Arrival at Kreviris

"Arrival at Kreviris"
Campaign 3 episode
"Arrival at Kreviris" (3x87) thumbnail featuring Laura Bailey.
Episode no.Episode 87
AirdateMarch 7, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time4:21:33
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"Arrival at Kreviris" (3x87) is the 87th episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells reach the city of Kreviris, where they explore the surface details of the Ruidian capital…

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells move stealthily through the dust storm as they approach Kreviris, Ashton casting Pass Without Trace, but as they continue they begin to feel tremors in the ground. They rush to a rocky portion of the landscape and watch from there as a round tadpole-like creature emerges and chitters. They are unsure if it is a lure for a bane worm or similar, and Chetney throws a piece of the Reilora Juggernaut's body to it. It jumps towards it, as do a number of others like it which swarm and feed. Orym suggests they rest, but Imogen decides to use Telekinesis and lifts a rock that all the party is standing on so that they can continue traveling past this place, with Chetney throwing pieces of the Juggernaut behind them. After her spell fades, the party continues walking, Fearne navigating, during which there is a Ruidus flare. Laudna grabs on to Imogen to prevent her from levitating as she had the last time.

After discussing some of their options for finding allies, FCG contacts Ira Wendagoth via Sending. Ira is friendly and confirms he is on the moon, but does not tell them his location, instead encouraging them to find him. Imogen then contacts Zhesh again and is more successful after mentioning they had killed Edmuda; Zhesh tells them to find Jidoh in the Jagged Edge within the Clutch and to say they are members of the Ruby Vanguard looking for contracts. Bells Hells then considers how they will navigate Kreviris and Fearne offers to use Disguise Self to look like a Reilora, with Imogen providing the telepathic communication.

They use this strategy as they approach one of the outposts outside the city. In the tower, they notice three figures, one of which is a bormodo and the other two are of an as-of-yet unseen by them race, of tall, thin, furry humanoids. One of the furry humanoids approaches them, carrying a crossbow, and asks for their business. Imogen, speaking as the disguised Fearne, tells him she is the Willmaster and these are new recruits from Exandria. The person believes her, and lets them into the tower. Inside, Chetney asks for water and is shown where they keep it, and later, after following the guard, learns the name of the outpost is "Tyren A". As everyone else rests, Orym feigns ignorance and asks about "the Attrition" and learns that another outpost was recently destroyed by the Volition. FCG ritually casts Telepathic Bond and Laudna and Ashton climb to the top of the tower to look at the city. They pass several guards on the second floor, some of whom are Reilora, and then reach the top. The bormodo guard excitedly questions Ashton about the tastes of various fruits, while in exchange Ashton asks him about places to drink in the city. Laudna and Pâté, who is invisible, scout and find that Kreviris has winding paths and seems somewhat like Bassuras in that it is also dilapidated, but is also strangely empty. The reilora later come down and ask Fearne if she needs anything, but Imogen, as Fearne, tells her to leave her alone.

Bells Hells regroup and Laudna shares her information, and they continue onward, reaching the city which appears built into the surrounding rock in parts, with climbing ropes to upper levels. They notice two children playing with a small creature in an enclosure.

Part II[edit | edit source]

FCG approaches the children and strikes up a conversation. In it, they learn that the creature, which has features somewhat like a mole and somewhat like a pig, is called a Ryndon. The children, a reilora girl and bormodo boy, introduce themselves as Asha and Kelito. The party notices that Asha speaks verbally, not telepathically. In conversing with the children, who are fascinated by FCG's construction, the party learns that The Clutch is the neighborhood in which they currently are in. The neighborhood above is called The Banners, and The Crumble refers to the deep ravines and rifts in the city, which are considered the seedy parts of town the children avoid. The entire portion of the city above ground is referred to as Caeluma Kreviris, and the part beneath is Vaterra Kreviris; the below-ground portion is for more powerful people. The discussion reveals that Kreviris and the Imperium seem to have a rigid class system to which citizens are expected to adhere. The children specifically ask to speak to Chetney because he is both small and old. They are impressed by his age, and he gives them a carved rocking horse. Asha names the horse "Borse." When he does this, Asha's parent appears to take the children away. Bells Hells tells them they are not here to cause any problems and are friendly, but the adult reilora indicates the Vanguard and Imperium have been very strict in preparation for the move to Exandria. They do tell the party, when asked, that The Jagged Edge is a shop near the "Vidulch skull."

As the party begins to continue through the city, which to them feels as though it is under military rule, they notice that others on the streets suddenly begin to scatter and hide. They try to do the same, but two Imperium reilora, riding avadons who are pulling a chariot with a juggernaut reilora, notice Fearne. They question her and ask who her commanding officer, as a Vanguard member, is, but when she cannot answer she Wildshapes into a fly to attempt to escape. Imogen attempts to shake loose a piece of masonry above as a distraction, but is unable to. The avadon bites Fearne in fly form, and she returns to her usual form. A fight breaks out. Laudna casts Bane successfully and Orym is quickly badly injured by the juggernaut, whom FCG Banishes. Fearne and Imogen are able to dispatch the avadon that bit her, but the other avadon attacks FCG causing him to lose concentration. The reilora attack Fearne as Ashton retaliates, killing one, and Chetney, transforming into his wolf form, goes after the juggernaut. Laudna then casts Blight through Ashton's hammer, which splits the spell and kills the other non-juggernaut reilora. Orym repeatedly attacks the juggernaut, and with help from Laudna's Silvery Barbs is able to kill it. FCG kills the final avadon with Scramble the Dead. The party then quickly puts all the bodies in the portable hole, as well as a box they find on the chariot. Orym notices someone watching from a tower above and Laudna has Pâté fly up invisibly, become visible, and intimidate the person to keep quiet. They continue on towards the Jagged Edge, but after Laudna checks the tracker orb they realize Otohan Thull is approaching.

They continue, with FCG casting Locate Creature on Jidoh to lead them to the shop. There, they find a large glass workshop in which Jidoh, an older man of the tall and furry Ruidian race, is frustrated as he works on a piece. After he throws it away and it shatters, he greets the party. They use the code phrase Zhesh recommended, telling him they are members of the Vanguard looking for a contract, and he goes away to a back room for several minutes before Zhesh emerges. Zhesh is very guarded at the party's claim that they wish to join the Volition, and says she is not herself a member, only an affiliate. She also speaks verbally, and tells the party that she chooses to do so for the sake of equality with the non-telepathic people she works with. Ashton and Imogen give her a more complete story, that they are here as a scouting party on behalf of Exandrians who wish to stop Ludinus and the awakening of Predathos, but do not mind if peaceful people from Ruidus come to Exandria. Imogen assuages Zhesh's fears and Zhesh tells them she truly is not a full member, but gives them a royal purple paint swatch in the color of the Volition's pass house, which moves locations frequently. She also advises them to go to the Overspoke tower in the Banners to get a good vantage point of the city so that they can spot it: Earot is a self-interested worker there who can be bribed to let them in.

Ashton and FCG ask about some of the weaponry in the glass shop, particularly the glass-tipped crossbows, and Zhesh tells them she no longer makes weapons, but Jidoh does, and the glass helps channel the energy of the storms. As Jidoh goes to leave after Zhesh offers to let the party stay in a storage room until dusk, Chetney takes out a large amount of gold and offers it in exchange for a glass scythe, which Jidoh accepts before leaving and telling them they must be gone before he gets back. Laudna asks Zhesh about a glass figure of a dancer. Zhesh will not sell it to her, but offers it to her for free, but warns her that if Laudna is caught and the Imperium finds it they will trace her back to Zhesh, who will, for her own survival, turn her in.

The party hides in the basement area to rest and regroup. Imogen puts on the Circlet of the Hidden Eye in the hopes it will make her harder to track mentally, and Chetney investigates the box they took in battle. It is similar to the boxes they recovered from the Paragon's Call, and the lock is magical and dangerous, so after some discussion Bells Hells decides to wait until the next day when FCG can cast Dispel Magic on it. The party then talks about bribes, with Chetney saying he's been working on some toys that he cannot show the party that might be useful. He also mentions that briefly getting captured might not be the worst idea in intelligence gathering, and confirms via the Monocle of True Essence that nothing else is magical among the belongings of the reilora they just killed. FCG and Imogen both recommend the group talk to decompress and FCG admits they miss FRIDA. Imogen tells the party she thinks the people of Ruidus would have a better life on Exandria, with all its resources, but Orym tells her that the main problem seems to be that the Imperium oppresses the population of Ruidus. As they talk, Zhesh suddenly speaks to Imogen and tells her they should be quiet. Bells Hells hears footsteps above them, seemingly investigating, and Laudna casts Darkness as they wait.

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