of the spitting mimic that was responsible. After the fight, they were approached by Chetney Pock O'Pea, who hired them to find his missing guide, Gurge Kisgregg, and offered to help them until they could find him. Before they could begin their search, they were accosted by Dorian's brother, Cyrus Wyvernwind, who let them know that he was working with the Hubatt Corsairs and that he had a big bounty on his head. The group began looking for Gurge, and found out that he turned into a terrifying beast and was taken by the bounty hunter Artana Voe to her client, Vali Dertrana, the business commissioner of the Mirror Towers. After quickly scouting the Moon Tower, Ashton split off to pay a short visit to his employer, Jiana Hexum. It was revealed that she was the one who put a bounty on Cyrus' head, and that Ashton owed her a debt. In the middle of the night, the party infiltrated Vali's office. At the end of a secret passageway, they found Ira Wendagoth, an eerie-lookie fey also known as the Nightmare King, who was keeping Gurge in a cage. The party released Gurge and battled Ira and the furniture that he made come to life, with Chetney revealing his true identity as a werewolf. Ira left the scene after activating a powerful magical reactor, and the group ran away just before the tower was blown up.

The next day, the group visited Lord Eshteross to tell him about Ira, and were able to determine that he was working for Armand Treshi, who would be attending a ball later that week. In the meantime, the group visited House Lumas to meet Oshad Breshio, the man Keyleth had tasked Orym to speak to and learn about his attack, before heading to the Starpoint Conservatory, where Imogen was finally allowed in to research her powers. She found out that a study had discovered several individuals across Exandria who were prone to the same dream as her seemingly caused by the celestial solstice, including her mother, Liliana. In the following days, Imogen saw two figures holding hands amidst the storm in her dream and thought it might be the Lumas twins, who were the last known people to have read the study.

Official art of Dorian, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 3]

On the night of the ball, Dorian and Eshteross appeared as guests while the others acted as their respective entourage. During the Dance of the Crossroads, they managed to replace Armand Treshi's prize ring with a traceable, enchanted copy. Because he wore a mask of the Nightmare King, Ashton was challenged to a duel by General Ratanish, leader of Paragon's Call, which he lost. While spying on Armand's date, Lady Emoth Kade, Chetney found out that she was meeting up with Dorian's brother Cyrus. He saw that she could command shade creepers and called the others, who arrived as Emoth killed several guards in a form similar to Dugger's. Emoth escaped, but the party managed to save a single guard, who asked who they were. Imogen gave him their new name: "Bells Hells". As they returned to the ball, Dorian saw his brother being arrested by the Green Seekers and threw a smoke grenade, managing to sneak him out of the area. After they had all made it home safely, Eshteross offered to smuggle Cyrus to Emon on his skyship, Seeing as he was now a highly wanted fugitive. Dorian decided to leave with his brother, saying goodbye to the rest of the group.

The morning after, the Green Seekers, Gus and Olly, followed Bells Hells from Eshteross's home and confronted them. They decided to temporarily work together, as they shared an interest in finding out the underlying cause of the strange shade creeper entities, and went to the Underrush Mines, where Gus's ex, Ogdes Friez, worked as a foreman. Ogdes permitted them to investigate the closed portion of the mines. There, they came upon Emoth, who was speaking to a massive, slug-like creature she called the Shade Mother. Combat ensued; Bells Hells learned this was where the brumestone had been going, as the Shade Mother used it to levitate. In the fight, Chetney was able to encapsulate Emoth in a Bead of Imprisonment given to him by Olly. After Orym trapped the Shade Mother, the party escaped via the mine elevators, but not before Imogen telekinetically took a strange purple crystal out of the lair. The badly wounded party then went to rest and recover as the Green Seekers took Emoth to Orlana Seshadri, their employer; Imogen found that the crystal felt warm and comforting, and fell asleep cradling it.

That night, Imogen had another dream of a red storm, but felt comfort from the rock. Upon awakening, Imogen asked FCG, now rested, to Identify the crystal, which he determined is a gnarlrock, a strange rock from the Feywild that causes mutations. Fearne, despite being fey, was unfamiliar.

The party decided to take Jiana's offer to serve as her team for a heist in Heartmoor Hamlet. When they arrived at Hexum Manor, Jiana explained the bet: they are to steal the object from her rival Evon Hytroga, who runs the Twilight Mirror Museum, with a generous payout and money for travel, and an additional bonus should they humiliate Evon. She also expressed interest in FCG, which Ashton was wary of. Bells Hells made their preparations and then left along the Honored Trails leading to the Heartmoor. In the course of about a week of travel, the party found a Feywild shard, which Imogen took; a Chromatic Rose, which Orym kept; and had several conversations. Notably, Ashton revealed to Fearne that they had not always had their genasi form; Laudna told Orym she had been one of the corpses hung on the Sun Tree; and Orym told Chetney that he was a widower, and his husband Will had been killed in the attack on Zephrah Orym was now investigating. Bells Hells also encountered a tree-like fairy creature which attacked them in the night; elvish ruins; and another party of travelers before reaching Heartmoor Hamlet.

Arc 2: Sand and Shadows[edit | edit source]

Heist at the Heartmoor[edit | edit source]

At Heartmoor Hamlet, they rented rooms and went to check out the Twilight Mirror Museum, but Evon told them they would not get a tour, and that the competition would begin at midnight the following night. Bells Hells then went to see Roe Estani, the man who had been with the Lumas twins at the time of their death. When Orym explained that Oshad Breshio had sent him, he let them in. Estani explained that he and the twins had both been interested in celestial solstices and Ruidus, and that the twins had intended to go to Yios to look at the Omen Archive before they were killed. Upon learning more, the party discussed whether Imogen was possibly Ruidusborn, and Estani offered to let them look at Ruidus through his telescope that night. Following a brief shopping trip, during which Ashton and Imogen learned that the toy shop owner was a former associate of Oltgar and that the travelers they'd met on the way were likely the rival team, Bells Hells returned to Estani's home. There, looking through the telescope, Orym and then Imogen saw that a red storm like those in Imogen's dream raged on the moon. That night, Imogen had the dream again, this time with figures appearing within the storm.

The party arrived at the Twilight Mirror Museum at the specified time and confirmed the travelers, known as The Verdict, they'd encountered on the road were their rivals. Evon showed them the object they needed to obtain - a lapis earring purportedly belonging to Harudan - and the race began. Bells Hells encountered many traps and challenges within. At one point, Chetney lost control of his lycanthropy and attacked Orym briefly. Several clay wardens did significant damage to both parties, and Bells Hells deliberately activated a flame trap multiple times, nearly killing The Verdict. They obtained the earring, and on the way out stole the alleged journal of Vespin Chloras, a ceremonial helmet belong to the Hishari, and a number of important papers from Evon's bedroom.

On their way out of town, Chetney stopped by the toy store and spoke with Zadro Ichlen, the owner; despite their mutual hatred of Oltgar, the conversation was tense. Estani approached Orym and told him that he was a former member of the Grim Verity, an organization that seeks out secret information that may be helpful should the party go to the Aydinlan Seminary at Yios. He told them to seek out Ebenold Kai if so, and gave a letter of introduction. Bells Hells then left Heartmoor Hamlet to return to Jrusar. En route, they looked at the letters stolen from Evon, many of which concerned his acquisitions and commissions of fake artifacts, but a few of which concerned shipments to Jiana from Wildemount.

Upon returning to Jrusar, Bells Hells checked in with Jiana Hexum for their reward. Jiana expressed particular interest in FCG, believing she could fetch a high price, and asked to speak with them alone. Ashton remained with him. Jiana told FCG that they are a particularly intelligent automaton, which interested her; as this happened, Ashton began to recall flashes of the night they robbed Hexum Manor. The party then checked in with Eshteross, who told them that by interrogating Emoth Kade, Orlana had found Armand Treshi was a guilty party, but Treshi had fled towards Bassuras per the tracker ring. He asked Bells Hells to take his skyship, the Silver Sun, to bring back Treshi to Jrusar to await justice. Bells Hells agreed to leave the next day following a number of errands.

Bells Hells first went to Dayal Hall to meet Ajit Dayal on Chetney's behalf. Ajit told Chetney how he had come to know the Gorgynei, and gave him information on how to contact their leader, Divaasheela, in the Gloomed Jungles. He also told Chetney that it is possible to cure lycanthropy, if he is interested. Chetney declined but admitted some precautions might be beneficial. The party then went to the Trove of Marwa and purchased several magical items, including a portable hole, before stopping by Krook House to speak to Milo about the night they repaired Ashton. Milo told him that he had been clutching a vial full of a gray liquid, which Milo mixed into the glass they used to repair Ashton's injuries. At the Spire by Fire, Imogen and FCG both probed into Ashton's memories, at their request. They uncovered some the events of the night Ashton fell, but not all. In the middle of the night, Chetney also broke into the Prism Emporium, which had overcharged him, and threatened Tuyen Otwana, the shopkeeper.

Adventures in Bassuras[edit | edit source]

The following day, Bells Hells met Captain Xandis of the Silver Sun and took off towards Bassuras. They encountered several skiraths, during which Orym fell off the ship but Imogen, using Fly, was able to save him. Towards the end of one of the days of travel, Laudna pulled Imogen aside to ask if she was alright, and Imogen admitted she wasn't sure if the feeling of safety she had from the gnarlrock was healthy. Laudna asked to see it, and Imogen, after asking her to promise not to do anything to it, handed it over. However, once it was in Laudna's hands, Delilah took over her body and seemingly absorbed the power of the gnarlrock, leaving it broken. Imogen told Laudna she'd lied, and left to go to bed; Laudna screamed angrily at Delilah, who thanked her and told her she'd taken care of it.

The party encountered a dusttra the next day, which Xandis noticed was unusual; Imogen learned, via telepathy, that its children had been taken from it. They reached Bassuras that evening and were let down outside the wall of the city, where they were met by the Gajakhandas, one of the many crawler gangs in the city, who recognized Ashton and let them through. They found rooms for the night at the Raha Den, and while on watch, FCG told Chetney about Shithead, a giant bird who had terrorized them when they were last in the city. Chetney promised to protect him.

Official art of Dusk, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 4]

The following day, while out in the city following the tracker orb to Treshi's ring, Bells Hells noticed someone outnumbered in a fight and rushed to help them. After dispatching the attackers, the person they rescued introduces themselves as Dusk, and said they had spent some time in the Feywild and now their memory is somewhat hazy regarding their prior history. The group decided to discuss this more at the Taste of Tal'Dorei theme restaurant. At the restaurant, Dusk told the party she had met Fearne's parents, Birdie and Oleander Calloway, while in the Feywild, and had returned to the Material Plane but were separated from them. After some discussion of past fey they've encountered such as Ira, Imogen offered to contact Fearne's parents via Sending on Dusk's behalf. When Imogen included information only Fearne would know, Birdie told her to meet at Imahara Joe's in a few days. Several party members also spoke with Imogen and Laudna, who were still fighting, to see how they were doing. The party then went on to trace the tracker ring to the River of Renewal, a pawn shop, and with some magical assistance from Dusk were able to learn Treshi was likely at the Seat of Disdain, the Paragon's Call's headquarters and fortress. They scoped out the location, with Fearne doing recon in the form of a quokka, but did not find Treshi. They retired, with Dusk, to the Raha Den for the night.

That night, Dusk secretly contacted their patron, Zathuda of the Unseelie Court, revealing that they were in fact sent to retrieve the Moontide Crown and kill the Calloways. Imogen, meanwhile, had another dream of the red storm, but this time, several figures, including a woman in dark gray armor were present. The woman said "How interesting," but Imogen woke up before she could learn who they were. At breakfast, the party was stopped by several members of the Paragon's Call, who had noticed them the day before and said that Ratanish wished to speak with them. Bells Hells convinced them they were only checking the location out because Ashton wished to take Ratanish up on the job offer. The party then split up, as Ashton told them a likely outcome of this encounter would be them entering in the Deathwish Run, a no-holds-barred crawler race around the city. FCG went to Finders Takers, a shop run by Esmer Balenta, whom they knew previously. Esmer revealed that she had recently seen Dancer, which unsettled FCG, who had believed her to be dead. Ashton, Imogen, and Chetney went to see Ashton's old friend Justi Pross at All-Minds-Burn, a rival crawler gang to the Paragon's Call, to call in a favor. While there, Imogen realized the group was a hivemind and there was something beneath their house. Orym and Laudna meanwhile staked out the Seat of Disdain and eventually saw Treshi emerge on the roof.

The party reconvened at Imahara Joe's. Joe provided them with information about the Deathwish Run, and the party commissioned two crawlers from him. Joe also indicated he was very interested in FCG, and that FCG had not been built by Dancer but rather had been sold to her. Joe also recognized FCG as a pre-Divergence aeormaton, which FCG had not realized he was. The party also asked Joe about the Calloways, and he confirmed that they came in regularly to purchase arcane batteries. The party then went to the Undercarriage for their rest, in order to avoid the Paragon's Call at the Raha Den. At Chetney's proposal, they decided to send a small group to the Seat of Disdain the following day to express interest in joining. Also that night, the party realized Fearne's postcards were likely from Nana Morri rather than her parents; Dusk invited Laudna out to dinner, which Laudna, flustered, turned down; Imogen and Laudna apologized to each other but in the process learned that FCG seemed to be glitching; and Dusk and Orym sparred for sword practice. Dusk also hit on Orym, who declined on the grounds that he was only interested in men.

When they went to the Seat of Disdain, Bells Hells were met by both Ratanish and Otohan Thull, whom Ashton recognized as a hero of the Apex War. Fearne, Wildshaped into a rat, learned that Otohan had a strange backpack-like device but could not ascertain its nature and was nearly captured. Otohan tells them that to prove themselves, they can either fight one of the Paragon's Call's champions, or enter into the Deathwish Run that evening. Bells Hells chose the Deathwish Run, and made their final preparations with Justi and Imahara Joe before heading to the starting line. As they did, Imogen recognized Otohan as the figure in her dreams. Bells Hells won the race, eliminating the competition and a kagaronk in the area of the Hellcatch Valley through which the race ran, and were congratulated by Otohan and Ratanish. Imogen hid in order to not be seen by Otohan. FCG seemed particularly disoriented following the race, and the party brought them to be repaired at Imahara Joe's when they returned the crawlers. Ashton insisted on staying there with FCG, while the others headed to a bar to celebrate. While there, Imogen told Laudna about Otohan, and Laudna apologized to Dusk over the awkwardness of her rejection. Chetney, meanwhile, told Dusk that he actually thought she was collecting a bounty on the Calloways rather than meeting them. Dusk denied it to both him and Fearne. Imogen realized, before the party retired, that Dusk's thoughts were protected.

Official art of Yu Suffiad, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 5]

The next morning, they all went to Imahara Joe's again to pick up Ashton and FCG and meet Birdie. Birdie and Fearne initially reunited, and it came out that there was a significant time discrepancy; Fearne believed it was 90 years and Birdie only six. Fearne then introduced Birdie to Dusk, who she did not recognize initially, at which point Dusk's form changed to that of a changeling. As Dusk grabbed both of the Calloways, Birdie said "You led them right to us." The confrontation led to an extended accusation and discussion, in which Dusk revealed their real name to be Yu Suffiad, and that they were an agent of the Unseelie Court tasked to reclaim the Moontide Crown and kill the Calloways. Birdie, meanwhile, told the party that she and Ollie were working with Ira on a device having to do with the upcoming apogee solstice. She and Ollie had noticed Ruidus appearing in the Feywild, which was not normal, and had investigated and ultimately stolen the crown out of a device in the Unseelie Court after none of the courts had helped them. An ally of hers in the city, Hondir, would be able to explain to the party why the crown was needed and what Ira was doing. Fearne showed Birdie the gem Morri had given her, a Weave Lens needed for Ira's creation. Eventually, they came to an agreement that Yu would claim the crown after the solstice, when the Calloways no longer needed it.

Bells Hells then followed Birdie and met Hondir, a Grim Verity member hiding out below a water tower in Bassuras. He explained that the nexus of the upcoming apogee solstice was likely going to be in the northern Hellcatch Valley, where several leylines intersected. He also told them that Verity members had recently been the targets of the Gray Assassins, who matched the description of both the attackers of the Lumas twins and at Zephrah. However, Hondir confirmed Keyleth was not a member of the group and told Orym he was unsure of the cause of the attack. Birdie, meanwhile, elaborated on her involvement; Fearne had actually been born in Exandria during a Ruidus flare, and some time later Ollie had a vision of Ruidus destroying the Feywild. When Ruidus appeared in the Feywild, they investigated, eventually stealing the Moontide Crown and escaping to the Material Plane after leaving Fearne with Morri. Birdie also noted that the Gray Assassins seemed to be working with the Unseelie Court.

Imogen then asked Hondir and Birdie if Otohan was one of the Gray Assassins, which they confirmed, leading Hondir to decide to leave his hideout and stay outside the city with the Calloways. Hondir also noted that the information the Grim Verity had taken from Vasselheim might mean the assassins are tied to that city. He recommended Bells Hells seek out Planerider Ryn for more details on the solstice. He also recognized Imogen as the daughter of Liliana Temult. Birdie apologized to Fearne, telling her that they couldn't communicate due to trying to keep her a secret from the courts, though now, via Yu, they would know. The party, while hesitant about Ira's involvement, decide to go back to the hideout outside the city and pick up their crawlers from Joe's to do so.

Other than a brief encounter with the Fists of the Ruiner, the journey to the Calloway's hideout was uneventful. There, Fearne was reunited with her father, Ollie, who like Birdie believed it to have only been six years since he'd left. She handed over the Weave Lens, which Ira used to complete the Veilscatter Scope, a device intended to bypass the enchantments blocking a clear view of Ruidus. Ollie corroborated Birdie's story, and noted that an older elven man was often at the Unseelie Court along with Otohan. Hondir explained further about the Ruidusborn dreams Imogen had been having. Fearne attempted to learn why the time dilation seemed so extreme, and while her parents were unsure and promised they had not offered her to Morri in exchange for the lens, Ira evaded the question by offering to show the party Ruidus. Imogen, with Orym's help, looked through and saw there was a lattice surrounding the moon, and a city on the surface. Ira then took over the scope, blocking anyone else from seeing through it as he directed it elsewhere, and after telling the party that he needs to see Otohan and the elven man, Ludinus Da'leth, "fall", took the Moontide Crown for himself before teleporting away. Hondir verified the lattice Imogen saw sounded similar to the Divine Gate as Ashton, curious about whether it was magical, smashed the Weave Lens and disenchanted it in the process. Birdie and Ollie apologized for being tricked by Ira, and agree to have their minds read by Imogen and FCG to find out more about the time dilation.

The Detect Thoughts reveals that the Calloways' memories had repeatedly been modified by Ira, and they had tried to leave several times to return to Fearne, but further probing led to Ollie's nose bleeding, so Imogen and FCG stopped. Some of the party investigated Ira's notes to try to learn more or render the scope operable again, and Imogen and Fearne discussed Fearne's anger and frustration towards her parents. Fearne then told her parents it was not her fault, but she was upset, and that while she'd like to get to know them, they are effectively strangers at this point. Orym then took Imogen outside to encourage her towards leadership as well as ask for her to contact Keyleth to provide an update on his findings, which she did. FCG, meanwhile, cast Sending to contact Dancer, who seemed frightened and asked him what he wanted. Bells Hells then took their rest.

The following morning, Laudna contacted Delilah to learn more about solstices, but Delilah only said that she had used the power of one. Meanwhile, FCG contacted Dancer again, who told them she barely escaped and does not want to see them again. At this, FCG froze up until Chetney hit him with a mallet, at which point he attacked the party, insulting them as he did so. Despite Ashton's protests, Bells Hells fought back until FCG fell unconscious, at which point they tied them up before healing them to consciousness. FCG had no memory of the last few minutes. Ashton realized that the wounds on the party members looked similar to those on the bodies in Evishi, and that one of FCG's lenses had been damaged at the time, making FCG the one-eyed monster. The party all admitted that, aside from Orym, they are loose cannons, and FCG asked the party to hold on to his weapons but otherwise is ready to leave. Ollie and Hondir stayed at the hideout while the rest returned to Bassuras.

In Bassuras, they met with Dancer, whom Imogen had contacted. Dancer told FCG that she had indeed purchased them from D, a merchant who said they'd found them in the Rumedam Desert. She also confirmed that he had attacked the rest of the Division of Public Benefit and killed them, and that while she had enjoyed their time together prior, she can no longer trust him for the time being. The party then went to Imahara Joe's to learn more about D and FCG's mechanical makeup. With FCG's permission, Joe took them apart to reveal their energy source. Upon learning about FCG's attack, Joe told Bells Hells this sounded like the Care and Culling, and Aeorian assassination plot in which many people were killed by their aeormaton companions. With Joe's permission, Imogen read his mind to gather more information about D. Bells Hells then left for the Seat of Disdain, but not before Joe gave FCG a coin engraved with the face of the Changebringer as a token. On their way to the Seat of Disdain, Orym noticed Artana Voe, who gave him a vague answer about visiting friends when he asked why she was in town.

Bells Hells were greeted by Ratanish at the Seat of Disdain and given a tour and barracks, as outside, a sandstorm began to whip up. They noticed that several large crawlers were being loaded with a number of crates for shipment, some of which had the symbol of the Cerberus Assembly and looked like the crates Ashton had seen at Hexum Manor. Following the tour, FCG confirmed Treshi was somewhere in the lower levels of the fortress. Chetney invisibly scoped out the lower level and found that Treshi was being kept in a dungeon cell, but one that appeared to have been made comfortable. Meanwhile, Ashton and Laudna went out in the dust storm to the River of Renewal and purchased the tracker ring to go with the orb. The party reunited in their room and discussed potentially taking Treshi, as they worried he might be smuggled out on the crawlers with the shipment, but were interrupted when alarms sounded and the fortress came under attack.

Bells Hells took advantage of the attack to split up. Orym, Chetney, and Imogen retrieved Treshi from the dungeon, and ran into Artana Voe, who was trying to do the same, in the process. They put him in the portable hole. Ashton, Fearne, FCG, and Laudna helped load the crawlers, and in the meantime also stole a crate. Laudna planted the tracker ring on Otohan, who noticed her and found the timing strange. The party reunited and left through the gate, but were stopped by Otohan, who demanded to know who had sent them. When they refused to answer, she psychically retrieved the answer from Orym, and attacked the party, invoking a number of grayish echoes familiar to Orym as she did so. The fight was brutal, and as she encouraged Imogen to release her powers as a Ruidusborn, killed Orym, Fearne, and Laudna. Imogen finally gave into her powers, and everything went white. The still-living members of the party remembered moments from their pasts, and then came to as they were, with much of the block around them leveled and Otohan gone. FCG was able to quickly resurrect Fearne, who only had enough spells to bring back one of Orym and Laudna. After some heated discussion, Fearne flipped FCG's Changebringer coin and resurrected Orym. The party then ran to Imahara Joe's.

Joe let the party in and offered them his storeroom in which to hide, while warning them that he cannot cover entirely for them, for the sake of his own safety. Bells Hells agreed, and stayed in the storeroom overnight. They interrogated Treshi and learned he had been involved in a plot to convince the Chandei Quorum that they needed the Paragon's Call, but did not have any insight into the shipments held at Jiana Hexum's nor what the Paragon's Call was trying to do beyond that. He also was terrified of Otohan. FCG was able to Identify the potions in the crates as Potions of Possibility, and Orym recognized a glassy green powder as residuum. Bells Hells commissioned a leaded box from Joe and called Xandis to pick them up. They also discussed potential options for resurrecting Laudna. When members of the Call came to search, the party hid in a tunnel outside the store room and were undetected. They then thanked Joe, paid him generously, and left the city stealthily. Several crawlers chased them as they approached the skyship, but they were able to get on the Silver Sun and take off.

Whitestone[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells traveled back towards Jrusar with little issue. En route, they interrogated Treshi further, and Imogen, via Detect Thoughts, confirmed that Treshi had only sought to improve his own standing and had made deals with the Paragon's Call to do so, but did not have much information beyond what he needed to know to assist them. Treshi offered a bribe or favor, which the party refused. FCG reached out to Jiana Hexum regarding potential resurrection options, and she said she might know something. Orym suggested they try Keyleth, and Keyleth told them she also might be able to help in a few days after she completes some tasks in Vasselheim.

Despite several sandstorms in the Hellcatch, the party reached Jrusar in good time and met with Eshteross, who, following their warnings, had given Evelyn Wress some time off and had extensively trapped his house. Eshteross paid them and told them they could either drop Treshi off anonymously or directly to the Chandei Quorum, which they decide to do. He also offered them a contact, Manaia Turei, who could help with transport. Imogen further solidified plans with Keyleth. The party then dropped Treshi off to Orlana Seshadri, who was impressed and paid generously. but did not answer further questions about the solstice or the Feywild.

That evening, Ashton asked Imogen and FCG to try to uncover his memories again. This time, they probed deeper, becoming trapped in their mind. FCG was able to bring up the memory of Milo desperately saving Ashton's life, and Imogen accessed the many possibilities of Ashton's future. After several attempts, they are able to extract themselves, and Ashton, who had been bleeding from the nose, woke up. FCG learned from the experience that Ashton experiences chronic pain. Imogen then contacted Delilah, offering anything in exchange for Laudna's life, but Delilah, who seemed to be fading, told her she could not do anything.

The following morning, the party went to the Bodhan Collective to see Manaia, but instead messaged Keyleth, who arrived and took them to Whitestone. She and Orym discussed that prior deaths due to the Gray Assassins could not be resurrected, due to a toxin. The party updated her on what they know about Ruidus and the solstice, which, though she told them she is quite busy, she promised to take under consideration. She then dropped them off in Percy's office. Imogen told Percy, who had been reading with his daughter Gwendolyn, that Laudna was a resident of Whitestone who had originally been killed by Delilah Briarwood. Percy initially interpreted this as Bells Hells bringing Laudna to be buried in her home city, and seemed skeptical and slightly unwilling, but asked Pike to come to analyze the situation. Vex also joined as Pike began the resurrection spell, only to stop when she realized that both Laudna and Delilah's souls were tied to Laudna's body.

Percy immediately became extremely against Laudna's resurrection if it had a risk of bringing back Delilah. Upon Bells Hells insistence that Laudna deserved a chance and Vex asking as well, Pike offered to look for potential rituals of the Everlight. The rest of the party followed Pike to her cottage while Ashton angrily yelled at Percy. Pike found a ritual to send the others to the location where Laudna's soul was being kept to free it, and when Ashton returned, sent them there, after verifying that FCG had a soul.

Bells Hells traveled through scenes from Laudna's past, including one of the cottages in which she had made Pâté, and a dark version of the city of Whitestone in which they met a boy who had teased her, Laudna as a young girl making dolls, and Laudna as a young woman preparing to go to dinner at Whitestone Castle. Eventually they reached a dark version of the Sun Tree, where they were greeted by the spectral form of Delilah Briarwood. Delilah told them she had tied her soul to Laudna's, but had several options to return to life. Chetney successfully convinced Delilah to permit Laudna to briefly speak to them, during which she told Imogen that it was up to her. Between some fire magic from Fearne, and a final lightning bolt from Imogen, the party split the tree and returned to consciousness in Pike's cottage. Pike then reattempted the resurrection ritual after warning the party that while Delilah was weakened, she was not entirely gone. The ritual was successful. Immediately upon Laudna's resurrection it was revealed that much of the military might of Whitestone, as well as Pike, Vex, and Percy themselves, were prepared to fight the party should Delilah had come back, but Pike was able to verify Laudna was indeed herself and Delilah did not appear to be present.

Laudna left the cottage and communed with the Sun Tree, changing her Form of Dread to a more tree-like appearance. Percy approached and apologized to her on behalf of his family for how she had suffered under the Briarwoods' reign, and Vex invited Bells Hells to Whitestone Castle for the night. After Laudna cast Find Familiar to bring Pâté to life, Bells Hells accepted, and over dinner told Vex and Percy about their findings regarding Ruidus and the upcoming solstice, which the de Rolos promised to research, notably the residuum trade. Laudna then requested the party instead stay out by the Sun Tree, which they did. That night, FCG cast Shared Dream on Imogen, and came with her into a dream of the red storm. While there, they appeared to fly to the surface of Ruidus. Imogen also saw a figure she believed to be Eshteross within the storm. Upon waking, she attempted to reach him by Sending, but there was no response. After most of the party did a small amount of shopping, and FCG visited the Horizon Temple in order to explore their growing interest in the Changebringer, Bells Hells were brought back to Jrusar by Manaia's Transport via Plants.

The party immediately went to Eshteross Manor, which was silent. FCG was able to detect Eshteross inside, unmoving. Chetney and Laudna (via Pâté) infiltrated the house after there was no response to repeated knocks and messages, and discovered signs of an extensive struggle, before Chetney found Eshteross's body. He also uncovered a number of letters to various people, and opened the one to Bells Hells, which thanked them for their friendship and granted them use of the Silver Sun for one year, and his weapon, Turmoil.

Arc 3: The Solstice Approaches[edit | edit source]

The Gorgynei and Yios[edit | edit source]

Imogen contacted Mistress Seshadri regarding Eshteross's death, believing her to be a trustworthy recipient of the letters he had left. They were quickly apprehended by the Green Seekers as potential suspects in Eshteross's murder, having been the ones to report it as well as beneficiaries, but were assured that the details of his death would quickly be discovered. Bells Hells were taken to Eshteross Manor, where Seshadri, along with a number of Wardens of Jrusar and Grave Mystic Weva Vudol investigated the murder. Weva's Speak with Dead exonerated Bells Hells, confirming that Otohan had murdered Eshteross. Bells Hells then made preparations to leave for Yios in the morning to further investigate the solstice and Ruidus, after getting some more information on Otohan from Mistress Seshadri.

Bells Hells left for Yios the next morning on the Silver Sun, choosing to fly over the Hellcatch Valley, with a plan to stop in the Gloomed Jungles. While en route, Ruidus flared again and Imogen dreamed again of the red storm, this time seeing a figure with lavender hair within it. Upon waking, Imogen contacted Liliana via Sending, and received a response of "Imogen?" Simultaneously, on deck, Chetney lost control of his lycanthropy and attacked Orym and Fearne before regaining himself. Imogen spoke of her dream to Laudna and messaged her mother again, but Liliana only told her to stay away for her own safety and did not respond to Imogen's questions. The party all eventually made their way to FCG and Ashton's room to discuss Liliana and heal Chetney. Orym left briefly to message Dorian on his sending stone, and Chetney slept in restraints for the remainder of the journey, to the Gloomed Jungles, which went smoothly despite a chimera attack. During the attack, Imogen summoned a strange red entity to fight alongside them.

The party took advantage of a rainstorm during which Xandis landed in the jungle to wait it out and contacted the Gorgynei. Their leader, Annaline, revealed that Divaasheela was a code name for those she trusted, and brought Bells Hells to the Gorgynei's village of Barinak. After some discussion among themselves and with Chetney, the Gorgynei agreed to take him to Zha'Vrollo, a temple of the nature spirit Sahyaadon whom they worship, to stand trial and gain greater control over his lycanthropy, particularly in relation to Ruidus. The party traveled through the jungle to the temple, where Chetney meditated and was overtaken by the spirit and attacked Bells Hells as his trial. They were able to fight him and help him regain his control, and Sahyaadon told him he had passed. As the party celebrated, Orym noticed a smell reminiscent of Will, and followed it to a statue of the Wildmother that held an empty scabbard. He placed his shortsword in the scabbard, and it was overtaken briefly by vines that also clasped his hand. He retrieved the sword, and found it was now magical. He named it Seedling.

The next morning, as Bells Hells waited for the Silver Sun to arrive and continue the journey to Yios, Ashton trained with Annaline, and Fearne showed Laudna some fire magic. Fearne also apologized for not resurrecting Laudna, and instead choosing Orym. The ship then picked up the party, and they reached Yios after a few days of calm travel. They spent their first night relaxing and gambling at the Lakecap Skyport and Lounge, during which Imogen again attempted to contact Liliana, but again received only warnings from her mother to stay away. They then set out with Landon Kreshawl, a local guide, towards the Aydinlan Seminary, but were attacked by a strange, undead bird that FCG recognized as Shithead. In the fight, Shithead revealed that it merely hated FCG and had no greater reason for attacking him. During this time, Ashton noticed Violet, a former associate, and slipped away from the rest of the party.

Following the fight, the party went into the Aydinlan Seminary, where they noticed a massive figure in an eyeless mask. Fearne recognized this as a Judicator, a holy warrior dedicated to the Prime Deities, from Vasselheim. Carolle, the clerk, would not let them in or reveal information about the professors as Ebenold Kai, the person for whom Bells Hells had a letter of introduction, was on leave. FCG eventually magically charmed her into leading them to Ebenold's house. They found the house seemingly empty and abandoned, and broke in. Chetney was able to smell recent anxious sweat, and Imogen could detect two people below them. Laudna and FCG found the entrance to the basement, and the party went down into it to find two people in hiding. The people tried to distract or frighten them and read a scroll which opened a portal, through which they fled. Bells Hells followed them through and found themselves in a cavern on the Elemental Plane of Fire. After Bells Hells showed them the letter and promised not to harm them, Ebenold Kai and his companion, who introduced herself as Doctor Baryn Vestisho, lowered their weapons, and explained that they were hiding from the Judicators and others hunting for the Grim Verity. Planerider Ryn also revealed herself as the resident of this chamber.

Through discussion and the sharing of information, Bells Hells learned from the Grim Verity members that the texts they'd stolen from Vasselheim dealt with Predathos, an entity who, before the Schism, had devoured two lost deities, Ethedok and Vordo. Predathos had then been sealed in a prison by the other gods and primordials, and this prison became Ruidus. This information had been closely guarded by Vasselheim ever since, hence their suspicion and animosity towards researchers into Ruidus. Ebenold also explained that while Exaltant Ruidusborn, such as Imogen, are rare, they had been growing exponentially in number in recent years and Otohan and Liliana are among them. Ryn, Baryn, and Ebenold told Bells Hells that they could best help by sabotaging the devices their enemies had been building on the Material Plane in a site once holy to the ancient Tishtan people; in the Feywild; and in the Shadowfell. Ryn then sent Bells Hells back into the basement of Ebenold's house while Ebenold and Baryn stayed with her. Back in the basement, the party heard footsteps and voices above, searching for them.

Bells Hells attempted to deceive and distract the people searching for them once they broke into the basement, but ultimately killed most of them and captured one, Tuldus. They questioned him in a nearby warehouse and learned that he was a member of the Ruby Vanguard, a society planning to release Predathos to devour the remaining gods and "free" Exandria, of which Ludinus Da'leth is the leader. He also called the devices Malleus Keys and admitted the Feywild key was the weakest. Imogen contacted Ryn to retrieve Tuldus for further questioning, and Ryn arrived to do so. Imogen then messaged Ashton, who reunited with the party near the Aydinlan Seminary. They revealed that they had been in a complex fight in a kitchen pertaining to a local organized crime gang. Bells Hells then split up within the seminary; FCG and Laudna sought out Vitro Isham, an expert in automata, and Imogen and Fearne went to see Kadija Sumal as the others waited outside.

Vitro provided FCG with some more insight into his inner workings and origins, as well as some philosophical advice on the nature of personhood. FCG asked him to create an oven within their chassis, which Vitro, intrigued, agreed to do. Meanwhile, Imogen and Fearne found Kadija, who was at first deeply reluctant to open the door and appeared very tired and anxious, but eventually became helpful after Imogen revealed herself to be Liliana's daughter. She brought out the Omen Archive, which had been hidden, and explained that Liliana had been their first subject in their study of Ruidusborn, but eventually left out of frustration. Outside pressures caused the study to be shutdown, and Otohan, also a subject, similarly left. Around that time, members of the Grim Verity began to disappear and be murdered. Kadija also discussed the Reilora, red alien beings whom some of the Exaltants could communicate with in their dreams and who appeared to be tied to Ruidus flares, using Exaltants as "anchors" to Exandria. This conversation was interrupted by Ludinus Da'leth, who magically opened all the locks on Kadija's door and quickly overtook her mind and stole the Omen Archive. Ludinus then invited the two Ruidusborn women to ask him any questions they had, implying both that he had lived through the Calamity and his fury at the gods came from their inaction and cowardice during that conflict, and that he was Ruidusborn. Fearne told him he seemed incredibly angry, and intuited he was in fact jealous of Ruidusborn. Ludinus then teleported outside, where Orym noticed him from afar and went in, along with Ashton and Chetney, to warn the others.

The party all reunited in Kadija's office and determined Kadija's mind had been altered. They contacted Ryn again to help Kadija and to transport them to the Feywild to see Nana Morri and destroy the key there. Ryn arrived and promised to care for Kadija and find her the appropriate healing, and transported the party to Morri's domain, the Harrowcall Fens of the Feywild.

The Feywild[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells found their way to Ligament Manor, Morri's home where Fearne grew up, and met Morri, who invited them to partake in cocktails. Fearne and Morri caught up, and Morri shared what she knew with the party: she believed the Malleus Key was holding Ruidus in the Feywild, and knew the key was in the Shiver Keep, in the Unseelie Court. Morri introduced herself as someone who could play with the tangles of fate. She was intrigued by and unable to identify the source of Ashton's abilities. She then went to rest and look through her collection, and Fearne showed the party through the rest of the manor, introducing them to her friends. She and Imogen also updated the rest of the party on their interaction with Ludinus earlier that day, before taking their rest. That night, Imogen, accompanied via Shared Dream by Laudna and FCG, tried to direct her dreams to her mother, and had a vision of the Malleus Key at the Tishtan excavation site on the Material Plane before Liliana seemingly noticed them and dismissed the dream.

The following morning, Morri offered the party more advice on traversing the Feywild to the Shiver Keep, and gave Fearne the Gloomscale Breastplate and the rest of the party Harrowcall Veils, which would help them hide. She also told them how they could find a portal back to the Material Plane once they had finished their mission, and gave them a salve to help counteract the potential time dilation between planes. Bells Hells began traveling, encountering some centaurs whom they dispatched before reaching the Sablecast Grounds of the Unseelie Court. Pâté was sent to scout the spire-covered grounds, and Laudna was able to get the lay of the land before Pâté was seemingly eaten or otherwise killed. The party stealthily approached the Shiver Keep, and noticed a device they assumed to be the Malleus Key, from which a red beam connected with the image of Ruidus. The rest of the party, meanwhile, saw Otohan speak to Zathuda, who was on a fey dragon mount. Zathuda told her that Sammanar was growing impatient, but Otohan seemed unconcerned, told hem they were close to their goal, and used a scroll to teleport away.

After some planning, Laudna and Orym invisibly infiltrated the keep, avoiding the eremads, and Laudna determined they would need to damage the arcane core to sabotage it sufficiently. Chetney distracted a guard and Ashton trapped another in the portable hole as Orym and the spellcasters attacked the Malleus Key magically, with Fearne's Wall of Fire and some of the party's dynamite ruining it beyond repair. As the image of Ruidus faded, the guards turned on the party and an alarm was sounded; Zathuda's fey dragon, Gloamglut, gave chase. Bells Hells fled the keep, heading towards the portal. By using the Harrowcall Veils and moving stealthily, the injured party managed to avoid detection. Imogen contacted Morri for help, and Morri did not respond to her Sending but instead appeared in the form of a massive flying creature who attacked Gloamglut. Bells Hells paid the tolls and rhymes of Terrosh the Lidless Slumber and exited a portal into the Material Plane. Laudna and Imogen quickly determined they were in the Taloned Highlands, about two days from Imogen's hometown of Gelvaan. While Imogen was initially hesitant to return to Gelvaan, there were no nearer landmarks, and so the party headed in that direction after messaging Xandis to pick them up. They also contacted Ryn, who said she was at the Tishtan site and that allies were sabotaging the key in the Shadowfell, but as she provided information, her messages were abruptly cut off.

The Tishtan Key[edit | edit source]

As they traveled towards Gelvaan, Imogen and FCG's Sendings confirmed that Morri had recovered from her attacks on Gloamglut, and they learned from Keyleth that she was dealing with some instability in Terrah. Imogen, in another dream, is able to see that Ryn had been petrified; Otohan noticed Chetney and FCG within the dream and kicked them out. The following day, the party reached Gelvaan. Imogen's reception was somewhat cold, but she went to see her father, Relvin. After Imogen requested more information about Liliana, Relvin told her that she had left due to her strange dreams and powers, and he had not heard from her since. When Imogen asked for something that she might use to reach Liliana, he provided her with a locket that once belonged to her. He also, when Imogen asked, told her that the people she had injured when she left Gelvaan had survived, but it would be wise for her to leave again soon. Bells Hells did so, as the Silver Sun caught up to them that evening.

The party spent the next week on the skyship, traveling towards the Tishtan site by way of Bassuras. On their way, they had a number of conversations among themselves, some of which became heated as Imogen considered whether they should have entertained the Ruby Vanguard, after she contacted Liliana in a dream and Liliana revealed herself to be aligned with the beliefs and goals of the Vanguard. They picked up Ira outside Bassuras; as he had been one of the creators of the initial Malleus Key, but had not been adequately paid and had been kicked off the project, he wished revenge upon Ludinus and had insight into the workings of the devices. Bells Hells also verified that the leylines of Exandria were growing visible to the naked eye both on Marquet and Tal'Dorei (via a sending stone message to Dorian); as their journey continued, they encountered arcane storms. Imogen acquired the Circlet of the Hidden Eye, which served to help block out other people's thoughts. The party considered several plans, but the most popular one was to sabotage the key by flying the airship into it. Towards the end of their journey, the Message Bloom seed Orym had received back in Niirdal-Poc[6] bloomed, carrying a message from Keyleth, who told him that the instability at Terrah had been due to the Cult of the Dark Heart, a rogue faction seemingly allied with the Vanguard, and who offered to come assist them at the Tishtan site if they could find a tree.

Chetney introduced to Xandis the idea of flying the ship into the key, which Xandis struggled with but ultimately accepted, provided the crew were let off safely, well outside of the Tishtan site. Bells Hells agreed. Fearne and FCG initially stayed on the ship, as Fearne had learned a little about piloting it during the journey. The rest of the party were let off near the site and traveled to it, Orym marking one of the haggardoe trees nearby for Keyleth's use. As they approached the site, Laudna saw the tracker orb light up, indicating Otohan's presence in the excavation pit. The party attempted to infiltrate, but were recognized by a Vanguard member who had been at Ebenold's house in Yios. A quick fight ensued during which they killed the attackers and disabled the Warder automaton with them. Imogen was then pulled aside into a tent by a woman in blue. After a tense conversation during which Imogen told her they were planning to sabotage the key and rescue Ryn, Imogen called the others, at the woman's request, into the tent.

The woman told the party she had long been tracking Ludinus and the Cerberus Assembly. Her companion, a mage who had been invisible, then revealed himself. The two introduced themselves as Beauregard Lionett of the Cobalt Soul and Caleb Widogast. The two Mighty Nein members updated Bells Hells on their own work: they had been part of the team that sabotaged the Shadowfell Key, though they had had to flee in a hurry and were not sure how effective their work had been. They also updated the party on some of the risks at the Tishtan site: they verified Ira's claim that there were regular anti-magic pulses emitted near the key, as well as mage hunter golems and considerable amounts of residuum and dunamis, which Caleb explained to the group. Beau and Caleb also told the party that Ludinus seemed sloppy, and that they believed he was acting outside of his role as head of the Assembly. The two groups shared a broad overview of their plans, and then split up to perform their respective sabotage. Bells Hells attempted to pilot the Warder, but realized they would likely need FCG to do so, and contacted him. Fearne and FCG, after verifying that Ira's desire for revenge would motivate him sufficiently to destroy the key with the skyship and that he would save Xandis, left to join the others. As they left, Ira noted the device seemed to be missing a lens.

FCG was able to attach themself to the Warder and pilot it, and everyone but Imogen, who pretend to be a member of the Vanguard, and Orym, who pretended to be a prisoner, hid inside the Warder, permitting them to infiltrate the site. The party, other than FCG, entered a chamber that appeared to hold some of the power sources and fought the Vanguard and Paragon's Call guards within. They questioned one of the survivors, who was broadly familiar with the plan to unleash Predathos, before killing him. FCG then warned the party via Sending that Otohan was approaching, but while Imogen was able to psychically injure Otohan, Otohan was distracted by the sound of several explosions elsewhere and left without finding Bells Hells. They proceeded to damage as many of the arcane power sources as they can. Meanwhile, FCG tried to rescue Ryn, but accidentally collapsed a wall on her instead, and his Warder shell was deactivated by Ludinus, who was speaking with Liliana.

Otohan telepathically told everyone at the site to assemble by the key, where Ludinus and Liliana brought out Caleb, who was wearing a Collar of Silence and in the clutches of a mage hunter golem; and Beau, who was heavily shackled. Ludinus began to address the assembled, speaking of his hatred of the gods. Liliana revealed the key included a gray dodecahedron, and Ludinus put his arm in the machine to activate it, accelerating time until it was night. This caused his arm to shrivel. He deflected Ira's attempt to fly the skyship into the key, though the shrapnel killed many cultists, and Ira and Xandis both escaped. Ludinus continued his speech. As he did this, Laudna and Ashton ran to damage more arcane cores; Imogen began pleading telepathically with Liliana to stop; FCG tried to dispel the magic on Caleb's collar; and Chetney and Orym, Chetney invisibly, approached the key.

Keyleth appeared, and after healing the crowd was immediately stunned by Ludinus and brutally attacked by Otohan until a winged, masked figure appeared to block Otohan. Chetney tried to leap onto Ludinus, but missed, and Orym began attacking Otohan's backpack device, but was not able to destroy it entirely. Liliana then transformed the champion of the Matron of Ravens into a small lens to be placed within the key. Throughout this, the Ruidusborn in the audience began to glow red. Ludinus then activated the key as skyships from Vasselheim approached. A beam of energy shot from the device to the moon, and the sky turned red, and then everything went white as it had when Imogen activated her powers in Bassuras.

As their vision cleared, Chetney, Fearne, FCG, and Imogen found themselves at dawn in a desert which Chetney recognized as the Crystalsands Tundra. Ashton, Laudna, and Orym found themselves in a sulfurous, rocky, mountainous region at night, with Ruidus still in view.

Arc 4: Separated[edit | edit source]

Team Wildemount[edit | edit source]

Official art of Deanna Leimert, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 6]
Official art of FRIDA, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 7]

Imogen and FCG tried to contact Laudna and Orym via Sending, but both experienced only static, and Imogen took psychic damage. The party traveled towards Uthodurn, the nearest settlement. They attempted to find a cavern to stay in that night, but were attacked by a frost salamander. Initially the fight went badly, but they were saved by the arrival of Deanna, a gnome cleric of the Dawnfather, and FRIDA, an aeormaton gunslinger. Deanna immediately revealed herself to be Chetney's ex-girlfriend and slapped him, but the group otherwise got along. Deanna told them that she had been killed nearly 200 years prior, and had only recently been resurrected. FRIDA, meanwhile, had, like FCG, been recently awakened by D. Although both of them had connections to the Dawnfather, they both had complicated feelings about the role of the gods, and the party discussed the events of the apogee solstice, which they confirmed to be ongoing, before taking their rest.

The next day they continued through the Flotket Alps towards Uthodurn, and that evening, Chetney and Deanna had a heart-to-heart about what they had done since they'd last seen each other before Chetney suddenly felt the urge to transform, as Catha was full. He ran away from the others. FRIDA realized Chetney was a werewolf, and after some further theological discussions and FCG casting Shared Dream on himself, Fearne, and Imogen, went after him. In the shared dream, while Imogen attempted to seek out Laudna, she was instead pulled towards the ley nexus at the Tishtan site. There, she saw red creatures within a storm at the base of the Malleus Key, until she was forcibly awakened by Fearne. Meanwhile, FRIDA attempted to calm down a bestial Chetney, but succeeded only after sustaining a bite. The rest of the party, alerted to FRIDA's location when they shot their gun into the air, joined them, then returned to their campsite, where Deanna stayed awake waiting for Chetney. He returned in his gnomish form in the morning, and after some apologies, the party continued to Uthodurn.

Upon entering the city that evening, they found it oddly dark, and with many temples and businesses closed. They visited the Vellum Steeple, and were met by Scribewarden Ressia Uvesic, who after some prompting and information sharing admitted that Sending, many divination spells, many transportation spells, and many longstanding enchantments were all failing, presumably due to the solstice. Their discussion was interrupted by a loud noise from the Grand Disc below, and Bells Hells left after asking the Scribewarden to research Ludinus Da'leth on their behalf.

They found the gates of the Grand Disc closed, with only small exits open to allow people to escape. The dual monarchs appeared to be among the people who had fled. FCG rushed into the disc after charming a guard, and the others soon followed. After healing a gravely injured guard, they learned that a statue of a massive bull in the Grandcast Citadel had come to life. The party went to investigate and learn more, and encountered the creature in the throne room. Imogen sensed that it was intelligent and confused, and while it initially attacked, Fearne cast Dominate Beast and FCG cast Tongues so that it could communicate. It revealed that it wanted to find its way home to the forest, and had only attacked after others had attacked it first. Deanna verified it was from the Veluthil Forest. The bull introduced itself as Umudara, and with some persuasion of both Umudara and the people of Uthodurn, everyone walked Umudara through the city out to the tundra, and pointed him in the direction of the Savalirwood, except for Chetney who defaced a chair in the throne room, stole some gems, and escaped through a secret passage. Before he reunited with the party, they were approached by a royal page, who invited them to an audience at the citadel the following day at noon.

The party rested at Deanna's house, and FCG cast Shared Dream on FRIDA, as FRIDA had told them they had a recurring dream. In the dream, FRIDA saw themself as having humanoid legs and feet, whereas FCG saw them overlaid with a child in the same space. The next morning, after Deanna made them breakfast, the party went, despite Chetney's reluctance, to see Oltgar at D&O Toy Emporium, formerly Oltgar's Chest. Chetney explained again how Drixlitch Ovana had driven a wedge between him and Oltgar, leading to Chetney stabbing both of them and being chased from the city by Glassblades. At the shop, the party quickly learned that the failed enchantments had led to the escape of a number of pymon firebugs and the metamorphosis of Drixlitch's pet craskkalid into its monstrous adult form. Drix and Oltgar hired them to recapture the firebugs and deal with the craskkalid. Imogen, using Detect Thoughts, learned that Oltgar was unhappy and did not like Drixlitch.

The party recaptured some of the firebugs and killed the rest, and were able to polymorph the craskkalid and run it out of the city, where it was killed by the Glassblades at the gate. In the process, they learned that Drix had incurred debts, was importing toys made by child labor in Shadycreek Run, and had forged documents in Oltgar's name leaving the shop to him. Chetney confronted Oltgar and apologized for some of his past actions, and told him of Drix's doings. He advised Oltgar to sell the shop and told him to leave the city within two days, to which Oltgar agreed. The party then headed towards the Grandcast Citadel. There, they were thanked for their service to the city, and learned from King Imathan Talviel about Ludinus's time in Molaesmyr. They also learned the solstice appeared to be perpetual, and Queen Simone Fruunast revealed that resurrection magic appeared to not be working. After following up on the dossier on Ludinus at the library, the party decided to travel to Molaesmyr to learn more. Before doing so, FRIDA and FCG went to see Jaquoby Macyl for an armor upgrade on FCG, and on their way, expressed their growing feelings for each other and kissed. Deanna, meanwhile, encouraged the Keeper of the temple to the Dawnfather to open it back up to the people, despite worries about the gods. The party reconvened for a shopping trip before resting for the night.

The party left the next morning on flot goats, and rode them through the alps until they reached Ivory Lake, where they decided to travel down the Boreal Omen River by raft instead. While they camped for the night, FCG cast Commune with the Changebringer, and learned that not only had she been watching him, but that the gods also needed help. They shared this with Deanna. The party continued down the river with occasional encounters with the strange flora and fauna of the Savalirwood until they reached the fork of the river in which the ruins of Molaesmyr were located. They docked the boat and continued on foot, fighting their way through ghosts and avoiding the Wolf-King until they reached Gildhollow Tower, where Ludinus had once lived. In there, they found Ludinus's notes, which indicated a longstanding interest in celestial events, arcane phenomena, and the Raven Queen. They also mentioned Laerryn as an expert. While investigating, Chetney found a strange circle on the wall that absorbed spells, but he also disturbed a creature on the roof of the tower. The party defeated the hatemonger, setting the tower on fire in the process. FCG was able to open the circle on the wall, revealing a cubby containing a satchel. The party fled the ruins of Molaesmyr with the satchel and spent the night in the Savalirwood. Chetney determined the satchel was a Bag of Holding, and the party recovered further notes from Ludinus, as well as a rod attuned to the Feywild, a Staff of Dark Odyssey, and a leather harness-like device. Deanna was able to read the notes and learn that the leather harness had been devised and used by Ludinus to siphon magical energy from fey entities. She also learned of his initial suspicions about Ruidus and an attempt to harness the fane beneath Molaesmyr to commune with it, which may have led to the city's fall. Later that night, Chetney, Deanna, and Fearne had a threesome in the forest.

The next morning, the party considered where to teleport with the Staff of Dark Odyssey. After FCG Communed with the Changebringer, she also warned him of the Red End and tasked him to join her. Deanna was similarly visited by the Dawnfather, with a similar command. The party decided to teleport to Jrusar in the hopes of reuniting with the others. After a mishap with the Staff of Dark Odyssey that dealt them damage and accidentally sent them to a community of isolated aarakocra in the mountains, likely Vol'antim, delaying their return by a day, they reached Jrusar's Smolder Spire. The party noticed the city appeared to be on edge, with a significant military presence; that some of the gondolas had stopped working; and that the tethered Ruidus was very prominent in the sky. They stopped in briefly at the Soot and Swill and spoke with Pretty before making their way to the Core Spire and waiting at the Spire by Fire for the others.

Team Issylra[edit | edit source]

Official art of Deni$e Bembachula, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 8]
Official art of Bor'Dor Dog'Son, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 9]
Official art of Prism Grimpoppy, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 10]

Ashton, Laudna, and Orym attempted to use the sending stones to contact Caleb and Dorian, but, like the other party, only experienced static. Laudna was able to narrow down their location, based on the location of Ruidus and her knowledge of geothermal gorges, to either the Panagrip Sands in Marquet; the Truscan Vale in Wildemount, or Spectrum Gorge in Issylra. After sending Pâté to scout, the party began to climb up. On their way, they met Deni$e Bembachula, who initially introduced herself as "Mona" and who had been similarly teleported to the gorge, having heard Ludinus's speech in her head while she was about to confront her ex-boyfriend. The four of them then began to travel through the dense forest in the direction of a settlement Orym had seen from the treetops. They came upon a campfire, and, after determining there was only one person who appeared unarmed, sent Orym to approach it. The man at the campfire, Bor'Dor Dog'Son, immediately shot at Orym and then cast Lighting Bolt at Deni$e, who had been sneaking up on him from the other direction. Orym de-escalated the situation and the party were told by Bor'Dor that he had also been teleported after hearing a speech in his head, and had additionally spontaneously developed magic powers. At this time, Prism Grimpoppy approached the campsite and began to survey the party about their experience with the apogee solstice. She revealed she'd been transported, having been sent out by the Cobalt Soul to perform this survey.

The party was then attacked by shambling mounds and a corpse flower, which they were able to kill. They decided to all make camp for the night and travel together in the morning. The members of Bells Hells updated their new companions on Ludinus's plans. They then took watch in shifts. Bor'Dor and Prism talked about their relative inexperience in combat and their relationships with their magic and with their mothers. Ashton reassured Laudna that they would find the others, whatever it took. Deni$e revealed to Orym that her ex was Dariax, and let him know that there were Wanted posters for the Crown Keepers in Emon. The next morning, the party awoke and in the daylight were able to see the Ascendant Bridge Mountain. This allowed them to determine they were indeed near Spectrum Gorge, within Issylra's Demithore Valley. They began to travel towards the nearest sign of civilization together. They reached the town of Hearthdell later that day, and found there was a heavy presence of Dawnfather-affiliated guards. The party went to Innovar Apothecary to learn more, and were directed by Proleff, the proprietor, to Elder Abaddina, where they could speak more freely. Proleff also confirmed several people from the town had vanished during the solstice.

Elder Abaddina confirmed what Proleff had said; that much of the town followed a religion known as The Loam and the Leaf, and that the Dawnfather temple was built about two decades prior but had significantly increased their presence in the past several months. She told the party she was able to Scry but would not do so until they attended an imminent meeting to confirm their good will. At the meeting, Proleff and Abaddina spoke to the townspeople, urging them to attack the Sunrise Sanctuary that night. Orym and Bor'Dor attempted to get the Dawnfather guards and Flameguide Kiro to leave by peaceful means, with Orym telling Kiro about Ludinus, but she did not listen, so the rest of the party and the people of the town prepared to attack. Kiro, one of the Judicators, and a Dawnborn angel Kiro summoned in her final moments were slain during the fight. The second Judicator left town, along with all but one of the remaining bastions. Abaddina and the eidolons destroyed the temple, and the town celebrated, but Laudna, Ashton, and Orym all felt uncomfortable and angry with how things had gone. They stayed at Knotburrow that night and Abaddina Scryed, as she had promised, in the morning. A Scry on Chetney confirmed the rest of Bells Hells had found other companions and were near Uthodurn and a Scry on Dariax showed him and Dorian, looking rough but alive. Bor'Dor asked Abaddina to Scry using his dagger in the hopes of seeing his brother, but it revealed an unfamiliar house. Abaddina then told the party that if they needed transport, one option was Hevestro, her former teacher, who lived in a shrine in Irriam Canyon, several days travel by foot. After some consideration of whether they wished to go to Hevestro or Vasselheim, they decided on Hevestro. Abaddina provided an eidolon guide.

Travel to the canyon through the Serratus Wilderness was mostly uneventful, with the party frequently discussing the gods and their personal feelings and goals en route. The party did come across a centuries-old corpse of a githzerai who appeared to have been sent to Exandria as a punishment, and took a Ring of Volcanic Flesh off its skeletal finger. Upon reaching the shrine, the eidolon guide disappeared. The party went inside to find it seemingly empty of people, but full of crystals that seemed to amplify or distribute magic. They found a chamber with a green stone obelisk, and Orym noticed a face within the ceiling. He pointed this face out to others and they asked if Hevestro was there. The entity said its name was Evithorir, and that Hevestro was inside it. After a failed attempt to negotiate with Evithorir, it attacked the party. During the fight, Orym was able to use Seedling to pull out an unconscious Hevestro, whom the party healed with a potion. After Evithorir was defeated, Hevestro explained that during his preparations for the solstice, Evithorir, who had been sealed by Oma-Dua, the Gau Drashari to whom the shrine was dedicated, escaped and attacked. At this, Ashton asked about Hishari, and learned that it was located some days travel at the base of the Utesspire Mountains, but was now considered cursed and destroyed. Hevestro also revealed that Abaddina was a survivor of the cult. He then found the remains of some of the others who had been at the shrine, and after laying them to rest, went to grieve privately for a time.

Deni$e, suspicious of Bor'Dor, surprised him and pinned his arms behind his back before questioning him. After some further questioning from the others, he revealed that he was actually from near Port Damali, not the Cyrios Mountains as previously claimed, and that his powers were not new: he'd been taught by his mother, a devotee of the Wildmother, in secret. When Bor'Dor was attacked by bullies, he nearly killed one of them with Inflict Wounds. His mother, hoping to save him, took responsibility, and told him she trusted her god would save her. After the guards still came for her, her faith broke. She gave Bor'Dor her dagger and cast Vitriolic Sphere centered on herself. He ran away into the Cyrios Mountains, where, after some time, he developed a reputation and was recruited by the Ruby Vanguard. Bor'Dor then cast Vitriolic Sphere into the crystal he had taken so that it would hit the party. It knocked Prism, still injured from the battle with Evithorir, unconscious, and a fight began. While Ashton and Deni$e attempted to do non-lethal damage, and healed Prism with a potion, Laudna and Prism attacked Bor'Dor after he fell unconscious. When Laudna considered a final blow, Orym nodded in approval, and she killed Bor'Dor with Hunger of the Shadow, possibly reviving Delilah.

The rest of the team grappled with their emotions following this incident, and Hevestro, upon returning, remarked on the difficulty of the current times. They rested in the cave for the night and in the morning, Hevestro took them to a grove and used Transport via Plants. With Prism's Scrying Deni$e located Dariax in Westruun and went there, while the rest of them, including Prism, located their companions in Jrusar and were transported to a park in the Lucent Spire. They took a gondola to the Core Spire, during which Prism practiced pretending to be an important Cobalt Soul mage, and returned to the Spire by Fire where they were reunited with the rest of the party. Like the other half of the group, they noticed a large foreign military presence.

Reunion in Jrusar[edit | edit source]

The two groups caught up with each other and introduced Prism, Deanna, and FRIDA to one another. After hearing about the goings on with Team Issylra, Deanna excused herself and cast Commune with the Dawnfather to learn more, and found he was unsure if Bells Hells would be successful in saving the gods; he believed his disciples to be working for the greater good of Exandria; and when she asked him if he was worth saving, he ended the spell. Ultimately, Bells Hells initially decided to travel back to the Tishtan site to learn more, particularly since many of the armies appeared to be heading there. Prism, Deanna, and FRIDA were to research the situation and gather information elsewhere. The two groups parted ways after Deanna Scryed on Keyleth and confirmed she was alive and in Zephrah, but still gravely wounded and not recovering.

Arc 5: Race to the Moon[edit | edit source]

Aiding the Tempest[edit | edit source]

After some discussion, and noticing that Team Issylra, notably Laudna, still seemed upset over their difficult time away, the party decided to rest a few days in Jrusar before going to Zephrah. FCG and Ashton visited Krook House to gather some of Ashton's things, and Ashton gave their hammer to Milo for improvements. Imogen and Laudna visited Zhudanna and did her grocery shopping and some clothing shopping for Laudna, and while doing so encountered an illusory form of Ludinus giving a speech projected from a crystal sphere. Laudna collected the shards after the Wardens broke it. Chetney, Fearne, and Orym first visited Dayal Hall and learned from Ajit Dayal that J'mon Sa Ord, along with other foreign dignitaries, had recently visited and met with the Chandei Quorum; and that the Quorum was tentatively working with the Hubatt Corsairs. They then headed towards the temple of the Duskmaven on the Smolder Spire, but not before Chetney was lured and nearly captured by a bounty hunter who had been sent after him by Tuyen Otwana. They did eventually reach the temple, where, after speaking with one of the priestesses, they had a vision from the Duskmaven of the lens at the Tishtan site, screaming eternally. The priestess advised them to have faith, when they asked how they could fix this. The party met back at the Spire by Fire and, after a discussion of their findings and what "faith" may have meant, decided to go to Zephrah as soon as possible. They waited another day for the Staff of Dark Odyssey to recharge and for Ashton to pick up his improved hammer, and then teleported to Zephrah. While waiting, they Scryed on Liliana and Ira and learned that both of them appeared to be on the surface of Ruidus; Ira seemed to be communicating with a Reilora.

In Zephrah, they were met first by Maeve, who provided them with updates on the Ashari's role in the Battle of the Red Center, and escorted them to see Keyleth, who was being looked after by Leeta. Keyleth was unable to get out of bed due to her wounds, which would not heal, but told the party what she knew of Ludinus and the Vanguard's actions since the battle and of her intentions to go to Vasselheim to discuss the issue further once she was recovered. She tasked Orym and Bells Hells with retrieving the blue perennem flower from the Grey Valley so she and others injured by the Gray Assassins' toxin could recover, asked them to try to also find an Ashari scouting party that had not yet returned from the same mission, and agreed with Orym that Ludinus, Otohan, and Liliana needed to be stopped by any means necessary. After some brief preparations, Bells Hells were sent to the Grey Valley. With some help from FCG's coin, they were directed towards a bush of flowers, but were attacked by wights, a devourer, and several wraiths while Chetney harvested them. They were able to defeat these foes, but Orym recognized two of the wights as members of the Ashari. Bells Hells continued through the valley, following the scent of something burning and fighting off a vrock attack until they reached the recently destroyed Iridon Bastion. Bells Hells stealthily approached and upon realizing the bastion had been overtaken by demons who had taken prisoners, decided to attack. Fearne noticed a cambion also attacking the demons, and convinced him they were allies. They defeated the demons, who were led by Extovass the Gluttonous, and Chetney took the sword he had wielded. The cambion introduced himself as Teven Klask, champion of Asmodeus, and informed the party the gods had a temporary armistice for reasons he did not know. He offered Fearne a pact, which she accepted. Bells Hells rescued Baernie and two other Tempest Blades, along with some survivors from the Bastion, and they fled to a safe place to rest, Baernie's group having gathered sufficient flowers prior to their capture.

That night, FCG identified the sword Chetney had taken as Graz'tchar. The spell initially told him it was the Luminary Blade, and the sentient sword appeared to contain the soul fragment of an ancient king, but Legend Lore revealed that was untrue and the sentience was that of a demon prince. However, FCG still let Chetney take it, though they did warn him of the sword's true nature. FCG also cast Commune again and learned that the Changebringer was indeed afraid of Predathos, and believed herself to both be a potential source of help as well as worth saving. Imogen dreamed again of the surface of Ruidus, despite her circlet. She saw both the people and ecology of the planet, and also spoke with Liliana, who admitted she knew Ludinus was corrupt but still intended to free Predathos, despite Imogen's protests. Bells Hells teleported back with the Ashari and bastion soldiers to Zephrah, where Keyleth was able to heal herself with the aid of the poultice made from the flowers. She addressed the Ashari to reassure them and then met with Bells Hells again, more able to answer their questions. She provided more information about international events following the solstice: Ludinus had been seen in the Dwendalian Empire meeting with the bedridden King Dwendal, but there were rumors of fracture within the Cerberus Assembly. She had also heard reports of various attacks on temples across the world. Ashton took the opportunity to ask her about the Hishari, and Keyleth discovered they contained a primordial fragment, which led her to believe that Efterin's claims of gaining the blessing of Evontra'vir, a sacred tree in the Shattered Teeth, had been true after all and the Hishari had achieved something in Ashton's transformation. Imogen summoned a Reilora in Keyleth's chamber, and learned that the Reilora considered Predathos their progenitor, and seemed jealous of Exandrians for their planet. Keyleth was also able to identify Ludinus Da'leth's harness as a device that could artificially lengthen his life in a mimicry of the life-extending magic druids possessed. Finally, she recognized Orym's contributions and named him "Savior Blade of the Tempest." The party considered going to the Shattered Teeth, but first decided to repair the harness. FCG's Scry on D and on Dancer, and subsequent Divination attempts were inconclusive, but the party decided to pursue D, who appeared to be on the Menagerie Coast. However, after a mostly relaxing day in Zephrah, Fearne Scryed on Dancer again and was able to locate her in Yios, and Bells Hells decided to try her instead. The following morning, they went to Keyleth and told her of their plans. She offered to travel with them until they were ready for her to teleport them to the Shattered Teeth, at which point she'd do so and then continue on to her own allies. They agreed, and she joined them in Yios. Throughout this, Graz'tchar began to whisper to Chetney that Keyleth was untrustworthy and that he should strike against her if given the option.

Bassuras and the Shattered Teeth[edit | edit source]

The party located Dancer, who told them that they would have more luck going to Imahara Joe, and agreed to join them if they traveled to Bassuras. On their way to a tree Keyleth could use for Transport Via Plants, they were attacked by Shithead. They were able to incapacitate it and learned it was once called Gargo by a long-gone necromancer master before FCG finally killed it for good with Destroy Undead. They then continued on to Bassuras.

In Bassuras, Bells Hells found there were a number of skyships from Vasselheim. They found Joe's shop locked, and realized there were a number of people inside and Joe and an unknown companion were being kept hostage. While scouting the place out, the people within attacked, and a fight ensued. Soon it was revealed those keeping Joe hostage were members of the Paragon's Call. Bells Hells were able to kill them all, including Ratanish, whom FCG Banished and then brought back for everyone to take an attack. Joe and his companion, Verna, thanked Bells Hells and explained that they'd been forced by the Call to create a device that would disrupt brumestone. Bells Hells took the bodies of several of the Paragon's Call members for further questioning and hid out in Hondir's old space to wait for Keyleth to return from her errands. Imogen and Ashton went to look for the Nobodies as Ashton was gathering allies, and eventually found Shady Sally at All-Minds-Burn. Ashton confronted her and punched her, but also told her to get the group back together. Justi then brought Imogen and Ashton to see the All-Minds-Burn hivemind. Imogen communicated with it and it offered assistance in exchange for her planting its Brood Pit on Ruidus. She agreed. They and Keyleth reunited with the others; Keyleth took Verna and Joe to Whitestone with the intention of involving Percy in the work on Ludinus's device, and transported Bells Hells to Slival in the Shattered Teeth.

Bells Hells spent the night on the Shattered Teeth, and FCG communicated with the native Dolabo sprite-like creatures, who offered to help call Toriz, whom Keyleth had mentioned, if they lit a fire. This fire lured the Bari Mondolo, which in turn brought Jirana, an elderly galapa woman Keyleth had met with, and Toriz, a frog-like creature in which she lived. Bells Hells spoke with Jirana, who provided them with advice and suggested that one way they could get to Kalutha, the island on which Evontra'vir was located, was by using the compass of Urlu Novos to call the ghost ship. Bells Hells decided to do this, after questioning and disposing of the Paragon's Call bodies; they learned from this that Otohan was still at the Malleus Key in the Hellcatch Valley. When they called the Crimson Abyss, the pirates attacked, but eventually Laudna brokered a deal for transport in exchange for both the compass and Graz'tchar.

On the ship, while attempting to sneak into Novos's quarters, Fearne was caught. She pretended to have been looking for a more comfortable bed, and Novos invited her to come that night. While in the room together, he asked her to share her warmth, which she did; this resulted in a reduction of her HP but a boon as well. The navigator, Cyrillia, became extremely angry, but was eventually appeased when Fearne suggested she go to Novos and share her warmth, as Cyrillia was a fire genasi skeleton and emitted heat as well. Bells Hells disembarked the ship at their destination, having engaged in matchmaking and celebration, and Chetney requested and received a list of other items Novos was searching for.

On Kalutha, the party fought a basalt caecilian before traveling through the jungle. After a brief encounter with the native Aishio people from the Ossended Host and brushes with native wildlife and undead spirits, they found the chasm between three mountains where Evontra'vir was located. They went down into the hole, where Ashton told the tree they were seeking what they were owed. Evontra'vir told him he was the child of Efterin, who had used a shard of Ka'Mort from Toramunda as Evontra'vir had guided them to in the ritual at Hishari, and that it was Ashton's destiny to bestow the spark of Rau'shan. Evontra'vir also answered some of the party's questions; while the ultimate choice of the fate of the gods and what was best for Exandria was up to them, and the road may be difficult, Ludinus must be stopped, and the titans are dead - only these remnants are left. Evontra'vir then realized someone was Scrying on the group and after dispelling the sensor sent them to Igthuldus, where they could find the spark. After navigating down a narrow passage and breaking the floor of the chamber above, Bells Hells located the Chynes Maw where the the spark of Rau'shan sat. Ashton, with help from Fearne, was able to retrieve it, but Laudna realized they would need to return to Whitestone to get the harness so they could use it. The party was then interrupted by the arrival of Ludinus and a small group of Reilora and Vanguard members. Ludinus quickly held Fearne with Telekinesis so the party could not teleport away, but Bells Hells killed his allies and broke his concentration, revealing it had only been a Simulacrum. They then teleported to Whitestone.

The Shards and the Fey Realm[edit | edit source]

In Whitestone, Allura, Imahara Joe, Percy, and Dancer presented them with the repaired harness, which Allura referred to as a Quintessence Array. After learning more about its capabilities and testing it, Bells Hells attended a war council in Whitestone where they were tasked with scouting out Ruidus. Additionally, Allura was able to elucidate the nature of Ashton's abilities outside of the shard of Ka'Mort and identified them as dunamantic in nature. She advised him not to absorb the shard of Rau'shan. Ashton, Orym, and Chetney then went to the Altar of the Raven, where they had another vision of the Raven Queen, while FCG similarly had a vision from the Changebringer at the Horizon Temple.

That night, Fearne, Imogen, and Laudna explored Whitestone Castle, and Laudna returned to Delilah's laboratory. After they defeated the ghosts of several servants on which Delilah had experimented, Delilah appeared and told Laudna that she was the only reason the latter was still in any way alive. The following day, Imogen went to the Zenith Temple to ask the Dawnfather to potentially help with Laudna's plight. Meanwhile, Ashton approached Fearne and the two spoke. After Fearne told them she did not want the shard, Ashton told her they did, and asked her to assist them in absorbing it instead, to which she agreed. After a second war council, Bells Hells went down to the ziggurat beneath Whitestone Castle, and Fearne and Ashton went to the top of it with the shard, with everyone else understanding that Fearne would be taking it. They began the ritual. Bells Hells quickly realized something had gone wrong, and rushed to the top to find Ashton breaking into pieces. He barely survived the process. Fearne took the harness and left, joined by Chetney. Ashton was then rejected by the shard, which he coughed up. Delilah, within Laudna, tried to get her to take the shard, at which Laudna also left. FCG, Orym, and Imogen remained with Ashton, who admitted they had made this choice out of a combination of arrogance, self-loathing, and a desire to prove that perhaps their parents had not been as misguided as everyone had said. As this happened, Chetney and Fearne spoke, with Chetney quietly taking the harness from Fearne after she declared her intention to destroy it. Once she had calmed down and admitted her own involvement and fears, she went off on her own and went to the Altar of the Raven, where she left the postcards from her parents and then spent the night in the woods. Laudna also spent the night in the woods in her former hovel, and spoke with Delilah about the nature of love and betrayal. The rest of Bells Hells, at Castle Whitestone, had dinner, during which Chetney told Ashton that he should leave if he cannot control his destructive tendencies.

The party reunited the following morning and decided that before going to Ruidus, they needed some time to regroup and address their issues. Fearne suggested going to see Nana Morri, whom she missed and who could also possibly ensure their team-building time would not take too long. Bells Hells told Allura about this plan, and despite her reservations she transported them to Ligament Manor, where they found Birdie and Ollie had joined Morri. There, Fearne expressed her concerns about the forlarren version of herself to Morri, who told her that Birdie had some secrets that would be relevant. Fearne spoke with her mother, who revealed that Fearne's biological father was actually Zathuda, who had arranged for Fearne to be Ruidusborn before Birdie escaped with Ollie. The party then began their team-building exercises. Following the successful completion of all three, they distributed their new items and Fearne decided she was now ready to absorb the shard of Rau'shan. She did so successfully, which also awakened the dormant spark of Ka'Mort within Ashton. That night, both Chetney and Orym made deals with Morri: Chetney to become the most famous toy maker, in exchange for bringing Morri a piece of Predathos; and Orym that everyone would return safely from Ruidus in exchange for his own service to Morri. Imogen also deliberately dreamed of Ruidus, and was drawn to the center of the moon, which felt like a home to her.

The following day, Bells Hells and Allura Planeshifted back to the Hellcatch Valley, to the western encampment outside of the Tishtan site. There, they met with Mythtaker Qi Mandozi, Tofor Brotoras, and Earthbreaker Groon as well as Percy and Keyleth to discuss the plan for Bells Hells to scout on Ruidus. While Groon and the others had their reservations, having experienced other Ruidusborn abandoning their mission, Allura vouched for Imogen and Fearne. The distraction and attack were implemented, and Keyleth brought Bells Hells to the base of the Bloody Bridge, casting Wind Walk on them. Bells Hells fought their way through to the Bloody Bridge and took it up, though not without raising alarm from various Vanguard members and allied reilora.

Arc 6[edit | edit source]

The Ruidus mission[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving on Ruidus, Bells Hells similarly had to fight through the encampment on the Ruidus side, and transformed into their Wind Walk forms to escape. They rested and waited out a storm in a cavern within one of the moon's mountain ranges, where Imogen and Fearne realized that due to their shared Ruidusborn status, they could exchange spell slots and other magical resources. Imogen also attempted to commune with Predathos, and sensed a vast network of Ruidusborn and others, calling for her to awaken them. With some difficulty, she was able to return to herself from this vision, but expressed concern she might not be able to do so again. Orym told her that while it was ultimately her choice, the knowledge she could gain from this is vital to the cause and she should attempt again.

The party then continued in their wind forms, noticing some buffalo-like creatures below as they flew, and eventually reaching what appeared to be a ranch town with both Reilora and non-Reiloran people. Several party members transformed back into their usual forms and approached one of the non-Reilora, who was initially surprised but eventually introduced himself as Dono, and his race as bormodos. Dono provided some insight into life on Ruidus, notably the fact that he and others were privy to the dreams of Exandrians, before deciding he should take the party to Elder Barthie. Barthie welcomed Bells Hells, and, while careful to avoid implicating himself, warmed up to them considerably once they showed him the head of a Reilora juggernaut they had killed in their battles earlier that day. He was able to provide them with even more information about the Reilora-led Imperium and the city of Kreviris, as well as Vanguard movements as of late. He provided them with a contact in the Volition, a rebel group. Imogen cast Sending to this person, Zhesh, but Zhesh was suspicious and guarded and did not provide more information. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a caravan, strange for the time of night, and by Willmaster Edmuda, a military Reilora stationed in the town. A fight ensued and Bells Hells killed or captured all the Vanguard members and Edmuda. They questioned them and learned that the Vanguard and Imperium's plan was to awaken Predathos so that it could eat the Exandrian Pantheon, thus making it easier for those from Ruidus to settle on Exandria without opposition. Imogen then questioned the Vanguard members, successfully convincing them she was also of the Vanguard and that Edmuda was a traitor. However, when Fearne and FCG escorted the Vanguard members back, they encountered Otohan. FCG telepathically told the rest of the group to run once spotted, though he and Fearne were able to escape by Banishing themselves; Laudna killed Edmuda with Hunger of the Shadow and the party, having transformed again into their wind forms, escaped.

While flying to Kreviris, they noticed an underground river, which they followed through to a cavern containing ancient elven architecture. Fearne, while Wildshaped, swam through the opening in the wall through which the river was flowing, and found herself in a strange lake, seemingly no longer on Ruidus. After she reported back, all of Bells Hells joined her and found themselves in a lake. They traveled to the nearby village of Ria'Doin, which was abandoned. Laudna determined from the village records that it had emptied out following a series of mysterious disappearances as well as people fleeing due to said disappearances. The party then rested in the village. Orym and Imogen, on watch, discovered that Sending was working again on Exandria, and notified both Caleb and Keyleth of the portal they had found. Keyleth was able to locate them as being in the Caramarin Reach of Issylra, and told them she would bring a team in the morning, as time was running short. Bells Hells told her they would leave a message and return to Ruidus. When Orym attempted to contact Dorian on his other sending stone, he found himself lured towards the lake; Ashton, Chetney, and FCG soon followed, and Imogen, Laudna, and Fearne could not stop them. They followed them and found them being held by an entity with shadowy tendrils. After the creature took damage, Orym, FCG, and Chetney were able to break free, but Ashton remained captured until FCG used Turn Undead. The party then, after some discussion, left warnings for Keyleth and her team and returned to Ruidus through the portal to complete their rest. Laudna took the final watch and spoke to Delilah about the nature of power.

The following day, they continued on to Kreviris via an underground tunnel, with Ashton activating their new shard powers to dig through when they reached a dead end. Shortly after reaching the surface, they experienced a flare, which granted Imogen and Fearne a sense of euphoria as well as additional hit points. They continued their trek as the city came into view. Imogen contacted Zhesh again, who told her to meet at the Jagged Edge and to give Jidoh a specific code sentence. The party first stopped at the Tyren A outpost to get a lay of the land before continuing on to the city. They spoke to two children, Asha and Kelito, and learned more about Kreviris's social structure before attempting to find the Jagged Edge, but encountered a group of Imperium soldiers whom they killed after an attempt to convince them they were Ruby Vanguard members failed. Bells Hells hid the bodies as well as a box they were transporting in the portable hole. At the Jagged Edge, Jidoh, a quanikka glass smith, led them to Zhesh. After Bells Hells convinced her of their intentions, she told them how to find the Volition safe house and permitted them to rest, hidden, in her storage room. While they were doing so, she telepathically told them to keep quiet. The party realized Imperium soldiers were searching for them. Laudna cast Darkness, which hid them from the guards, but one of them sent slithers in to locate anything within the darkness and one attacked Imogen. Fearne Wildshaped into a slither and emerged from the darkness while Orym killed the real slither. The guards then left, and Fearne led them away before returning to the shop.

Zhesh permitted the party to stay until dusk. They comissioned a number of items and learned more about Ruidus, as well as identified the item in the box they'd taken from the guards they killed earlier as Aeorian in nature. Bells Hells went to the Overspoke tower where Imogen and Laudna were able to intimidate the guards into allowing them to the top when Imogen was mistaken for Liliana. Laudna located the pass house, and the party traveled there, where they were stopped by Watcher Amido. They convinced him that their intentions were genuine, and he directed them into the tunnels that led to the current Volition hideout. There, a number of members surrounded them, and the leader, Rashinna, questioned the party. Imogen expressed her desire to kill the generals of the Ruby Vanguard, including her mother. At this, Rashinna showed Bells Hells a window into the subterranean portion of Kreviris and told them the Volition's goals were to destroy the Weave Mind.

Rashinna and her second-in-command, Gaz Tomo, provided Bells Hells with more knowledge of Ruidus's political history and the nature of the Weave Mind before providing them with three potential missions for tomorrow to prove themselves: they could assist in detonating an excavation helmed by Zathuda beneath the Arx Creonium; at this, Ira Wendagoth revealed that he was assisting the Volition in this mission. They could also infiltrate the spire to rescue Evoroa, an allied bormodo scientist who had gone missing; or help Vezoden Amerai, an Exandrian dragonborn Champion of the Strife Emperor free her allies from the Glasshold Garrison. Gaz Tomo inadvertantly revealed that they were also planning on assassinating Liliana in the morning. Rashinna admitted she had hid this information from Imogen, but asked if she would like to lead that. Imogen asked if she could sleep on it, and the party rested in the Volition headquarters.

That night, using Shared Dream, Imogen contacted her mother, but despite her attempts to turn Liliana away from the Vanguard, Liliana insisted on remaining. The next morning, Laudna pulled Imogen aside and expressed sympathy over Liliana, and Imogen accused her of returning to Delilah while the two were separated. They discussed Imogen's admission in the Feywild that Delilah disgusted her, and while their opinions regarding Delilah and whether Laudna is truly inseparable from her differed, Imogen kissed Laudna and told her she will not let her go. Meanwhile, Fearne sought out Ira and discussed what he knew of Zathuda, and she admitted to Ira that she had no love for her biological father as he was not present in her life, but she did want to take Gloamglut for herself.

Upon meeting again with Rashinna, Imogen declined to join the assassination and asked if they could instead take Liliana prisoner, but Rashinna told her she did not believe they could subdue her long enough. Fearne, FCG, and Ashton decided to go on the detonation mission with Ira, and the rest of the party chose to go on the infiltration mission. Ira and Ivanas, an older Volition member, helped disguise the two respective missions. From there, Team Detonation was able to easily gain entry to the tennels, thanks to Ira's disguise as a mystic, where they overheard a tense conversation between Zathuda and Ozo Cruth. They reached a thick breach wall, which FCG was able to bypass by casting Passwall with the Staff of Dark Odyssey, and after Ira and Fearne charmed the reilora present, set the bombs. One juggernaut suspected Ashton of trickery, but Ira Polymorphed him. Ashton, raging, was able to run fast enough for them and FCG to only take the edge of the considerable blast damage, and Ira Dimension Doored Fearne above ground.

Meanwhile, the infiltration team invisibly reached the Colloquium of Candescence and were able to enter via a balcony. Inside, they released Evoroa's cytaa, Gona, who led them to the engineering bay where she had been taken. They found Evoroa in a massive vat of brackish liquid and, after the detonation, were able to get most people to evacuate and defeated the two reilora who remained. They then managed to escape the building, which was going into lockdown. Both groups then noticed the figure of Liliana burst out of the Woven Music Grand Hall, and Fearne and Imogen heard her scream "Did she know" telepathically.

The two groups ran through the city, and after a massive dispelling wave from the Prime Pillar, Zathuda and Gloamglut chased the detonation team but ultimately lost them, at which the team doubled back to check on the others. Meanwhile, Liliana entrapped the infiltration team but was convinced by Imogen that she did not know of the attempt, and to abandon her post. She told Imogen she'd find her later. The Weave Mind also briefly stopped the party, but after getting a good look at them, vanished. The two groups reunited as they ascended to the surface, but were intercepted by Otohan Thull in the tunnels.

During a brutal fight in which Chetney died but was quickly Revivified by FCG and in which Imogen called for Liliana's aid, FCG, seeing the party tapped and at low health, exploded their own arcane core in order to take Otohan out with them. The rest of Bells Hells picked up the pieces of FCG as well as Otohan's weapons before they were met by Liliana.

Return to Exandria[edit | edit source]

The party had a brief, tense conversation in which Ashton, Orym, and Imogen all expressed their doubts about Liliana's methods and Liliana explained some of the Vanguard's plan, including her current role as the likely potential vessel for Predathos. After Imogen did not require she go with them, Liliana chose to stay with the Vanguard for now, though with a promise she'd provide them with information, and Teleported them back to the Bloody Bridge. Bells Hells took it to the base of the Malleus Key, and were able to sneak and deceive their way through the Vanguard's camp. The party slowly began to process what had happened once they left the camp, and discussed with Evoroa some of Ludinus's plans. Imogen told Keyleth they had returned, and Keyleth directed them to the western encampment of the Exandrian Accord. Orym, after an emotional conversation with Imogen regarding Liliana, Otohan, and FCG, used his sending stone to ask Dorian to come find them, and Dorian responded he would be there.[fn 1]

The party reached the encampment and were reunited with Dorian, and after a night of drinking and catching up, took their rest. Near morning, Fearne was lured from her bed by a small woodland creature into the desert of the Hellcatch Valley, only to encounter Zathuda, who hoped to test her and potentially exalt her so that she could become the vessel. Fearne, along with Orym, who had trailed her, were able to defeat the duplicates Zathuda summoned, and he noted she seemed to be motivated by protecting her friends before leaving to fly over the camp. Bells Hells completed their rest and met with Keyleth, Qi, and Tofor that morning. After Keyleth revealed they would likely launch a simultaneous assault on Vanguard and Imperium sites within a week, the party agreed to go to Aeor to find Ludinus and learn more, and if possible, stop him. A Cobalt Soul archivist, Seth Domade, came to transport the party first to Zadash to interrogate an Assembly defector. When the party did so in Chastity's Nook, Seth revealed himself to be Essek Thelyss, and the defector Astrid Becke.

Name[edit | edit source]

Immediately after the party was first formed, Bertrand Bell began suggesting names, which the rest of the group ignored. However, after his death (and after hearing of Ashton's former team, the Nobodies) the party actively began looking for a name. They asked several people what word first popped into their mind when looking at the group.

During the masquerade ball held by the Chandei Quorum, Imogen first used the name Bells Hells to refer to the party when Dunot, a guard that they saved from Emoth Kade and her shade creepers, asked what to call them.[7] Later that night when Dorian was taking his leave with his brother Cyrus, he asked the others if they liked that name, to which they toasted.[8]

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Bertrand Bell and his Sorcerous Swords (by Bertrand Bell)[9]
  • Bertrand's Bells (by Bertrand)[10]
  • The Shit Handlers (by Dorian)[11]
  • New Nobodies (by Ashton via Jiana Hexum)[12]
  • Bells Hells (by Imogen and Laudna)[13]
  • Focus, Group (by FCG)[14]
  • The Moving Crew (by Imogen)[15]
  • "First Word" suggestions:

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Class Status Location Separated team
Ashton Greymoore Barbarian Alive Fighting against Ruby Vanguard Team Issylra
Bertrand Bell Fighter Deceased Murdered by Dugger; body sent to Whitestone
Chetney Pock O'Pea Blood Hunter/Rogue Alive Fighting against Ruby Vanguard Team Wildemount
Dorian Storm Bard Alive Fighting against Ruby Vanguard
Fearne Calloway Druid/Rogue Alive Fighting against Ruby Vanguard Team Wildemount
Fresh Cut Grass Cleric Deceased Self destructed to save the party from Otohan Thull Team Wildemount
Imogen Temult Sorcerer Alive Fighting against Ruby Vanguard Team Wildemount
Laudna Sorcerer/Warlock Hollow Fighting against Ruby Vanguard Team Issylra
Orym Fighter Alive Fighting against Ruby Vanguard Team Issylra

Companions[edit | edit source]

Name Species Master
Little Mister Wildfire Spirit Fearne Calloway
Pâté de Rolo Familiar Laudna

Relationships within the group[edit | edit source]

Intraparty Relationships of Bells Hells
Ashton Chetney Fearne FCG Imogen Laudna Orym
Ashton Ashton Ashton & Chetney Ashton & Fearne Ashton & FCG Ashton & Imogen Ashton & Laudna Ashton & Orym
Chetney Chetney & Ashton Chetney Chetney & Fearne Chetney & FCG Chetney & Imogen Chetney & Laudna Chetney & Orym
Fearne Fearne & Ashton Fearne & Chetney Fearne Fearne & FCG Fearne & Imogen Fearne & Laudna Fearne & Orym
FCG FCG & Ashton FCG & Chetney FCG & Fearne Fresh Cut Grass FCG & Imogen FCG & Laudna FCG & Orym
Imogen Imogen & Ashton Imogen & Chetney Imogen & Fearne Imogen & FCG Imogen Imogen & Laudna Imogen & Orym
Laudna Laudna & Ashton Laudna & Chetney Laudna & Fearne Laudna & FCG Laudna & Imogen Laudna Laudna & Orym
Orym Orym & Ashton Orym & Chetney Orym & Fearne Orym & FCG Orym & Imogen Orym & Laudna Orym

Mounts[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells rented five horses in the Rapid Path Stables of Jrusar for 300 gold in total, including the 150 gold deposit to be refunded if the horses were returned,[20] which has happened when the heist in Heartmoor Hamlet was complete.[21] Each of them was given a name:[22]

  • Fearne — Sir Floppers
  • Laudna — Escargot
  • Imogen — Heart
  • Orym named the horse he shares with Chetney — Rabbit
  • Ashton took the name suggested by Chetney — Loonch (Ashton previously suggested "One-way")

The "Team Wildemount" half of Bells Hells and their new companions acquired flot goats to journey from Uthodurn to Molaesmyr.[23] When they reached the Boreal Omen River, the party built a raft to travel the rest of their way by water and left the goats on a bank of the river. Fearne convinced Donnie Boy to wait for them.[24]

  • Deanna - Jerry, the goat with fluffiest fur. When the party decided to reach Molaesmyr by the river and leave the goats behind, Deanna killed Jerry for meat.[25]
  • Chetney - Musk, the largest available goat with huge muscles.
  • FCG - Fabio, white and brown-spotted goat with a luxurious mane.
  • Imogen - Belle, a dove-gray goat with soft fur.
  • FRIDA - Patchwork, the most gaunt goat.
  • Fearne - Donnie Boy, a round goat with red panda colored fur and a mane.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Allies and friends[edit | edit source]

Player Characters


Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Player Characters


Art[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This party is the first to feature returning characters from a different Critical Role series: Orym, Fearne, and Dorian appeared in Exandria Unlimited, and Bertrand appeared in "The Search For Grog" (OSx28) and "The Search For Bob" (OSx31).
  • Unlike the Mighty Nein, this group's appearance was not teased before the campaign began airing. This was likely to avoid spoiling the fact that existing characters would appear in the series.

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