Non-player character
Screenshot of Artagan from "Echo Tree" (LVM2x08).[art 1]
Basic information
RaceSatyr (disguise)
Biographical information
Full nameArtagan[2]
TitlesLord Artagan of the Morncrown[1]
Also known as
  • The Traveler
  • Artie (by Jester)
  • Garmelie[3]
  • Keelyn
LanguagesCommon, Sylvan
FamilyUncle Jameson (allegedly)[4]
PartnerWodenna (former lover)[5]
ProfessionArtist (caricatures)
Mechanical information
Creature typeFey
AlignmentChaotic Neutral[6]
First seen
Last seen
ComicsThe Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre
The Traveler
Lesser Idol,[6] Archfey
Official art of symbol of the Traveler, by Clara from Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn p. 42.[art 2]
Deity information
SymbolArched doorway over a road that vanishes into the distance[6]
Home planeFeywild
Cleric domains
Warlock patronArchfey[6]

Nothing happens for a reason; it's absolute fucking chaos.

— Artagan[7]

Artagan is an Archfey[1] from the Feywild. He posed as a satyr named Garmelie to travel with Vox Machina for his own amusement before eventually revealing himself,[8] and later became a minor deity known as the Traveler.

In both Critical Role and The Legend of Vox Machina, Artagan is played by Matthew Mercer. In The Legend of Vox Machina, his guise as Garmelie is voiced by Billy Boyd.[9]

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Artagan is very tall and thin, and has a regal posture. His features appear somewhat elven, but exaggerated and fey. His chin is pointed and his eyes are bright green. He has long, wild, curly orange hair that nearly reaches his waist. When Vox Machina first met him, he wore billowing blue and green sleeveless silk robes.[8] One of the pockets of these robes led to an extradimensional space.[10]

When Vox Machina first met him, Artagan was disguised as a small, muscled torso satyr with thick curled beard and coarse dark hair. He wore a light blue vest missing most of the buttons and tattered at the bottom.[11]

As the Traveler, Artagan was hooded in a cloak of deep green. Through his attire, Jester only saw verdant irises.[12] When she was a child, the Traveler occasionally appeared to her as a child.[13]

The Mighty Nein met Artagan disguised as Keelyn, manning the front desk at The Landlocked Lady while the owner was distracted, greeting the party, and advising the them to "listen carefully" while talking to the Mardoons of the Shadycreek Run.[14][15] Keelyn appeared as a young, half-elven man in his early 20s with curly mop of bright-red hair and vibrant green eyes.[16]

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Traveler finds enjoyment in mischief and pranks, but rarely seeks genuine harm. When Jester masterfully rearranged all the books in a bookstore, he bestowed a sense of approval and amusement upon her.[17] Through Jester, he taught to cause mischief in the world, but always give back and provide balance.[18] According to Jester, the Traveler talks a lot about balance.[19][20]

While posing as the satyr Garmelie, Artagan played a mischievous and self-centered character that enjoyed amusing himself by drawing immature caricatures of people, stealing items that caught his eye or imagination, and playing pranks. He greatly valued his possessions, sometimes disproportionately to their actual value. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Garmelie's capricious emotional state was typically easy to read due to his exaggerated and dramatic reactions, even when he tried to hide his feelings. When his impulses were stymied by external forces, he became frustrated easily, but his mood could just as abruptly shift again, seemingly without holding a grudge.[21] Garmelie preferred to avoid direct confrontation, choosing to run or hide when such situations arose.[22] He also expressed a strong dislike and distrust of "the theatre" on multiple occasions.[23]

Artagan, after dropping the Garmelie persona, had a calmer, more patient, more mature disposition. His deep valedictory bow toward Vox Machina also indicated a more respectful nature than Garmelie's.[8]

Symbol[edit | edit source]

The Traveler's symbol is an arched doorway over a road that vanishes into the distance.[6] Jester's holy symbol for the Traveler is a door arch and path.[24]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 1[edit | edit source]

Unlike many fey creatures of the Fey Realm, Artagan did not belong to one of the fey courts.[25]

Artagan's whale carcass, by Aviv Or and Cris Peter from The Tales of Exandria II: Artagan #1.[art 3]

At some point "millennia" before 800s PD, likely some time during the Founding, Artagan adventured in Exandria for the first time, arriving in a village near the planar gates and meeting Gol. Artagan caused chaos in the village: added a truth serum to the meals to sow discord between people revealing all the secrets, turned the newborn kids into hideous creatures, cultivated carnivorous plants and taught the villagers to curse and to draw indecent pictures.[26]

"A millennium" before 835 PD, approximately early the Calamity, Artagan convinced an entire elven culture to worship a whale carcass. This stunt resulted in Corellon the Arch Heart, patron god to elves, to banish Artagan from the Material Plane back to his home realm of the Feywild, and barred from returning.[27][28]

Some time before 810 PD, Artagan visited the fey theater to watch a play based on him titled Artagan: Complex God. As they play unfolded however, he was dismayed at his villainous portrayal. He interrupted the play and demanded to speak to the writer, then resolved to improvise a new version himself. The audience booed him, causing him to retaliate by setting the theater on fire, and was chased out by the theater's fairy and bear security. This experience soured his opinion on theater ever after.[29]

Campaign 1: Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of Garmelie from "The Fey Realm" (LVM2x07).[art 4]

Artagan, disguised as a satyr named Garmelie, began stalking and drawing Vox Machina while they passed though Evershifting Grasses. Vex'ahlia noticed the stealthy satyr and managed to sneak up on him using her broom, but she also noticed that he didn't pose a serious threat. Rather playfully, Vex hovered on her broom behind Garmelie, then playfully asked, "Whatcha drawin'?" Garmelie was very flustered and prepared to flee, but not before Vex grabbed hold of him and brought him to the rest of Vox Machina.[30] Garmelie introduced himself as a cartoonist with an immature perspective, Garmelie produced many juvenile caricatures in his sketchbook. When Syngorn phased from the Material Plane into the Feywild after the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei, Garmelie suddenly found himself with a city full of new subjects for his unique brand of art.[31] Garmelie claimed to have an uncle named Jameson, who taught him about some of the dangers in the Feywild.[32]

Eventually, after Garmelie charmed Percy, he and Vox Machina arrived at an agreement: Garmelie would guide the party to the Shademurk Bog, if the party will complete two tasks in Syngorn.[33]

As it turned out, Garmelie sought a piece of a threshold crest and High Warden Tyrelda's travel hat.[34][35] Vox Machina acquired the hat through deception and theft.[36] However, Percy and Keyleth managed to satisfy the requirement for a piece of a threshold crest through a technicality in the verbal agreement, with Keyleth using Stone Shape to create a Whitestone crest from the threshold of a door, then Percy breaking it and handing a piece to Garmelie—literally "a piece of a threshold crest".[37] Garmelie agreed in frustration that Vox Machina upheld its end of the bargain, but he was still quite pleased with Tyrelda's travel hat. Garmelie then began guiding the group duskward,[38] toward Shademurk Bog.[39] When they reached the rapid streams of the Gilded Run, Garmelie attempted to part ways to avoid the prospect of crossing it. Instead, to Garmelie's frustration, Scanlan threw him using a Bigby's Hand across five rivers of the Gilded Run.[40] Ultimately Garmelie reached the other side, parting ways there.[41]

You know, for someone who hates the theater, you've made quite a show of all of this.

— Keyleth to Artagan[42]

After Vox Machina faced and defeated Saundor, Garmelie returned, revealing himself to be an archfey named Artagan, who greatly enjoyed watching the group's adventures in the Feywild. Artagan invited Vox Machina to visit him again some time.[43]

When Syngorn was in the Feywild during the Chroma Crisis, Artagan helped some fey, including a pixie prince named Windybranch, slip through the city's defenses, where they occupied the manor of Lady Ladri Il'shavfa and transformed it into a fun slice of the Feywild, even once the city returned to the Material Plane; she tried to reclaim her home for years afterward.[44]

Arc 5: Vecna[edit | edit source]

When Vox Machina fled Thar Amphala to the Feywild, they struck a bargain with Artagan. The Archfey agreed to alter the Feywild's time dilation effect so that the party could rest for a day in the Feywild while only an hour passed on the Material Plane.. on two conditions. The first condition obliged Vox Machina to later create for Artagan a portal door between Feywild and the Material Plane. The second condition was that Artagan wanted to strangle Vax'ildan until he suffocated, something he became interested in after hearing the half-elf say he was "kind of unkillable lately".[45] Vax agreed to this and let the Archfey strangle him to death.[46] The next morning, Artagan greeted the party, telling them they had been been in the Feywild for longer than the agreed-upon twenty-four hours but he would see what he could whip up. He cast a spell to control the time dilation, and Keyleth took them back to the Material Plane.[47]

Between Campaign 1 and Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

Vox Machina kept their promise to Artagan and built a doorway for him between Feywild and the Material Plane.[48]

Jester Lavorre met Artagan, who introduced himself as the Traveler, when she was around thirteen. He presented himself as a young boy about her age.[49] After a short moment of hesitation, Jester agreed to be his friend. When Jester was in her late teens, the Traveler encouraged her to explore the world outside and play tricks on people. Though her mother, Marion Lavorre, was happy her daughter was outside in the world, she feared that Jester's antics with the Traveler would bring her harmful trouble. Jester, however, felt that Marion did not trust her and ran off into the streets. There, she was pushed over by a man, and she and the Traveler decided to trail and prank him. He turned out to be a member of the Revelry, and Jester had to fight off a group of them. However, she was helped out by the Traveler, who granted her magical gifts.[13]

Young Jester believed with such unconditional childlike faith and wonder in Artagan's "divinity" as The Traveler, which the unconditional faith empowered him and gave god-like potential. Exhilarated, Artagan (as The Traveler) began to seek out others like Jester and himself who also believed in joy, mischief and the act of exposing arrogance and hypocrisy, becoming increasingly deified by their gathering faith.[50]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

Arc 1: Come Together through Arc 3: The Bright Queen's Favor[edit | edit source]

Following the party's visit to the Steam's Respite, Jester made pamphlets promoting the following of the Traveler, much to everybody's concern that she would "got them all killed".[51] The same day, Jester check with the Pillow Trove if they received a package from Jester's mother, the Ruby of the Sea, which they didn't. In the privacy of her room, she summoned the Traveler to confide her worry about the lack of the response from her mother. He manifested and reassured her, explaining that Jester's mother was unaware of her location at that moment.[52] The Traveler made his presence known once again, taking a bite out of the caramel apple Jester had been eating,[53] after she successfully defaced and made her getaway from the Hearth of the Allhammer in Zadash.[54]

Located among the many religious artifacts found in the merrow's lair, Jester found two different iterations of the Traveler symbol. Despite having zero knowledge of anyone else worshiping or acknowledging the Traveler, Jester excitedly went around to show everyone her finding.[55]

Artagan disguised himself as a man named Keelyn, and was manning the front desk at The Landlocked Lady inn when Beau, Caleb, Nott, Keg, and Nila were leaving in the morning. He greeted them and advised them to "listen carefully" while talking to the Mardoons and continued sipping on his tea and wished them good luck.[14]

On the Mighty Nein's return to Zadash, Jester did an elaborate prank on the temple to the Platinum Dragon that went off the rails and almost got Jester and Nott thrown in prison.[56] While Jester was resting alone in the inn that night, the Traveler appeared to her. Jester told the Traveler that she did it to get his attention after feeling abandoned when she was kidnapped. The Traveler claimed never to have abandoned her.[57] He asked to look at the dodecahedron, and after examining it, the Traveler told Jester he had never seen anything like it before and she should keep it hidden.[58] The Traveler told her there were others like her but she was his favorite. He told her about a summit of his worshipers happening on the Zenith of Unndilar, and Jester promised to attend.[59]

The Traveler visited Jester on the Squalleater to compliment her on her usage of Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments. When Jester asked him for advice on wooing Fjord, he noted that there were many enchantments he could teach her. He reiterated the planned summit of his followers, and asked Jester again to attend.[60]

The Traveler assisted Jester during the party's battle with Thelashas in the Folding Halls of Halas. Fjord and Jester both cast Blink on themselves,[61] and at one point, while he was on the Ethereal Plane, the rest of the party in the lair at the time were also hidden. Jester, badly injured and unable to see anyone else, said "I'm all alone" before attempting an attack on the dragon. The attack missed, but luckily she was able to Blink into the Ethereal Plane.[62] When Jester reappeared, she was still within range of the dragon and severely hurt even after healing herself.[63] The dragon attacked Jester again. She closed her eyes waiting for the attack to come. She heard the voice of The Traveler in her head say, "Don't worry. I'm watching." She felt a hand push her arm up. Jester's shield deflected the dragon's attack, causing two teeth to break out of its mouth.[61]

In the aftermath of the confrontation with Otaath, Caduceus was killed. When Jester placed her hands on Caduceus to Revivify him, the Traveler's hand appeared with Jester's hand and his voice said "I'm proud of you." The spell was successful and Caduceus woke up.[64]

In Asarius, Beau pointed out to Jester a house's door that born a symbol similar to the symbol of the Traveler. Jester knocked on the door and spoke to Covak who told her that the Traveler came to him a few years ago and taught him to play pranks. Jester shared that the Traveler first appeared to her when she was a young girl, appearing in a form close to her own age.[49]

Arc 4: Swords and Angels[edit | edit source]

Feeling lost over Yasha's wings defection, Jester reached out to the Traveler. He reminded her of the upcoming Traveler Con, saying he was thinking of holding it on the island of Rumblecusp near the Menagerie Coast. Jester suggested Kravaraad, the volcano in the Greying Wildlands, and he agreed. She told him that a lot of the world was sad, and he comforted her by reminding her that much of it was beautiful, too, and that she also got to be happy. He also said there were many gods' eyes on the group, and suggested that the Stormlord was still watching over Yasha.[65] Days later, as Jester was falling asleep in the Xhorhaus, she was visited by the Traveler who help her decide between the Rumblecusp and Kravaraad for the the location for Traveler Con, settling on the Rumblecusp. They also discuss the organizational details.[66]

While investigating the attack on the Valley Archive of the Cobalt Soul in Zadash, Caleb asked Archivist Zeenoth if he knew anything about a being known as the Traveler. Zeenoth retrieved a book about recent cults which contained brief notes about the Traveler. Zeenoth described them as a recent phenomenon that was previously thought to be a mass hallucination, but a wide breadth of accounts worried him. He was not sure if the Traveler was a deity, but described him as seemingly benevolent.[67] Caduceus researched the Traveler at the Rexxentrum Archive of the Cobalt Soul, learning that he was seen as a figure that has begun to show up in rural areas very selectively. All the notes about the Traveler were written in fresh ink and the reports were from the past decade or so. There was worry of the Traveler being some sort of devil masquerading as an entity, a mass hallucination, just a person who was convincing people he was a god, pure heresy, or something much darker.[68] Later, Jester attempted to contact the Traveler to share her ice cream and ask questions about Traveler Con, but he failed to appear, confusing and hurting her.[69]

Essek Thelyss asked Jester what she was seeking, and she described Traveler Con and the Traveler, but her pitch was unpersuasive,[70] and after Essek left. Several other members of the Mighty Nein tried to help her with her future pitch. Later, Jester confessed to Caleb that the Traveler had not visited her when she called earlier, and expressed concern that it might have been because she was not being an effective cleric for him.[71] Shortly afterward, the Traveler appeared to Jester and reassured her, saying, "You were my first, and you will always be my favorite."[72]

Arc 5: Family Ties[edit | edit source]

On the way to the Cyrios Mountains woods and their encounter with Isharnai, Jester set up a makeshift altar in an alcove by the side of the path, where she casts Commune to speak to the Traveler.[73] For the first time, the others in the group saw a hooded, green-cloaked figure emerging from the stone and protecting Jester from the rain, although they heared only her side of the conversation. Fjord used his Divine Sense and discovered that although the Traveler was not a celestial, fiend, or undead, there was a "presence" affected by the Hallow spell.[74]

Screenshot of Artagan from Crit Recap Animated.[art 5]

At the Whitedawn Lagoon, the Traveler revealed his true nature to Jester, that while he was indeed her Traveler, her deity, he was not always so.[75] Artagan was, in fact, an archfey from the Feywild.[76]. Artagan's "The Traveler" persona originated from his kinship, a discovery of a spark uniquely similar to his own within a little blue girl named Jester Lavorre. Exhilarated, Artagan (as The Traveler) began to seek out others like Jester and himself who also believed in joy, mischief and the act of exposing arrogance and hypocrisy, becoming increasingly deified by their gathering faith. However as his followers multiplied Artagan found himself overwhelmed by the increasing multitudes of voices calling upon him through prayer; demanding aid, guidance and the responsibilities of godhood. Inspired by their long standing relationship as his first disciple and witnessing Jester's mastery of creative trickery in bargaining with the witch Isharnai to release Nott the Brave from a curse, Artagan decided to confide the truth in Jester, asking she grant him counsel, revealing that he in truth "has no idea what [he] is doing," asking her aid in knowing how to proceed in his newfound role as the deity of joy and trickery known as The Traveler.[77] Artagan asked for their help in planning Traveler Con so that his followers would become less reliant on him and more on each other.[76]

Jester made a pendant of the Traveler for Nott, asking Nott to open her heart to chaos and consider becoming a follower of the Traveler. Noticing this exchange, Beau knocked the necklace out of Nott's hand. Jester made another necklace and handed it to Beau, who in response told Jester that she was "very attractive right now" and walked away.[78]

When The Mighty Nein shared the news of the Traveler's reveal, Jester's mother, Marion Lavorre, became concerned about her daughter's safety, but Fjord assured her that Jester had more control over the situation than one might think. Marion was proud of Jester for not having the Traveler dominate the relationship they have. Marion also recalled someone roughly matching Artagan's distinguishing features occasionally appearing in the audience of the Lavish Chateau.[79]

Days after the party's arrival on the Rumblecusp, Jester cast Commune and asked the Traveler if had known how Vokodo affected people's memories. He responded telling her that yes, he knew what happened to those who stayed on the island. The Traveler reassured her that he was never going to leave her on the island, and when she pressed him, he included her friends as well. To cheer Jester up, he manipulated the shadows around Catha to create an image of a googly-eyed Tusktooth.[80]

Traveler Con[edit | edit source]

Official art of Traveler Con, by Aviv Or and Cris Peter from The Tales of Exandria II: Artagan #1.[art 6]

While the Mighty Nein were planning Traveler Con, the Traveler appeared and they brainstormed how to get him out of the god business. They eventually settled on the idea of convincing his followers that the Traveler was actually the Moonweaver in disguise.[81] On the eve of Traveler Con, Jester pulled him aside and he told her how much she's changed him for the better, and how much she's grown. She told him he was her best friend and always will be. He cautioned her that he doesn't expect things to last forever, and they should appreciate the time they have, then wandered off to enjoy the party.[82] Artagan said to Jester that he has seen the Moonweaver in the Feywild, but they have "different friend groups." He admitted he was a little worried about the next day, but he didn't think his and Jester's relationship would have to change. He pointed out there would be no visible moon the following night.[83]

During Traveler Con, Artagan was present though mostly in disguise, and aided Caleb in providing special effects.[84] At its conclusion on the volcano top, he made himself look like the Moonweaver and gave a speech about hiding "her" identity from them and starting a new sect of the religion. Suddenly the clouds parted, revealing a full moon. Jester and Artagan were confused, since the moon wasn't supposed to appear that time of year.[85] Gossamer chains rained down and bound Artagan as an angelic figure descended and called for the Traveler to be brought back to the Feywild to be punished. Jester grabbed his legs, begging the angel to forgive him. The chains began rising up from the ground, along with the angel. Fjord used his Relentless Hex to grab Jester, and the Traveler kicked them both off of him. Caleb cast Feather Fall to slow their descent. At that, the angel halted, asking Artagan if he was sorry for impersonating the Moonweaver. He was. The chains broke apart sending him into a freefall softened by Veth's Feather Fall. Artagan addressed the crowd, saying they should go worship the Moonweaver, and walked away.[86] He later visited the party as they rested in the dome for the night and apologized for what had happened. He thanked them all for keeping Jester safe from harm's way.[87]

Arc 6: Weird Magic[edit | edit source]

It was confirmed by Caleb and Beauregard's Truesight that Artagan takes the form of Jester's red weasel, Sprinkle.[88] Caleb noted that as "Capeleb" he had seen Sprinkle chittering in Jester's ear while she scried, and he saw the same thing again as himself later. Sprinkle then perked up and started talking to Jester, confirming that he was Artagan.[89]

The Tales of Exandria II: Artagan[edit | edit source]

At some point after the events of Traveler Con, likely between 837 and 843 PD, Artagan was put on trial before the two archfey leaders of the most influential Feywild political courts: Lady Elmenore of the Seelie Court and Potentate Sammanar of the Unseelie Court. He was accused of repeated attempts at false godhood, having taken it too far this time. As Artagan continued to not take the trial seriously, Sammanar showed what would await him should he be found guilty: imprisonment within the Bespelled Gem. Artagan attempted to escape, but suddenly found himself unable to move and brought back before the court.[27]

Artagan asked for another chance to explain himself giving the court a story occured millennia ago, when he was "young and impressionable" and wanted to see the world. He left the Feywild arriving in Exandria some time around the Founding, even though it was forbidden for the fey. Artagan stumbled upon a village, and, feeling protective of mortals, offered its elders his help. Artagan made a human friend named Gol, and with his help, introduced the villagers to obstetrics, agriculture, written language, and aided at improving their magical prowess. Elmenore and Sammanar, unconvinced by Artagan's accounts, interrupted him and summoned Gol's soul to testify. He instantly recognized Artagan calling him a "demon". Gol said the fey, true to himself, caused nothing but chaos in the village: added a truth serum to the meals to sow discord between people revealing all the secrets, turned the newborn kids into hideous creatures, cultivated carnivorous plants and taught the villagers to curse and to draw indecent pictures. Before court Artagan insisted that he's changed and the judges could ask anyone to verify that. Elmenore and Sammanar summoned other notable Exandrian personalities like Percival and Vex'ahlia de Rolo, Keyleth of Air Ashari, Scanlan Shorthalt, Vilya and many others to continue the hearing.[26]

The next victim recounted a story of a Feywild theatre performance, staging Artagan's life (Artagan: Complex God), but the performance was interrupted by Artagan who didn't like his portrayal as selfish and villainous. He jumped on the stage and improvised another performance by himself. The audience booed him, causing him to retaliate by setting the theater on fire. He was chased out by the security. The actor who played Artagan and many other audience members began to bicker telling their own versions of the theater fire. Artagan smiled throughout the process. The argument went out of the proportion and the chaos ensuite. Artagan started gingerly making his escape, when he was caught by Keyleth. Keyleth owned him a favor, and Artagan convinced her to teleport him away to Jester Lavorre, thinking she was one of the few who was still on his side. Artagan was of the opinion the judges only wanted to make an example out of him, believing that they were jealous.[29]

Artagan pleaded for Jester's help in his fey trial, claiming that all the accusations had been blown out of proportion. Jester grabbed Artagan by his hair and said that she doubted all Artagan did was a couple of "questionable things". She cited her experience with Fjord, as they have strengthened their relationship by discussing the problems upfront, and pushed Artagan to face his issues head on. As she finished, they were plane shifted back into the courtroom, and Jester vouched for Artagan before the judges (Elmenore and Sammanar). Jester, supported by Keyleth's speech, recapped the events of Traveler Con and added that she believed Artagan to be different now. The judges sentenced Artagan to truly become a "changed man" he claimed to be, depriving him of his magical abilities and transporting him somewhere on Exandria, presumably Zephrah.[90]

"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54)[edit | edit source]

During the apogee solstice in 843 PD, when the Mighty Nein faced off against Trent Ikithon and Omentis in Blumenthal, Jester summoned Artagan via Gate who immediately after cast Chain Lightning, which hit both enemies, but dealing an insignificant amount of damage.[91] In the aftermath, Jester used her Divine Intervention convincing Artagan to continue hanging out with them and help clean up Blumenthal.[92]

The Legend of Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Artagan, introducing himself as a satyr named Garmelie, met with Vox Machina, saying he was only interested in them for entertainment. Vax stole his sketchbook and looked at it, only to find it's fully of lewd caricatures of the party. As Keyleth blushed, and Vex with Percy critiqued the art, Garmelie offered to guide the group. Percy dismissed him—though Vax, irritated at Percy, suggests they should accept his help. As they walked Garmelie continued to mock Percy's attempts to still lead the party through the realm unknown to him.[93]

The party got closer to the Vestige they were seeking and traveled deeper into the Shademurk, which kept it. As they stopped to observe the local vegetation, an echoey whisper reached them. Garmelie told them to cover their ears, and when Vax asked him for more details, he told them that the Shademurk was the home of Saundor, a cursed Archfey, whose sadness could destroy people. Garmelie led Keyleth, Percy, Vax, and Vex to the heart of the Shademurk Bog, a corrupted tree, and as soon as Saundor appeared, Garmelie ran away.[94]

The group, following their successful fight with Saundor, exited the tree and came across Garmelie, who told them that while he usually hated the theater, he has been very entertained by them. Percy, irritated, told Garmelie he promised they wouldn't see them, but Garmelie opened a portal back to Tal'Dorei as thanks. Percy questioned what Garmelie was, but the satyr declined to respond. Once they were all through the portal, Garmelie, still in the Fey Realm, transformed into a tall humanoid man with long red hair and green robes.[94]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Known worshippers[edit | edit source]

Wodenna[edit | edit source]

Artagan described Wodenna as "an ex" and clarified to Vox Machina that she was not a hag, as they had mistakenly believed.[5]

Jester Lavorre[edit | edit source]

Artagan and Jester are life-long companions and close friends. Artagan became enthralled with the exhilaration of worship after he began granting boons to Jester as a child. As both he and Jester spread word of him throughout Wildemount, he grew in power. He told her she was his first follower, and will always be his favorite.[99] After Jester was able to break the curse on Nott by tricking a hag, Artagan sought her help in coming to grips with the onset of Godhood.[100]

As Traveler Con approached, Artagan continued to rech out to Jester for advice. When the Mighty Nein discovered that being on Rumblecusp caused its residents to lose their memories, Jester became concerned that the Traveler had known about this, and intended to take advantage of this fact to get rid of his followers. When she confronted him about this, he told her that yes, he knew what happened to those who stayed on the island. This upset Jester greatly. Artagan reassured her that he was never going to leave her and her friends on the island. To cheer Jester up, he manipulated the shadows around Catha to create an image of the Tusktooth mark.[101]

On Traveler Con Eve, Artagan spoke with Jester, telling her that she was still his favorite. He told her how much she had changed him for the better, and how much she'd grown. The conversation seemed to quiet all Jester's recent fears and uncertainties about him, and she told him he was her best friend and always would be, just before leaning in like she was going to kiss him and biting his nose instead. He cautioned her that he didn't expect things to last forever, and they should appreciate the time they had together.[102]

During the Traveler Con proceedings, Artagan was interrupted by an avatar of Sehanine. He was restrained by silver chains, and the entity said he was being punished and brought back to the Feywild where he belonged.[103] As the Traveler, panicking, was being dragged away, Jester grabbed onto him and begged for him to be released, saying that she loved him. To prevent her from being captured along with him, Artagan kicked her (and Fjord) free. Seeing that Artagan had grown to truly care for another creature, the celestial entity asked him if he'd learned his lesson, and released him.[104] Later that evening, Artagan and Jester talked privately, and he apologized to her for endangering her and her friends.[105]

Artagan has maintained a close relationship with Jester as the granter of her cleric abilities, even if he is not technically a "god". He comes when she calls upon him for aid with Scrying or Sending and provides guidance through Commune in a casual and laid-back manner, even when it interrupts his other activities. While the party was in Eiselcross, for instance, he came for a long casual chat while holding a mai tai he brought from Port Damali when Jester failed on a Divine Intervention.[106]

Some time after the conclusion of the Mighty Nein's adventures, Artagan visited Jester as she walked toward the docks in Nicodranas. He apologized for not being the god she wanted, but she thanked him for being the friend she actually wanted. He admitted he was feeling wanderlust again, and needed a change, but he has enjoyed their relationship. He told Jester she doesn't need him and he might not be around as much, but he promised that he would take her to see the Feywild with him some day. As they parted, she once again bit him on the nose.[107]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As of the time Artagan introduces himself to the Mighty Nein, his spells or abilities have a saving throw DC equal to or lower than 22.[111]

  • A type of charm spell (most likely Charm Person) that notifies the victim upon ending.[112]
  • A type of Invisibility spell or ability[113]
  • Artagan can help the transition from the Feywild to another plane of existence, removing side effects of plane shift, as well as tweaking time to make a day visit to the Feywild equal to an hour of time on the destination plane.[114]
  • Artagan is able to sense nearby creatures.[115]
  • Able to tell directions without use of a map (can tell which way is Duskward in the Feywild).[38]
  • Able to manipulate plant life.[116]

Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Level Ref.
Chain Lightning 6th [117]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 2 started, Laura asked Matt if she could play a character (initially a warlock, later a cleric) whose patron was Artagan; Matt agreed, but his in-game treatment of the Traveler led her to believe he had gone a different direction with the character.[118]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "I'll help you under two conditions. One: should you go back and defeat this wannabe god thing you speak of and all is well and you're heroes and you have all of this influence and money and everything's grand, we can discuss maybe creating a doorway for me that allows passage. I'll come visit and see what strangeness your world seems to have whenever I'd like. [...] Second: I wish to strangle you until death."[120]
  • "Delightfully foolish, I love it."[121]
  • "Very few individuals know how to pull the rug out from under the world around them and still leave them smiling."[122]
  • "I've lived a very long time. I've made many friends and lost many friends. So I don't expect things to always last. With the time that I have, I've learned to appreciate it, the temporary things. I mean, there's a good chance that even I'm not as eternal as I believe. When things are temporary and you know it and you understand it, you truly savor it. Even we might be temporary. So let us appreciate the time we have."[123]
  • (to Jester) "It's so strange. Classically, mortal life is so... brief and dull and spoken of from the perspective of my folk for ages as... toys. Why are you so different? It makes no sense, really. It's frustrating. I just wanted to say I'm sorry I couldn't be the god you wanted me to be."[124]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Traveler that Jester worships is not the same as the one in the Eberron setting of Dungeons & Dragons, as Matthew Mercer confirmed that they only share the same name. He also said that the Traveler may not necessarily be a god.[125]
    • Kashaw's patron Vesh is not technically a god, even though he believes she is.[126] Even so, he is a Life Domain cleric, confirming entities that are not gods may still grant clerics power.
  • It was a common theory in the fandom that the Traveler was actually Artagan from the first campaign, given new power and influence in this dimension. The theory was that, after Vox Machina completed their end of their deal with him and built a doorway from the Feywild to Exandria, Artagan took on the role of the Traveler in the hopes of finding a path to godhood. This theory was confirmed in "With Great Power..." (2x94), thereby making him the third confirmed non-player character from Campaign 1 to appear in Campaign 2, after Captain Adella and Allura Vysoren. Evidence of this theory prior to its confirmation included:
    • Jester's drawings are frequently described in a style that is very reminiscent of Garmelie's (another form Artagan takes) preferred art style.
    • Jester's pranks resemble the pranks Garmelie had Vox Machina play as part of his deal when they entered Syngorn.
    • Artagan is commonly linked to the color green and the physical description of the Traveler included green eyes.
    • The Traveler's symbol is that of an open doorway leading to a path, a possible connection to the doorway Vox Machina made for Artagan to cross over with.
    • His name is "The Traveler" implying he traveled from someplace else, potentially the Feywild.
    • The Traveler and Artagan are both powerful mischief-makers.
    • Covak referred to the Traveler as one of the "fair folk", a common term for fey.[127]
    • When Fjord used Divine Sense within range of the Traveler at Jester's improvised shrine, Fjord sensed that although there was no celestial, fiend, or undead present, there was a presence that could be affected by the Hallow spell.[128] Hallow can affect fey and elementals in addition to celestials, fiends, and undead.[129]
      • This was presumably based on a misunderstanding. Travis was reading a character sheet exported from D&D Beyond, which paraphrases Divine Sense: "As an action, you can detect good and evil. Until the end of your next turn, you can sense anything affected by the hallow spell or know the location of any celestial, fiend, undead within 60 ft. that is not behind total cover." This is not exactly the same as the description of Divine Sense in the official rules, which state that Divine Sense can "detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated, as with the hallow spell."[130] But based on Travis's reading from the character sheet, Matt looked up Hallow and presumably saw that fey are among the "things" that are ordinarily affected by the spell.
    • When giving directions to Jester as part of her Commune spell, the Traveler licked his finger before pointing the way, something Garmelie did consistently, despite the Feywild having no wind.[131]
  • There has been speculation that the Traveler was disguised as Keelyn, the half-elven man working at the Landlocked Lady, because of the bright green eyes and red hair they both share.[132] It was later confirmed by Matt Mercer.[15]
  • The name Artagan is a progenitor of an Irish name Hartagan (shortened form of Gaelic hArtagáin) and derived from a double diminutive of Art (meaning "bear", "hero").[133]
Matthew's Artagan costume for Halloween 2020.
  • Artagan is sometimes called Artagan of the Morncrown.[1] It has never been stated what the Morncrown is exactly: it could be the name of his archfey domain, or a reference to his tousled mane.
  • In the Dwendalian Empire, "worship outside the approved idolatry is met with imprisonment".[134] The Traveler isn't one of the six approved deities and worshiping him is illegal, though most citizens of the Dwendalian Empire seem unaware of his existence.
  • Prior to the Traveler being revealed as Artagan, he was often drawn in fan art with Matt's likeness. Matt later cosplayed Artagan for the 2020 Halloween Episode.[135]

Art gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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