Beacon is a membership service storing and providing all the media produced by Critical Role Productions. The service was established to directly support the company while bypassing third-party platforms that collect a portion of subscriber fees. Members get early access to publicly released content, a full archive of previously released content, new exclusive series, live event presales, merch discounts in Critical Role shops (10%), and an invitation to a private Discord server. Critical Role released a trailer to promote their newly-formed service.[1]

The early access includes such content as Critical Role Abridged, The Re-Slayer's Take, Midst, and the Critical Role podcast (available right after the initial broadcast where previously there had been a week delay).[1]

The exclusive series include:

  • Critical Role Cooldown, which displays the cast's immediate post-show reactions around the table after the episode filming concludes, releasing every Thursday with Critical Role episodes.[1]
  • Critical Role Fireside Chat: Monthly "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) series with Critical Role cast and guests. Beacon members can ask questions using the Beacon Discord. The episodes are around 30-60 minutes long. The first fireside chat is scheduled for release on May 21st and hosted by Matthew Mercer.[1]

The logo and service name refer to the Luxon Beacon, a 12-sided religious artifact of the Kryn Dynasty in Wildemount. The purple pentagon represents one side of the dodecahedron.

Mobile app[edit | edit source]

Pocket Beacon was released for Android phones the same day as Beacon's launch[2] and on iOS with a slight delay. The app name refers to "pocket bacon", a favorite snack of the Mighty Nein on their adventures.

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