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Running time~100 to 120 minutes
First airedApril 5, 2022

Welcome to 4-Sided Dive. Let's fucking do a show.

— recurring conclusion to opening monologue

4-Sided Dive is a monthly roundtable-style talk show with four guests discussing mainly episodes of Campaign 3 and answering fan questions. It typically airs the first Tuesday of every month on Twitch and YouTube with VODs posted to YouTube the following Wednesday. At the beginning of each episode, one of the guests is chosen by dice roll to be the Tavern Keeper and host the show without prior preparation.

Content and structure[edit | edit source]

4-Sided Dive is structured as a roundtable discussion about the episodes of Campaign 3 that have aired in the past month, though sometimes guests will also discuss recent one-shots or miniseries.

Discussion is led by a Tavern Keeper, who is chosen from one of the guests. Initially, the Taven Keeper was chosen by a dice roll at the beginning of the episode: the guest who rolls highest is Tavern Keeper, except in "Fun Scary" (4SDx07) where lowest was chosen because it was Halloween.[1] In "Night of the Living Bits" (4SDx17) recent tavern keepers made this roll at disadvantage.[2] The role was assigned, instead of chosen by roll, starting in "Anxiety Game Gauntlet" (4SDx18). The position of Tavern Keeper was held by special guest Abubakar Salim in "Episode Twenty" (4SDx20).

The Tavern Keeper guides the group through a series of segments:

  • What the Fuck is up with That? - The guests freely discuss a topics listed on a menu (literally, starting in "Fly Into The Danger Zone" (4SDx03)) that the Tavern Keeper may select from.[3][4] The Tavern Keeper is not obligated to have the group discuss every question listed and may also simply use the list as a guide.[5]
  • The Tower of Inquiry - Fan questions are chosen by drawing a numbered block from a "Chenga" tower. Questions are requested to be "evergreen" and able to be answered by all guests, including future campaign guest players. There are "serious consequences" when the tower topples.[6] A guest chosen by the Tavern Keeper draws a block from the tower at the end of each segment and at any time the Tavern Keeper wishes.[7] Additionally, each episode has a secret word; the first guest to say the word must draw a block.[8]
  • The Deep Dive - Questions specific to each guest, developed by Dani Carr and Kyle Shire, are chosen by drawing slips of paper out of tankards.[9]

After the break, the cast plays a game together. Games played have included video games, card games, and party games. Further questions and discussion may or may not occur during this portion, usually depending on the game being played.

At the end of the episode, the Tavern Keeper must "clean up" the set after everyone. A broom (Broomie) is provided, and starting in "Why Are You Like This?!" (4SDx08), it had a pair of mismatched googly eyes and eyebrows.[10] It was snapped in half and "murdered" by an unidentified culprit in "To Be Continued!" (4SDx10)[11] and subsequently replaced with a googly eyed mop, Moppo.[12]

Tower of Inquiry[edit | edit source]

The Tower of Inquiry is a tower of 17 rows of 3 blocks each set on a pedestal of skulls. The current tower was created by Noxweiler Berf,[13] and each block features a black engraving (possibly burn engraved) of a numbered shield-and-sword.[14]

The original Tower of Inquiry had the numbered shield-and-sword painted onto the block in color.[15] These blocks had a paint or varnish (described by Liam as shellac) that caused them to become sticky and difficult to remove from the tower. Production glued the blocks together after "Independent Witches" (4SDx04), and the new, not sticky tower was used beginning in "From Dusk Till Faun" (4SDx05).[16] The original tower was one of the gifts during the gift exchange game in "That's Just Right" (4SDx09),[17] where it was eventually given to Liam.[18] The blocks were still sticky.[19]

The "serious consequences" for the one who collapses the tower changes per episode and is written on a piece of paper kept in a wooden box on set. The tower has collapsed four times:

  • Liam O'Brien, on purpose in "Liam Laudna-Hands" (4SDx06). He was required to wear plastic Laudna hands over his own for the remainder of the episode.[20]
  • Travis Willingham, in "To Be Continued!" (4SDx10). He was required to perform one physical exercise item off a provided list every time he was not the highest scoring player in Quiplash.[21] This was invoked once out of three rounds, though Travis voluntarily did two laps around the set instead of one.[22]
  • Liam, not on purpose in "A Very Special Six-Sided Dive" (4SDx14).[23] He had to do a Natasha Lyonne impression throughout the night's game without explanation. Because of this, he made meta-textual commentary throughout One Night Werewolf and played his character as if they were caught in a time loop, in reference to Russian Doll.[24] Afterward, he observed that it became infectious and affected the way the others played their Werewolf characters.[25]
  • Sam Riegel, in "Night of the Living Bits" (4SDx17).[26] He had to talk like Yoda while playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.[27]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. Title Tavern Keeper Original airdate Link Runtime
1 "Silken Secrets" (4SDx01) Marisha Ray April 5, 2022 VOD 1:44:29
Robbie Daymond, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, and Travis Willingham discuss up through "A Hungry Jungle" (3x18) and play Mario Kart.
2 "Party of NPCs" (4SDx02) Sam Riegel May 3, 2022 VOD 1:47:13
Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brien, and Sam Riegel discuss up through "Fight at the Museum..." (3x21) and play Street Fighter V.
3 "Fly Into The Danger Zone" (4SDx03) Matthew Mercer June 7, 2022 VOD 1:42:38
Taliesin, Liam, Matt, and Travis discuss up through "The Hellcatch Valley" (3x24) and play Exploding Kittens.
4 "Independent Witches" (4SDx04) Laura Bailey July 5, 2022 VOD 2:08:24
Laura, Aabria Iyengar, Ashley Johnson, and Marisha discuss up through "The Hellcatch Valley" (3x24) and Exandria Unlimited: Calamity and play "Cuppa Questions", a version of beer pong without alcohol in which they answer questions on the coasters underneath the cups.
5 "From Dusk Till Faun" (4SDx05) Taliesin Jaffe August 9, 2022 VOD 2:00:37
Erika Ishii, Taliesin, Ashley, and Matthew discuss up through "Dark Portents" (3x29) and play a Q&A version of Codenames.
6 "Liam Laudna-Hands" (4SDx06) Ashley Johnson September 6, 2022 VOD 1:51:32
Ashley, Liam, Marisha, and Sam discuss up to "A Stage Set" (3x32) and play Crawl.
7 "Fun Scary" (4SDx07) Travis Willingham October 4, 2022 VOD 2:07:20
In a Halloween-themed episode, Laura, Matt, Marisha, and Travis discuss up to "Pyrrhic Return" (3x35) and play Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted.
8 "Why Are You Like This?!" (4SDx08) Matthew Mercer November 1, 2022 VOD 1:54:01
Taliesin, Matt, Marisha, and Sam discuss up to "A Dark Balance" (3x38) and play Hand to Hand Wombat.
9 "That's Just Right" (4SDx09) Liam O'Brien December 6, 2022 VOD 2:13:14
Laura, Taliesin, Matthew, and Liam discuss up to "Compulsions" (3x40) and the Mighty Nein Reunited ("The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business" (OSx50) and "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51)) and play a gift-exchange game in a holiday-themed episode.
10 "To Be Continued!" (4SDx10) Sam Riegel January 3, 2023 VOD 1:47:17
Ashley, Liam, Sam, and Travis discuss up to "Axiom Shaken" (3x43) and the Mighty Nein Reunited ("The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business" (OSx50) and "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51)) and play Quiplash.
11 "Previously On..." (4SDx11) Ashley Johnson March 21, 2023 VOD 2:32:28
Ashley, Taliesin, Marisha, and Liam discuss up to "Far From The Others" (3x52) in an extra long episode and play Moving Out.
12 "Wildemount Things" (4SDx12) Travis Willingham May 16, 2023 VOD 1:44:59
Aabria Iyengar, Christian Navarro, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham pull questions from the Tower of Inquiry, get super smashed in Super Smashed Bros., and catch you up on all the crazy shenanigans from Team Wildemount!
13 "Wrong Distance Relationships" (4SDx13) Ashley Johnson June 6, 2023 VOD 2:27:38
It's a mini Bells Hells reunion! Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson tell us all about their adventures with Team Wildemount and Liam O’Brien and Marisha Ray fill us in on everything going on with Team Issylra! There is also the Tower of Inquiry, cute mugs, and a very artistic game of MonsDRAWsity!
14 "A Very Special Six-Sided Dive" (4SDx14) Taliesin Jaffe July 11, 2023 VOD 2:29:48
Utkarsh Ambudkar, Emily Axford, Aimee Carrero, Taliesin, Liam, and Marisha discuss up through "Reunited" (3x64) and play One Night Werewolf.
15 "Why, Matthew?! Why?" (4SDx15) Travis Willingham August 1, 2023 VOD 2:12:13
Travis, Sam, Matt, and Taliesin discuss up through "Aid of the Tempest" (3x66) and play Superfight.
16 "Kiss and Tell" (4SDx16) Sam Riegel September 5, 2023 VOD 2:14:02
Matt, Marisha, Laura, and Sam discuss up through "Embattled in Bassuras" (3x70) and play Gang Beasts.
17 "Night of the Living Bits" (4SDx17) Taliesin Jaffe October 3, 2023 VOD 2:06:52
Ashley, Liam, Taliesin, and Sam discuss up through "Kindling the Spirits" (3x73) and play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.
18 "Anxiety Game Gauntlet" (4SDx18) Taliesin Jaffe November 7, 2023 VOD 2:10:43
Ashley Johnson, Taliesin Jaffe, Matthew Mercer, and Travis Willingham discuss up through "A Gathering of Heroes" (3x76) and play a series of children's games with a Critical Role theme.
19 "Shard Candy" (4SDx19) Matthew Mercer December 5, 2023 VOD 2:38:16
Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, and Matthew Mercer discuss up through "Fractures" (3x78) and "The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54) and play a variation of Candyland.
20 "Episode Twenty" (4SDx20) Abubakar Salim January 16, 2024 VOD 2:31:38
It's the first 4-Sided Dive episode of 2024! Join Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, and our host Abubakar Salim as they discuss powerful fire shards, relationship updates, chaotic trust exercises, and other Bells Hells Shenanigans!
21 "Feat Fetishes" (4SDx21) Sam Riegel March 5, 2024 VOD 1:59:45
Liam, Taliesin, Sam, and Travis discuss up through "Doorways to Darker Depths" (3x86) and play Caper Cards: Bells Hells.
22 "Witch Sesh" (4SDx22) Laura Bailey April 9, 2024 VOD 1:44:52
Ashley, Liam, Laura, and Marisha discuss up through "Mission Improbable" (3x90) and play various party games from Ravensburger including That's Not A Hat, Pinata Blast, and Strike!

Guests per episode[edit | edit source]

To sort the table using multiple columns, hold the shift key while clicking subsequent column headings. For example, to sort the table by Liam's appearances, then by Matt's appearances, click the "Liam" heading, then hold down the shift key and click the "Matt" heading. For more information see, "Wikipedia help:Sorting § Secondary key".

A Appeared
TK Tavern Keeper (bolded)
Did not appear
Guests and Tavern Keepers per episode
Episode Laura Taliesin Ashley Matt Liam Marisha Sam Travis Other
1: "Silken Secrets" A TK A Robbie Daymond
2: "Party of NPCs" A A A TK
3: "Fly Into The Danger Zone" A TK A A
4: "Independent Witches" TK A A Aabria Iyengar
5: "From Dusk Till Faun" TK A A Erika Ishii
6: "Liam Laudna-Hands" TK A A A
7: "Fun Scary" A A A TK
8: "Why Are You Like This?!" A TK A A
9: "That's Just Right" A A A TK
10: "To Be Continued!" A A TK A
11: "Previously On..." A TK A A
12: "Wildemount Things" A TK Aabria Iyengar
Christian Navarro
13: "Wrong Distance Relationships" A TK A A
14: "A Very Special Six-Sided Dive" TK A A Utkarsh Ambudkar
Emily Axford
Aimee Carrero
15: "Why, Matthew?! Why?" A A A TK
16: "Kiss and Tell" A A A TK
17: "Night of the Living Bits" TK A A A
18: "Anxiety Game Gauntlet" TK A A A
19: "Shard Candy" A TK A A
20: "Episode Twenty" A A A A Abubakar Salim
21: "Feat Fetishes" A A TK A
22: "Witch Sesh" TK A A A
Total (as Tavern Keeper) 8 (2) 12 (3) 10 (3) 10 (3) 11 (1) 12 (1) 10 (4) 9 (3) 7 (1)

Tankard gallery[edit | edit source]

The Deep Dive segment has guests draw questions out of a tankard made by Flip This Bitch, which also built the show's set.[9] Laura temporarily used a decorated Solo cup until "Fun Scary" (4SDx07). Each tankard is themed after the cast member's player character, except the tankards for Matt and the guest players. The guest tankard was initially undecorated,[28] but it is decorated as time goes on with a small drawing representing guest players and their characters.[29]

As of "A Very Special Six-Sided Dive" (4SDx14), the drawings on the guest tankard are:

There is currently no drawing representing Erika as Yu Suffiad,[31] who was a guest in "4-Sided Dive: From Dusk Till Faun" (4SDx05), though Dani mentioned to Erika that they may add a drawing after the show.[32]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Talks Machina: After Dark from "#25: The Mines of the Many" (TM1x98) to "#39: Shadows of Thomara" (TM1x111) featured an identical system of choosing the host: each guest rolled a d20 and whoever rolled highest hosted the segment.
  • Liam went the longest without being Tavern Keeper, having appeared in three episodes without being chosen.
  • Marisha has the longest span between being Tavern Keeper. She was Tavern Keeper in her first appearance and, as of "Witch Sesh" (4SDx22), has so far appeared eleven more times without being Tavern Keeper again. She also has been Tavern Keeper the least number of times out of the main cast by percentage of her appearances (around 8%).
  • As of "Witch Sesh" (4SDx22), Sam has been Tavern Keeper most often out of the main cast, both by number of times (4) and by percentage of his guest appearances (40%). Including special guests, Abubakar has been most often by percentage, having been Tavern Keeper for his one appearance.
  • Matt is the first to be Tavern Keeper twice.
  • Abubakar Salim is the first special guest to be Tavern Keeper.
  • The chalkboard during the Twitch countdown lists tonight's drink special and the guests. Guests are listed using star-shaped bullets, but Taliesin is usually listed with a red pentacle.

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