Beatrix Monroe

Beatrix Monroe
Player character
Official art of Beatrix Monroe, by Lisa Fricke.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorMarisha Ray
RoleSlink (Criminal)
Biographical information
Also known asAuntie Bee
Age55 (Candela Obscura: Chapter 2; Summer 1907)
PlacesNewfaire, Hale
PartnerBlue (husband, deceased)
AffiliationsCircle of Needle & Thread
StatusAlive (as of "Broken Path" (CO2x03))
First seen"Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)
Last seen"Broken Path" (CO2x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Beatrix "Auntie Bee" Monroe is a member of the Circle of Needle & Thread. She is played by Marisha Ray.

Description[edit | edit source]

Beatrix is a 55-year-old woman with frizzy salt-and-pepper hair. She pins her hair up, though half-heartedly as she does not care much about it. She uses blush and makeup to hide sunspots and windburn on her face and in an attempt to maintain her femininity and youth, despite knowing that it is temporary.[1]

Her clothing is threadbare and ratty, and it isn't dirty but clearly needs to be washed frequently because she does not many pieces. She wears a stained lavender shirt, a patchwork overcoat created out of a long-owned blanket, and an oversized pillbox hat that she adorned with faded silk flowers. However, she owns multiple nice pieces of jewelry kept out of sentimental value.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Marisha Ray described her as someone who lost all she had to human-caused atrocity but is fighting to maintain her compassion for others. She felt that Beatrix is the group's maternal figure. She further stated that Beatrix had to overcome a fear of having nothing left to lose to join Candela Obscura and understand that she has purpose and a reason to fight so long as others need her.[3]

She looks after multiple children and mothers in South Soffit, whom she refers to as her wards. While buying food for them, she refuses to accept bread for free from the bakeries and insists on paying, even if the bread is old and fit to be thrown away.[4]

She is protective of Sean Finnerty[5] and Marion Collodi;[6] having no children of her own she sees them as surrogate sons.[7] She is especially attentive of Jinnah "Jean" Basar, whom she sees as a muse.[8] She initially blamed Nathaniel Trapp for his role as a recruiting officer in the war and thought him a coward, but following his actions on assignments in "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01) and "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02), they reached an understanding.[9]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Beatrix previously lived with her husband (her "old Blue") in Seasway, a village east of Newfaire. Their home, described as a manor or a cottage, had lavender walls and mint green shutters. Blue is implied to have died at sea during the initial invasion of the Last Great War.[10] She was at some point evicted "for no reason", and as of Summery 1907, the house remains empty. She "was never able to have children of [her] own".[11][12]

She is long-time friends with Peggy Finnerty[13] and considered Peggy's three sons as her own children;[9] she promised Peggy to keep her youngest son Sean safe at some point before "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01).[5] She also knew Marion Collodi when he was an adolescent,[14]

During the war, she worked in Veterans' Affairs hospitals and helped bring combat survivors back behind Hale's front lines.[15]

She has been an investigator for Candela Obscura longer than anyone in the Circle of Needle & Thread. She, Marion, Sean, Nathaniel Trapp and Jinnah "Jean" Bassar formed the Circle of Needle & Thread with Draven Kingsley as their Lightkeeper.[16] At an unspecified point, she assisted Jean in a surgery on a still-living but anesthetized young woman with an eye in her heart in the Red Lamp District.[17]

Between Candela assignments, Beatrix does "rounds" to check in on and distribute food to people she calls her wards: children in South Soffit and their parents, with a particular fondness for single mothers. She also works as a laundress at Grayslate Sanatorium.[4] She and Sean are working on getting Peggy out of Grayslate after she was wrongfully committed while her sons were away during the war.[18]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

On Summer 13, 1907,[19] the Circle of Needle & Thread was sent aboard a train to prevent the Exoteric Order of New Sciences (EONS) from having a magickal device, later identified as vial containing an immature androphage. EONS scientist Violet Boucher attempted to force Jean to shoot Beatrix prove her loyalty to EONS over Candela. Beatrix, prepared for this scenario, fled and disconnected the train car. However, in escaping as well, Jean had to allow Avery Choi, a liaison between EONS and Candela like Jean, fall to their apparent death. Beatrix tried to reassure Jean that Avery was capable enough to take care of themselves.[20]

The circle was immediately sent on a second assignment to investigate the murder of Allison Suarez's husband the previous night. She inspected a broken mirror in the house and saw in the pieces memories of herself and her husband in Seasway; Marion snapped her out of the memory. While removing a subway ticket from the corpse's pocket, she had a Bleed-induced vision of the paper turning into flesh and of a hand trying to pull it back in. The circle continued to the subway, built by Nathaniel's family, and Beatrix had him use his status to clear the platform. They found that a Candela lighthouse had fallen into a now-sealed tunnel during excavation and stopped functioning. Beatrix successfully distracted a pack of squid dogs with a bag of kibble that Marion sprinkled with blood, temporarily clearing the way . As a creature tried to exit through a tear in the Flare at the top of the lighthouse, Beatrix steadied Jean, allowing Jean to focus and seal the rift. After, she praised Jean's work and offered to help with her father's funeral.[20]

A few weeks later, Bee, after distributing some bread and beans to the impoverished in South Soffit, went to her job at Grayslate, as a laundress, and met with Sean's mother Peggy, who gave her a letter for Sean.[21] She then went to the porch of her old home in Seasway, where Sean met her, and she gave him the letter. The two spoke about using Nathaniel's influence to try to get Peggy released from the sanatorium, as both believed her to be wrongfully committed. Bee also expressed the belief that Nathaniel owed Sean, with which Sean disagreed.[22]

She was summoned to the chapter house along with the rest to investigate the murder of Joshua Fisher, a member of Allison's circle, but noticed during the briefing that Draven Kingsley seemed off, which was confirmed when he attacked Nathaniel, revealing himself as the creature stalking Candela members. After the creature was fought off by Sean and Marion and escaped, Bee verified the androphage was still contained, then went out to find Sean, who had gone outside following a flashback triggered by interacting with Lucas Suarez. She told him a memory she had, of going with him, his mother, and his brother Anthony to a ball game, which initially calmed him until she told him he was a good person, at which point he became angry with her and told her he didn't need to be taken care of. They both went inside, still upset but agreeing that Sean should quit after this mission. Back inside, Bee told Jean that the real Draven Kingsley, who had been overtaken by bleed by the creature, was beyond saving. Jean initially resisted but eventually realized it was true. Bee gave Draven a capsule of scarlet, and then, when the circle realized the chapter house was compromised and should be destroyed, smothered him before Nathaniel burned the building down. She then went with the others to the chapter house of the Circle of Silver Flame, Allison's circle, and after Marion sealed the rift they found there, investigated the archives with Nathaniel. There, she admitted to him that she had been blaming him for the deaths of the older Finnerty brothers due to his role as their recruiting officer, and had thought him a coward, and apologized. He told her that she did not need to apologize, as her feelings were justified. They parted on good terms, and she told him he could call her "Auntie Bee" as Sean and Marion did. She then went to see Farrah Morales, one of the two remaining members of the circle. She found Farrah in her apartment in The Varnish.[23]

Bee was able to convince Farrah to leave, but not in time to escape an attack. She managed to hold off the multiple creatures with a mirror, and she and Farrah both met Nathaniel, who had taken a carriage after Marion had a premonition. They rejoined the rest of the group in The Steel and, after finding Duncan Walters' map to the Fourth Pharos, took off towards Westwreck, with Bee, on Sean's bike, leading the way across the river. She was worried to realize how excited Sean was by the dangerous chase, but helped revive him after he passed out while in Westwreck. Bee was the last of the Circle to go through the underground river to the Fourth Pharos, and in doing so was able to help Marion, who got stuck in the tunnel. While in the Fourth Pharos, Bee injected Allison with adjuvant and stayed with her until it became clear Sean had betrayed the group. She faced off against him, and while he knocked her unconscious, she fatally stabbed him in the neck.[24]

A few days later, Bee helped finalize Peggy's release from Grayslate, and went with her to pick up Lucas from the Trapp estate. She told Peggy that he needed someone to care for him, and told Lucas she would would work towards getting Allison out.[25]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Bag of feed: Consumed by squid dogs after mixed with Marion's and her blood.[26]
  • Medicine pouch: Includes powdered scarlet capsule used on Draven Kingsley.[27]
  • Bleed detector: Option for gear she may choose during an assignment.[28]
  • Hand mirror: Shattered while fighting the creature that impersonated Draven Kingsley.[29]
  • Golden artifact: A necklace with two golden rings on a golden thread, reminiscent of an astrolabe. Given to her by Jean. Allows the user to take a bleed mark to add an extra gilded die to a roll.[30]
  • Small knife: Hand weapon option for gear she may choose during an assignment.[31]

Slink abilities[edit | edit source]

Beatrix is known to have taken the following abilities. Her Slink role allows him to take the following:

  • Saw This Coming: 3 times per assignment, she may assist an ally and add one die to their roll without spending a drive.[32]

She has taken the following abilities available to her through the Criminal specialty:

  • Street Smarts: She may spend any drive instead of Intuition on a Survey roll. She potentially receives the drive back, probably on a failure.[33]

Because the circle has the Interdisciplinary ability, each member may choose one ability outside of their role or specialty in character advancement. Beatrix has an ability from the Doctor specialty:

  • Non-Combatant: If she has not yet hurt anyone during this assignment, her allies in a scene refresh one drive of their choice when she takes a mark.[34]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original After Body scar
Control 1 [35]
Sway 1 [36]
Read 1 [37]
Hide (Gilded) 2 [38]
Survey (Gilded) 2 [39]
Focus (Gilded) [40]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Critical Role Productions posted themed cocktails for the Circle of Needle & Thread. Beatrix's is a honeyed bourbon, "equal parts sweet and sharp": bourbon (or a non-alcoholic bourbon substitute), lemon juice, and warmed honey or honey syrup.[41] This cocktail is usually called a Gold Rush, invented in the 2000s at Milk & Honey in New York.[42][43]

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