Aeormatons are artificial humanoid constructs created by the people of Aeor during the Age of Arcanum.

Description[edit | edit source]

The process of creation is different between purely organic creatures and those of artifice. Much like two of you might create a child, I was indeed created, but through intellect, through power.

— Devexian[3]

Aeormatons from the time of Aeor's fall are humanoid in shape. Their bodies are made of metal, and they have smooth heads with no nose, a defined jaw, and eyes that glow a dull blue when powered on. Some have decorative etchings and filigree engraved into their body. Inside their chest cavity is a red crystal which plugs into a socket. The gem appears to be the central power unit for an aeormaton, and is likely an arcane battery.[4] Fresh Cut Grass[5] has a wheel rather than legs and is much smaller, but he shares the same blue eyes as other aeormatons.[6]

Different models of Aeormatons exist. Harmonious Aeormatons were built as peacekeepers, diplomatic associates, and communicators.[7] Defense Aeormatons were built to house weapons integrated into their bodies and can deflect attacks against their allies.[8]

History[edit | edit source]

Age of Arcanum[edit | edit source]

Automata were common in the Age of Arcanum, but the Aeorian mages were able to create sentient automata, the Aeormatons. The Aeormatons fought to be free and eventually became citizens of the city.[9] Sentience is unique to Aeormatons even among Age of Arcanum automata; in the Post-Divergence, sentience is indicative of an Aeormaton.[10]

Some time pre-Calamity, a number of aeormatons with caretaker abilities were altered to betray their companions, once this feature activated, and gifted by unknown politicians in Aeor to various rivals across the world, often in the guise of an olive branch. One day, these aeormaton sleeper agents turned against their owners and murdered a number of them.[11] This event was later known as The Care and Culling. The plot was not entirely successful, and there were a number of survivors. However, as a result, the exchange of Aeorian technology became extremely rare. It is believed that this is why scavenged Aeorian technology comes almost exclusively from the crash sites in Eiselcross.[12]

Post-Divergence[edit | edit source]

In 836 PD, the Mighty Nein encountered a number of destroyed aeormatons in their exploration of Aeorian ruins. In the Praesidis Ward, they partially repaired an aeormaton and named him "Charlie". They later brought this aeormaton to a repair terminal in the Genesis Ward, where they were fully restored. The aeormaton, whose true designation was Devexian, parted ways from the Mighty Nein to find his associates.[13]

After Devexian was brought back online, he reactivated other aeormatons, who then left the ruins and went out into Exandria.[14][15] By 843 PD, "arcane guardians" had been seen by those as far away as Jrusar in Marquet.[2] At least one aeormaton, Fresh Cut Grass, was sold while still in a dormant state, and has no recollection of their prior life.[16]

Known Aeormatons[edit | edit source]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Aeormatons are the Exandrian equivalent of the Warforged from the Eberron setting,[14] and would presumably use the same statistics.

References[edit | edit source]

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