Arbor Exemplar

The Arbor Exemplar is a lone, giant tree that grows in the Barbed Fields of Xhorhas. It was planted by Melora at the end of The Calamity as a beacon of life and hope, and it is the sister tree of the Seed of Rebirth in the Abundant Terrace of Vasselheim.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Arbor Exemplar is four to five hundred feet tall, about 30 feet in diameter and the lowest branches are approximately three hundred feet from the ground, with a lush, leafed canopy defying the desolate barrens surrounding it.[1] It is surrounded by verdant grass about ten to fifteen feet from it, which grows out a hundred feet or so during the night and then withers during the day.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The Calamity[edit | edit source]

Toward the end of The Calamity, after all the Betrayer Gods were banished, Melora planted the seed of the Arbor Exemplar in the Barbed Fields of Xhorhas, the most desolate location in Exandria at the time. She wished to create "a beacon of life and hope in a place which absolute destruction". The tree is the sister tree to the Seed of Rebirth in the Abundant Terrace of Vasselheim.[3]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Nein happened upon the tree as they were following Obann through the Barbed Fields.[1] They decided to sleep at the base of the tree. As they rested, grass grew within the Tiny Hut.[4] Caduceus, in his dreams, had visions indicating where he should go and what he should do with his residuum in order to help protect the Blooming Grove.[5] Fjord dreamed initially of Uk'otoa, but the dream was interrupted by the Wildmother providing a doorway. In the dream, he swam through the doorway, and she told him to rest in this brief respite from Uk'otoa's will.[6]

The next morning, Beau, Fjord, Jester, and Nott climbed the tree while the rest of the group elected to remain on the ground with the moorbounders inside an alcove in the trunk. Beau easily ascended into the lower branches, and Nott fell from the tree ten feet up. Jester fell at 150 feet up, but Fjord jumped after her and rescued her using Thunder Step. Once they and Beau were safely in the lower branches, they were joined by Nott and Caleb, who used Polymorph to become a giant eagle to carry Nott.[7]

The group discovered a nest of a roc with a chick.[8] Discovered by an adult roc, the group descended from the tree using Feather Fall. The confrontation resulted in the roc taking flight with Fjord on its back and Jester ultimately using Polymorph to change the roc into a bat, dropping Fjord from the air. With the roc temporarily incapacitated, some of the Nein returned to the nest to scavenge gold and items used as nesting material. They then continued onward toward Bazzoxan.[9]

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