Ashton Greymoore

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Ashton Greymoore
Player character
Basic information
ActorTaliesin Jaffe
RaceEarth genasi (formerly aasimar)[1][fn 1]
ClassBarbarian (Path of Fundamental Chaos)[3][4]
Biographical information
Full nameAshton Greymoore
AgeAround 27 (Campaign 3; 843 PD)[6]
LanguagesCommon, Primordial,[7] Marquesian[8]
FamilyEfterin (father)[9]
StatusAlive (Resurrected; as of 843 PD)
Cause of deathExploded from absorbing the shard of Rau'shan ("The Promise and the Price" (3x77))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
walk 40 ft., burrow 40 ft.[a]
Stats reference[11] See also their level page.
First seen"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)
Last seen"Downfall: Part One" (3x99)
StreamCampaign 3 (91 episodes)

Woke up damaged and in pain that has never stopped since that fucking day. There were little sections of my life where I prayed and I begged for anything to all of them, to any of them. The only time they've ever spoken to me was the one who tried to fucking kill me less than a week ago. So, I'm here to save us. I'm here to save the people who live here.

— Ashton to Bells Hells, on the gods.[12]

Ashton Greymoore is an earth genasi barbarian, former member of the Nobodies, and a member of Bells Hells. Ashton is played by Taliesin Jaffe.

Ashton became an orphan after his parents were killed in an accident that destroyed their home village of Hishari (Issylra) in about 823 PD. Ashton was relocated to Marquet into the Greymoore orphanage in Bassuras, which gave Ashton his last name. He grew up alongside his future companion group, the Nobodies.

Leaving the orphanage, the Nobodies settled in Jrusar and eventually picked up a contract to rob a mansion of Jiana Hexum, but in the aftermath of their mission Ashton was gravely injured and abandoned by the rest of his companions (except Milo Krook), leaving him indebted to Jiana Hexum. Milo patched him up using the strange potion they picked up at the manor, which instilled him with the power of dunamancy and, combining with his persistent rage, provided him with barbarian abilities of the Path of Fundamental Chaos.

Shortly after the accident, Ashton befriended an aeormaton named Fresh Cut Grass, both sharing crisis of identity. Joining a newly-formed adventuring party named Bells Hells, they completed a work for Jiana Hexum in Heartmoor and cleared Ashton's debt.

When teleported to Issylra in early days of the Apogee Solstice in 843 PD, Hevestro relayed the story of Hishari's downfall. Hishari, led by Ashton's father (Efterin) performed a "reckless" ritual using the shard of Ka'Mort (emperor of earth around a glowing gate in order to channel elemental power and call on the power of the Primordials, but they could not control it and the village was ultimately destroyed. However, the ritual did succeed in imbuing Ashton Greymoore with the power of the shard, which since been dormant.

Preparing for their mission to Ruidus, Bells Hells made an excursion into the Shattered Teeth and picked the shard of another Primordial, Rau'shan the emperor of fire. The party decided to give the shard over to Fearne Calloway, establishing an isolated space beneath Whitestone where the shard can be consumed, safe from accidental casualties. However, believing this second shard would ignite the power of the dormant one, Ashton covertly consumed the fire shard instead of Fearne. He was rejected by the shard and melted away, but was brought back from death by the very recently obtained Ring of Temporal Salvation. Days after, Fearne successfully absorbed the fire shard, which activated Ashton's twin shard.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ashton is 5'10" tall[13] and has green stone skin and short, dark-purple crystal hair. They have a prominent hole in the left side of their head filled with slag glass, through which an opalescent brain can be seen, and the eye on the cracked side of Ashton's head is milky white. There are cracks across Ashton's left side, patched together with slag melted gold and various other metals (like kintsugi).[14][15] Their blood is a very deep red, almost black.[16] While aboard the Crimson Abyss, Ashton got a "wing piece" tattoo the words in Primordial: "From the earth, of the earth, to the earth" etched on the back of his shoulders.[17] After Ashton fully submerged himself in lava of the Chynes Maw, some of the imperfections on his body became "more whole", but the gold lines remained. His clothes, except the jacket, were ruined.[18]

Ashton has piercings made mostly of nails, carries multiple leather pouches, and wears a lot of well-worn leather with red fabric lining, including a jumpsuit with the top half undone.[19] The back of his hand-decorated jacket says "JUST DON'T"[20] and is decorated with four symbols: a frowning face with Xs for eyes; three right-pointing triangles in a vertical line; the Hishari symbol,[21] two triangles facing up overlapping with two facing down enclosed by a circle; and three interlocking polygons representing a Luxon beacon.[22] Ashton saw the Hishari symbol and the beacon symbol (though they could not identify either at the time) in his "crazy technicolor dreams".[23][24] He carries a big glass hammer which has "FUCK OFF" engraved in it.[20] On Ashton's pant leg is a patch with a symbol of the Clasp.[25]

While Ashton stayed in Zephrah, Fanny Z made him a new outfit. Tall boots fastened with brass buckling that goes up to his knees. Black gloves with brass attachments. A pair of black pants with vertical centered stripes that go up to his shirt, shaping the Hishari symbol, and shift color from light to dark blue depending on the angle they are observed from. A waist corset, obtained for him by Team Wildemount in Uthodurn,[26] has been modified with similar stripes that form a five-sided symbol, akin to the symbol on his jacket, which change color from blue to red to pink. The shirt is covered by a sleeveless black trench coat with metal pyramid studs across the shoulders and a deep crimson lining.[27]

After his attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan, approximately 30% of Ashton's body fell off or shattered, including their entire right arm.[28] Once the process was complete, the missing arm was replaced with a new one made of molten rock, and the veins of gold became orange and cracked in places.[29]

After Fearne successfully absorbed the shard of Rau'shan and Ashton's shard of Ka'Mort was awoken, Ashton temporarily grew about a foot or two. His right arm swelled, and major spikes of rock jut out of his right arm and his upper torso, followed by smaller rock formations across his skin. The color of their eyes faded into pale gray and got vertical cracks in the center, glowing dull yellow in the cracks. The orange glowing veins, that appeared after the first absorption ritual, subsided.[30] Within a short period of time the transformation faded, but Ashton's skin remained like a rough-cut gemstone.[31]

Before heading to Aeor, Ashton (along with the rest of BH) ordered new clothes at the Emerald Curtain in Zadash. Ashton asked to put gold elements on his boots, going up his right leg. He got split-colored pants—one side was blue ombre from FCG's jacket, the other side was a yellow blue plaid split down the middle of the pants. Above the pants Ashton put on a black skirt ripped in places, a leather belt, a torn shirt, and a leather vest. The vest got gold spikes that went down the shoulders with other gold elements and a blue liner. Ashton asked Chetney to get him a mohawk haircut with his chisel.[32]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

When Campaign 3 opened, Ashton was living in the Fownsee Hollow neighborhood inside the Core Spire of Jrusar, in what would be considered destitute surroundings by anyone of means. It is a location where people come or are thrown to be forgotten. However, they saw it as colorful and fun, and had decorated their room with cast-offs and bright trinkets of little actual value.[33]

Ashton described himself as "cranky and unpleasant", and FCG immediately agreed with him.[34] Ashton recognized that he could be difficult with people.[35] He identified his main goals as self-reliance, and freedom to move about.[36]

Ashton has not had a lot of physical contact during his life. They generally avoid it due to their chronic pain[37] and is not sure if they've ever been in love or not. Ashton had close friends in the past,[38] and as the time goes on, he becomes more comfortable among the members of Bells Hells.[39] They initially joined Bells Hells because Orym introduced himself as a member of the Ashari, which Ashton noticed sounded a lot like Hishari. They had planned to get Orym and other members of Bells Hells in their debt, but found in a moment of crisis that they had come to care for them as friends.[40] When a couple of Bells Hells members fell dead, murdered by Otohan Thull, Ashton said that he will do anything Jiana Hexum wants only to save his companions.[41]

On 4-Sided Dive, Taliesin stated that Ashton has a complex series of rules that he lives by, including "If you have a deal, you don't fuck with it. If you fuck with the deal, [there will be a] new deal and I get to make up what it is," and "Don't put your hands on me if I don't know you."[42]

During the party's second trip to Whitestone, Ashton readily admits to Fearne that they have come to love the members of the party and that "it's nice to feel love for people."[43] Ashton later said to FCG that he cares about his companions, but doesn't care about himself, which he think can be the core problem of his personality. Ashton further explained that the reason he was initially drawn toward FCG, because he thought FCG didn't care about themselves, as well.[44]

Taliesin commented on the 4-Sided Dive: Ashton believes they are unlovable, because they don't love themselves, adding that it is difficult to dedicate love to a person who lacks self-love. Ashton also doesn't know how to define love, and didn't believe Fearne could have a crush on them.[45]

Following the failed absorption of the spark of Rau'shan, Ashton explained his decision to attempt it as he thought it would make him whole, better, unbreakable, no longer flawed. Ashton didn't feel qualified to have opinions about other people and about the gods.[46]

In response to Laudna reminding the party of the drugs she got from Justi Pross, Ashton said that he "have never tried that stuff, but there would have probably been a time in his life where he would've been really into that".[47]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Ashton was born to an elven man and a woman of Hishari, an elemental cult village in Issylra.[2] His father was Efterin, the leader of the cult.[9] When he was very young, in about 823 PD, "a couple of decades" before Campaign 3, Hishari performed a "reckless" ritual around a glowing gate, which ultimately destroyed them. Ashton was found wandering near Bassuras in Marquet with no memory of his childhood, and was put into the Greymoore State Home.[48][49] When he was about 11 or 12, he began to slowly change into his present rocky form.[50] This was due to the ritual performed by the Hishari, which imbued Ashton with the essence of a shard of Ka'Mort, a Primordial Earth Titan.[51] [52] Growing up, he dreamed of participating in the Deathwish Run[53] and came to admire Otohan Thull through stories of her martial prowess and rumor of her leadership of the Paragon's Call.[54]

Ashton and a group of children from the home formed a criminal mercenary group called the Nobodies.[55] Years before 843 PD,[56] the group was hired to break into Jiana Hexum's home in Jrusar (for more information, see: Nobodies § Break-in at Hexum Manor). They entered Jiana's office on the top floor, where Ashton opened a crate of Potions of Possibility. Shortly after Ashton picked one up out the crate, he was magically thrown through off a balcony. He was gravely injured and brought back to Milo Krook's home. Milo used their knowledge as a tinkerer to repair Ashton's body using glass and melted-down gold that Ashton was to receive as payment for the job. When this was not enough, they further poured the Potion of Possibility that Ashton still held into his head, successfully reviving him. The rest of the Nobodies left Jrusar.[55][57]

Jiana eventually was able to track down Ashton because of his distinctive head injury. Rather than turning them in to the authorities, she instead asked for their services as a means of paying off their debt to her. Ashton accepted.[58] Including their debt to Hexum, as of "The Trail and the Toll" (3x03), Ashton was in debt with "multiple" third parties.[59]

Ashton has since lived in Jrusar for some time.[60] About Thunsheer 843 PD, a couple of months before joining the Bells Hells,[61][62] Ashton was hired by the Rayia family to investigate the disappearance of the Division of Public Benefit, who they hired a week before to clear out giant creatures native to the area from a silver mine that the family owned east of the city. Upon arriving at the assigned place, they discovered Fresh Cut Grass with an eye malfunction, along with several corpses of the other party members scattered across the camp.[63] Ashton took them to Milo who repaired the damage FCG has sustained.[64]

When FCG was in Ashton's mind, FCG learned that Ashton experiences chronic pain.[65]

Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

After Bells Hells first came together, Ashton frequently served as a local guide for Jrusar, as he had been living there for some time.[66] Shortly after Chetney's first foray into the Moon Tower, Ashton visited Jiana Hexum, who told them she had placed a wager with Evon Hytroga, and asked if they'd be interested in helping her win it - and, if they did so, settling their debt to her.[67] Ashton brought this to the group, who expressed interest in the job in Heartmoor Hamlet.[68]

At the Chandei Quorum party, Ashton showed up dressed as the Nightmare King. This attracted the attention of Ratanish, who approached him,[69] and challenged him to a fight, which Ratanish won. However, Ashton's fighting impressed him, and he extended a job offer should they be interested.[70]

A few days after the party, Ashton introduced the party to Jiana, and Bells Hells then set off for the Heartmoor.[71] During the heist on the Twilight Mirror Museum, Ashton, angry at how dangerous Evon had made the museum, stole several important documents including invoices for commissioned fake artifacts and an indication that Jiana was illegally importing goods from Wildemount.[72]

After this second group meeting with Jiana Hexum, during which she confirmed Ashton's debt cleared,[73] Ashton admitted having trouble remembering the events of the break-in they had been involved in at Hexum's manor. Using Detect Thoughts, Imogen and FCG were able to regain some of Ashton's memories, which led him to decide that he needed to find the Nobodies.[74]

The group left soon after for Bassuras to retrieve Armand Treshi. As Ashton had spent much of their childhood in the city, they continued to serve as the party guide,[75] and reached out to All-Minds-Burn for help once it became apparent they would likely need backup against the Paragon's Call.[76] Ashton left a message for several members of the Nobodies with Imahara Joe once it became clear the party would be fleeing the city before he could reach out.[77]

After the party returned to Jrusar, FCG and Imogen again probed into Ashton's mind.[78] While they did not learn new memories, FCG became briefly trapped in a crystalline prison within Ashton's mind,[79] and Imogen saw a number of different possible Ashtons.[80]

Ashton split off from the rest of the party briefly while in Yios after noticing Violet, an old associate. The two took on an elaborate but brief job to kidnap so called "ledgers", several kenku that had an information about the Baneful Brood (a local mob group Violet was interested in) and to prove they were stealing artifacts. Ashton agreed to work with them as emergency muscle. Violet magically disguised him as a chef, where he blended in at the mobsters house's kitchen to be ready in case Violet needed a back up. The job went south: they tied up a number of mobsters, ransacked the head mobster Orgreo's office, but eventually the house's security captured them. Ashton and Violet were dragged into the kitchen for interrogation, when a team of city's sentries raided the house and arrested the mobsters. They let Ashton free, advising him to let them know if he witness anything suspicious. When Ashton reunited with the rest of Bells Hells before they all left for the Feywild, he was covered in marinara sauce after the kitchen fight, but considered the operation to be a successful one.[81]

Following the ritual at the Tishtan excavation site during the apogee solstice, Ashton was teleported, along with Laudna and Orym, to an unknown location.[82] There, they met up with Bor'Dor Dog'Son, Deni$e Bembachula, and Prism Grimpoppy and determined they were in the Demithore Valley in Issylra.[83]

Ashton was extremely angry after Abaddina, the elder in Hearthdell, tasked the party with removing the Dawnfather missionaries from the town and the angel that was called by the temple's cleric judged them. He told Laudna it made his past anger feel more like "self-pity".[84] However, they did speak with Abaddina briefly about their elemental and dunamantic nature.[85]

En route to Irriam Canyon, Ashton spoke with Orym about meditation in the hopes of learning to commune better with rocks and learn more about his past.[86] They also took the Ring of Volcanic Flesh when the party found the skeleton of a githzerai within the Serratus Wilderness.[87] Upon reaching the canyon and meeting Hevestro, Ashton asked him about Hishari following a mention of the Gau Drashari. Hevestro told him more about the history of Hishari, and that the town was now considered cursed, as well as that Abaddina was a former cultist.[88]

Following Bor'Dor's reveal that he was a Ruby Vanguard cultist and his subsequent attack on the party, Ashton recommended non-lethal damage, but comforted Prism and Laudna after they killed Bor'Dor.[89] Upon reuniting with the party in Jrusar, Ashton had Milo update his hammer, spoke to FCG approvingly about the purpose FCG seemed to have found and about his own sense of purpose,[90] and impassionedly told the rest of Bells Hells that while he strongly opposed Ludinus, he had never had any prayer answered by the gods and they could contact him first.[91]

In Zephrah, Ashton asked first Thollo, then Keyleth about the Hishari. Thollo was able to verify the information Ashton previously had[92] and Keyleth was able, after she recovered from her injuries, determine that Ashton had the essence of a Primordial Titan in their blood. This in turn led her to believe that the Hishari had indeed been at least partially successful in the ritual that destroyed them.[51] Bells Hells decided, with the information from Keyleth, to seek, out Evontra'vir, whose Efterin had claimed to have had.[93] Ashton, upon reaching Evontra'vir, asked about their past, and learned that Efterin was their father and the shard of a titan within them was that of Ka'Mort.[52] Evontra'vir then told him that it was to be his destiny to find and bestow the spark of Rau'shan, located on the island of Igthuldus within a volcano.[94] After the rest of the party had spoken to the tree, it transported them to that island.[95] Ashton, with help from Fearne, was able to retrieve the spark from a pool of lava.[96]

The party then traveled to Whitestone to retrieve Ludinus Da'leth's harness in order to absorb the power of the spark. There, they met Allura Vysoren, who, in discussion, was able to confirm that the second power within Ashton was indeed similar to that of a Luxon beacon and provided them with more information about dunamancy.[97] She also determined it would be very unwise and destabilizing for Ashton to absorb the spark, as the shard and the dunamancy seemed to be balancing each other.[98] Later that same day, Ashton went with Orym and Chetney to the Altar of the Raven, a temple of the Matron of Ravens in Whitestone's Greyfield, and, within a vision, broke chains holding the Matron.[99] The following day, Fearne told him that she felt the spark belonged with him rather than her.[100] That afternoon, Ashton successfully absorbed the spark with help from Fearne and FCG healing them, though their Ring of Temporal Salvation was expended in the process.[101] However, shortly after he came to, the shard rejected him, causing him to cough up a new, re-formed shard.[102] Most of the party was fairly angry at them, and Ashton was extremely contrite and admitted they had mostly been motivated by a desire to prove their parents had not been misguided.[103] Bells Hells decided to visit the Feywild in order to give him time to recover and for them all to process the incident before scouting on Ruidus. After some team-building exercises designed by FCG and Morri, Fearne decided to take the shard, and upon her doing so, Ashton's shard was also awakened.[104]

While on Ruidus, Ashton frequently advised caution, especially in terms of ensuring the people of Razora had plausible deniability regarding Bells Hells' actions, and with Barthie's consent, injured him so that he could pretend Bells Hells had overpowered him.[105] After the party passed through the portal to Ria'Doin, Ashton was the second person to be lured into Lake Umamu by the shadowy creature, and was the last to break free.[106] When they returned to Ruidus, after resting they admitted they very much wanted to go home and have "street food out of a cart", but were also excited by the rocky subterranean caverns.[107] Upon reaching a dead end, he decided to activate his shard of Ka'Mort, and was able to sense the surrounding tunnels as well as dig a hole to the surface, through which Bells Hells traveled.[108] After the ability faded, they took on two levels of exhaustion.[109]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Fresh Cut Grass[edit | edit source]

Ashton was hired to investigate the disappearance of the party of adventurers who had gone missing and discovered Fresh Cut Grass and their comrades' corpses. Ashton emotionally supported FCG and helped him bury his dead comrades, and FCG followed Ashton to their home. The two have remained close ever since.[110]

Fearne Calloway[edit | edit source]

Ashton and Fearne seem to get along with one another and enjoy each other's mischief. They pickpocketed her when they first met, stealing an oversized earring of the Allhammer's symbol,[111] which she stole from a pachydan priest she met on her first day in Jrusar.[112] She then stole the earring back and offered it to Preio Madali as payment for a bottle of Elvish alcohol.[113] She also offered to let Ashton drink some of the liquor out of her hair after Bertrand Bell accidentally threw it at her.[114]

Jiana Hexum[edit | edit source]

Jiana became one of Ashton's first clients after the Nobodies left town to pay off their newly acquired debt.[58] While Ashton does not like her, they believe they deserve her.[115]

Laudna[edit | edit source]

Unlike various other members of the party who seem to find Laudna scary or off-putting, Ashton immediately takes a liking to her and is fond of her particular aesthetics, reacting favorably to her showing off of the dead rat puppet Pâté de Rolo and even going as far as to call the performance "amazing".[116] In turn, Laudna seemingly appreciated their enthusiasm and, following a prank in which a drink was spilled over Bertrand Bell's clothes, cast Prestidigitation to pour the alcohol into their glass (even though the prank did not involve them).[117]

Percival de Rolo[edit | edit source]

Ashton and Percy met in Whitestone, where Bells Hells sought ways to resurrect Laudna. Percy told them that no resurrection will take place without his approval, but they were welcome to pursue solutions. Ashton confronted Percy in his office, yelling. They had a fruitless and a rather uncomfortable argument (for both sides) about the resurrection ritual and their definitions of fairness.[118] When the conversation was over, and Ashton wandered the halls of the Castle Whitestone, he encountered Trinket and asked him to shit somewhere in the castle, in their honor.[119]

Percy described his first encounter with Ashton as: "The moment he met Ashton, Percy knew he was destined for stupidity".[120] According to Taliesin, the reason for this mutual disliking is that both Percy and Ashton are similar. They both have family trauma, ego problems, and they frequently feel as if they are "the only adults in the room".[121]

In the aftermath of Ashton's attempt to absorb the spark of Rau'shan, Percy saw that something was deeply bothering Ashton. Percy sympathized with him, telling he had previously tussled with his own demons, as well. He recommended Ashton to seek ways to make up for his mistakes. Percy also said: "Punish yourself as much as you need to. Trust me. It's good for the soul. Some of us never stop. But don't drag them down with you."[122]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Genasi abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Subrace: Earth Genasi
    • Earthwalk
    • Pass without Trace (Cast Pass without Trace 1/Day)[138]

Feats and other abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Crusher[139]
  • Shard of Ka'Mort: Ashton can enter a transformation to embody elemental earth. The transformation lasts for an hour.[140] When the transformation ends, he gains two levels of exhaustion.[141][109] While transformed he has these abilities:
    • +2 to AC[142]
    • +5 to Strength modifier[143]
    • Earthglide: Ashton can burrow through solid, unworked earth.[144]
    • Siege: Ashton's melee attacks deal double damage to objects and structures.[145]
  • Fighting Initiate: Great Weapon Fighting[146][147]

Barbarian abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Danger Sense[148]
  • Primal Path: Path of Fundamental Chaos[3][4][149]
    • Fundamental Force (rage types)
    • Chaos Burst
    • Fundamental Force enhancement
    • Erratic Defense
  • Rage (4 per long rest)[150]
  • Reckless Attack[151]
  • Unarmored Defense
  • Extra Attack
  • Fast Movement
  • Feral Instinct
  • Brutal Critical (2 dice)
  • Relentless Rage

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Athletics Barbarian [152][153]
Intimidation Barbarian [154]
Sleight of Hand Background (Urchin) [155]
Stealth Background (Urchin) [155]
Disguise Kit Background (Urchin) [155]
Thieves' Tools Background (Urchin) [155]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

When creating Ashton, Taliesin Jaffe established that his character once belonged to a race different from genasi, but after Ashton's home village was destroyed and he survived, he became a genasi. Matthew Mercer expanded on the idea, giving Ashton the blood of a titan as the cause of his elemental transformation.[156] Taliesin was interested in building a punk character. To prepare, he watched a number of documentaries by Penelope Spheeris and interviews with Henry Rollins. The Fundamental Chaos class came out of frustration with the Wild Magic barbarian subclass, which becomes less chaotic as you level up, so he collaborated with Matt to build an increasingly chaotic barbarian class.[157]

When working on the official art for the third BH's outfits, some Bells Hells members integrated FCG body parts in their clothes. Hannah Friederichs pitched for Ashton to have FCG’s broken eye lens on a chain around his neck. Taliesin thought it was "Morbid as Hell", and didn't add into the official art.[158]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Ashton: (regarding their head injury) "Well, you know. Heaven to some, and hell to others."[159]
  • Ashton: "Never take copper. You never take copper. That's just kicking someone while they're down. You take silver if they're an asshole, and you take gold regardless."[160]
  • Ashton: "I like getting paid and living."[161]
  • FCG: "What is the thing that you're trying to get to, that you think that you want, maybe?"
    Ashton: "That's a very interesting question. Self-reliance. A certain amount of freedom to move about."[162]
  • Ashton: "Friends is always a complicated word. I try to avoid it. It implies a layer of trust that is not necessarily healthy."[163]
  • Ashton: (introducing himself to Chetney) "I'm Ashton. I hit things for money."[164]
  • Ashton: (to Dorian, after finding out Dorian gave the other sending stone to Cyrus) "I'm not disappointed, I'm just angry."[165]
  • Ashton: "When you leave the site of an explosion covered in blood, there is nothing more suspicious than saying, "I didn't hear or see anything!" Just say, "Yeah, that shit was crazy, and I don't know what the fuck happened, but we're bleeding and going home." We're going to get caught, motherfuckers."[166]
  • Ratanish: (during his fistfight duel with Ashton) "The offer still stands. When this is over, if you want work, I could put it to you."
    Ashton: (panting) "We'll talk later."
    Ratanish: "But first, you understand I have to finish the show."
    Ashton: "I'm not backing down. That'd be rude."[167]
  • Ashton: (to Laudna) "There's always a lesson to be learned, and I feel like it's one of my favorite lessons today, which is: sometimes there's no lesson to be learned. Sometimes shit's just fucked up, and the only thing you can do, because you didn't do anything fucking wrong, is get the fuck back up and do the exact same thing all over again, knowing that there was nothing to learn."[168]
  • Ashton: "I haven't said "yes" to a lot of stuff in a while, and this group has made me want to say "yes" to things, and that's the only way to ever get the fuck out of this kind of place." [...] "Sometimes you just don't want to find out that the problem isn't the city. That maybe the problem is you."[169]
  • Fearne: (after catching Ashton's failed pickpocketing of her) "You can always just ask. What do you want?"
    Ashton: "I want to not ask."[170]
  • Ashton: "I'm having this moment where I'm realizing that perhaps one of the reasons why I allow myself to get the shit kicked out of me is in the hope that people are actually fucking watching."[171]
  • Ashton: "I don't like people trying to kill me. That was not part of this fucking deal."
    Imogen: "Sure, but sometimes you've just got to get over the shit and make it better, right?"
    Ashton: "No, no, sometimes you've just got to hold a fucking grudge."[172]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ashton returns to the trend, broken by Caduceus Clay, of Taliesin playing classes or subclasses created by Matt Mercer in the main campaigns.
  • The animation on his stat card appears to be a red-hued meteor shower.[173]

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Bells Hells Playlist: Ashton Greymoore (April 1, 2022)

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. Temporarily, when invoking the Shard of Ka'Mort.

Explanatory footnotes:

  1. Ashton was born to an elven parent and a parent of unconfirmed race who appeared human.[2]


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