Allura Vysoren's adventuring party

Allura Vysoren's adventuring party
Screenshot of Allura's adventuring party from "Pass Through Fire" (LVM2x05).[art 1]
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring Party
GoalsSeal Thordak within the Elemental Plane of Fire
EstablishedNo later than 794 PD
DisbandedYears before 810 PD
Total members6 (3 deceased)
Notable members
AllegiancesTal'Dorei Empire
AlliesArcana Pansophical

Allura Vysoren's adventuring party was based in Tal'Dorei and primarily active around 794 PD. They were most known for sealing the ancient red dragon Thordak within the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

The Scourged Rider[edit | edit source]

Around the year 794 PD, at least two members of this party, Allura Vysoren and Kima, met and worked together to defeat a villain known as the Scourged Rider.[1]

The Cinder King[edit | edit source]

In 795 PD,[2] the ancient red dragon known as Thordak rampaged across the Gladepools and Mornset Countryside of southern Tal'Dorei, destroying towns such as Byroden and Port Udall. This adventuring party, who by this point had gained some renown, joined the fight against Thordak, at the behest of Sovereign Odellan Tal'Dorei. They gathered a small army of mercenaries and went to Thordak's lair in the Ashen Gorge and did battle with his army, the lizardfolk of the Scions of Flame, but were overwhelmed by Thordak's might and fled.[3]

Turning to other means, the party collaborated with the Arcana Pansophical and Fire Ashari to devise a trap that could, they believed, permanently seal Thordak within the Elemental Plane of Fire, preventing him from ever returning to Exandria.[3] A member of the party posed as a follower of Thordak, gained his trust, and convinced the dragon he would be able to empower himself by using the heart crystal of a primordial fire titan.[4] This heart crystal was actually a soul anchor which could not be removed from the Fire Plane. They fought Thordak on the Plane of Fire and succeeded in sealing him there, but Sirus, Dohla, and Ghenn died in the process.[3] Their bodies were buried in the cemetery of Byroden.[5]

Retirement[edit | edit source]

Parting ways[edit | edit source]

Some time years before 810 PD, the remaining members of this party went their separate ways, but remained friends. Both Allura and Drake Thunderbrand joined the Arcana Pansophical, and Allura gained a seat on the Tal'Dorei Council as the Master of Arcana. Kima, already a member of the Platinum Sanctuary in Vasselheim, returned to her hometown of Westruun to help run the temple of Bahamut there, the Platinum Dragon's Rest.

In their retirement from adventuring, Kima and Allura would meet for drinks every few months to catch up and trade stories.[6] When Kima went missing during her mission to the Underdark below Kraghammer, it was Allura who hired Vox Machina to find her. Allura and Drake also remained frequent collaborators, such as when she brought Drake to Whitestone after Vox Machina's rebellion against the Briarwoods to study the Ziggurat and siphon beneath the city.[7]

The Chroma Conclave[edit | edit source]

The party would see the return of their old foe on 26 Duscar, 810 PD when Thordak, released from his imprisonment in the Plane of Fire, attacked Emon with the aid of three other dragons, the Chroma Conclave. Allura and Drake were in Whitestone at the time when she detected her connection to Emon's teleportation circles sever. They teleported to Greyskull Keep, where Vox Machina explained the situation to Allura and Drake's shock. After explaining their history with Thordak and encouraging Vox Machina to find allies for the coming battles,[8] Allura and Drake Traveled via Spark to the Cobalt Reserve in Westruun to gather information, before eventually regrouping in Whitestone.[9][10]

Kima was in Vasselheim during the Conclave's attack and was eager to join Vox Machina when told about dragons attacking Tal'Dorei.[11] When brought back to Whitestone, she was impatient to find Allura but was calmed when Keyleth Scried on her location in Westrunn, noting that she would be in Whitestone soon.[12] This calm however was broken when she was told the dragon in Emon was Thordak, and she left the tavern they were in to get some air and gather her thoughts.[13]

The party fully reunited in Whitestone while Vox Machina liberated Westruun from Umbrasyl's control. During this time Allura and Drake began working with Shaun Gilmore to create an illusory barrier over the city.[14] The barrier was completed with Pike Trickfoot's help while Vox Machina were on a mission in the Feywild.[15] On 19 Horisal, 811 PD, three days before Vox Machina's return, the party left Whitestone to an undisclosed location (possibly returning to the Cobalt Reserve) to find information on Raishan, whose location was unknown, unlike the rest of the Conclave.[16]

The party had returned to Whitestone while Vox Machina were collecting more Vestiges in Marquet. Kima, restless to be more active, jumped at the opportunity to fight with Vox Machina against Vorugal. Following this Allura and Drake were present at a meeting with Vox Machina, Gilmore, Cassandra, and "Assum", during which Percy revealed Raishan had disguised as Assum and made a tenuous alliance.

Allura Teleported Vox Machina to Fort Daxio in order to fortify it, returning there with Kima while Vox Machina were collecting the final Vestige in the City of Brass.[17]

During the final preparations for the battle to take back Emon, Vox Machina were intercepted on their way back from the Ziggurat to Whitestone Castle by Drake, who informed them that they'd been working on a few things for the party and asked them to meet him in the common room.[18] Percy later sought out his sister Cassandra, and found her in her room talking to Drake, Gilmore, Brom Goldhand and Allura. The room was bustling with activity, as everyone present was preparing for the events to come. Percy requested anything left in the vaults to help prepare for the occasion, and Drake handed over what he had prepared for the party: four potions of healing he gathered from the city and four potions of fire resistance that he brewed himself.[19]

Allura, Kima, and Drake later accompanied Vox Machina, alongside Gilmore and Jarett Howarth, to the war camp outside of Emon.[20] There they took part in the siege, fighting alongside the Daxio Outriders and Syngorn's Verdant Guard.[21]

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Class Status Location
Allura Vysoren Wizard Alive Serving as Master of Arcana on the Tal'Dorei Council in Emon
Kima of Vord Paladin Alive Living in Emon with Allura
Drake Thunderbrand Wizard Alive Representative of House Thunderbrand in Kraghammer
Sirus Kaldrem Unknown Deceased Died fighting Thordak in the Elemental Plane of Fire
Dohla Lorian Unknown Deceased Died fighting Thordak in the Elemental Plane of Fire
Ghenn Talevesh Unknown Deceased Died fighting Thordak in the Elemental Plane of Fire

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In The Legend of Vox Machina, three members of the party are depicted besides Allura and Kima: a dragonborn spellcaster, a female archer, and a spellcaster wearing armor. Drake was not depicted, as none of the figures were of dwarven stature.[22] These three are presumably Sirus, Dohla, and Ghenn, though it is unknown which is which.

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