Angel of Irons cult

Angel of Irons cult
Organizational information
Favored deity
GoalsRelease Tharizdun from its imprisonment (unknowingly)
Notable members
Associated alignmentsEvil
EnemiesMighty Nein

The Angel of Irons is an identity and cult created by Tharizdun to gather a group of worshipers and command them to break the seals that bind it. The Chained Oblivion and its devotees often deceive other cults to unknowingly aid their efforts by creating a false interpretation of Tharizdun entirely[1] because its main intent of distraction, madness, and ruin—laid upfront—may not attract many followers.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

"Angel's Eye" is a common greeting between members of the cult.[3]

Known members[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Though they didn't know it at the time, the Mighty Nein began discovering the Angel of Irons cult after a separate investigation into demonic rifts opening within Xhorhas. After discovering the second device (called an Abyssal Anchor) creating the rifts, they used a piece of torn fabric found within it to trace it via Jester's Scrying to a blonde man in the Empire. The man gave a report to an unknown agent via a magical stone, and ended his report by saying "Angel's Eye", though the group didn't know the context or relevance at the time.

While researching in the Cobalt Soul's Valley Archive, Beauregard discovered that the cult worshiping the Angel of Irons began no more than 40 years ago. Though information was scarce (since even members were kept in the dark about their patron), the Angel itself involved celestial iconography wrapped in chains and was said to come to its followers in visions. The Angel spoke to these followers of being "bound in shadow", and asked its worshipers to "release the fanes that hold the shackles". Beauregard pointed out similarities between the Angel of Irons and Tharizdun, as both had strong chain motifs.[5]

The only first-hand account of the Angel of Irons cult come from Yasha's recovered memories. While under Obann's control once again, Yasha remembered Obann finding her in the wastes and coercing her into following "an angel just like yourself". From then on, Obann, Yasha and several others seemed to wander and cause chaos, killing those who strayed too far from their villages. Yasha defected some time after, and it's unknown what Obann did between that time and meeting her once again.

The cult had an unknown "link in Xhorhas" informing them of an impending Kryn Dynasty attack on Rexxentrum, which they used as cover for their attempt to destroy the shackle fane beneath the Chantry of the Dawn.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In Crit Recap Animated Obann referred to the Angel of Irons as "she".

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