A Very Special Six-Sided Dive

"4-Sided Dive: A Very Special Six-Sided Dive"
4-Sided Dive episode
Episode no.Episode 14
AirdateJuly 11, 2023 19:00 PT
Running time2:29:48
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"4-Sided Dive: A Very Special Six-Sided Dive" (4SDx14), also called "6-Sided Dive", is the fourteenth episode of 4-Sided Dive, discussing up to "Reunited" (3x64) with Aimee Carrero, Emily Axford, Liam O'Brien, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, and Utkarsh Ambudkar. Taliesin was the host.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Dani Carr reminds the cast that they are not touching the bar top because the Tower of Inquiry is wobbling and the production is concerned. Marisha asks what happens if it falls and it's everyone's fault, Dani says that everyone has to do the consequences and must apologize to Dani and Kyle Shire specifically.

Taliesin is chosen to be the Tavern Keeper. He insists that he's going to replace every word with "fuck". The prompter instructs him to do improvised prop comedy, starting with making balloons animals. Most of the prop comedy is off-screen, as the camera cuts to Dani at the bar thinking (in voice-over) about the events that have occurred with Team Issylra.

What the fuck is up with that?[edit | edit source]

Bor'Dor's death! Emily didn't want to have it all be on Laudna, and honestly didn't expect to hit. Marisha enjoyed it, and Liam said he was mentally cheering it on. Utkarsh talks about his plans - he wasn't sure if he'd keep it hidden the whole time, or only reveal it at the end. Once the teleportation had been discussed, he decided that he'd cast Vitriolic Sphere as they were going through, but then Deni$e figuring it out forced his hand. He talks about working on the character with Matt; the cart and reindeer and some of the weaponry belonged to a man he had murder. Utkarsh also admits he really wanted to use Vitriolic Sphere; there was a possibility that the more measured fight against the Dawnfather missionaries in support of Abbadina could have shown him a more moderate path but he decided against that. Emily said that Prism decided to hit Bor'Dor specifically because of the sphere. Utkarsh discussed the Pipe of Remembrance as well - Matt helped him realize that this indicated he had infiltrated the party. Marisha said that scene is what arose her suspicions. She also later talks about Laudna's decision; while Marisha wasn't sure she would have wanted it, it - and Laudna tapping back into Delilah's power - felt true to the character's mindset at the time. Utkarsh reaffirms that Bor'Dor was fully indoctrinated into the Ruby Vanguard; he thought about having a change of heart, but again, he really wanted to cast Vitriolic Sphere.

To the guest stars: what was it like coming onto Critical Role? Utkarsh and Aimee first talk a lot about their experience with the cast and wanting to come onto the show, and Marisha compliments Emily's knowledge of the game. Aimee mentions that she remembers when Sam came into work the day after Molly died. Aimee then talks about the development of Deni$e: she'd originally drafted her without a connection to Dariax as a halfling bard when she had been slated to come onto to Critical Role during Campaign 2, which was canceled due to the pandemic. She then playtested her for Exandria Unlimited but ultimately preferred playing Opal, and instead just used Deni$e for Narrative Telephone. When she was invited for Campaign 3 Matt told her that it wouldn't make much sense to have Opal here, so she decided to make Deni$e canon. She wanted to explore someone who was somewhat tired of thievery and adventuring and was hoping to settle down, but who was extremely competent. Liam admits he had forgotten the Narrative Telephone so his surprise about Dariax and Deni$e was genuine. Meanwhile, Emily has long wanted to play a necromancer but couldn't find a way to make that work. She also suggested someone who had been teleported in the middle of her wedding day. However, after looking at the party composition she realized someone with high intelligence was needed. Her original plan for Prism had been that she really wanted to get back home, but once the first combat went well she leaned into Prism loving the experience. Another concept, however, had been a paladin of Vesh who was deeply obsessed with Vesh. Liam provides a little context for the guests on the intensity of "The Apogee Solstice" (3x51) and where they were coming in for this story. Utkarsh also briefly mentions the theory that Bor'Dor was a polymorphed dog, and rejects it. Marisha compliments all three on how evocative their descriptions of the characters were and Emily mentions she had also pitched all three of the guests being triplets, but only two being identical. Everyone then reflects on how different their experience was from that of Team Wildemount.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 1[edit | edit source]

Nick Johnson: With all of the stressful grand machinations and world-altering confrontations, what do you think has been your character's most relaxed moment in their existence (on or off screen)? — pulled by Emily, 47:25

  • Taliesin: Ashton rarely relaxes but the night of "What the Fuck is up with That" was about as close as it gets.
  • Liam: In campaign, the Byroden festival in EXU. However, his backstory is quite peaceful up to a point; falling in love with Will and learning swordsmanship from Derrig were both relaxing.
  • Emily: Prism really enjoys the Night of Ascension in the Shadow Realm and probably also relaxes with books a lot.
  • Utkarsh: Curling up with the wind cougar eidolon in-game, but also probably in death, reunited with his family.
  • Aimee: Spending quiet time at home either with Dariax, or even alone.
  • (There is also a bit of chatter about Utkarsh having a rough time with Twitch chat criticizing him over not knowing what cantrips were.)

Smoople on Twitter: How does your character differ from the ones you played in previous campaigns and what inspired you to explore this new territory? — pulled by Utkarsh, 54:48

  • Marisha: as compared with Keyleth and Beau, both of whom were very driven, she wanted Laudna to be someone who goes with the flow. Which has been an interesting experience with this campaign. Utkarsh remarks on how during Team Issylra's arc she was clearly compartmentalizing, and Aimee notes how fun it was to see Laudna be snobbish and angry at Hearthdell. Utkarsh also mentions how fun it was how he and the other guest characters would be celebrating victories and Ashton, Orym, and Laudna would still be upset.
  • Utkarsh: Hitch, his character from Force Grey, was a charming and savvy rogue, so for Bor'Dor he leaned into someone confused and out of place and also lying to the party.
  • Taliesin: His characters often deal with his personal life, but Ashton is an exploration of punk as general counterculture and anger against the world, and rather than Molly's more cheerful nihilism, Ashton is openly angry with it. This leads to a digression from Emily wondering more about Ashton's situation, and Taliesin explains that a big part of Ashton is repeatedly becoming attached and then getting betrayed or things going badly.
  • Emily: Emily has played a huge number of characters so it's hard to pin down specifics, but Prism was definitely girlier and more Type A than most of her characters, and the first very traditional wizard archetype.
  • Aimee: Opal is her only other character, and Opal was very young and inexperienced to help Aimee as a new player find her feet, so with Deni$e she wanted someone more world-weary and quiet and who really wanted to just deal with her own small portion of the world and not get involved in anything bigger.
  • Liam: Vax was very much someone who followed his impulses and rushed into danger, at least initially, and Caleb was very cerebral and had a number of long-term plans, and so for Orym he wanted someone sweeter and who was more of a supporting character than someone in a central role.

The Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Taliesin: Ashton believes that they were judged and that the gods don't care about them. How does this color their anger and his feelings about the gods and Ludinus' plan?1:09:48 Ashton has had a very difficult life, so they are actually somewhat sympathetic to broad-anti-god sentiments and it's validating to have someone to blame. Prism and Deni$e's indifference also played into that. However, Bor'Dor was still a problem because Ashton lives by the rule that higher ideology should never be more important than what's in front of you. Marisha notes that she wonders if there will be some inter-party conflict when they have their reunion due to these feelings and Team Wildemount's very different experience.

Aimee: What tipped you off about Bor'Dor and his shady shenanigans?1:16:10 The Scrying failing to show his brother or any signs that an ill person had been in the house. Aimee accepted Bor'Dor's powers were newly discovered but the house didn't sit well with her.

Emily: What inspired you to make Prism from the Shadow Realm? What interested you about that area as an upbringing?1:17:53 Matt showed Emily a video of the Matron of Ravens and she found that really fun and interesting, and so she wanted to build a character from a place where the Raven Queen was important but which was not necessarily a good place so that she'd have complicated feelings about religion. Emily envisioned Prism as noticing how many people in the Shadow Realm were suffering and believing this to be religious and correct, and having a grand plan to replicate the Raven Queen's ascension, and then slowly realizing this was not feasible while at the Cobalt Soul. Prism respects the Raven Queen but does not worship her.

Liam: What was it like for Orym to see the tomb of Oma-Dua, a Gau Drashari ancestor of the Ashari?1:23:48 It feels so much bigger than him, and it makes him wonder how things have changed so much and gotten so bad and complicated.

Marisha: Laudna has reunited with Imogen. What was it like to be parted from her for so long and how is she feeling now that they're back together?1:25:20 It feels a little weird because of how much better a time Team Wildemount had; Marisha compares it to going to camp summer vacation and her friend going on an elaborate vacation and them feeling out of sync upon the return.

Utkarsh: Is there any chance that Bor'Dor could still be a polymorphed border collie?1:28:34 No, it's just a fan theory. However, maybe he (unclear if Utkarsh as a player or Bor'Dor as a character) can come back as some kind of dog.

Taliesin: Ashton took time to comfort both Laudna and Prism after everything with Bor'Dor. Why do you think protecting comes so naturally to him and why did they want to ensure that Laudna and Prism were okay?1:29:25 For Prism it was the knowledge that this was definitely her first time killing someone like this and he thought that maybe her not seeing the result might lessen the trauma. For Laudna, they didn't believe they could stop her, and understood it had to be done, but they did want to help her through it afterwards.

Emily: Prism referred to Orym as her best friend. When did she decide that he was the person she was closest to within the group?1:31:22 Emily realized that Prism needed to earn Team Wildemount's trust, especially after Fresh Cut Grass needed to know if they could trust FRIDA into her care. She decided to offer an exchange of "people"—Fresh Cut Grass's partner for Prism's best friend. She chose Orym because he would be funniest as the unexpected answer and the only person who would not care if he was not chosen.

Aimee: How do Deni$e and Opal compare and contrast in your eyes? What was it like interacting with Orym as someone who wasn't Opal, but still knew of the Crown Keepers?1:33:12 It's really interesting interacting with Orym and she's glad she got the moment on watch as Deni$e. It's also very different because with the Crown Keepers, Orym was in a leadership role and was supportive, whereas here he was in need of emotional support. Otherwise, Deni$e probably wonders if Opal and Dariax are sleeping together but doesn't otherwise think of her. Aimee also really just enjoys playing off Liam and the restraint and subtlety he showed in playing Orym.

Liam: Orym gave Laudna a nod to show his support of her killing Bor'Dor. Why did Orym agree that death is the answer and how did that nod make Laudna feel?1:36:46 While Orym recognizes there are some people in the Ruby Vanguard who simply feel wronged, they are still hurting and killing people to get what they want and were responsible for the deaths of his family. He also suspected that if they let Bor'Dor go, he would report back to Otohan, Liliana, or Ludinus, so he knew they had to kill him once that connection was revealed. Marisha remarks that it is somewhat chilling to have someone with a reputation for being level-headed validate Laudna in that dark moment. Liam adds that Orym has a hunch that Delilah may be back, and feels it's a necessary evil in fighting the Vanguard. Emily agrees - she doesn't have the same background but when Laudna talked to Prism, her instinct was to tell Laudna to perhaps unleash and deal with Delilah rather than keeping her sealed.

Marisha: Laudna has likely woken Delilah back up. How is she handling her descent into darkness and the possibility that Delilah is back?1:40:33 She feels guilty and traumatized but she's also leaning into it. It's difficult because it's true her party members did not stop her, and it was important that she not revive Delilah, but it also was her choice.

Utkarsh: What was it like for you to play the long game with Bor'Dor, knowing from the beginning that he was an enemy in sheepherder's clothing? Were there hints that you dropped that no one noticed?1:43:04 It was very stressful! Utkarsh says his tendency is to be friendly and helpful so it was difficult and he frequently worried he was messing it up. He did think more people would pick up on not caring about the reindeer.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 2[edit | edit source]

Hero: If you had to pick, what is your favorite city in Exandria? — pulled by Aimee, 1:52:13

  • Taliesin: Whitestone
  • Marisha: Pyrah and Zephrah
  • Aimee: Byroden
  • Liam: Zephrah
  • Aimee and Utkarsh bandwagon and agree with every answer as they're said.

trashwithaname on Instagram: What 3 objects would your character choose to have if they became trapped on an island alone? — pulled by Aimee, 1:56:11

  • Marisha for Laudna: rock chisel, red ribbon, Pâté de Rolo
  • Utkarsh for Bor'Dor: mom, dad, brother (claims these choices are valid as they are his objects of affection)
  • Emily for Prism: spell components for Fabricate so she can make whatever she needs.
  • Aimee for Deni$e: if she cannot bring Dariax (as he's not an object), tuft of hair, cooking tools, bathing suit
  • Liam for Caleb: components for Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, a Luxon beacon, and jokes the teleprompter so he knows what to say. Later, adds a spell scroll for Teleportation and says he didn't initially list it because he thought it was cheating.
  • Taliesin for Ashton: booze, music, and the hole

Utkarsh had to leave the show at the break. Asked if he had parting thoughts for the audience, he again said: "What's a cantrip?"

One Night Werewolf[edit | edit source]

No questions were asked during the two rounds of One Night Werewolf. Dani played with the remaining guests.

At the end of the game, Liam revealed that his consequence was to do a Natasha Lyonne without explaining it. He felt that this actively made him more suspicious.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Modified logo for the episode
  • The drink special on the chalkboard during the Twitch countdown was an "Inflict Booze With Vitriolic Beer" in reference to the Inflict Wounds Bor'Dor killed the celestial with in "Crisis of Faith" (3x61) and the Vitriolic Sphere Bor'Dor attacked Team Issylra with in "A Haunted Past" (3x63).
  • Today's secret word is "one-punch-Prism" in reference to Prism punching Bor'Dor and taking two death saves in "A Haunted Past" (3x63).
  • In reference to the show having six guests rather than the usual four, the show was called 6-Sided Dive throughout the episode. A new logo was used for the episode reflecting this.

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