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This timeline is a broad chronological overview of events in Exandrian history. For more specific and detailed timelines for each campaign of Critical Role, see timeline of Campaign 1, timeline of Campaign 2, and timeline of Campaign 3.

Notes and explanations[edit | edit source]

This timeline uses the official calendar on page 41 of the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting.

The post-Divergence calendar begins with year 0 (zero), rather than starting with 1.[1] Most dates outside the stream are approximate. For example, sources will often say something like "400 years ago" or "a millennium ago," which obviously isn't meant to be exact. Likewise, many dates are described as "less than" or "more than" or "nearly" some number of years ago. A character's birth year is generally their age subtracted from the year when the age is mentioned, though of course that could be off by one year if, for example, the age is mentioned earlier in the year than that character's birthday. This language should be included in the citation for clarity.

Conflicting evidence[edit | edit source]

Many dates in this time line are based on evidence that the streamed events of Campaign 1: Vox Machina took place between 810 and 812 PD. That evidence includes the following:

  • In "The Fate-Touched" (1x103), Vincent Clor specifically noted that the date was 12 Misuthar 812 PD,[2] which was the same day Vox Machina fled from a bad battle with Vecna into the Feywild.
  • Winter's Crest offers a convenient marking of time: there was one in the pre-stream adventures (a ruined festival in Westruun, but Emon threw another festival to make up for the spoiled one), there was another just days before the Chroma Conclave attack (the thin barrier between planes on that day helped Thordak escape the Elemental Plane of Fire), and there was one during Vox Machina's long break from adventuring right before the final days of the campaign.
  • The map accompanying the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting
    Tyriok's credit on the map of Tal'Dorei.[art 1]
    was inscribed with the year 812 PD ("Post-Divergence"), and was created by Tyriok Gadsworth, who was in the process of creating the map in "Into the Frostweald" (1x48),[3] which took place at the beginning of the year following the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon. The Campaign Setting was set roughly one year after the fall of the Chroma Conclave.[4]
  • Matthew Mercer said on Twitter that, in relation to Campaign 1, Campaign 2 was "over 20 years later."[5] Campaign 2 starts in Sydenstar 835 PD.
  • The canon media time line released in June 2021 shows Vox Machina's campaign taking place between 810 and 812 PD.[6]
The official Exandrian Timeline, as updated in October 2021.[art 2]

That said, the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount contradicts all of the above: it repeatedly states that the Chroma Conclave's attacks on Tal'Dorei and Draconia occurred in 815 PD.[7] The guide also notes that the Myriad set up a satellite group in Tal'Dorei twenty years ago (i.e. 815 PD),[8] and it is amply established that they had a foothold in Tal'Dorei by the time Vox Machina began.[9][10]

This was reinforced in an episode in 836 PD: Beauregard Lionett recalled that Delilah Briarwood was ousted from the Cerberus Assembly "25, 26 years" earlier,[11] which would be 810 PD. She fled and eventually took over Whitestone five or six years before Vox Machina led the rebellion against them,[12][13][14] suggesting that Whitestone was liberated in 815 PD.

Slightly less straightforward evidence of conflict: Allura Vysoren appeared to be in her mid-fifties in 836 PD.[15] If the Chroma Conclave attacked in 810 PD, and Allura led a group of adventurers who sealed Thordak about 15[16] or 16[17] years before that, then Thordak was sealed in 794 or 795 PD, when Allura would have been a young teenager.

Although the canon timeline released at the announcement of Exandria Unlimited shows Vox Machina's campaign taking place between 810 and 812 PD and the new mini-campaign taking place in 842 PD, the announcements repeatedly say that the mini-campaign takes place "almost" or "nearly" thirty years after the Chroma Crisis,[18] which would have occurred between late 810 and early 811 PD.

Another specific date doesn't seem to fit either scenario well: in "The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (OSx35), set in 826 PD, Matt starts the episode by saying it has been "just over a decade since Vecna's ascension and subsequent banishing."[19] That doesn't fit with Vecna's ascension being in 817 PD, as it would have been if the Chroma Conclave attacked in 815. And it's a slight stretch to say 14 years is "just over a decade."

Vincent Clor's date contradicts another couple of pieces of canon, in a smaller way. He stated that the date was 12 Misuthar, but a previous episode indicated that Vox Machina was taking a full one-year break that would have ended weeks after 12 Misuthar.[20] One could treat that "one year" as approximate, but that one-year break included the creation of a permanent teleportation circle in Whitestone, which would take exactly one year.[21] It's not a big adjustment, so this time line simply treats the 12 Misuthar date as correct.

The Founding and prior events[edit | edit source]

  • Kryn creation myth: The Luxon was born at the creation point of the universe and traveled the universe in search of self-knowledge.[22][23] The Luxon eventually found a lifeless planet that was to become Exandria and gave their light to it. This imbued the world with life, and the resulting elemental chaos gave birth to the Primordials, who fought one another and the Luxon.[22][24] Believing that a cycle of rebirth was necessary for life to improve, the Luxon created the Luxon beacons from themself, then fell into a deep slumber.[22]
  • The Primordials claimed the world as their own and lived beneath the surface of the world.[25]
  • A Primordial titan seed was planted in what would become the Rifenmist Jungle.[26]
  • The gods of the pantheon, drawn by the Luxon's activity, arrived at Exandria.
  • The gods created the peoples of Exandria. It is commonly believed they first created the elves, then the dwarves, then humans, then other races. The gods gave these people divine magic, then created the metallic dragons to protect them.[25]
  • A dark, alien power seeped into reality and threatened all life on the world. The gods banded together to banish it, and it crystallized into the moon of Ruidus.[27]
  • The Primordials attacked the people of Exandria. The gods who wished to protect the mortals from the Primordials became known as the Prime Deities, and those who sided with the Primordials and allow chaos to reclaim the world became known as the Betrayer Gods.[28][29]
  • During the ensuing war, the Prime Deities gifted mortals arcane magic so that they may better defend themselves. The Betrayer Gods were eventually banished to prisons on other planes, and the Primordials were destroyed or also banished.[30]
  • Tharizdun was imprisoned beneath Gatshadow Mountain.[31]
  • A Primordial earth titan, in its final battle, was slammed into the ground violently enough to create the Zenwick Mountains.[32]
  • Tens of thousands of years before the Divergence: After the Prime Deities' victory,[30] Vasselheim, was founded.[33]
  • The world was named Exandria.[34]
  • The Kuul'tevir, noble predecessors of the lizardfolk, built cities with magic nearly on par with the elves'.[35]
  • An unknown civilization had a settlement in the area that became the Ivyheart Thicket.[36]
  • Arriving through a portal from the Far Realm, aboleths and other aberrations conquered the Underdark beneath the Bladeshimmer Coast and drove their slaves to build their capital: Salar, the Unseeable City. They slowly began expanding toward the surface, and their psychic energies gradually produced the azuremite of the Crystalfen Caverns.[37]
  • Primeval elves felled the Molten Titan, giving birth to the Daggerbay Mountains.[38]
  • The societies of the drow fell to decadence and cruelty, making their leaders vulnerable to the influence of Lolth.[39] Some in the Post-Divergence believe that Lolth created the drow herself in the late Founding or early Age of Arcanum.[40]

The Age of Arcanum[edit | edit source]

Pre-Calamity[edit | edit source]

More than 2000 years before the Divergence
The Age of Arcanum began.[41]
A civilization was known to exist in Marquet, with a religious sanctuary called the Vault of Shumas in the Aggrad Mountains.[42]
Possibly pre-Age of Arcanum
more than 1187 years before the Divergence
Yug'Voril was established.[43]
Starting more than 1000 years before the Divergence
An ancient black dragon-turned-dracolich, Guuthal the Ever-Fed, terrorized the world.[41]
Early Age of Arcanum, well over 687 years before the Divergence, if not longer[44][45]
The dwarven Thomara clan dug into a fallen earth titan[46] to exploit a precious metal vein cluster and built a vault city there. The society eventually collapsed into madness and cannibalism.[47]
The Vues'dal volcano erupted for the last time, and the mountain collapsed, creating the Vues'dal Basin, which was eventually filled in by the Feshun River and became the Vues'dal Waters.[48]
Close to 664 years before the Divergence
The greatest sages of the Age of Arcanum managed to experiment with reversing the flow of time without being killed.[49]
Centuries before the Divergence
The increasingly decadent and cruel society of the drow began to primarily worship Lolth, the Spider Queen.[50][51]
A century before the Calamity
The archmage Vecna's contributions to arcane theory enabled many of the artifacts that would stoke the flames of the Calamity. He began hoarding secrets, killing those who knew them, and achieved lichdom. He amassed a force of followers and undead, disappeared with them into the Shadowfell to conquer Thar Amphala, and there built Entropis.[52]
~163 years before the Divergence, or perhaps longer
A mortal mage created rites to challenge the God of Death. She felled him and ascended to godhood[30] (or her ascension instantly destroyed him[53]), and she took his place in the pantheon (but not his entire portfolio[54]) and became the Raven Queen. The other gods quickly destroyed the secrets to the ritual.[53]
The previous god's "half-son," an empyrean, had been sent to Pandemonium as a temporary punishment, but when the god died, the empyrean was left there and eventually went mad.[55]
The day after the Raven Queen's ascension, three of the Raven Queen's heroes—Clay, Stone, and Dust—were tasked with removing the body of one of the heroes of "the war" from a city. Told by the Raven Queen to follow Melora's instructions, they split the body into parts and took the parts to various locations, and built temples that their families protected through the ages: the Clay family tended the Blooming Grove, the Dust family tended the Cinderrest Sanctum on Kravaraad, and the Stone family tended the Menagerie.[56][57] The Blooming Grove is reputed to have been constructed just post-Calamity, which suggests a long period of wandering before settling down.[58]
Decades after Vecna's conquest of Thar Amphala[59][60][61]
From Entropis, Vecna used the celestial solstice, a merging of ley energies, to open portals for his forces to attack his enemies at a whim and retreat to Thar Amphala before retaliating forces could muster. Vecna defeated one old rival, Kas, who accepted an offer of eternal life through vampirism in exchange for becoming Vecna's chief lieutenant. Vecna forged a sentient relic blade for Kas, who used it to terrorize Vecna's enemies for months, thereby becoming Kas the Bloody-Handed. Vecna, who had managed to reconstruct the Raven Queen's rites of ascension, then attempted the Ritual of Seeding to ascend to godhood. He was interrupted when the Beacon of Arms, a holy army of Pelor led by his champion Yos Varda, used a reverse-engineered celestial solstice to attack Thar Amphala. Yos Varda, Vecna, and Kas all perished, and Vecna's forces were defeated and scattered, but only a few members of the Beacon of Arms returned victorious.[62][63] Vecna had left instructions for his most devoted followers to carry on the work of raising him to godhood in spite of his death; they founded the Remnants.[64][65]
The original Cerberus Assembly was formed.[66]
Minotaurs were created as living weapons and guardians.[35]
A group of Issylran warlocks consorted with dark entities, resulting in the first tieflings.[67]
Tieflings fleeing religious zealots sailed from Issylra to the continent that would later be called Tal'Dorei.[67]
Some rock gnomes also migrated from Issylra to the future Tal'Dorei.[68]
A handful of crystal-powered flying cities, including Aeor and Zemniaz, traveled across Exandria.[69][70]
Seers of a serpentfolk empire foresaw the Calamity; to survive its dangers, the empire created a magical stasis field under their capital city of Vos'sykriss (now Visa Isle) where its strongest people waited to one day emerge and rebuild their empire.[71]
Acek Orattim, priest of Tharizdun, made his base in Gatshadow Mountain, under which Tharizdun had been imprisoned since the Founding. Through Acek, Tharizdun's power twisted and elevated the mountain, riddled it with a maze of tunnels, and corrupted the surrounding region.[72]
Inspired by the Raven Queen's ascension, archmage Vespin Chloras unsealed the Betrayer Gods from their prisons. They turned on Vespin and made him their first thrall.[30]
The Betrayer Gods created Ghor Dranas.[30] Torog's followers used the caves beneath Ghor Dranas as torture dungeons.[73]
Torog tortured the Betrayer Gods' enemies at the Bastille of Torment under the Dunrock Mountains.[74]
A warrior named Ganix attempted to strike down Torog with his army, but his army was defeated, and Torog captured and tortured Ganix, twisting him into the Laughing Hand.[75]
The Betrayer Gods and their forces made a surprise attack on Vasselheim, but the city repulsed them with backup from the Prime Deities. The siege lasted for 20 days and nights, reducing much of the city to rubble.[76]
Just before the Calamity
A competing religious force (apparently followers of Zehir) slaughtered the people in the Vault of Shumas and locked it off.[42]

Possibly before or after the Calamity began[edit | edit source]

~363 years before the Divergence
Leylas Kryn was born.[77]
~189 to 89 years before the Divergence
During a celestial solstice, elemental rifts burst open across Exandria, causing fires, earthquakes, and an outpouring of elemental monsters whom the people of the world struggled to combat.[78] The Ashari, up to then a nomadic people, divided into four tribes to seal and watch over the rifts to the Elemental Planes of Fire (Pyrah Tribe), Water (Vesrah Tribe), Air (Zephrah Tribe), and Earth (Terrah Tribe).[79]
~164 years before the Divergence
Corellon banished Artagan to the Feywild for tricking an elven culture into worshiping a whale carcass.[80]
Leylas Kryn was present when the first Luxon beacon was found.[81]
Shattengrod was destroyed.[82]
Near the beginning of the Calamity
Alyxian was born.[27]

The Calamity[edit | edit source]

The Calamity was a war between the gods at the end of the Age of Arcanum.[83][84] It lasted for centuries, beginning with a siege on Vasselheim by the Betrayer Gods and ending with the Divergence. The Calamity destroyed nearly all civilization and destroyed two-thirds of Exandria's population. A broad timeline of major events follows.

Early in the Calamity
Lolth is one of the earliest casualties of the war. She is impaled by Kord and banished to the Abyss before her soldiers fought any battle. Without a leader, the drow are driven into the Underdark.[85]
All deities strike a temporary armistice to destroy Aeor.
Nearly 164 years before the Divergence
Torog and his followers sink a plateau in the Cyrios Mountains, creating the Pallid Grove.[86]
Less than 163 years before the Divergence
Pelor and Sarenrae drew Torog above ground, defeated him, and banished him to a sliver of the Far Realm that now borders the lowest depths of the Underdark. Torog's tears burned tunnels through Exandria, and his faithful fled into them.[87]
Asmodeus deceived and betrayed Sarenrae.[88][89]
Avandra defeated Asmodeus by tricking his armies into fighting each other.[90]
In the Ashkeeper Peaks, the dwarven clan of Grimgol was almost wiped out; the survivors isolated themselves from the world.[91]
A wandering colony of elves fleeing the Calamity formed the beginning of what would become the Orroyen tribes of the Rifenmist Peninsula.[92]
Bane transformed many of the Dranassar into goblinoids.[93]
Corellon battled Gruumsh, stabbing out his eye.[89]
Cael Morrow is established, then later destroyed by Gruumsh.[27] The destruction of Cael Morrow burned the jungles of Marquet and created the continent's deserts.[27]
Zehir ambushed Melora, and they battled, in what became the Lushgut Forest.[94]
Tharizdun devoured all of the Raven Queen's black-winged angels.[95]
The land bridge connecting Tal'Dorei and Wildemount was shattered, creating the Shearing Channel.[96]
Ioun baited Tharizdun to her central temple, resulting in her near-destruction.[97] Pelor retaliated against Tharizdun, ultimately banishing Tharizdun from Exandria beneath Gatshadow.[97][98]
In one of the last battles of the Calamity, Melora and her Free Children defeated Bane and his goblinoid legions on the Beynsfal Plateaus of the Rifenmist Peninsula.[99]
The final battles of the Calamity took place in the valley that would become the Barbed Fields.[100]
Immediately before the Divergence
With the Betrayer Gods defeated and banished, Melora planted the Arbor Exemplar in the Barbed Fields. The Prime Deities imposed self-exile and created the Divine Gate. Thus ended the Age of Arcanum.

Post-Divergence[edit | edit source]

0 to 399 PD[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the Divergence
Scavenging drow turned from Lolth and worshiped the Luxon. They ascended from the Underdark to reclaim Ghor Dranas; they were led by House Kryn.[51]
Ioun's followers went into hiding.[101]
The Blooming Grove was built.[102]
Halflings began farming in the Dividing Plains and the foothills of the Cliffkeep Mountains.[103]
Early post-Divergence
Druvenlode was established.[104]
Within a generation
Ley energies shifted by the Calamity, and energies left over from the Calamity, caused the accelerated growth and magical flux that gave birth to the Verdant Expanse in an area untouched by the Betrayer Gods.[105]
A generation after the Calamity
Wood elves returned from the Feywild united under the sorceress Yenlara, their first leader after the Divergence, and founded the city of Syngorn in the Verdant Expanse.[106][107]
Approximately 12 PD or shortly thereafter
Kraghammer was founded by the survivors of Uthtor and led by Clan Jaggenstrike.[108][109]
Shortly after 35 PD
Uthodurn was founded.[110][111]
Less than a century after the Divergence
The arcane forest fire in the future Greying Wildlands finally burned out, but one section of forest survived, which would rebound as the Veluthil Forest. The smoke from the fires took a little longer to clear.[112]
Before 135 PD
Halflings began cultivating the Felderwin Tillage.[113]
Approximately 136 PD
A Luxon beacon was found in Blightshore near the base of the Penumbra Range.[114]
Approximately 311 PD or earlier
Thordak began ruling over half of Marquet.[115]
After 312, well before 494 PD
Humans sailed from Issylra to the western coast of the continent that will later be called Tal'Dorei; their first settlement was the port city of O'Noa.[116]
After 312 PD, some time before 494 PD
Humans in western Tal'Dorei spread until they controlled all the western shores, and founded the city of Emon.[117]

400 to 499 PD[edit | edit source]

  • Around 400 PD — An exploration vessel from Marquet reached the Swavain Islands and first established trade with the Ki'Nau. The Marquesians soon returned and established Damali.[118]
  • After 400 PD, before 635 PD — The Wanderman Assembly formed a capitalistic society in the Shattered Teeth after being stranded there by a hurricane.[119]
  • 410 PD — The Ki'Nau established a shamanistic site that would expand into the village of Othe when Marquesian explorers discovered that rare and valuable herbs grew well in the surrounding marsh.[120]
  • Approximately 411 PD — Joran the Sea-Speaker, hero of the Verdant Expanse and wielder of the Spire of Conflux, ventured into the Endless Maze of the Abyss, where he and the Spire were devoured by Yenk the goristro.[121][122]
  • Shortly after 412 PD — Hill giants wrecked the gnomish city of Wittebak; Kraghammer welcomed the refugees.[123][124]
  • Approximately 435 PD — Zadash was founded as a guarded community under the Julous family.[125]
  • Probably approximately 445 PD[126][127][128]Ank'Harel was founded under the rule of J'mon Sa Ord. Shortly thereafter, cultists of Zehir sealed Uk'otoa beneath the ocean floor. The Marquesian colonists of the Menagerie Coast demanded independence, which J'mon Sa Ord eventually granted.[129]
  • Between 479 and approximately 494 PD, while Yenlara lived — Warren Drassig rose to power in Emon, established the Kingdom of Drassig, severed diplomatic ties with Syngorn, and made new alliances with Kraghammer. Yenlara's grandson, Syngorn's diplomat to Emon, tried to resolve things diplomatically, but was tortured and killed, kicking off the 32-year Scattered War.[130] The elves of Syngorn established the hidden Emerald Outpost to keep watch on the growing Kingdom of Drassig.[131] Within the next nine years, the port city of O'Noa was devastated in one of the bloodiest battles of the war.[132]
  • Between 479 and approximately 524 PD — The Golden Grin was established.[133]
  • Between 488 PD and approximately 523 PD, while Yenlara lived — The wood elves and their allies from human colonies oppressed by the Kingdom of Drassig ambushed and killed Warren Drassig at the village of Torthil. Warren's son Neminar succeeded him, and Neminar drew on the power of the Betrayer God Bane, the Strife Emperor, to augment his forces.[134]
  • Between 488 PD and approximately 524 PD — Zan Tal'Dorei rallied the resistance, lured Neminar Drassig's forces into the Verdant Expanse, and crushed them there. Warren Drassig's youngest son, Trist, succeeded Neminar.[135]

500 to 599 PD[edit | edit source]

  • Between 504 and 507 — Wilhand Trickfoot had a dream and left the Trickfoot family to devote his life to Sarenrae.[136][137]
  • Shortly after 510 PD — The Star of Exaltation, born from a tear Bahamut shed in the Founding, was used as a focus in a ritual to bring the god's intervention to defend Vasselheim against a terrible siege. This destroyed the artifact.[138]
  • Between 511 PD and approximately 526 PD — Zan Tal'Dorei's forces backed King Trist Drassig's forces into a valley at the base of the Cliffkeep Mountains, but a flood of fiends poured into the battlefield. Against all odds, Zan Tal'Dorei's forces prevailed, ending the Drassig bloodline, the infernal pact the Drassigs had made, and the Scattered War. The blood of the demons thereafter blackened the grass and flowers that grow there, and the area became known as the Umbra Hills; the energies unleashed killed the forest in the valley, afterward known as the Grey Valley. The leaders of the Verdant Expanse convened a council, crowned Zan Tal'Dorei as Sovereign in a power-sharing arrangement, and named the realm Tal'Dorei.[139][140]
  • Between 511 PD and approximately 526 PD — The trade unions of Westruun laid claim to the Shadebarrow.[141]
  • Between 511 PD and approximately 526 PD — To prevent further incursions by supernatural evils due to misuse of magic, Yurek Windkeeper brought together the most trusted and talented mages of the realm to form the Arcana Pansophical.[142]
  • 514 PD — Rexxentrum was founded over the ruins of an ancient temple to Pelor.[143]
  • Between 513 and approximately 528 PD — Errevon the Rimelord, taking advantage of a celestial solstice, opened a rift from the Frostfell to what will later be called the Frostweald, beginning the Icelost Years. With an army of frost giants and sentient blizzards, Errevon conquered most of the continent in a few years.[144]
  • Between 518 PD and approximately 538 PD — The Council of Tal'Dorei convinced Syngorn and Kraghammer to join in an alliance against Errevon, and together their forces battled Errevon back through the rift, which the Ashari druids sealed shut. The victory was later celebrated annually as the Winter's Crest festival.[145]
  • Approximately 535 PD — Gruumsh-worshipping goblins stormed the Lushgut Forest and desecrated Sepesca, the Ki'Nau's holiest of burial temples, where Melora's blood was said to have spilled before the Divergence. The Ki'Nau fled and the site was left in ruins.[146]
  • 539 PD — Following more than three years of debate—and Eckhardt Dwendal making deals to build support for his son among guild leaders—Manfried Dwendal was crowned as the first emperor of the Dwendalian Empire. He soon banned worship that did not promote the interests of the empire. Soon afterward, Berleben was settled.[147][148]
  • 544 PD — The Admonition: Emperor Manfried Dwendal had leaders of various faiths executed after they attempted to usurp the throne in rebellion against his religious restrictions.[149]
  • 544 PD — The Julous Dominion, attempting to cement their rule over the area around Kamordah, drove independent villagers nearby into the Cyrios Mountains.[150]
  • 544 PD — The Dwendalian Empire declared war on the Julous Dominion, kicking off the 16-month Marrow War.[151] The high cleric of the Julous Dominion made a pact with a devil of the Nine Hells to protect against the Empire. Devils and undead swarmed the Marrow Valley, which did offer protection against the Empire but also menaced the residents. The Raven Queen gave one of her priests, Trence Orman, knowledge of blood magic, which he spread to trusted friends. So began the Claret Orders. The Claret Orders purged the valley of the fiends and undead, and Dwendalian forces promptly swept in.[152]
  • 545 or 546 PD — Dwendalian forces occupied Zadash. Baron Inock Julous and Baroness Tessandra Julous met with Manfried Dwendal to negotiate a peace but were executed instead, leaving the Dominion leaderless and bringing the Marrow War to an end.[150]
  • Around 568 to 570 PD — The Eve of Crimson Midnight: A conflict between high-born arcane practitioners of the former Julous Dominion and those of the Empire's noble houses broke out into all-out warfare in the streets of Rexxentrum. The combatants were apprehended and, in exchange for amnesty, agreed to serve the Crown directly as a council of mages called the Cerberus Assembly,[153] after the organization of the same name that was destroyed in the Calamity.
  • 585 PD — Due to a relic retrieved from the wreckage of Aeor,[154] a wave of purple-grey shadow suddenly engulfed Molaesmyr and began slowly corrupting the entire Veluthil Forest, causing surviving refugees to flee to Bysaes Tyl or to the Flotket Alps, where they stumbled upon Uthodurn.[155]
  • Probably approximately 595 PD[127][156][157] Thordak, not yet matured into an ancient dragon,[158] attacked Ank'Harel but was seemingly killed by J'mon Sa Ord. Thordak, nearly dead, washed up on the island of Viscan, where the long-exiled Marquesian necromancer Opash discovered him and enslaved him for years, hoping to use him to achieve immortality.[159]

600 to 699 PD[edit | edit source]

  • Approximately 609 PD — The Clasp was founded.[160]
  • Shortly after 610 PD — The last known use of powerful, ancient magic for permanently nullifying selected memories.[161]
  • Before 612 PD — A gold rush in the Ironseat Ridge made Kymal into a boom town over the next century.[162]
  • Shortly after 612 PD — Whitestone was founded by an expedition led by the de Rolo family.[163]
  • Between 611 and 661 PD — Tyrelda, later High Warden of Syngorn, was born.[164]
  • Approximately 635 PD — After most of the Open Quay burned down, Yussa Errenis bought the land.[165][166]
  • Approximately 638 — A scavenged Aeorian artifact turned all the frost giants in the Fortress of the Dead Jarl into zombies.[167]
  • Approximately 638 — The Dwendalian Empire absorbed Hupperdook via an agreement negotiated by Emma Zezbok, who became the city's first starosta and still held the position in 835 PD.[168]
  • Not long after 635 PD — On the strength of its brewing, Trostenwald boomed into a city.[169]
  • Not long after 635 PD — Pride's Call chose to ally with the expanding Dwendalian Empire.[170]
  • 641 PD — The Great Feathering: A wizard living in the Bramblewood Forest accidentally summoned thousands of chickens with a botched spell. Westruun began exporting the surplus poultry to surrounding regions.[171]

700 to 779 PD[edit | edit source]

  • Before 712 PD — Kymal's gold rush came to an end as the deposits ran dry, and the mining industry died within a decade.[172]
  • Approximately 714 PD — Essek Thelyss was born.[173][174]
  • 722 PD — The Iron Authority conquered the Beynsfal Plateaus.[175]
  • 732 PD — The Iron Authority united all the hobgoblin kingdoms under Tz'Jarr, the Iron Emperor.[176]
  • Before 735 PD — The Lapidus family became prominent in Port Damali.[177]
  • Before 735 PD — Darktow Isle became a haven for sailors coming from Tal'Dorei and Marquet to Wildemount.[178]
  • Approximately 735 PD — The Kryn Dynasty started working to bring warring goblin clans and orc clans of the northern shores of Xhorhas together, an effort that eventually resulted in a unified society in the city of Jigow.[179]
  • Not long after 735 PD — The Kryn Dynasty began revealing itself to the wider world.[180]
  • Not long after 735 PD — The Kryn brokered a peace agreement between the seven villages of the Many Hosts of Igrathad.[181]
  • Not long after 735 PD — During the reign of King Alfwin Dwendal, the Dwendalian Empire absorbed Grimgolir[182] and Bladegarden.[183][184]
  • Not long after 735 PD — The Rockguard Garrison was built to mark the union of Grimgolir and the Empire.[185]
  • Not long after 735 PD — Parts of the Savalirwood became havens for criminals, leading to Shadycreek Run being established.[186]
  • After 736 PD — The Orroyen tribes re-established contact with the elves of Syngorn after a long period of separation.[187]
  • 741 PD — Scanlan Shorthalt was born.[188][189]
  • 742 PD — Rich silver deposits were found in the hills near Jorenn Village, setting off a long boom in the town.[190]
  • Between 741 and 745 PD — Earthbreaker Groon was born.[191]
  • Between 751 and 760 PD — Kima was born.[192]
  • 755 PD — A shipping company (or trapper guild ousted from Icehaven[193]) in Yrrosa turned to smuggling contraband and soon formed the beginnings of the Myriad, which would become Wildemount's largest criminal organization.[194]
  • 755 PD — The walls of Rosohna were extended somewhat into the Ghostlands to incorporate some of the settlements just outside the city.[195]
  • 755 PD — Kruvanis Stormwind was born.[196]
  • Approximately 761 PD — Raishan destroyed a temple of Melora and was cursed with an ever-worsening sickness.[197]
  • Approximately 766 PD — Calis Krishtan opened The Maiden's Wish casino in Kymal, setting off another long boom period for the city.[198]
  • Approximately 766 PD — An experimental time travel ritual in the Kryn Dynasty was performed. The time traveler disappeared and returned, but was then reduced to dust.[199]
  • 767 PD — Bertrand Dwendal, future king of the Dwendalian Empire, was born.[200]
  • Between 769 and 774 PD — Pike Trickfoot was born.[201][202]
  • Between 772 and 774 PD — Shaun Gilmore was born.[203]
  • Approximately 775 PD — Palebank Village was founded with the help of Elro Aldataur, who led the village for at least the next 60 years.[204]
  • Approximately 776 or 777 PD — The Golden Chain, a mercenary company, established itself in Port Damali.[205]

780 to 799 PD[edit | edit source]

800 to 808 PD[edit | edit source]

809 PD[edit | edit source]

810 PD[edit | edit source]

Horisal to early Misuthar

Late Misuthar to early Dualahei



Early Quen'pillar

15 Quen'pillar[278]

17 Quen'pillar[279]

  • Vox Machina kills K'Varn and retrieves the Horn of Orcus. They return to Emon.

5 Cuersaar[280]

  • Keyleth completes the trial of the Fire Ashari in Pyrah.

18-19 Cuersaar[281]

2 Duscar[282]

5 Duscar[283]

20 Duscar[284]

24 Duscar[287]

  • Riskel Daxio, Master of Commerce, is executed for collaborating with the Briarwoods.

26 Duscar[288]

  • Sovereign Uriel abdicated the throne and transferred power to the Tal'Dorei Council, changing the Tal'Dorei Empire into a republic.
  • The Chroma Conclave attacked Emon, beginning the Chroma Crisis.

29 Duscar[289]

30 Duscar[290]

31 Duscar[291]

811 PD[edit | edit source]

1 Horisal[292]

  • Exandrian holiday: New Dawn marking the first day of the new year.
  • The party arrived to Westruun and discovered that the Herd of Storms had taken over.

3 Horisal[293]

  • Vox Machina ventured into the lair of the androsphinx and, while fighting him, discovered his name: Kamaljiori. He described them the Vestiges of Divergence he was aware of, also giving one of them, Mythcarver, to Scanlan.
  • Craven Edge consumed Grog's soul, killing him. Pike and the rest of the party managed to revive Grog. Keyleth banished Craven Edge to the Dread Emperor's realm.

6 Horisal[294]

  • Scanlan reunited with Dr. Dranzel and Kaylie.
  • Grog challenged Kevdak to a one-on-one brawl. Realizing he couldn't win, Grog called in Vox Machina for backup. Grog killed Kevdak and freed Zanror, pronouncing him the new leader of the Herd. Grog also obtained the Titanstone Knuckles.

8 Horisal[295]

  • After a dragon trap for Umbrasyl proved to be unsuccessful, Vox Machina chased the black dragon to his lair in the Gatshadow Mountain and met Shale along the way. Umbrasyl partially healed his wounds when the party and Shale arrived in his lair, in the end slaying him.

14 Horisal[296]

  • The party returned to Vasselheim. Percy met with Victor again and discovered that Anna Ripley had also been buying black powder from him. Vax'ildan visited the Raven's Crest and came in contact with the Raven Queen for the first time.

16 Horisal[297]

  • Hotis the rakshasa disguised himself as Shaun Gilmore and attempted to avenge himself by killing Vax'ildan.
  • Vox Machina killed Hotis once more and fought off Clasp assassins who were helping out him.

18 Horisal[298]

22 Horisal[299]

23 Horisal[300]

26 Horisal[301]

27 Horisal[302]

  • Exandrian holiday: Hillsgold
  • Assuming that Ripley was looking for Whisper, another Vestige of Divergence, the party hired an airship to go after her. Vox Machina caught up with Ripley in the jungle of Glintshore after she had already procured Whisper. Ripley was killed, but so was Percy. Cabal's Ruin and Whisper were retrieved.

28 Horisal[303]

  • The ritual to resurrect Percy was performed and succeeded.

2 Misuthar[304]

  • Vox Machina together with Raishan battled Vorugal. Scanlan used Gate scroll to summon Yenk, magically dominating it to fight along their side. Vorugal and Yenk were killed, and a Vestige, Spire of Conflux, was retrieved from Yenk's corpse.

5 Misuthar[305]

7 Misuthar[306]

  • Exandrian holiday: Day of Challenging
  • With the help of their allies, Vox Machina infiltrated Emon, battled, and then killed Thordak. Vox Machina and one of their allies, Raishan, broke their truce and battled within Thordak's lair. Vex'ahlia and Scanlan were killed, but Pike quickly revived them. Raishan escaped with Thordak's corpse and two dragon eggs.

8 Misuthar[307]

  • Keyleth and Allura scried, determining Raishan's location to be the Island of Viscan. Allura Teleported herself, Vox Machina, Kima, and Kerrek to the island. They eventually reached the chamber where Thordak's corpse, the two dragon eggs, and Raishan were waiting. In the course of the sparked battle, Scanlan, Percy, and Raishan were killed. Percy was immediately revived.
  • The Scanlan's body was brought to Whitestone, and Vex found Kaylie in Kymal and sent her back to Whitestone via the gate stones, in preparation for the resurrection ritual, which came to be successful.

9 Misuthar[308]

10 Misuthar[309]

16 Misuthar[310]

  • As a part of Keyleth's Aramenté, Vox Machina entered the Elemental Plane of Water to retrieve the lodestones. They fought a kraken who has ambushed them near the portal. Vax'ildan was killed, but they managed to escape and complete the Aramenté.
  • During Vax's resurrection ritual, Vex pledged to the Raven Queen that Vox Machina would hunt down and kill Orcus. The Raven Queen appeared before the party and said that she would call for them when it was time. Vax was resurrected.

22 Misuthar[311]

  • Vox Machina traveled to Zephrah, where Keyleth completed her Aramenté and became Voice of the Tempest.

23 Misuthar[312]

  • Vox Machina traveled to the City of Dis, the second lair of the Nine Hells, to kill Hotis permanently. Percy signed a contract with Ipkesh to kill Utugash in exchange for being guided to Hotis.

24 Misuthar[313]

  • Vasa led Vox Machina to Utugash's stronghold, where they met and freed Tova, who joined them temporarily, and killed Utugash. Doty was disassembled by devils and Taryon was forced to leave him behind. Vox Machina was arrested by the devil authorities.
  • The party broke out of their cell, found their way to the chamber where Hotis was regenerating, and Grog smashed his body. Vox Machina Plane Shifted out of Hell to Whitestone, leaving Tova behind to try to find her still-imprisoned friends.
  • They all got drunk in a tavern and tried to help Taryon flirt with the bartender, Shauna. Tary told them more of his past, including his failed romantic relationship with one of his tutors, Lawrence. Shauna handed Tary off to her friend Trisha, and the two of them had sex.

26 Misuthar[314]

  • In the middle of the night, Vex'ahlia tracked down and killed her quarry, a gray render. As the sun rose, Vex returned to Whitestone carrying the creature's severed hand as a trophy. Vex'ahlia was officially titled as the Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt.

27 Misuthar to 1 Duscar[315]

  • Vox Machina took almost a year off to pursue their own individual interests. Percy and Vex'ahlia secretly got married sometime in this period.
  • Exandrian holidays: Renewal Festival. (13 Dualahei), Zenith. (26 Unndilar), and Harvest's Close (3 Fessuran).
  • Allura and Kima married sometime around Quen'pillar.[316]

812 PD[edit | edit source]

29 Horisal[317]

  • Exandrian holiday: Hillsgold (27 Horisal)
  • The Trickfoot family arrived in Whitestone.

2–5 Misuthar[318]

  • Vox Machina prepared to battle the curse Uncle Ogden predicted to befall Pike.
  • On 5 Misuthar, the party attempted the ritual to lift the curse. Keyleth jumped to her death from a 1000-foot cliff and turned into a goldfish before the lethal impact with the ocean surface.

8 Misuthar[319][fn 1]

9 Misuthar[320]

10 Misuthar[321]

  • The party returned to the Darringtons with the deed and new arrangement in hand. They then returned to Whitestone, where they met Aes Adon and Lionel Gayheart from Ank'Harel.

11 Misuthar[322]

  • Leaving early morning from Whitestone, Vox Machina traveled to Marquet to investigate news of another ziggurat with a magic-absorbing orb. They rested just inside this temple. Vox Machina explored that ziggurat, discovering another orb and the work of an old foe. They rushed home to Whitestone, arriving in the evening to share this news.

12 Misuthar[323][324]

  • The party Plane Shifted to the Shadowfell. They discovered a ritual in process and attacked with little effect. Vax'ildan died. The survivors fled into the Feywild.
  • The Raven Queen sent Vax'ildan back as a revenant.
  • After a long rest, they returned to Vasselheim, learning that no time had passed at all. After some research and scuffles with the city guard, the party Plane Shifted to Elysium, incurred the favor of Sarenrae and Pelor, and returned to the Prime Material plane in Terrah.

13 Misuthar[325]

14 Misuthar[326]

15 Misuthar[327]

  • The party met with the leaders of Vasselheim and beyond before beginning their assault against Vecna's latest threat, an undead Primordial titan. The party entered Thar Amphala and escaped to the Feywild upon confrontation. They contacted Artagan and struck a deal to ensure they returned to the Material Plane only an hour after they left rather than risk coming back long after the battle was over. Upon returning to Thar Amphala, they made a new ally, faced off against old foes, traveled to Entropis, and battled Vecna the Ascended.
  • After returning to Whitestone, Grog pulled a card from the Deck of Many Things,[fn 2] drawing "the Void", and Vox Machina Plane Shifted to Pandemonium to retrieve his soul.

16–29 Misuthar[328]

  • Two weeks of wackiness ensued. After a successful retrieval mission, the party went their separate ways.

Presumably soon after Misuthar 812 PD

813 to 834 PD[edit | edit source]

835 PD[edit | edit source]

Horisal or Misuthar


16 Sydenstar[372]

18 Sydenstar[373]

  • The party discovered that Kylre was the fiendish presence at the carnival, spent the day investigating it, and chartered a boat to an island in the Ustaloch to which Kylre escaped.

19 Sydenstar[374]

  • The party killed Kylre, got caught escaping house arrest, presented their case to the Lawmaster, and spent the morning bathing and shopping. Beau was introduced to her new mentor, Dairon. The party headed off for Zadash by way of Alfield, passing a caravan.

20 Sydenstar[375]

21 Sydenstar[376]

  • The party investigated the attack on Alfield, saw the effect on its citizens, tracked the attackers to their cave, discovered a gnollish cult, and killed a manticore.
  • Shakäste introduced.

22 Sydenstar[377]

24 Sydenstar[378]

27 Sydenstar[379]

  • Fjord and Molly set a trap for Nott. The party investigated the High-Richter, and agreed to a plot against her. They infiltrated The Guided Hand Infirmary and scouted the High-Richter's estate.

28 Sydenstar[380]

  • The heists against Lord Sutan and the High-Richter took place. There was an attack on the Zauber Spire by Xhorhasian infiltrators, thwarted by two flying Empire mages. The party found and released Thuron, and recovered the Luxon beacon when Thuron was killed.

29 Sydenstar[381]

  • The party entered the Evening Nip and said that they are willing to offer many gifts. They met with Molly's past and the party's future with the Gentleman, a local smuggling lord.

3 Fessuran[382]

4 Fessuran[385]

  • Zadash announced the empire's formal declaration of war against the Kryn Dynasty. The Mighty Nein turned down a series of offers for work, but accepted two offers from the Gentleman before leaving town.

7 Fessuran[386]

  • Yasha had a vision during an overnight storm. The party entered the Labenda Swamp, saved Kiri, a young kenku, from the local wildlife, and arrived in Berleben.

8 Fessuran[387]

  • The party briefly allied themselves with Calianna Mordsson before venturing into the swamp for the Gentleman's Safe House as part of their contract. The party defeated some merrow there, found the bowl of communion with Tiamat that Calianna was seeking, and destroyed the bowl for her.

9 Fessuran[388][fn 3]

  • The party, having rested in the safehouse, dealt with the merrow threat beneath it. On their way back to Berleben, they dealt with the venomous troll they had encountered the day before.

16 Fessuran[389]

17 Fessuran[391]

  • The party investigated their stolen coin purses, took a contract within the local prison, and reunited the Schuster family.

18 Fessuran[392]

19 Fessuran[393]

  • The party investigated their kidnapped friends, gained a dwarven companion, Keg, and attempted to take a shortcut to Shadycreek to cut off the slaver caravan, but were attacked by ankhegs. That night, they encountered Jumnda, a firbolg elder and another victim of the slavers.

20 Fessuran[394]

  • After receiving help from Jumnda, the party rode on.

21 Fessuran[395]

  • The party caught up to and circled ahead of the caravan.

22 Fessuran[396]

  • The party unsuccessfully ambushed the slavers, the Iron Shepherds, and Mollymauk Tealeaf died in the attempt. The remaining members joined forces with Nila, a member of the firbolg tribe, and continued to Shadycreek.

24 Fessuran[397]

25 Fessuran[398]

  • The party infiltrated and assaulted the Sour Nest fortress, rescued their kidnapped friends, returned to report to Ophelia, and that evening left with her for Zadash.

26 Fessuran[399]

  • The party continued their journey with Ophelia back to Zadash.

27 Fessuran[400]

  • The party stopped to pay their respects to Mollymauk.

13 Quen'pillar[401]

  • The party returned to Zadash, fulfilling their contract with the Gentleman.

9 Cuersaar[402]

12 Cuersaar[403]

13 Cuersaar[404]

14 Cuersaar[405]

  • The party interrupted a late-night shady deal, hijacked a ship, fled out to sea from the alerted Zhelezo, returned to Nicodranas to hire a crew, and set sail for the Swavain Islands. The party's ship, renamed The Mistake, passed by a swarm of jellyfish in the night.

17 Cuersaar[406]

18 Cuersaar[407]

19–25 Cuersaar[408]

27 Cuersaar to 2 Duscar[409]

  • The ships continued to Darktow.
  • Exandrian holiday: Barren Eve (2 Duscar)

3 Duscar[410]

  • The party arrived in Darktow to repair The Mistake, got supplies, and met the Plank King.

4 Duscar[411]

  • After running a heist on the Squall-Eater, the party and the crew of the Squall-Eater faced ramifications in the morning. The Nein, banished from Darktow, set sail in the damaged Squall-Eater.

5–9 Duscar[412]

13 Duscar[413]

  • The party dove to the wreckage of the Tide's Breath and explored the Diver's Grave.

14 Duscar[414]

  • The party discovered a stowaway, Twiggy, on the ship, who introduced them to a magical ball with a powerful secret.

15–19 Duscar[415]

20 Duscar[416]

  • The party returned to the Material Plane, paying for the repairs and parting ways with their gnomish friend, who left the Happy Fun Ball, or Heirloom Sphere, in their possession.
  • Holiday: Winter's Crest (Tal'Dorei)

22 Duscar[417]

  • The party reached the second temple of Uk'otoa surrounded by the three islands of the Gravid Archipelago, broke the second seal containing Uk'otoa, and wrecked an attacking pirate ship.

28 Duscar[418]

  • The party allied themselves with Yussa Errenis, the mage in Tidepeak, and were given access to a teleportation circle within the tower. Jester spent the rest of the day with her mother.

836 PD[edit | edit source]

11 Horisal[419]

  • The party arrived in Felderwin, discovered Yeza Brenatto's burned alchemist shop, and learned about Nott's history.

12 Horisal[420]

  • The party determined that Yeza was alive, dug through the Kryn's tunnel, and began their journey to Ghor Dranas. They slept in a crystal cavern.

13 Horisal[421]

17 Horisal[423]

  • The Nein arrived in Asarius, the City of Beasts, completed a contract to obtain moorbounders (rideable creatures), and made the acquaintance of some of the city's leaders.

18 Horisal[424]

  • The party participated in a tavern brawl and met up with Dairon.

19 Horisal[425]

  • The party investigated demonic activity centered around the city's wells, disrupting the corruption of a sleeping bugbear as well as the construction of a permanent gate from the Abyss. After sleeping for most of the day, the party was teleported to Rosohna to meet the Bright Queen, where they returned the Luxon beacon and received their reward for their deeds.

22 Horisal[426]

23 Horisal[427]

  • The party accompanied the giants' Landspeaker to rid their home of their demon infestation.

25 Horisal[428]

  • Fjord received a revelation about his abilities from his patron. The party reported their deeds at the mines to Professor Waccoh, and were given their own manor in Rosohna, courtesy of Den Thelyss, which they named the Xhorhaus.

7 Misuthar[429]

8 Misuthar[430]

  • The party lay in wait at the Overcrow, pouncing on a meeting that led to hints of Yasha's history. The party left the city, chasing after Obann, the individual who escaped.

12 Misuthar[431]

  • The chase brought the party to a lost tomb outside of Bazzoxan who decided to rest after exploring the first half.

13 Misuthar[432]

  • The party crossed a gibbering chasm, fought doppelgangers of themselves, confronted Obann, and left the tombs without Yasha after she was mind-controlled by Obann.

14 Misuthar[433]

  • The Mighty Nein warned the Bright Queen about the Laughing Hand via Sending, and spent the day in Bazzoxan.

15 Misuthar[434]

  • The party teleported to Rosohna, gained an audience with the Bright Queen regarding the warfront and the Laughing Hand, visited an imprisoned Scourger, and prepared to leave for Nicodranas.

16 Misuthar[435]

18 Misuthar[436]

  • After the party returned to Rosohna, Essek teleported them to Kravaraad volcano. Fjord repudiated his patron, Uk'otoa, throwing the Sword of Fathoms into Kravaraad's lava. The party supported him before making their way toward the nearby town of Uthodurn, encountering hostile wildlife on the way.

20 Misuthar[437]

  • Searching for the means to reforge Dwueth'var the Star Razor, the party spoke to Umagorn Smeltborne, a blacksmith in Uthodurn, about the required materials, and joined forces with Reani, a local hero. They learned that they need to find a white dragon who can transform mithral into iceflex.

22 Misuthar[438]

  • After the Nein returned to Rosohna so that Essek Thelyss could teleport them to a white dragon's lair. The party pulled off a dragon heist before teleporting back to Uthodurn.

25 Misuthar

  • The party returned to Kravaard to finally reforge the sword. Fjord began a new path as a follower of the Wildmother. The party returned to Rosohna, interrogated the Scourger, received a mission from Essek, confided in Dairon, and planned to return to the Empire.

8 Dualahei[439]

  • The Nein checked in with the Cobalt Soul in Zadash… and Rexxentrum and Port Damali. They returned to Rosohna, convinced Essek to teleport them to the Lotusden Greenwood, and attempted unsuccessfully to stop Obann from getting another part of Loth's assassin.

9 Dualahei[440]

26 Dualahei

  • The Nein combatted the Permaheart in the Folding Halls, then checked in with Allura.

7 Thunsheer

  • The party met Halas Lutagran and escaped the donjon with his guidance.

8–9 Thunsheer

  • The party made their way to the Prison of Soot to free Yussa, stopping to rest after Nott was killed by a trapped chest in the prison. The party freed Yussa and escaped to relative safety.

11 Thunsheer[441]

12 Thunsheer[443]

13 Thunsheer[444]

14 Thunsheer[445]

19 Thunsheer[446]

  • The Nein tended to various errands around Rosohna before Caleb, Nott, and Essek attempted Widogast's Transmogrification for the first time. They teleported to Zadash to conduct research and spent the night at the Evening Nip.

22 Thunsheer[447]

23 Thunsheer[448]

  • The party trekked through the Cyrios Mountains to make a deal with Isharnai, the Prism Sage, fighting off the cursed undead denizens that haunt the surrounding swamps before bed.

24 Thunsheer[449]

  • The party returned to Xhorhas, teleported to Whitedawn Lagoon with Essek's aid, to pursue Caduceus's destiny. The Traveler revealed his true identity to Jester.

25 Thunsheer[450]

  • The Traveler introduced himself to the rest of the Nein before the party trekked through the Whitedawn Lagoon to the Court of Beasts. Caduceus reunited with his family and freed the Stone family.

26 Thunsheer[451]

  • The Clays readied to return to the Blooming Grove as the Nein teleported them to Uthodurn. The Nein teleported to Nicodranas to prepare themselves for the upcoming journey. Nott the Brave transformed back into Veth Brenatto.

28 Thunsheer[452]

  • The party attended the pre-negotiation celebrations at the home of Nicodranas Marquis, and found out Essek Thelyss's involvement in the Luxon Beacon conspiracy, pulling him away for a chat on the Ball-Eater.

6 Unndilar[453]

  • Caleb and Beau inspected the beacon that was to be used in the peace negotiations and met with Vess DeRogna, who offered them possible employment after the negotiations.

9-10 Unndilar[454][455]

17 Unndilar[456]

  • The Ball-Eater arrived at Rumblecusp. The Nein discovered a village already existed on the island.

20 Unndilar[457]

  • The Nein confronted Vokodo, saw a vision of "Eyes of Nine" during Vokodo's death throes, and helped the Vo come to terms with their predicament.

25 Unndilar[458]

26 Unndilar[459]

  • Traveler Con: With great spectacle, the Traveler successfully unloaded many followers on Sehanine, and learned a lesson along the way. The Nein discussed ways of moving forward together.
  • Exandrian holiday: Zenith

27 Unndilar[460]

  • The Nein teleported to Nicodranas via Tidepeak and asked Yussa about the "Eyes of Nine."

28 Unndilar[461]

1 Brussendar[462]

  • The full party returned to Rexxentrum, shopped for heavy winter clothes, and dined with Trent Ikithon, Astrid, and Eadwulf. Questions about Eyes of Nine led to speculation about the Nonagon and Cree. They spent the night in Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower.

2 Brussendar[463]

  • The party teleported to Zadash, where Beau led a research effort that looked into the Tombtakers while the other half of the party returned to Pumat's. They asked some questions of the Gentleman, then teleported to Mollymauk's gravesite. Through Scrying, they discovered he was alive again, and trudging through the snow, presumably with Cree. The party teleported to Vess DeRogna's tower to ask about the Tombtakers, then returned to Zadash for the night.

7 Brussendar[464]

  • Salling toward Eiselcross, the party was caught in a heavy arctic storm, which has slowed the ship's progression, and was attacked by chuuls, a deep scion, and an undead Avantika. The Mighty Nein prevented her from getting away with the Cloven Crystal.

12 Brussendar[465]

  • Fine weather got the ship to Balenpost in half a day. Jester scried on Lucien and he, knowing she was looking, talked to her; she didn't recognize that she was looking at the upstairs room of Vess DeRogna, who had been killed.

13 Brussendar[466]

  • The Mighty Nein discovered Vess dead, used Speak with Dead to learn about the Nonagon, covered up the murder, and began their trek north to location A2 with Vess's body stored in Widogast's Vault of Amber.

17 Brussendar[467]

  • The weather was clear again, and the party had safe passage. Jester telepathically heard from Cree and Molly, and the party found the A5 excavation site around dusk, and eventually encountered the Tombtakers, whom they tracked north at a distance.

18 Brussendar[468]

  • The party encountered a frost worm, but managed to get away, Polymorphing it into a tortoise. They confirmed that the Tombtakers were heading to site A2 and spent the evening hours flying to get ahead.

21 Brussendar[469]

  • The party happened upon seven statues that revealed the Tombtakers' goal to bring the city in the Astral Sea back, and took several years of Jester's life.

23 Brussendar[470]

  • The party arrived at A2, secured a threshold crest, and camped an hour away to try to evade the Tombtakers.

24 Brussendar[471]

  • The party and Iver Climtaver woke up before fully resting to find the Tombtakers waiting nearby. The two parties struck a deal to travel together toward the main Aeor crash site. After an uneventful day, they camped at the edge of the river of lava, which they crossed the next day.

26 Brussendar[472]

  • Lucien allowed Beau and Caleb to read part of his book. That night in the tower, after dreaming of a red eye Caleb and Beau woke bearing their own eye markings.

27 Brussendar[473]

  • During the travel day Gelidon attacked the parties but was wounded and retreated. That evening, the Tombtakers stole away with the Nein's Bag of Holding containing the threshold crest. The Nein pursued and did battle, fleeing with the Tombtakers' own threshold crest.

28 Brussendar[474]

29 Brussendar[475]

  • Following more disturbing dreams, Caleb and Beau each woke with an extra eye marking and Caduceus had more insight into the nature of the danger to the Blooming Grove. The Nein did some light commerce in Rexxentrum before Caleb met with Astrid. That evening, Beau and Yasha had their first date in Caleb's tower.

30 Brussendar[476]

31 Brussendar[477]

2 Sydenstar[478]

  • After the party has Teleported to Eiselcross, arriving significantly off-target, the party reached the Kryn outpost by foot and met with Essek, then traveled to the secret entrance to the ruins that they believed the Tombtakers planned to utilize and explored within. They set traps that killed three of the Tombtakers, and began following Cree and Lucien deeper into the ruins.

3 Sydenstar[479]

4 Sydenstar[480]

  • After a visit to the Gentleman's hideout, the Mighty Nein and Veth's family returned to the Blooming Grove, where they were attacked by Trent Ikithon, Astrid, and Eadwulf. With some magical encouragement, Astrid and Eadwulf turned on Trent, who was then thoroughly disabled from spellcasting.

9–12 Sydenstar[481]

  • Repairs continued. Astrid and Eadwulf returned to the Blooming Grove and began helping Beau document the crimes and abuses committed by Trent Ikithon. On the last day, Essek started making his way back to Vurmas, and the Nein (sans Caduceus) and Veth's family returned to Nicodranas. The remaining party went out on the town with Old Edith and checked in on Yussa at Tidepeak Tower.

13 Sydenstar[482]

  • In the early morning the remaining party returned to Rexxentrum with Trent Ikithon in tow, met up with Astrid and Eadwulf, and turned over Trent and the collected information on his crimes to Yudala Fon. The Cobalt Soul started building a new task force of investigators to undermine the Cerberus Assembly.

Soon after 13 Sydenstar 836 PD



Between Sydenstar 836 PD and Misuthar 837 PD

837 to 841 PD[edit | edit source]

Misuthar 837 PD
Veth Brenatto established Wildemount Wildlings, a summer camp for young adventurers.[491]
Zealots of Uk'otoa broke the last seal that was binding him, but the next he was brought to heavily injured state by the Mighty Nein and resealed anew by Zehir.
"Within a short time"; more than two weeks after Uk'otoa was resealed in Misuthar 837 PD[492]
Caleb and Essek began a romantic relationship.[493][494][495]
Late Misuthar 837 PD or Sydenstar 837 PD
Caleb recruited Essek Thelyss to explore the ruins of Aeor. Caleb destroyed the T-Dock chamber.[496]
After their excursions, Caleb visited his parents' gravesite.[497]
Essek began building a new life away from the Kryn Dynasty, using illusion and false identities.[498]
About 837 PD
A unsuccessful attack on Keyleth took place in Zephrah, where the attackers appeared out of nowhere and evaporated when killed.[499] Several guards, including Derrig and Will, were killed.[500]
As of Misuthar 837 PD, Yeza Brenatto "recently" opened Brenatto's Better Self, an apothecary in Nicodranas.[501]
Jester opened her art studio named "Dicks and Other Things".[502]
In or after 838 PD
Not more than a year after joining Stone's Throw Shipping company, when they dispatched the crew of an attacking pirate ship, Kingsley Tealeaf took command of that ship to sail alongside Fjord's. One month later he abruptly parted ways, joined the Revelry,[503] and became the new Plank King.[504]
"A few years" after 836 PD
The Gentleman faked his own demise, allowing Ophelia Mardoon to take over his Myriad operations in Zadash, and went to join Marion in Nicodranas under an assumed identity.[505]
840 PD
The Myriad and the Clasp came to blows in Emon; no one really knows who won, and the criminals who remained no longer use names for their organization.[506]
Unknown, presumably in 836-841 PD or after
Fjord returned to the Driftwood Asylumm in which he was raised, to purge it of the child labor and general criminal activity that had permeated the place during that time.[507]
In the years that followed the Mighty Nein story, Caduceus and Calliope Clay occasionally went on adventures.[508]
Eventually, at the urging of Beau and Astrid, Caleb took a job at Soltryce Academy as a transmutation teacher.

842 PD[edit | edit source]

The following is of the year 842 PD, including the events of Exandria Unlimited Prime with timestamps mostly referencing the start of each day.

Probably early 842 PD
Opal left Byroden.[351] Three or four days later, Ted also left Byroden.[509]
Around Misuthar
Dorian Storm, then called Bronte, left the Silken Squall.[510]
Roughly in Quen'pillar
Dorian began playing gigs in Emon.[511]
Early Cuersaar
Dorian began adventuring.[512]
Probably mid-Quen'pillar or mid-Cuersaar
Fearne Calloway traveled from the Feywild to Exandria through Artagan's Gate.[513]
Possibly late Cuersaar or early Duscar
Orym visited the edge of Thordak's Crater, presumably on his way to visit the Flamereach Outpost stationed around the Scar of the Cinder King.[514] He met Dariax around that time.[515] There they, along with Dorian, Fearne, and Opal, were involved in a fight with an elemental creature of fire, appearing like a woman with fiery wings. At the crater, Fearne for the first time conjured Little Mister from the still-smoldering soil.[516][517]
Probably early-to-mid Duscar[518]
One week after they fought the elemental, Dariax, Dorian, Fearne, Orym, and Opal woke up together on the road outside the city walls of Emon, unsure of how they got there and without memories of the week leading up to the present day. Rather than investigate this, they decided to attend the Everdawn, a long-lasting rager.
A day later[519][520]
Dariax, Dorian, Fearne, Opal, and Orym take a job from Poska, steal a dark circlet from a ship, whose crew had been slaughtered prior to their arrival, and fight off an attempt by shadowy attackers to reclaim the relic. They flee the city, fighting two of the Nameless Ones along the way.
The day after they acquired the circlet[521]
The party seek help at Flamereach Outpost, witnessing a sudden creation of an ashen mesa nearby and, during their investigation, finding an elemental rune atop the mesa. The leader of the outpost Lorkathar sends them to ask Shaun Gilmore, a runechild sorcerer, for more insight on the rune.
Two days after[522]
The party recovers from the exhaustion they suffered on the ashen mesa.
Three days later[523]
The party dodges Nameless Ones on their way to Gilmore's Glorious Goods. There they use their looted platinum to shop for assorted items, and Gilmore, unable to ascertain the nature of the rune, suggests to search for materials available from the ruins Qoniira to help him decipher it. As the party leave the city, their carriage is hijacked by Poska and many Nameless Ones, but Fearne magically charmes Poska to ensure their escape.
About two weeks and three day later[524]
The party abandon the main road in the Verdant Expanse, find their way to the Artagan's gate, and, joined by Fy'ra Rai, fight a dark version of Fearne that came from the gate.
About four weeks later, probably in early-to-mid Horisal[525]
The party arrive in Byroden, where they participate in a festival and pageant.
Around four weeks and a day later[526]
The party begin traveling through a strip of the Mornset Countryside toward the Rifenmist Jungle.
At some point after the party exited Byroden
The group reaches the Rifenmist Jungle. In their first night in the jungle,[fn 5] Dorian has a dream in which he makes a deal to restore his memories of the missing week. Gilmore's vardo turns back to travel to Emon.[527]
Roughly two months and 14 days later, probably in late Misuthar[528]
After traveling on foot through the increasingly impassable jungle, the party reach a Qoniiran obelisk. There they subdue a feymire crocodile to pass Melora's trial.
About two months and 18 days later[529]
The party finds its way to Niirdal-Poc, receives guidance and gifts from Tetrarch Thrascuur, and repulse an attempt by Myr'atta Niselor's elves to abduct Opal. Fy'ra Rai has a vision of her sister still alive, and separates from the party to find her.[fn 6]
Around two months and 19 days later[530]
Overnight, Dariax makes a connection with the Observer. The party set off toward Niirdal-Sarqet in search of Umejii.
Around two months and 20 days later[531]
The party reaches the ruin at Niirdal-Sarqet, where they decipher the message on a floating cube, gain new powers, and defeat a group of golems. Myr'atta Niselor shows up and summons from the soil a huge being with Ted's essence, forcing her to fight the party. Opal gives in to the temptation to equip the Circlet of Barbed Vision. The party defeats Myr'atta, then freed Ted's spirit and decides to tentatively call themselves the Crown Keepers.

843 PD[edit | edit source]

The following is of the year 843 PD, including the events of Campaign 3. For a more detailed listing of events during Campaign 3, see timeline of Campaign 3.

18 Brussendar
19 Brussendar
  • After successfully investigating thefts at a warehouse for Eshteross, the group is accepted into his employ. Late in the night, Bertrand was killed by Dugger in an alley.
21 Brussendar
23 Brussendar
  • At midnight, the party encountered Ira Wendagoth in his lab beneath Vali's office. They successfully rescued Gurge, but Ira destroyed the Moon Tower and escaped.[534][535]
28 Brussendar
  • The party and Estheross attended a ball. They successfully swap Treshi's ring and interrupt Emoth Kade as she stole from the private rooms of partygoers. Dorian's brother Cyrus Wyvernwind was nearly arrested by the Green Seekers for the destruction of the Moon Tower. The party was named Bells Hells.[536]
29 Brussendar
  • Shortly after midnight, Eshteross sent Cyrus and Dorian to be smuggled to Tal'Dorei via skyship. The Green Seekers and Bells Hells capture Emoth in the Shade Mother's lair.[537]
5 Sydenstar
10 to 13 Sydenstar
15 Sydenstar
  • Fresh Cut Grass learned that Dancer may be alive.[540]
16 Sydenstar
17 Sydenstar
18 Sydenstar
  • Fresh Cut Grass loses control and attacks Chetney. In the evening, Bells Hells kidnaps Treshi from the Seat of Disdain; they are pursued by Otohan Thull, who kills Orym, Fearne, and Laudna. Orym and Fearne are resurrected using Revivify.[543]
24 Sydenstar
  • In Jrusar, Bells Hells contacts Keyleth about resurrecting Laudna. They are taken to Whitestone where Pike Trickfoot ultimately succeeds in resurrecting Laudna. Eshteross is killed during the night.[544]
5 Fessuran
9 Fessuran[546]
11 Fessuran[547]
  • Bells Hells arrives in Gelvaan, where Imogen speaks with her father Relvin about her mother Liliana.
20 Fessuran[548][549]
21 Fessuran[553]
  • The Mighty Nein Teleports to Blumenthal and battle Trent and Omentis, the aberration he summoned, emerging victorious. Fjord proposes to Jester.
22 Fessuran[554][555]
3 Quen'pillar
  • Team Wildemount arrives in Molaesmyr, where they collect notes and a harness left behind by Ludinus.
  • Imogen and FCG delve into FRIDA's memories, finding an ancient memory of FRIDA defending the Factorum Malleus in Aeor.
4 Quen'pillar
4 Quen'pillar[557][558][fn 8]
  • Bells Hells reunites.
  • Imogen and Laudna share a kiss.
  • The group learns that Liliana and Ludinus are on Ruidus.
7 Quen'pillar[559] 8 Quen'pillar[560]
  • The party Teleports back to Zephrah, where they heal Keyleth's wounds using a poultice made from the flowers.
9 Quen'pillar[561]

After 843 PD[edit | edit source]

~855 PD
The events of The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen.[562]
Between 843 and 911 PD
Percival de Rolo dies. Lady Vex'ahlia de Rolo, now widowed, continues to serve as Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt.[563]
911 PD
Uvenda of the Water Ashari is visited by researchers of the Cobalt Soul, seeking to expand their knowledge of Keyleth's Aramenté.[564]

Miscellaneous dates and times[edit | edit source]

  • Kashaw and Vesh consummated their marriage on his fifteenth "name-day" (the same as a birthday?). Kashaw also tried to kill her at that time.[565]
  • As ancient dragons, Thordak, Vorugal, Umbrasyl, and Raishan were all over 800 years old when they attacked Emon.
    • Thordak was not yet ancient when he attacked Ank'Harel, meaning he turned 800 between ~595 PD and ~790 PD.
    • Thordak was older than Raishan.[566]
    • Brimscythe was between the ages of "young" and "adult", meaning he was less than 100 years old.
  • The storm giants' flying city of Tempestar was destroyed "centuries" ago, "in times long past", and thus their seat on the Council of Seven Scepters has remained empty "for generations", as of 812 PD.[567]

Other timelines[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This date, one year after the fall of Raishan, is approximately when the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting sourcebook is set.
  2. In "The Search for Grog", Matt says it happened "a couple of days later", but that doesn't seem to be the case in "The Chapter Closes".
  3. CritRoleStats tracker had an extra day here, corresponding to a mistake on Matt's part. Matt mistakenly believed that the party took a long rest after fighting the merrow in the previous episode, which they did not ("Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23) at 10:57).
  4. Though the sourcebook says it is 835 PD, it also says the point at which the adventures you create diverge from canon is "The Endless Burrows" (2x50), which starts 12 days into 836 PD. ([422] in the "When Does This Book Take Place?" sidebar).
  5. "The first night" probably refers to the first night in the jungle, not the first night of travel.
  6. At "The Gift Among the Green" (E1x06) at 10:34, the party is said to be three-and-a-half weeks out of Byroden and two-and-a-half months from Emon, but it took less than four weeks for the party to travel from Emon to Byroden. Fy'ra Rai had estimated that they might reach Niirdal-Poc in a month from Byroden if they were lucky, so for now this treats the longer time period as correct.
  7. Before settling on 20 Fessuran to be the day of the Apogee Solstice, Matt on several occasions noted 21, 22, or 23 Fessuran to be that chosen day.[551][552]
  8. The precise timelines of the party split do not line up exactly, but we know they both arrived in Jrusar on the same day.

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