Official art of Avalir, by Clara.[art 1]
Also known asCity of Crowns
Geographical information
PlaneMaterial Plane
ContinentDomunas (origin)
RegionMount Ygora (origin)
Historical dates
EstablishedAge of Arcanum, 292 years before the Calamity
DestroyedBeginning of the Calamity
Leader titleThe Septarion
GuardsChancellor's Guard

Avalir, the City of Crowns, was a flying city-state during the Age of Arcanum. It was a mageocracy, ruled by a council of mages called the Septarion.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Avalir was a flying city-state that was created out the top of Mount Ygora on the continent Domunas.[2] It was circularly shaped, about three miles in diameter, and as tall as it was wide.[3]

Districts[edit | edit source]

  • Cloudstone, apparently located near Excelsior Plaza.[4] It possibly partially wraps around Excelsior Plaza given that Cerrit passes through the Plaza to travel between the Hall of Eyes and his house, two locations in Cloudstone.
  • Dawnsledge, a neighborhood on the easternmost side of the city.[5]
  • Evenloft[6]
  • Excelsior Plaza
  • Gallamor, located at the top of the city, below the Archsept.[7]
  • Okún, an older neighborhood that has a number of temples, including the Lost Cathedral. It is less protected than other neigborhoods in the city.[8]

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Cerrit Agrupnin's home, in Cloudstone[9][10]
  • Archsept, located at the top-most portion of the city above Gallamor.[7]
  • Crystal Columns, set throughout the city.
  • Hall of Eyes, headquarters of the Eyes of Avalir located in Cloudstone.[4] It is a very large marble building and is described as lacking a hum of magic found at many other buildings in the city.[11]
  • Hall of Prophecy
  • Hall of Symbols, associated with the Abjuration Guild and possibly the other magical guilds[12]
  • Headquarters of Herald's Tome, located in Excelsior Plaza. It contains a room with a raised 10-foot diameter platform made of solid ruby and carved with glyphs and runes that allows Loquatius to broadcast around the city.[13]
  • Helm of Avalir, headquarters of the Navigator's Guild located in Dawnsledge
  • Laerryn Coramar-Seelie's home, located in Gallamor. It is connected to the Meridian Labyrinth through a gate that responds only to Laerryn's official emblem of the Architect Arcane.[14]
  • Librarium Incantatum, located in Gallamor[7]
  • Librarium Magisterium, from which the Magisterium works
  • The Lost Cathedral, in Okún
  • Market of Wonders
  • Meridian Labyrinth, a subterranean network of passages and magical machinery kept lit by the spell engines keeping Avalir afloat and working. It houses or is otherwise connected to dozens of spell engines. All major spell engines are equidistant from the Levitational Corona.[15] Spell engines include:[16] the Heart of Avalir, the Great Registry, the Codex of Keys, the Helm (also the headquarters of the Navigator's Guild), the Ley-Rudder, the Arboreal Calix,[17] and the Astral Leywright.
  • Palazza Por'co, ancestral home of the Por'co family located in Gallamor[18]
  • Por'co Falls, located at the top of the city. This massive waterfall stands 100 feet high and dominates the center of the city. The Herald's Tome morning broadcast is projected onto them.[19]
  • Tower of the First Knight, located in Cloudstone[4]
  • Vault of the Golden Scythe, located in Excelsior Plaza

Society[edit | edit source]

Organizations and factions[edit | edit source]

  • Abjuration Guild
  • Academy Arcane
  • Circle of the Crescent Moon
  • Court of Owls
  • Court of Workings, responsible for the magical engineering that keeps the city working and civic construction[20]
  • Golden Scythe, merchant guild led by Nydas Okiro
  • Herald's Tome
  • Librarium Incantatum The organization particularly concerns themselves with the use of potentially dangerous magic.[21] Their library also contains considerable historical information regarding the founding of Avalir.[22]
  • Magisterium, oversees magical law and contracts relating to the city, such as the tithe of Pact of Crown and Throne[23][24]
    • Eyes of Avalir, organization of detectives working under the Magisterium.[25] Their investigators are called Sightwardens.[26]
  • Navigator's Guild, responsible for steering and directing the city[27] and led by Guildmaster Akami Rowe
  • Octothurge, part of the magical academic structure.[28]
  • Porter's Guild, transports people and items throughout and in and out of the city using teleportation.[29] They also apparently run the Great Registry documenting magical items in Avalir.[30] Their members are identified by bellhop-style uniforms.[29] They are led by an appointed Guildmaster, whose position was vacated just before the Calamity and election was postponed indefinitely.[31]
  • Ring of Brass, group of six friends who hold leadership positions throughout the city
  • Ring of Silver, identified by silver necklaces[32]
  • The Sailor-Marines of the Harvest Moon, a guild of former pirates
  • Septarion, seven archmages in the highest level of government[33]
    • Ring of Gold, the fourteen apprentices to the Septarion[34]
  • The Sorcerer's University, founded by Nydas to teach sorcerous children[35]
  • Stormbringers, a mercenary company

Demographics[edit | edit source]

A range of peoples live in the city, including humans, elves, eisfuura, changelings, and half-orcs.

Notable people[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description
Cerrit Agrupnin PC Guardian of the Seventh, Senior Sightwarden of the Eyes of Avalir, member of the Ring of Brass
Laerryn Coramar-Seelie PC Architect Arcane, member of the Ring of Brass
Loquatius Seelie PC Herald, member of the Ring of Brass
Nydas Okiro PC Guildmaster of the Golden Scythe, member of the Ring of Brass
Patia Por'co PC Keeper of Scrolls, member of the Ring of Brass
Zerxus Ilerez PC First Knight, member of the Ring of Brass
Akami Rowe NPC Guildmaster of the Navigators Guild
Bolo NPC Woman aspiring to be a reporter, originally from Aeor
Eldamir the Wise NPC Member of the Septarion
Lacrytia Hollow NPC Member of the Octothurge, of the Ring of Silver, and Dean of the College of Necromancy
Loras of the Weaver's Mask NPC Apprentice to Eldamir, making him a member of the Ring of Gold
Micah Cormorant NPC Magister of the Magisterium, Speaker of the Fourth
Volucia of the Heart's Emblem NPC Former apprentice to Eldamir

Arcane Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Carrowhulks, four-legged constructs used for everyday transportation
  • The Herald's Tome's broadcast system, which sends a live video and audio feed from the Herald's Tome headquarters to the Crystal Columns around the city and the Por'co Falls. The scheduled broadcasts are preceded by blasts of arcane confetti.[36]
  • Orison's Odd-Tack, an arcane glue that only sticks to what it is commanded[37]
  • Hodmedods, humanoid-shaped fabric constructs that can carry out simple tasks and play recorded messages
  • Bumbershoots, items meant to be used in inclement weather, presumably a type of umbrella[38]
  • Eldritch batteries, which store the ether collected by Avalir
  • Rings of Masks, small devices that allow communication between the wearer and others
  • The Grand Geometer, a machine that reads leylines and measures the strength of upcoming Apogee Solstices[39]
  • Spell kites, small delivery vehicles that carry goods from Cathmoíra to the residences of Avalir
  • The arcane furnace, which disenchants magic items and collects the released ether[40]
  • The psychometric chamber, which the Eyes of Avalir use for their psychometry, recreating items and areas to a set point in time[41]
  • Delivery paths akin to pneumatic tubes without the actual tubes. The Herald's Tome print newspaper is delivered throughout the city this way, as is Loquatious's entrance announcement to the Feast of Imyr[42]
  • Fidget tools akin to fidget spinners[43]
  • The Astral Leywright, an experimental machine intended to teleport the city to other planes of existence
  • Taxmen, large elaborate constructs made to fight against Aeor if war broke out
  • Divining stones, items that record and display video, used as security cameras in the Palazzo Por'co[44]
  • Recording crystals, shards of crystal that store video and audio recordings, can be put in special stands that project illusory three-dimensional images of the recordings[45]
  • Runes of Recall, small stones that cast a modified version of Word of Recall on the user when broken
  • Ornithopters, presumably flying machines with flappable wings[46]

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Avalir was formerly part of a city called Toramunda, founded by the druidic Gau Drashari during the Age of Arcanum on Mount Ygora on the continent Domunas after Pelor and Melora sealed two Primordials, the Emperor Rau'shan of Fire and Empress Ka'Mort of Earth, beneath the mountain during the Schism.[47][48] 292 years before the Calamity,[49] a group of seven mages enchanted brumestone to lift the top of the mountain, splitting Toramunda into the flying city Avalir and its earthbound sister city Cathmoíra. The spell was completed by Imyr Por'co, who became a hero the people of the city.[50]

Pact of Crown and Throne[edit | edit source]

As a condition of the wizards of Avalir lifting the mountain, the druids required an agreement, known as the Drashari Pact or the Pact of Crown and Throne, under which Avalir would return to Cathmoíra every seven years, giving 25% portion of the raw magic the city collects back to the druids and the continent of Domunas.[51][52] The druids also required that the Tree of Names be tended to in Avalir, but declined to explain its purpose, believing the wizards would take advantage of the tree.[53] As of the events of Exandria Unlimited: Calamity, the agreement had last been updated 119 years ago, shortly after the Raven Queen's ascension.[54]

As a result of this pact, Avalir traveled around Exandria in a seven-year circuit on the world's leylines. During its journey, it traded with other cities, both flying and terrestrial, including Aeor and Vasselheim. At the end of this circuit, to honor this agreement with the Gau Drashari, Avalir returned to Cathmoíra and performed a ceremony called the Replenishment. The city stayed with Cathmoíra for a month before embarking on another seven-year journey.[55]

Avalir's unique ability to extract ether, the raw magical potential of objects, and store it in the Etheric Net for later release, is implied to be related to this pact.[56]

Although tithe of ether for the Drashari people was set at 25% and the other 75% were supposed to be put into the ground for the Replenishment, that hadn't been happening for the last two or three Replenishments (for 14-21 years prior to the Calamity). Just less than 5% of the city's ether was actually going to go into the ground of Domunus for the last Replenishment, and the rest was redistributed to the Astral Leywright or funneled out to archmages in the city to unnaturally extend their lives.[52]

Exandria Unlimited: Calamity[edit | edit source]

"Excelsior" (E3x01)[edit | edit source]

On the eve of a Replenishment, Cerrit Agrupnin began an investigation into the disappearance of Vespin Chloras, an archmage of Vasselheim who was believed trying to mimic the Raven Queen and perform a Ritual of Seeding. Authorities in Vasselheim, the last city visited before the return to Cathmoíra, reported him missing to the Sightwardens while the city was hovering over Vasselheim out of concern that he was stowing away in Avalir. The Sightwardens previously declared him killed by his failed ascension and closed the case. It was reopened in suspicion. Patia Por'co requested that his personal effects be saved for educational research instead of destroyed.

Patia held a party in the evening at her family's Palazzo Por'co to celebrate the Replenishment.

"Bitterness and Dread" (E3x02)[edit | edit source]

"Blood and Shadow" (E3x03)[edit | edit source]

"Fire and Ruin" (E3x04)[edit | edit source]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The city's failure at the outset of The Calamity caused its name to become the basis of the Elvish word "savalir" (guilt) by 585 PD. A notable usage of in the name of the Savalirwood (formerly the Veluthil Forest) in the Greying Wildlands.[57] Avalir itself was remembered as a pre-Divergence city in 843 PD: Imahara Joe, a tinkerer with an interest in Age of Arcanum automata, and Orym, who does not have background in academia but "vaguely" knew of it.[58]

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