Ariks Eshteross

Ariks Eshteross
Non-player character
Official art of Ariks Eshteross, by Minnow Mountain from "It's Thursday Night" animated opening.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorMatthew Mercer
Biographical information
Full nameAriks Eshteross
LanguagesCommon, Orc,[presumed] Marquesian
ProfessionMercenary (former)
StatusDeceased (24 Sydenstar, 843 PD)
Cause of deathKilled by Otohan Thull
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
16 or 17[3]
18 or 19[5]
First seen"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)
Last seen"The Momentum of Murder" (3x39)
StreamCampaign 3 (18 episodes)

As harsh as the world may seem at times, there are good people out there. It's easy for them to be drowned out by the noise.

— Eshteross to Imogen Temult[7]

Lord Ariks Eshteross (/ˈærɪks ˈɛʃtəˌrɒs/) is an orc nobleman and former mercenary living in Jrusar, Marquet. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lord Eshteross is an older orc with grayish skin. He has gray, receding hair that is bald on top and a well trimmed Van Dyke goatee and beard on a scarred face. He stands about 6'2" and has broad shoulders and a wide neck.[8] He is also described as handsome[9] with a cunning look in his eyes.[10]

He walks with a cane, and when first encountered, he was wearing a pair of spectacles, a deep crimson-burgundy high-collared robe, and a scarf around his shoulders.[8]

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is described by Bertrand Bell as having a strange manner. Bertrand also believed that Eshteross is "interested in preserving the good folk of Jrusar" and wanting to see good done in the city.[11]

Eshteross keeps hidden weapons in several locations in each room of his estate,[12][13] and many of the rooms are heavily trapped and kept purposefully dark, as there have been many attempts on his life.[14] He believes there are a handful of people that he has parted ways with in the past that would like to assassinate him, and that bringing Bells Hells openly into his circle would put them into more danger.[15] He is very self-aware regarding his own caution and self-described awkwardness, and told Bells Hells that he considered them friends.[16]

Eshteross is also an avid amateur baker of deserts at large and seems to strongly prefer prominent ginger in his cookies, as it was featured in both trays thus far.[17][18]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Ariks was a mercenary for 25 years, part of a group called the Ruddy Hilt. He captured more than 200 members of the Ivory Syndicate in his career.[19][20] He became friends with one of his employers, Mistress Prudaj, and after years, he left his career as a mercenary to become her personal bodyguard. When she died in 823 PD, she left her estate, business, and wealth to Eshteross, to his surprise.[20] There are rumors that Eshteross was responsible for her death,[21] which he vehemently denies.[22] Imogen Temult apparently believed that he was in love with Prudaj.[23]

By 843 PD, he had become reclusive, with little publicly known about him beyond the "strange things" rumored by the people of Jrusar. He and Bertrand Bell previously worked together some months before "The Draw of Destiny" (3x01).[24]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

After Bertrand Bell gathered a group of wanderers and adventurers, he proposed that they go together to see Eshteross in pursuit of employment, though he refused to speak on what form that employment would take.[25] The next morning, the group visited Eshteross' manor and were granted an audience, despite being unexpected. Eshteross distrusted Bertrand's claims about the group, particularly since the party was slow to answer his questions, and asked the group if they sought to prove themselves. When Imogen Temult confirmed so, he signaled to his caretaker Evelyn Wress to leave the room and lock the door. When done, he stood and rushed toward the group to attack them.[26]

After deeply wounding Orym and Laudna, knocking Dorian Storm briefly unconscious, and sustaining heavy injuries himself, he called an end to the fight and returned to his chair.[27] He admitted that, to his surprise, Bertrand selected skilled people and, using his cane to cast Zone of Truth, again asked the group what they sought. Ashton Greymoore asked Eshteross what he was offering, and Eshteross told them that he was interested in people who were interested in fighting political and socioeconomic threats such as the Ivory Syndicate, rather than people looking for simple mercenary work.[28] He was particularly interested in people who could gather intelligence,[29] and told the party that he would provide the connections and rewards they wished once they'd completed their first task.[30] After spending the rest of the morning to deliberate, the group returned during Estheross' late morning tea to accept the job. He tasked them to investigate various thefts at the Prudaj Textiles warehouse, paying them an advance, as well as the promise of further payment and a contract if they provided an answer, with a bonus if they could permanently stop the threats.[31]

Over dinner at the manor that evening, the party reported that the thefts were perpetrated by a worker Danas, whose body they brought, and that an unidentified dwarven man who could command strange shade creepers had coerced her into smuggling brumestone. Eshteross stated he would arrange financial compensation for Danas' family, whom he resolved not to tell about her deeds. He did not know why the shade creepers were involved, nor the motivation for the theft of brumestone.[32] After business was completed, Eshteross shared stories about his time as a mercenary with the group before they left for the night.[33]

The Death of Bertrand[edit | edit source]

During the night, Bertrand was killed by the dwarven man. Because they had no other contacts in the city, the group brought Bertrand's body to Eshteross. He advised them to no longer travel alone and agreed to shelter them in his manor going forward. Expressing his frustration and regret for his indirect role, he stated he would make burial arrangements. He did not wish to further endanger the group and was willing to hire others to pursue the killer, but the group resolved to do so themselves.[34] After investigating in the morning, the group returned to Eshteross to discuss plans and burial arrangements. Upon the group's decision, motivated by Eshteross' confirmation that Bertrand had connection with Vox Machina, he agreed to write a letter and send Bertrand's body to Whitestone into the care of the Lord of Whitestone and his wife the Lady of Whitestone when the Prudaj estate's skyship returned.[35] Informed that the killer was named Dugger and was associated with the Hubatt Corsairs, he admitted he had long wished to reach out the Corsairs to assess their dedication to their rumored noble intent, but his hired proxies did not return. Though he had no persons for the group to speak with, he suggested locations to begin their search.[36] As they left, Orym privately asked Eshteross if he previously worked with Oshad Breshio. Eshteross had not, but correctly assumed Orym had been sent by the Ashari to inquire about the attack on the Lumas family, and promised to set up a means to speak with Oshad.[37]

After a productive few days on the mission, the group returned to Estheross' manor to report that they spoke to the Corsairs and killed Dugger. Estheross informed them that his own skyship had not yet returned, but that he had contracted a skyship from Tal'Dorei to take Bertrand to Whitestone.[38] He said he would investigate remaining loose ends by looking into an illegal brumestone trade through his contacts involved in the development and maintenance of Jrusar's sewage systems, by hiring a group to seal the tunnels into the spire inside Dugger's home, and by having an alchemist analyze the strange ooze collected from Dugger's body.[39] Describing Bertrand as "friend of the Eshteross estate, hero of Vasselheim, and pseudo-member of Vox Machina", Eshteross had put a bounty on Bertrand's murderer and paid the group over 1,000 gold for avenging him. Some of them were initially reluctant to accept the reward, but he insisted by saying Bertrand, whom he perceived to be generous, would be glad.[40] He confirmed to Orym that he contacted Oshad to set up a meeting, though he had not yet received a response. Estheross then disallowed the group from staying at his manor overnight because the person he was sheltering them from was now dead.[41]

Further Investigations[edit | edit source]

After speaking to Yash Mangal of the Corsairs a second time, the group relayed to Eshteross that Yash was interested in speaking to Eshteross, though distrustful because Eshteross had money. Eshteross took Yash's hesitancy as a positive sign, as any over-eagerness would be suspicious. Furthermore, they asked Eshteross for information about Oshad and his employers, the Lumas twins; Eshteross informed them that the twins were killed in the attack and that Oshad's injuries left him too unwell to speak to anyone for weeks. As Orym was willing to be patient in his investigation, Eshteross instead tasked the group with looking into a series of disappearances from the Dreamscape Theater.[42]

After solving the issue at the Dreamscape Theater, the party again visited Eshteross to gather more information about a potential lead on the whereabouts of Gurge Kisgregg, as well as to provide an update on their findings. Eshteross was able to direct them to the Soot and Swill tavern as a possible location for Artana Voe. He additionally said that he would consider attending an upcoming ball in order to gather more information regarding the potential involvement of House Treshi in some of the strange events that had been going on in Jrusar, and informed Orym that The Anger would be available to meet within the next few days. The party later returned to request a letter to permit them entrance into the Moon Tower, which Eshteross provided. Additionally, Dorian discussed with him the possibility of paying off Cyrus's bounty.[43]

After the infiltration of the Moon Tower, the party returned to the Eshteross manor to divulge crucial information with Lord Eshteross. He recognized the name "Armand" to be Armand Treshi of Mahaan House Treshi, whom he had long suspected of being a member of the Chandei Quorum. He was looking forward to possibly undermining his influence in the city at the upcoming ball. Eshteross said he would have a friend look at the now-blank paper from Ira's lair, and he gave Imogen a letter granting her access to the library of the Starpoint Conservatory. He also planned to reach out to a friend in a library in Ank'Harel.[44]

Chandei Quorum Ball[edit | edit source]

The day before the ball, Eshteross was prepared to offer clothing and masks, but the group already secured their own. He informed them that he requested another individual be added to the guest list, a person they will create and someone pretends to be; they will attend in two separate groups: some in his retinue and the rest as the retinue of this individual. He instructed the group to remove Armand's ring at the ball and replace it with an enchanted ring, which he provided, that will allow him to track Armand. Dorian, who was chosen to pose as the invited individual, asked if Eshteross would be able to protect his family if anything went wrong, and Eshteross firmly promised that he would do all in his power. Dorian instructed him to relay the details of his true identity: Brontë Wyvernwind of the Silken Squall. At this, Eshteross remarked that he would not have to spin much of a story after all.[45]

Eshteross attended the ball with Ashton, Chetney, Fresh Cut Grass, and Laudna in his party. He nervously avoided socializing with other partygoers, kept an eye on all exits, and feared he may be attacked at any moment.[46] When Ashton provoked Ratanish into a formal duel outside the building, Eshteross went with most of the party to watch as he could not leave Ashton, a guest here under his name.[47]

Eshteross continued to feel uncomfortable at the party.[48] He went to check on the party's rooms, and came back as Bells Hells finished their fight with Emoth Kade and the shade creepers. When Cyrus Wyvernwind was arrested and Dorian threw a smoke grenade in order to help his brother escape,[49] Eshteross used his cane to temporarily disable one of the Green Seekers who had arrested Cyrus.[50] Back at his home, Eshteross chastized Cyrus, and arranged passage for him and for Dorian to Emon on his skyship.[51]

Pursuit of Treshi[edit | edit source]

Eshteross joined the party for breakfast at his manor, as they had stayed the night to see Dorian and Cyrus off. Ashton noticed that Eshteross keeps weapons hidden, strapped to the underside of the dining room table. Eshteross determined that Armand's original ring was nonmagical and told Bells Hells that he would keep an eye on Armand's movements within the city via the enchanted ring in the hopes of potentially ousting him from the Chandei Quorum. The party also told him about Emoth Kade and provided more detail about their encounters with the shade creepers; Eshteross in turn told them what he knew of Orlana Seshadri and Ajit Dayal. He also offered Bells Hells advice on how to best travel to Heartmoor Hamlet before they departed.[52]

Fearne and Laudna checked in with Eshteross prior to leaving the city to apprise him of new developments relating to the shade creepers and to inform him that the Green Seekers had been hired by Orlana Seshadri. Eshteross was somewhat taken aback by the many events of the previous day, but thanked them and offered them some gingersnaps.[53]

Upon returning from the Heartmoor, Bells Hells visited Eshteross and found him training in a practice room within his home.[54] He greeted them and updated them on the investigation into Armand Treshi: Armand had been implicated and had fled the city four days prior, but Eshteross had been able to track his movements within Jrusar via the magical ring, and believed him to be headed towards Bassuras.[55] Eshteross then asked the party if they would go to Bassuras to arrest Armand, offering his skyship for transport, and they agreed.[56] He also informed them that Bertrand's body had been delivered to Whitestone, and gave them a letter from Lady Vex'ahlia De Rolo.[57] After some discussion, and a request from Laudna that Eshteross bake them more cookies, Bells Hells left, planning to return the next day to take the skyship.[58]

Bells Hells in Bassuras[edit | edit source]

During their fight with Otohan Thull, Otohan was able to determine, by reading Orym's mind, that Bells Hells were working on behalf of Eshteross.[59] The morning after the fight, Imogen and FCG both cast Sending to him, updating him on their capture of Treshi, asking him if he could use his resources to help resurrect Laudna,[60] and warning him that Otohan might be after him.[61] He said he would what he could, and thanked them.[62]

Return to Jrusar[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells called upon Eshteross immediately after landing in Jrusar after their escape from Bassuras.[63] They found the house boarded up, but Orym noticed slight movement on an upper floor when they knocked on the door, and after Imogen sent him a message, Eshteross let them in.[64] The house was much more extensively trapped than it had been previously, and he informed them that he had given Evelyn some time off.[65] Eshteross told the party they could either drop off Treshi anonymously, or go to the Chandei Quorum and give him to Orlana Seshadri in person, requesting that if they did so, they tell her that they were working on his behalf.[66] Bells Hells provided him with their knowledge of the Paragon's Call's conspiracy, including the involvement of the Cerberus Assembly, which appeared to frighten him.[67] He also offered the services of an old friend, Manaia Turei, to help transport them to someone who could resurrect Laudna, and permitted Bells Hells to leave her body at the manor while they dropped off Treshi.[68]

Death[edit | edit source]

While in Whitestone, the night after Laudna's resurrection, Imogen had another dream of the red storm, and in it saw the figure of a male warrior who reminded her of Eshteross. She tried to reach out to him within the dream, but he did not respond.[69] Upon waking, Imogen told the rest of Bells Hells about her dream and that she was worried about Eshteross. When she cast Sending to him, he did not respond.[70]

The party called Manaia to bring them back from Whitestone to Jrusar, thus repaying her debt to Eshteross.[71] They then immediately went to Eshteross's home, which was still boarded up, with no clear signs of a break-in. Eshteross still did not respond to any Sendings, though FCG's Locate Creature did lead inside the house.[72] After knocking on the door and receiving no response, Chetney picked the lock, and Laudna then sent in Pâté de Rolo to scout ahead.[73] They immediately noticed the signs of a significant struggle, and Chetney smelled blood.[74] They found Eshteross covered in wounds, face down on the floor of his bedchamber, his cane on the other side of the room, reaching towards something under his bed. Chetney confirmed that Eshteross was dead, and, after triggering a trap, was able to unlock the lockbox Eshteross had been reaching for.[75] Inside the lockbox were letters to Evelyn, Lex Emenar, Chief Wilder Namin Oros, Ajit Dayal, Orlana Seshadri, Manaia Turei, and Bells Hells.[76] Chetney read the letter to Bells Hells, in which Eshteross told them he looked forward to seeing "Ellia" again in death, and that he had seen them all as friends. Eshteross also left a maple-ginger cookie recipe; and willed the party his skyship (with wages to the crew paid for one year), as well as his weapon, Turmoil.[77]

Weva Vudol cast Speak with Dead on Eshteross as part of Mistress Seshadri's investigation into his murder. He confirmed that he had been murdered by Otohan, and in response to her question regarding last requests, said he would like to be buried next to Mistress Prudaj.[78] His body was then prepared for burial, at which point Orym and Imogen paid their respects and Fearne checked his pockets.[79][80]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Bertrand Bell[edit | edit source]

Bertrand previously worked with Eshteross some months before "The Draw of Destiny" (3x01) in 843 PD. Bertrand was part of a group tasked with looking into the Ivory Syndicate, but he abandoned the group during the mission, which ultimately ended disastrously.[81] Lord Eshteross and Bertrand have not spoken or seen one another in the time since, and Bertrand described himself as eager to bring Eshteross people able to help in his goals. Bertrand spoke well of Eshteross to others, characterizing him as having noble intentions for the city and sincerely believing this of him.[82] Despite this, Bertrand is nervous in his presence. Eshteross holds a disdainful view of Bertrand, describing his presence in the manor as a "stain" and immediately naming Bertrand's swaggering manner empty in front of others.[83] However, Eshteross was willing to offer Bertrand forgiveness[84] and apparently granted it to him when the group successfully and skillfully completed their mission.[85] As with all persons Eshteross hires, Bertrand was quietly subject to a background check; Eshteross was able to verify Bertrand's connection with Vox Machina, though he was unsure of its extent or nature.[86]

When Bertrand was killed by someone Estheross hired Bertrand and the others to investigate, Eshteross expressed his regret and frustration with what he perceived as his indirect role in Bertrand's death. He said that though he is no stranger to death "that does not mean the loss is lost on me"[34] and called it an injustice.[87] He cared for and remained with Bertrand's body in the day after and arranged for his burial per the decision of the adventuring party. He wrote the letter to accompany Bertrand to Whitestone.[35] Describing Bertrand as a "friend of the Estheross estate", Estheross felt Bertrand's standing, connections, and history warranted a bounty on his murderer. Estheross paid Bertrand's allies in Jrusar over 1,000 gold for avenging him, insisting that someone as generous with money as Bertrand would be glad they were rewarded.[40]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Orc abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Darkvision
  • Aggressive[90]
  • Powerful Build
  • Primal Intuition

Fighter abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Fighting Style
  • Second Wind[91]
  • Action Surge[92]
  • Extra Attack (3 attacks per action)[93]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Matt had not originally planned to make Lord Eshteross a baker. He considered that, being a retired paranoid warrior, Ariks would become lonely and would welcome any guest who came within his circle of trust. Matt felt that it made sense, given that he is reclusive but kind-hearted, that Eshteross would be likely be very excited for those rare opportunities he entertains guests. Baking therefore made sense as a hobby for him.[94]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "Sir Bertrand, it has been a moment since you stained my abode with your empty bravado."[83]
  • "I hear of many places where people cry out for help unheard. So I seek individuals that can do these deeds in my stead, offer guidance, protection, or at least be my eyes and ears in the greater world. Doing this kind of work as long as I have tends to make some enemies, so it's safest I stay here, and those that work for me make no mention of it."[29]
  • Dorian: "Shouldn't people of influence and power try to help those underneath them?"
    Lord Eshteross: "Mr. Storm, you are absolutely correct. That is what is so frustrating in Exandria, at all corners. That's why people like myself and those I call allies expend our resources to try and flush out abuses in power."[95]
  • To Bells Hells: "It has been nearly two weeks, and I had forgotten how extremely strange you are."[96]
  • From his final letter to Bells Hells: "Those that twist the roads of history to their own dark ends want us to believe we can do nothing, they have no power in the face of such ancient, terrible machinations. I know they are wrong. True bravery is to stand in the face of fear and doubt and march ever on. True bravery inspires others to fall in line behind you and defy their illusions." [97]

References[edit | edit source]

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