Creatures in Candela Obscura

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In the course of their investigations, members of Candela Obscura may encounter any number of magickal entities who came into the world of Hale from beyond the Flare and who may cause bleed. Creatures on this page have appeared in the Candela Obscura series. Creatures that only appear in the Candela Obscura game materials are not included.

First appearing in Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

  • Spirit: The Oldfairen spirit imprisoned in the charcoal-like material scavenged by Layla Orens appeared to be a warrior, and sought heat while freezing its victims over. The victims also remained as heat-seeking ghosts.[1]
  • Shard of Gredarn prisoner: Arlo Black identified the monstrosity that absorbed its victims may have been a prisoner who had been bound to a shard of Gredarn, a demon of hunger, as a punishment in Oldfaire society.[2] It left gray twitching strips of flesh that could burrow into people who touched it.[3] Most of the victims died, but Dorna Ashefar survived, though her legs became twisted and deformed.[4]
  • Collector: Also known as Snatchers, Collectors have existed since antiquity, and are thought to have once been people who transformed either upon death, or after exposure to the magic of the Flare. They can collect various different things, including people's passions or desires,[5] but the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil's collector collected faces, leaving the victims living but faceless and unmoving.[6] They are vulnerable to light and fire.[7] The collector they fought was revealed to have been Eddie, Arlo's former fiance.[8]

First appearing in Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

  • Androphage: Worm-like small creature that can be used to initially induce an anesthetic or euphoric effect, but soon grows to the size of the host, bloating and killing it. The Circle of Needle & Thread recovered an immature androphage, kept in a bleed container, being transported by members of EONS. These creatures are used as an anesthetic in medicine or as a recreational drug.[9]
  • Unidentified ghostly creature: Several months prior to the events of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01), Nathaniel Trapp encountered a creature that appeared to take on a shifting, ghostly appearance of its victims, and was saved by the intervention of Allison Suarez, who was herself transformed by this creature.[10] This shadowy creature later attacked Allison's husband, Antonio Suarez, in his home, flaying him and killing him.[11] It can be held at bay using a mirror to confuse it.[12]
  • Squid dog: Dog-like creatures with squid-like tendrils for the back half of their body, used by Candela Obscura as guards. The fallen lighthouse in the subway tunnels contained several squid dogs.[13] Instead of teeth, they have squid-like beaks inside their mouths.[14]

First appearing in Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

  • The Great Maw: Hungry creature that arose from the despair of starving children following the use of an Oldfairen weapon that induced famine.[15]
  • Arterax: Creature made of seawater capable of drowning those it sees as a threat to Mina. Lives within Mina following her making a deal with the sea gods, and is capable of speech.[16]

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